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  • fitzfourfitzfour Member Posts: 1,255 Member Member Posts: 1,255 Member
    Hi Ladies!!!

    This has been a crazy week so far!! The weekend was good with a lot of relaxing. I got in my STS legs workout later in the day Friday and then I had to do LITE Rev'd Up Rumble after Laurie mentioned it! That was my Sunday workout. Saturday...I think I took a rest day, but I can't remember right now!

    Thelma, I'm very intrigued by your squirrel proof birdfeeder and solar bird bath...both sound awesome! Such great updates again on your uncle. It sounds like he might have what my dad had, which is a little bit of short term memory loss/block. My dad went through something similar where he didn't believe the staff and thought someone was out to get him/my mom. He told her that they had antifreeze and were adding it to his juice so he didn't want to drink it. Sounds like we are getting the same warm up like you are, I'm excited for that this weekend! Great workouts, I'm sure you are feeling those!!

    Laurel, sounds like a perfect weekend of no home improvement projects. Good idea on the cameras...we do not have them, but several neighbors do so I feel like we are well covered. We had several nights of freezing temps here and even though I covered all my garden plants, I think a couple didn't make it. We'll see if they come back with the warmer weather this week though. That roof collapse had to be loud, I can only imagine!! Great workouts, especially the yoga that sounds like it was just what you needed!

    Laurie, nice work getting the top of the quilt done...perfect weekend for it! The smoked brisket sounds amazing...yum!! Isn't it crazy how some of those workouts creep up on you and give you DOMS, even when you don't think it would? Those are my favorite!! Sounds like you got a little colder than us, but I still managed to have a couple veggie plants struggle with the cold (and I covered them up). I'm hoping they just have wilted leaves, I'm sure I'll know by this weekend. I may have to start over with a couple of them if they don't make it :(

    Hi Tami!!

    Have a wonderful Tuesday. Man, am I glad the sun is shining!

  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Member Posts: 1,526 Member Member Posts: 1,526 Member
    Hi Ladies, my workouts today were XT Burn Sets - Chest, Back, Shoulders. I was going to switch to STS per the rotation schedule but I am really struggling energy-wise this week.

    We survived our trip to the supermarket. I prayed and put our health in God's hands and in we went. This time I was very calm.
    There were hardly any customers there and there was plenty of everything except sanitary wipes; which can't be found anywhere. DH and I were choosing some meat and when I turned around there was a woman right behind me. She was so close to me that we could've kissed! She had no mask! OMG!
    We have a system now that works at the supermarket and at home disinfecting things and putting them away.

    No video call today. my aunt didn't want to upset the nurses with her calls for fear they'd mistreat my uncle. I could've sworn that on Sunday she told me the nurse said it was OK to call. Tomorrow she will ask the doctor if it's Ok for her to call.

    They still haven't found a rehab place for my uncle. He told my aunt yesterday that he is bored and can't wait to go home. Hopefully, he won't be in rehab too long because tomorrow will be the 2 months since he was admitted!

    My aunt went to the lab for the COVID test. The results probably won't be ready until Friday, then they'll be sent to her doctor. It doesn't sound like she'll be starting work on Monday! The lab technician told her after such long quarantine, there's no way she's going to test positive if she hasn't gotten sick by now. I don't know if she told them the symptoms she'd had right before my uncle was hospitalized. She was nauseous, lost her appetite, dry cough. She didn't have fever or shortness of breath though.

    Laurie, you're finding what sounds like really good JS workouts! Those workouts with so many reps in one set will definitely give you DOMS. Good job!

    The shopping experience felt pretty normal except for the woman who got seriously close to me. It was good to see that the employees were finally wearing cloth masks.
    My poor uncle is in for a big disappointment when they tell him he isn't going but to a rehab facility. I don't know if my aunt has gotten stronger or it's simply that she's Ok because her husband is alive. I have discovered that she's not the strong, independent woman I thought she was. She depends a lot on her husband. I would've called the nurses' station today to ask if calls were allowed. She wouldn't even do that. I've been telling her to ask about the immunity test and she's heard they'll be available at pharmacies. I would've called the pharmacy to find out when the test will be available so I could make an appointment. Little things like that you know. Now I understand why she kept saying what will I do without him? She really would be lost without him which worries me given that she's so far away from us.

    This is the squirrel-proof pole system we have. The squirrels can't get past that baffle, in fact, they go inside it, then slide down the pole! LOL. DH used to have to take the feeders inside every night in MA until we got these poles. Worth every penny for us. We now have three here.

    This is what the deer looked like when they were fighting

    Laurel, great workout! I am so happy you did a Restorative Yoga class today! I think those classes are very good for the body and soul!

    You are so right about my uncle having lost so many weeks while in a coma and when he went into the hospital they hadn't locked down everything yet. The hot spot at the time was in Bergamo and then it was Milan. Good point about him not knowing she's been locked up in her apartment all this time. She should tell him that. Thank you for mentioning the mental aspect of this because we weren't thinking he needed help in that department at all but he totally does!

    I decided to stay with the Burn Sets week. I am really dragging but I think it's the weather. I'll do STS next week.

    Erika, great workouts! I'm glad you're listening to your body and allowing yourself workout time off when needed.

    I have been wondering if my uncle can't remember that he's been told that visitors are not allowed. Thanks for mentioning the short term memory loss. It totally makes sense given all the drugs he was given to keep him in a coma. OMG with your dad thinking all those things! I'll have to tell my aunt about this too.

    It was a little cold this morning and even colder at the end of the day! Much warmer tomorrow though. I'm looking forward to seeing our friends too.

    I listed the link for the squirrel proof pole system above for Laurie. This is one of the birdbaths I bought. This one is heavy and perfect for windy locations. These solar panel birdbaths need full sun to work. Ours only works in the afternoon when the sun hits the deck. The other one gets more sun so it runs more. Even a passing cloud makes it stop but when it works, it's heavenly.

    Goodnight ladies!
  • lvnascarlvnascar Member Posts: 2,618 Member Member Posts: 2,618 Member
    Morning ladies,

    This morning's workout was Jessica's Walk Strong 3 Metabolic Conditioning. Another good workout. Tomorrow I'm taking the day off, we have our closing. It will be nice to have a day off during the week.

    Laurel, Guess I read the to do list is not quite done yet. I do hope the security system get finished before he leaves. Nice job on the workouts, and that you enjoyed something that you didn't think you would. I'm glad that I'm not the only one that doesn't enjoy that ab workout. I do like the med ball abs though. I had forgotten about the fact that she moves fast in those workouts, so thanks for the reminder. Having those sheets does help for keeping ahead of her. Should be a fun week.

    Erika, Great job on your workouts! I'm always happy to inspire someone in their workout choice. I had to laugh when you said you couldn't remember your workout or not. I would be that way, but I tend to write my workouts down. Crazy. I so want to go to the fabric store. I'm hoping that I can do some of that tomorrow, since they have now allowed the stores to have at least 5 people in the store now. :o Some of these fabric stores could allow much more and still have the social distance requirement. I'm surprised that I'm still feeling those DOMS today, not horrible, but they are still there. Sorry to hear about your plants, but you do have plenty of time for them to grow. I remember our tomato plants being under cover for a long time. My grandpa would use the plastic milk cartons to cover them, just cut off the bottom and then you can water them from the top. It was amazing how fast those tomato plants grew under that dome.

    Thelma, Nice job on your workouts! That is the same attitude I had after the first week of working. It helped my stress level a lot. I'm sorry to hear that your Aunt is more dependent on your Uncle, I would have thought going through this experience would have given her more confidence. It probably didn't help that she couldn't go to the hospital to see him. Is she getting the antibody test? I so wish that was the test that our state was giving instead of the thousands of C19 test that they are conducting. Thank you for the link on the pole. I love watching the birds, but it really is annoying to see the other wild life taking advantage of the food source. :D Okay yes that is very girly fighting.

    Have a great day!
  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Member Posts: 2,827 Member Member Posts: 2,827 Member
    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was STS Disk 33/Shoulders, Biceps and Triceps followed by Cathe Live Cardio Core Blast. Our weather is warming up and even though we woke up to rain, the warmer temperatures already have my body feeling better. We are supposed to be in the 80s the rest of the week and through the weekend. :D

    Erika, glad you enjoyed your weekend. Great workouts! I, too, often forget what workouts I do on the weekends, even though I do write everything down. B) I hope your plants make it after the freeze. Luckily we didn’t get too cold here and everything seems to have survived. But, like me, I think our plants are ready for some Alabama heat. :)

    Thelma, great workout. I am glad you are listening to your body and sticking with the Burn Sets this week. STS will wait for you. I hope your aunt tests positive for having the antibodies for the virus. From her symptoms, it sure sounds like she had it. From all I have read, they are still uncertain about the immunity in some aspects but I also have read they are pretty certain that some kind of immunity comes with having had the virus. If she has the antibodies, that should put her mind to rest when she goes back to work.

    Laurie, great workout. I hope all goes well with the closing. Cathe has a tendency to move heavy weights around much faster than me, and she really does in the chest work in that Push workout. :o But since I know that, I am prepared for it. Hope you enjoy them! They leave my arms with a really good burn. :)

    DH is anxious for another walk :D so off we go! See you tomorrow.

  • fitzfourfitzfour Member Posts: 1,255 Member Member Posts: 1,255 Member
    Hello Ladies!

    Yesterday was a beautiful day here, and I soaked up as much sun as I could! We had an impromptu dinner date with the family we usually hang out with on the patio, which was lovely. I managed to get in KCM Cardio Sculpt Overload in just before they arrived and "aired out" on the patio :D

    Laurel, oh how I can't wait to get to disc 33 in STS. I'm so close to being done with Phase 1 and can't wait to move on to the next one! I'm jealous of your nice weather, although ours will get into the 70's so I'm excited for that (my plants will be too). Enjoy your walk!!

    Laurie, yay on the fabric stores opening! There must be a lot of businesses being allowed to open as we've had more outreach with rescheduling of appointments that I didn't know were even open (ie. the boys' ortho). But, I'll take it! Great work on the metabolic those!! I forgot to comment the other day...the pull up assist bands are fabulous...I'm able to get in 12 pull ups in 30 seconds with them, which is nice! I'm still hopeful the plants will come back, but they are really not looking good. I might have to try the milk container trick...I need to get some nice heat on those plants and right now we are not all that warm. Maybe they are just needing some warmth, like me!

    Thelma, thanks for the links. I'm super intrigued with that birdbath and the price isn't terrible either. Just not sure if I get enough sun when I'd want to put it. I'll have to check it out! I've seen the squirrel proof feeders quite a bit. My dad just uses a regular shepherds hook but sprays it regularly with WD-40 and the squirrels just slide down. It's actually good entertainment! I hope the transfer happens for your uncle soon..that will be a good move for him and help him get home faster too! I'm hoping your aunt's test is negative...that would also be great news!

    Hi Tami!

    Have a great evening!

  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Member Posts: 1,526 Member Member Posts: 1,526 Member
    Hi Ladies, my workouts today were Beginner Gentle and Revive and Restore Yoga. I am still dragging. I don't know why. Maybe my body is telling me to take it easy.

    My uncle had a syncope last night. He is fine now but this goes back to the lack of blood flow to the brain. They did all the cardiac tests to make sure his heart was OK. He is back to normal thankfully. He is bored out of his mind though.
    I'm not sure how much he knows about why he's there. He does know he can't move his extremities. My aunt was given the OK to call the nurses' station every day to ask them to set up a video call. The doctor told my aunt that she will call her every other day going forward, except in case of an emergency.
    Nothing about the rehab place yet. The hospital my uncle doesn't set up the rehab transfer. They depend on the main hospital in Milan to handle those things. So now we wait!

    Laurie, great workout! Enjoy your day off tomorrow!
    I also would've thought my aunt would've gained some independence during this time but she hasn't. It's too bad because she will have to be the one in charge when my uncle returns home. He won't be able to do the things he used to do before the virus.
    She didn't get the antibody test. It's unclear if it's being done in Italy already. She doesn't want to have to go to the hospital to do it so she wants to wait till it's available at pharmacies.
    I honestly don't understand how people expect to cure the virus by doing diagnostic tests. We need to know who has immunity already.
    It really was girly fighting with those deer. They were both girls too.

    Laurel, great workouts! We had warmer weather but it was very cloudy until the late afternoon. We are supposed to warm up too. 80's over the weekend! :)

    Unfortunately, my aunt was mistaken about the test she was going to gets. She thought she'd get both tests but the place she had to go to only tests for the virus so it's just the swab test.

    Erika, I'm so glad you got to enjoy another beautiful day there!
    LOL about airing out on the patio! Great job getting the workout in before your friend arrived.

    You have to watch your backyard for the sunny areas. Keep in mind the sun moves around so the birdbath won't run all the time. Just find the are that gets sun the longest. I would say that even if it runs for a couple of hours and you can be next to it with a nice glass of wine, it will be worth getting one. The sound of the water is so relaxing!
    I hope my aunt will test negative too. Thank you!

    Hi Tami!

    Goodnight ladies!
  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Member Posts: 2,827 Member Member Posts: 2,827 Member
    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was STS Disc 39/Squat Rack Legs and STS Stability Ball Abs. For cardio, I did Cathe’s live class from today which was called Cardio Party Play Date. It used elements of LITE Cardio Party in the warm up and cool down, and in between were fun, random cardio moves ranging from HiiT drills, kickboxing to old fashioned high impact moves from the 80s. It was not too tough, fun and only 35 minutes long which was perfect for today.

    Erika, glad you are enjoying good weather and got to see your family. Sounds perfect! Great job with the workout. I laughed at your Dad spraying the bird feeder hooks with WD-40! :D We might have to try that, if for no other reason than the laughs. Our bird feeder hangs on wire between two trees and we have one intrepid squirrel who can jump on it from the ground and another that walks the wire! All the other squirrels are just happy to eat off the ground. I think WD-40 might do the trick. :D

    Thelma, I am glad you are listening to your body and doing what feels good. These workouts are very taxing. I know I am going to want a couple of weeks break before going into Body Beast (if you are still interested in doing Body Beast after. If not, let me know and we will do something a little less intense on the body :) )just to give my joints a rest from the heavy weights. I knew this was going to be a challenging 12 weeks and while I am loving it, I also feel it a lot! I am sorry your aunt didn’t get an antibody test. Hopefully she can get one sometime....and hopefully by then they will know if that means true immunity. I just saw a story about one of the first patients in California testing positive again, but I am not sure if that is because she has a new infection or it is latent virus from her first infection. It seems we need so many more answers right now, but I also know scientists across the globe are doing what they can with this brand new virus. I hope your uncle gets some news soon on when he can move.

    Laurie, hope you are enjoying your day off.

    Tami, hope you are well.

    See you tomorrow.

  • fitzfourfitzfour Member Posts: 1,255 Member Member Posts: 1,255 Member
    Hi Ladies,

    Quick check in, as I am off to enjoy the sunny weather on the patio after a quick workout! Yesterday was Disc 12--Chest and Tri's. Got in a lot of great pull ups and chin ups with the assist bands. I'm really liking having that extra help, but still working my muscles more than just resistance tubing like Deezy uses.

    Thelma, good to hear things are checking out well with your uncle. I can only imagine how bored he is...I couldn't handle the 2 days I was there with each of my kids, let alone weeks that your uncle has been there. I'm glad the video chats can continue and the doctor is checking in with your aunt. That will give her peace of mind! You've got me daydreaming about that birdbath now! I do know I'll have to keep it out of our backyard where our fence is, as my dogs like to torment the birds. I have a birdbath right outside my office window (front yard) that I may have to replace with the solar one! Good job on the yoga...your body sounds like it's craving it!

    Laurel, I saw that clip on Cathe's IG and it looked like so much fun! It sounds like something I'd love! I'm actually getting a new laptop next week, so I may be able to start doing Cathe Live workouts again. Last time I had to do them on my phone and it was just too hard to try to follow along on a little phone. Let me know if you try the WD-40! I would think coconut oil might work too, if you have that on hand. Anything greasy :)

    Hi Tami and Laurie, I hope you are both doing well!

  • 2BLean2BLean Member, Premium Posts: 2,341 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,341 Member
    Hi Ladies ~ Sorry I have missed you all again :(:# . . . "MIA" is becoming my new nickname I am sure with you ladies. Everything going well, work is busy, I have been enjoying STS this week. I did a Peloton Walk/Run on Mother’s Day and was going to do another regular workout later but it just didn’t work out. Our in-laws came over instead of us delivering her mother’s day basket. They wanted to get out of the house. At any rate it was nice to see them but DH went into super protective mode again …. It was his first time seeing them in person and actually seeing/spending time, etc. They only stayed for an hour or so. Weather was beautiful though over the weekend so that was great. We have had some heavy rains and then brief sunshine since.

    Workouts: Saturday I did PHA 2 and a Peloton ride, Sunday as I mentioned was a 30-min Peloton Walk/Run (yes run, I thought I would try it and I did enjoy it). Monday was a Peloton ride, Tuesday was STS Chest/Shoulders/Tris and yesterday was STS Legs. Tonight I will probably go with a Peloton ride.

    I am going to try and read through everyone's posts to try and catch up but just wanted you to all know I am alive and well, nothing new really going on here. My BFF did pick me up for a lunch date on Tuesday. We picked up sandwiches at a local shop and sat in her car and visited. It felt really good to see my friend and spend time that way. :) I miss the old normal.


  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Member Posts: 1,526 Member Member Posts: 1,526 Member
    Hi Ladies, my workouts today were JS Power Walk, Sculpting Fusion, and LIS Total Body Trisets - Lower Body.
    I felt MUCH better today! Thank God! Last night after my Revive and Restore class I had dinner and I couldn't stay awake. I slept a lot!

    My aunt had a video call with my uncle today and their son the day before called him the day before. He didn't ask my aunt to visit him for the first time. I think my cousin's call eased his mind. He told her again that his very bored

    Our temps finally warmed up today. It was a beautiful, mostly cloudy day. More of the same for the weekend.

    Laurel, great workouts! That live workout sounds really good!
    I definitely want to do Body Beast!! I've enjoyed this rotation a lot but my body obviously needed a little break this week. In the next 4 weeks, I'll alternate between STS and BB. Our joints are definitely going to need a break after this rotation!
    I hope my aunt is able to do the immunity test soon. I don't think anyone knows if it means true immunity or not. My uncle tested positive for the virus again two weeks ago I think. The sample was taken from his lungs my aunt was told. The doctor said this was normal and basically his lungs were still shedding dead virus cells.

    Erika, great workouts! Good job with the chin-ups and pull-ups!!!

    I can't even begin to imagine how bored my uncle must be. I'm sure you at least had a TV in your room when you ha your boys. He has nothing!
    If you can find a sunny spot for a solar panel birdbath it will be awesome. It was warm enough today for DH to take his work to the deck. He got to work and enjoy the birdbath.

    Hi Tami, good to hear from you! Great job getting workouts in with that busy schedule of yours!

    I'm sure it was nice seeing your inlaws but so very stressful for your DH!
    I'm glad you allowed yourself time to enjoy lunch with your BFF!

    Have a great weekend ladies!
  • lvnascarlvnascar Member Posts: 2,618 Member Member Posts: 2,618 Member
    Morning Ladies,

    Had a very nice day off, and just glad that all the financial stuff is done. I also got more quilting done on the quilt.
    I should have that done by this weekend. ;) My workout yesterday was Jessica's Youtube Stretch, Rest & Relax and this morning Walk Strong 3 Barefoot Cardio Core. I really enjoyed the barefoot one. You don't realize that you are working your core, and then it hits you about half way through the workout.

    Laurel, Nice workouts! Had to give a little laugh with the 80's kickboxing. We are suppose to be up in the 70's today, and of course this is happening when I'm at work. Yesterday was rainy all day, so today was humid. Have to start to get used to my hair going in all different directions now that summer is getting closer. :D I think that I really need some weight work, so I'm sure it will be a good transition to those workouts.

    Erika, Awesome workouts, and of course a Kelly that I just love. Nice that you could have an impromptu dinner with friends, I think a lot of that will be happening. My DH had his bridge put in yesterday, and our youngest is finally getting to go in for her tooth that she thinks has a cavity. So far our youngest has not been called back to work, but they have finally put out some information on what she will need to wear to cut hair. The misinformation out there is crazy. They where saying that she would have to cut hair with gloves on, and I just read the information this morning and that was not the case. She will have to wear a mask and face shield though. I love the WD-40 idea. :D I don't know if I could be as diligent and your Dad and spray every day. :D

    Tami, Great job on all your workouts! Very nice to hear that you where able to visit with you in-laws, but to bad that your DH went into over protective mode. It sounds like you are doing well, but very busy. Post when you can, we all understand.

    Thelma, Love all your workouts! Sorry to hear that you Aunt didn't get the antibody test. You are right, your Aunt is going to have to adjust from the way her husband was from before. I so remember how my MIL had to adjust when my FIL had his stroke. She had a few shocks to go through, and depended on the boys a lot at first. They are testing a lot in our area, and finding that there are not many people with the virus. The majority of the test are coming back negative, so like you, I would rather know if I have had it or not.

    Have a great weekend,
  • fitzfourfitzfour Member Posts: 1,255 Member Member Posts: 1,255 Member

    Yesterday was Turbo Fire Greatest Hiits. I needed something fun and short, and that fit the bill! Later today I will wrap up Meso 1 with Legs and then will enjoy next week of of STS with a mish mosh of Cathe and KCM workouts!

    Laurie, so happy to hear the day off yesterday went well and you've got the financial stuff out of the way. Also great that you made more progress on the quilt! I can't believe you'll have it done this weekend! We just found out our stay at home order is lifted as of Monday AM, so many businesses can open now with restrictions and the rest of the businesses should open June 1st. We are still being asked to keep gatherings to 10 or less people and social distance though. Great workouts, I think I've done that barefoot one and remember it being a good one!

    Tami, good to hear you are alive and keeping busy! Sounds like it was a nice visit with the in-laws and a fun lunch with your friend. I'm craving some social interaction...we've only seen 1 other family and my parents once and my hubby's a distance. It's been so hard! Great job getting in the workouts...especially STS <3

    Thelma, I ordered the birdbath...I can't wait!! How nice for your uncle to get to talk to his wife and son...he probably really looks forward to those calls with nothing else to do!! Great job getting some much needed rest and that you are feeling better today. Amazing what some extra rest and stretching will do for a body!

    Hi Laurel!

    Have a wonderful weekend! We have lots of sun today and then rain the rest of the weekend and into the upper 80's/lower 90's for next week!!

  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Member Posts: 2,827 Member Member Posts: 2,827 Member
    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was Cathe Live Upper Body Bootcamp followed by a 45 minute HiiT and Hills ride with Peloton. And then a long walk with DH. :) It is warm today but overcast. I shouldn’t complain but I was kind of hoping for sun. B) But I will take the warmer temperatures for sure.

    Erika, great workout! Congratulations on finishing up Meso 1. To me, STS after that is easy to manage. Meso 1 is my nemesis for sure. Yay on the new birdbath! I am trying to talk DH into getting one, but we also kind of want all of the construction to be gone on both sides of us before ‘decorating’ the yard, so it may wait until next summer.

    Tami, thanks for checking in. Great workouts! I bet it felt good to get together with your BFF and your family. I am really beginning to miss just being able to sit down and chat with people other than my DH. And when he leaves in a few weeks..... :o !

    Thelma, great workouts. I am glad you are feeling better. Sometimes a break is the best possible thing. :) Glad you are still up to doing Body Beast. I haven’t come up with a plan yet, but I think it will look very much like one of the rotations that comes with the program.

    Laurie, glad your day went well yesterday. I love that Barefoot Cardio workout. I may have to revisit that one again but I remember it being sneaky so many Jessica workouts. My hair is already completely unmanageable, and it isn’t that humid yet! But it is far longer than what I was planning on taking into the summer, so it looks like it will be in a ponytail much of the time. I know our Ulta stores haven’t opened here yet either. I will be curious when they open and whether my stylist goes back. She has a number of pre-existing health issues that may keep her from returning, which would be sad but understandable.

    Enjoy the weekend!

  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Member Posts: 1,526 Member Member Posts: 1,526 Member
    Hi ladies, I hope you had a great weekend. DH and I had a great weekend. We had another couple over for lunch on the deck and that was a lot of fun. The weather was perfect! It was in the low 80's and dry. Today was also in the 80's but it felt a little muggy. We've had a lot of rain tonight and I believe there will be more during the week.
    Our friend's wife loved our solar panel birdbath so much that as soon as she got home she ordered one! LOL

    Some of our friends went out on Friday to our lake's Marina restaurant. It's an outdoor restaurant. We are not ready for that kind of adventure yet. Now that we know our friends are getting together again, DH is starting to get a case of cabin fever. He misses playing pickleball and going to the target range. I don't know if he will go out. I doubt it.

    My workouts on Friday were Restorative Yoga (I fell asleep toward the end! LOL), Barre, and LIS Total Body Trisets - Upper Body. Today I did Meso 3 - Disc 31 Chest & Back.

    my uncle is doing well but is still weak. They did a new COVID-19 test and this time it came out negative! They're finally going to do the CT brain scan on Monday!

    The doctor told my aunt that she'd had a long conversation with my uncle. He told her that he worked for FIAT for many years, that he worked in China for two years, their son's name and age, and a bunch of other things. Everything he told the doctor was true. He even invited the doctor out to dinner when he gets out of the hospital! LOL
    He really was in a good mood on Friday. He was joking with the nurse during the video call. The nurse said that he sleeps during the day and is awake at night bugging them. She got him back with the funny comments! LOL

    My aunt found out from a friend that doctors at the hospital my uncle is in have been forbidden from telling patients they're there because of COVID-19. They feel it could be traumatic for them.

    A reporter my uncle knows called my aunt because she found out my uncle had the virus and had been discharged from the ICU. She wants to write an article about my uncle. My aunt told her that she wants to thank the entire medical personnel at the hospital for saving my uncle's life. She asked her to speak with my cousin who is a writer and writes political articles for newspapers. They'll sort of co-author the article. My uncle is well known in town for being involved in politics, and for volunteering at their city hall helping people with their paperwork.

    Laurie, I'm glad you're done with the financial stuff. It can be so distracting and stressful! Good job with that quilt! Did you finish it? Great workouts!
    I think my aunt is getting a little stronger. She will have to go through a few shocks I'm sure. At least your MIL was able to depend on her boys. My aunt can't depend on her son. It's more the other way around! The couple we had over for lunch on Saturday think they had the virus in December. Our Barre instructor was hospitalized in December with double pneumonia and was intubated. We heard she had a dry cough too. She is lucky to be alive. This couple think they caught it from her but not as bad as she did. I had a dry cough in mid-December and I had to go to the doctor because the cough wouldn't go away. Our friends think they gave me their cough. I gave it to DH. I really hope antibody tests will be available soon.

    Erika, great workouts! Congrats on wrapping up Meso 1!! You are going to love the birdbath! Our friend fell in love with it the moment the sun hit it and the fountain got going. She told her husband she wanted one. He said NO! I sent her the link and she ordered it as soon as she got home! LOL
    I totally understand the craving for social interaction. Having our friends over for lunch has been wonderful. We have one couple coming over on Sunday and possibly another couple Saturday or Monday. My body needed serious rest! I need to start listening to my body!

    Laurel, awesome workouts! I'm sure you got your wish with the sun and warm temps this weekend. It was a nice weekend.

    I definitely needed to rest last week. I was getting worried so I'm glad a little rest went a long way!
    I am looking forward to the Body Beast rotation. We're seriously overdue!

    Hi Tami!

    Have a great week ladies!
  • lvnascarlvnascar Member Posts: 2,618 Member Member Posts: 2,618 Member
    Morning Ladies,

    Very nice day on Saturday, and I spent the morning outside pulling weeds. The afternoon I hung out with my youngest dd, and that was fun. Sunday it rained buckets of water, and now the rivers and ditches are full. I did manage to get the quilt done, but need to have a nice day to take some pictures of it.

    My workout this morning was Kelly's 30MTF Slim Sculpting Workout 1. Just felt like lifting the kettlebell for a change of pace.

    Erika, Great job on the workouts! Guess we will be doing a combo of the same instructor workouts this week. Our state opened up, and it appears that everyone is following the safety measures. I think that the only place that really isn't are the bars, and it looks like a lot of the young people are taking advantage of those. I'm sure that they will see a spike in cases, but the hospitals are more prepared than they where. Like I said previously, they are finding more people without the virus than with right now. Our church didn't have a service, but I'm sure they will make a decision soon. I would imagine that they will set up the sanctuary a bit differently than it is now.

    Laurel, Nice job on the workouts, and getting in your walk. Dang on the overcast, we have had many of those type of walks. We just where glad that it wasn't raining this morning, just misty. That is one thing that I love about Jessica, is the sneakiness of her workouts. You don't appear to be working hard, but a couple of hours later, you are feeling muscles that you didn't know you had. :D I hope that they open my dd's salon soon, even if it is just for hair cuts. They can get the PPE they need for the colors and longer appointments. I to hope that your stylist is able to come back.

    Thelma, Very nice that you had friends over, and that your bird bath is impressing people to buy. ;) People are wanting things to go back to normal, and for some people it will take a little time. I know that I'm ready, but I have been in a different situation than most people. Awesome job on all your workouts! I'm glad to hear that your Uncle will get his scan done. Interesting that they are not informing the patients that they where C19 cases. Yep this virus has been around for a while. I don't think that the first patient was in Washington like they claimed. It was just the first one that was confirmed. With all the international travel, it had to be here way sooner. I'm positive that DH and I had it around Christmas.

    Have a great day!
  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Member Posts: 2,827 Member Member Posts: 2,827 Member
    Hi Ladies! Hope you enjoyed the weekend. Ours was quiet. Saturday was very warm and sunny, so we did a few of our chores around the house. And then I went to Lowe’s with DH. It was my first time in a store since mid-March, and it was fine. I wish more people were wearing masks, but it was pretty quiet in there so it was easy to avoid people. With DH leaving in a few weeks for nearly two months, I need to feel comfortable getting out and about or I will go nuts! So this was my first step. Yesterday it rained for quite a bit of the day, so it was more chores around the house and puzzle time. :)

    For workouts, on Saturday I did Jessica Smith Barefoot Cardio Core from Walk Strong 3 (thank you, Laurie, for reminding me about this one!) followed by 45 minutes of yoga from Peloton. Yesterday was Cathe Live Lower Body Bootcamp followed by a tough 30 minute Tabata ride from Peloton. And today was Slow and Heavy Chest and Back followed by Cathe Live Cardio Kickboxing and Cardio Barre, which I <3 so much!

    Thelma, great workouts! Glad you enjoyed the visit with your friends. I completely understand the cabin fever your DH is feeling, especially as the weather gets nicer. But even with that, my new ‘normal’ is going to be significantly different from what once was for awhile. I am looking at everything from the vantage of ‘will I even enjoy that with social distancing and safety measures like masks?’, and I am finding most stuff I say ‘no’ to. I hope DH and I can start golfing again because, without question, I think we can do that very safely. And the other thing I will be tempted to do is get my hair cut short if my stylist returns to Ulta. My days of coloring are over for now but, boy, I need about five less inches of hair right now. :) But restaurants and shopping (outside of groceries) are not things I ever really loved, so it is a ‘no’ on those for now. And I have no problems being with people outside right now. Anyhow, great news about your uncle! I am not at all surprised they are interested in doing a story on him because his recovery is truly miraculous. I am glad your cousin will be involved. I love that your uncle sounds like he has retained his sharpness and sense of humor. That is such a blessing and both will serve him well in the days ahead. Changing subjects again.....I am thinking through the Body Beast rotation, and I am thinking of a 12 week rotation which would look like: Weeks 1-3 Build; Week 4 Recover; Weeks 5-7 Bulk; Week 8 Recover; Weeks 9-12 Alternate Build and Bulk weeks. Normally I don’t take recovery weeks, but after this current rotation we are doing, I am beginning to think it might help with the fatigue we are both feeling. How does that look to you? Please let me know.

    Laurie, sounds like a good weekend, minus the pouring rain. I am glad you got your quilt done and am looking forward to photos. :) Great workout this morning. Thank you again for reminding me of Jessica’s Barefoot Cardio Core. My core felt really tight at the end of last week (especially in my back) after the two long STS core workouts and then the two circuit-type workouts I did where the core moves mirrored those in the STS workouts. It was absolutely perfect for easing some of the DOMS in a gentle way while still working on the muscles. It made my yoga feel so much better than it otherwise would have, that is for sure. I will be curious when and how Ulta opens back up here. Like I said to Thelma, my coloring days are over, but, boy, I really need a haircut! :o

    See you tomorrow.

  • fitzfourfitzfour Member Posts: 1,255 Member Member Posts: 1,255 Member
    Hi Ladies!

    I didn't end up getting in the final STS Meso 1 workout on was just too nice out to be inside after work. Instead, I got it done Saturday as we had a gloomy day and I had nothing else better to do :D Sunday was a complete washout...we got nearly 3" of rain. I had to go drill holes in the bottom of some planters today to let that water drain out and avoid killing my plants/veggies! Sunday was KCM Your Best Body. This week will be Cathe and KCM...whatever I feel like! :)

    Laurie, I didn't realize WI is fully open. That would explain the bar pictures I've seen and the increase in traffic I've heard about from those with cabins in northern WI. Today is our first day of some extra openings (50% capacity for malls) and we have gatherings of 10 or less. I'm expecting this will cause some people to really relax on their social distancing. We'll see how it goes! Great job on the yard work and quilting! I think I've got Slim Sculpting set for this week too :)

    Thelma, yay for visitors and nice weather! Sounds like you had a great time and LOL on the birdbath! You should get a kickback for your referrals! We are getting cabin fever here too, but we are just expanding to different takeout food options since we didn't do any takeout at all until they started opening some businesses with that option near us. We can now have gatherings of 10 or less, so I think we'll finally get to spend some time with family here. My SIL's bday is today and 5 of her closest friends stopped by to actually visit her for the first time in months, and on her birthday. So nice for her! I'm happy to hear your uncle is remembering things and giving the nurses a hard time! :) Hopefully he is out of the hospital for good soon! Great workouts, especially your "sleepy" one! :)

    Laurel, I'm glad to hear your outing to Lowe's went well. We are definitely still having mixed mask/no-mask scenarios in each store, but I would say the overall amount of people in stores is down. I think now that everyone is not so paniced about supplies/food, there are less in the stores on a regular basis. I know I have lessened my frequency now that Amazon has gotten stock back in, and I'm not as worried about milk, eggs and bread being out of stock for weeks. I feel better about less people in the store, rather than more with masks. I try to go at times where it's not so busy and then I'm not worried about coming into close contact with anyone. Great workouts...those Live ones are peaking my interest again..esp. the solo ones Cathe is doing!

    Hi Tami!

    Have a great evening!

  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Member Posts: 1,526 Member Member Posts: 1,526 Member
    Hi ladies, my workouts today were Gina B's Low Impact Cardio, STS Phase 3 Squat Rack - Disc 39, and Ashtanga Yoga. That STS workout was hard. I used dumbbells because I didn't think I could go too heavy with the barbell. I used 22.5 and 25 lb dumbbells. The last exercise was a static lunge and I thought I was going to drop the dumbbells. I could hardly hold them anymore. The Bowflex dumbbell handlebar is really thick and with my small hands, I can't get my fingers all the way around it.

    We had a very cloudy day and the temperature felt great. It was perfect. We finally got some rain tonight but not too bad. More of the same for the rest of the week.

    I need a haircut badly! I told DH I was ready to call my hairstylist now that people are going out. He thinks it's too soon for that.
    My white hair seems to be blending in quite nicely with the dark hair. I am loving not having to color my own hair every 3 weeks! I joined a 'going gray' Facebook group. You won't believe how many women are using this shelter in place time to go gray. A lot of them are giving themselves buzz cuts! I wish I had the courage to do that! I don't wear makeup anymore and I think a buzz cut would require a lot of makeup.

    My uncle is doing as well as can be. He's still in good spirits and continues to crave my aunt's pasta with her Ragu sauce. It's a sauce with ground meat, wine, onions, tomato sauce, and God knows what else. He had the CT scan today but the doctors won't have the results until tomorrow.
    Italy is now allowing businesses to open. They're even opening their borders and will NOT quarantine people! YIKES!

    Laurie, I'm glad you had a nice weekend and spent some quality time with your youngest! Congrats on finishing the quilt! I can't wait to see the pictures! Great workout this morning!

    Laurel, I'm glad you had nice weather this past weekend. Good for you for going to Lowe's with your DH! You will definitely need to get comfortable going out. It reminds me of how afraid I was to leave the house last year when I moved here. I didn't leave the house for a month, except to go to the supermarket.
    I really think fewer people are using masks now. We will continue to wear masks.
    Awesome workouts! I love the sound of that Cardio kickboxing/barre workout!

    I think this coming weekend I will finally go to a nursery to get a few more plants for the deck.

    I like the way you're thinking about your new normal. Great idea to ask yourself those questions. I would probably say NO to most things too. I agree that you will be safe at the golf course.
    I hear you about needed a haircut! I do miss going out with our friends. We'll continue to invite friends over for lunch on the deck and order takeout for now.
    I am really happy that my uncle is in good spirits because he will need that for the long road ahead.

    I LOVE, LOVE your vision for our next rotation! We definitely need recovery weeks. Thank you so much!

    Erika, sorry you had a rainy weekend. Good for you for getting your last STS workout in and the KCM workout!

    We did have a great time on Saturday. I really should get kickbacks on all my referrals! Thank God you'll finally be able to spend time with your family! How nice of your SIL's friends to stop by to celebrate her bday with her!
    We will continue to shelter in place a while longer and we'll do takeout once a week.
    I hope my uncle is able to get out of that hospital soon. He really needs to be in a rehab facility but the doctors don't think he's ready to leave the hospital yet.

    Goodnight ladies!
  • lvnascarlvnascar Member Posts: 2,618 Member Member Posts: 2,618 Member
    Morning Ladies,

    This morning my workout was Kelly's RAW Boxing & Drills. That was one of those workouts that you didn't realize that you worked as hard as you did. She used a step for the cardio, and did boxing drills. Each move was done for 30 sec x 2.

    Laurel, I'm glad that the barefoot workout helped loosen up that core for your yoga. Great job on all of your other workouts too. I wish that I had a Lowes a little closer to us, because they really do have some nice plants. I think that DH and I will be going to our garden center some time this week to get some plants. We are not planning on going up north, just don't want my parents in contact with a possible virus person. :D Everyone in my family has one person that was an essential employee, so none of them are planning on going up. So sad that we can't visit right now, but hopefully we can go up some time this summer to visit with them. I'm still going to be doing the coloring, since I don't think that my dd will let me get away with not doing so. She plans on coloring my hair until I am completely gray. :)

    Erika, Great job on your workouts! I love that kettlebell workout, it is one of those that you don't realize that you are working hard. I love being able to do swings and working with the bell also. I know that they are saying they don't want people from IL and our area up north, but how do you stop people from going to their property that they own. I do hope that they just stick to their cabins. I know that my brother and SIL, who live in Duluth, are planning on going to their cabin; The mall in our county opened, but with restrictions. At least they are able to do curb side pick up, which was something that the stores where not able to do before. Around here the rain totals where 2-6 inches. It all depended on how close to the lake you lived. :o People closer to the lake had the higher marks.

    Thelma, Nice work with all the workouts! Scary experience with the barbell though, it sure sounds like you went to failure though. My dd went to my MIL's and DH's Uncle's to cut their hair yesterday. I do have to make my MIL a mask because she liked the one that dd was wearing. :D Okay, now I'm craving your Aunts Ragu because I'm sure that it is awesome! ;) Interesting information about the borders being open in Italy, I hope all goes well. They didn't close down Sweden, and they did fairly well through this whole thing. I have another idea for a quilt for my dd, so my mind is working overtime to come up with interesting things for that one. She has a bee theme, but I don't want the bees on the quilt to look to blocky. DH is helping me with an idea that I have. He is way better at drawing than I am.

    Have a great day!
  • fitzfourfitzfour Member Posts: 1,255 Member Member Posts: 1,255 Member
    Good Morning Ladies!

    Yesterday was KCM Stepboxing 2, workout 1...I really, really enjoyed it!! This "active recovery" week is just what I needed! If anyone is interested in any Beachbody workouts, I just renewed my subscription to their online site. I'd be more than happy to share my login information. I have the regular access and also have the brand new 10 rounds workout (think Boxing/Agility Drills/Lifting) access too.

    Thelma, another great combo but I don't know how to you even made it that far in squat rack legs! I used to have that DVD set and traded it out as I never used it (too heavy for my hands to hold and a barbell was too heavy to lift over my head to my back). Kudos to making it as far as you did! We are doing the same here...staying home except for grocery store runs and takeout 1-2 times per week. Otherwise, no where I really need to go even though malls are now open and many retail shops. I think of your aunt/uncle often...I hope that when the time is right, he's able to get to rehab and move up from there. It is so hard waiting, but I'm sure it's for the best as once he does get out, he will likely move quickly from rehab to home.

    Laurie, love the Boxing/Drills workout. It sounds like my Stepboxing workout last night! You sure got a lot of rain...much more than we did! My new manager lives in Milwaukee and said she was fearful of her house flooding from all the rain. I told her if the sun doesn't come out soon, I may lose it. Luckily, I see the sun trying to peek through the clouds as I type :) I'm waiting to hear if my in-laws are heading to their cabin this weekend in WI. My parents have a cabin here in MN, but they always do all of their shopping at home and bring what they need for however long they are there so they don't have to leave the cabin. Plus, they can make it up and back on 1 tank of gas usually, so they don't have to stop on the way up or back either.

    Hi Laurel and Tami!

    Have an awesome day!

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