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  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Member Posts: 2,827 Member Member Posts: 2,827 Member
    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was Slow and Heavy Legs and Shoulders followed by a 45 minute spin and a walk with DH. My legs are feeling a little wobbly now. :) I admit, I am really enjoying Slow and Heavy right now.....except for the Legs routine. I will be ready to put that back on the shelf after one more go of it. I think doing both Squat Rack Legs and Slow and Heavy Legs in back to back weeks during this rotation is testing my attention span. B)

    Erika, congratulations on finishing Meso 1, and taking advantage of a gloomy day to do it. I am glad you are enjoying your recovery week. Sounds like you are doing some good workouts. I am with you on wanting some more sunshine right now. It rained buckets here last night, and it just seems that six out of seven days a week right now are mostly cloudy. But I guess that is spring.

    Thelma, great workouts. Yep, the forearms and hands take a beating in those legs workouts. I was definitely feeling mine in today’s workout as well. I imagine having a wider dumbbell handle makes it all the worse. I am glad you like the look of the rotation and don’t mind adding recovery time! I think I will end up with better results than pushing through all 12 weeks like we have this time. My thought was with our current rotation that the week of Burn Sets would be lighter/less intense, and while it is to a degree, it also really isn’t at all. So during the recovery for Body Beast, I plan on doing metabolic workouts as my ‘strength’ workouts which should keep it much lighter. I am surprised how comfortable I am going gray right now. And I have toyed with shaving all my hair off too! :o But I am not quite brave enough for that.....yet. Ask me in the heat of July if I haven’t managed to get my hair cut yet and it may be a different story. :)

    Laurie, great workout. It sounds like a really unique format. I hope you get to go see your parents this summer. I think it would be so hard to live that close and not be able to see them. But I also appreciate the caution. I get the sense from my in-laws that they are seeing my SIL but not spending hours visiting with her either, which is probably smart since my SIL works in a hospital. But I know I just feel so much relief that they have somebody close checking in on them and bringing them things they need right now. I would be going crazy if they were still in Florida with worry for certain. Looking at my hair.....I am almost completely gray. :o I think that is one of the reasons I am finding it easier to just let it go. But if I had a DD to do it.....I probably wouldn’t be letting it go quite yet! :D

    Tami, hope you are well.

    See you tomorrow.

  • 2BLean2BLean Member, Premium Posts: 2,341 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,341 Member
    Hi Ladies & Happy Tuesday! Sounds like you all had a nice weekend and our weather patterns were very similar with the rain. I had a good one. I actually went by my friends house (she just built 1.5 miles from my house) and had just moved in. So I was able to come over for coffee and see her new house on Saturday a.m. then I worked on policies for about 3 hours for OT hours and took a nice Peloton walk. Sunday I did LITE Pyramid Pump LOWER + Peloton Ride and yesterday was LITE Upper Body Stacked. These workouts are just sounding good this week so I have stuck with them. Sunday evening we had a couple of friends come over for dinner and it was really nice. Just loved having some human interaction other than just DH and I forsure. This Saturday I am getting my hair colored and trimmed ….. my hair grows so slow it is frightening so one thing I have learned is that I can really push getting it colored and cut pretty far out. Will save some $$$ forsure. I have some grow-out of course but not too bad OR maybe I think so because I am use to it. :D

    I’m trying to catch up with all of you and sounds like you are doing amazing with your workouts. :);):)

    Thelma: Love hearing that you had such a nice weekend. That is so great and I am sure it felt great. WOW on the 80’s, that is fabulous. Excellent job on your workouts … funny you fell asleep at the end of your Restorative Yoga. Congrats to your uncle for testing negative. That is wonderful and I hope he continues to improve and get stronger every day.

    Laurie: Your weather over the weekend sounds a little bit like ours. Sunday we had an absolute down pour of rain and again today as well, but it was semi-nice earlier. Very typical spring weather for us here. DH an I were going to take our trailer up to his parents property for Memorial Day weekend but decided the weather will be terrible so we are going to go the following weekend instead and I will take that following Monday off, June 1st. Really looking forward to it. Good job with your workouts! My BFF’s salon just opened on the 16th so she is very busy with all the ladies who have been waiting. I am looking forward to getting my hair done Saturday. My DH also believes he had COVID or some strain of it when we returned from Florida in December – thru Christmas. He was so sick and nothing was prescribed or could help, they just told him it was a virus. A good friend of his that is a doctor said he thinks it could have very well been the virus.

    Laurel: Way to go getting out and about with your DH. I know it is a strange feeling when you have been at home for so long. I have hardly had to go to the grocery store this whole time so when I do go it has just felt weird in a way. Where is your DH going? I am sure you shared it with everyone but I have been so sporadic I missed it :( ….. {sorry}. Way to go with all your workouts and the variety included, always love reading about them. I honestly could not get myself to do the Slow & Heavy workouts .... despite they are so good, just the patience involved. I have been glad to just get back into Strength and going heavier with STS/BB. This week’s LITE series workouts have felt good. I actually forgot how much I like the stacked Upper Body workout since I have done the lower so many times. I went way heavier than Cathe throughout the workout to keep up with our “Strength Rotation” so I felt good about that. WOW, you have 5 extra inches on your hair? I wish my hair grew like that so much. Seriously! I read about your ideas on the next rotation … I would love to join you ladies! To the best of my ability anyway, but it sounds great. I have really enjoyed the BB workouts I added into this rotation. What kind of workouts would you be doing for the Recovery weeks?

    Erika: Congratulations on finishing up STS Meso #1! Always a great feeling to finish up your goals and keep going I think. YAY Sounds like you have a great plan ahead for this week with Cathe/KCM/Misc. Our area is opening up more and more. Restaurants and bars opened up last Friday, salons on Saturday. Our local gyms have also opened up but with a lot of new restrictions and sanitary measures … which is great I think. I have finally made the decision to cancel my membership due to the group classes being so limited now with all the new rules and that is all I was using it for at this point since getting my Peloton last year. So that will be nice. Will miss my friends but can always meet up for outdoor rides with several of them. Between no gym membership or nail appts I can save some nice cash.

    I hope to chat with you all tomorrow .... looks good so far and I miss you all! Thank you for understanding, I truly care about you ladies and look forward to our chats. <3 Tami
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  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Member Posts: 1,526 Member Member Posts: 1,526 Member
    Hi Ladies, my workouts today were Gina B 2000 Steps/Low Impact, Yoga Basics, and STS Meso 3 Disc 33 Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps.

    My uncle continues to do well. His brain CT scan results show no damage to his brain, no stroke, no ischemia. The doctor told my aunt that he needs to be in a rehab facility now. They are still looking for a facility close to their home.

    The video call today went well. He's still in good spirits. He told my aunt today that he felt tired from the PT session. The nurses had shaved him so he looked much better. My aunt was REALLY happy about my uncle's progress today. The article about my uncle was published today. It started telling the reader who my uncle was, that he'd had the virus. How long he'd been in the ICU. There was a lot of praise for the medical team as well. I'm glad my cousin co-wrote the article with the reporter. They did a great job.

    Laurie, great workout! It sounds like it was a fun one!
    I definitely hit failure yesterday. How nice of your DD to have gone to your MIL's and DH's uncle to cut their hair! I'm sure your MIL will be very happy if you made her a mask.

    That Ragu sauce sounds really good. I hope Italy will be OK now that they've opened their borders too.
    Your brain is really working overtime with those quilt ideas. I'm sure they will be very pretty.

    Erika, great workout today! Thanks so much for volunteering to share your login info for the Beachbody workouts!
    Laurel is the reason why I'm doing the squat rack workouts! LOL. She put in our rotation! LOL
    I can't believe Cathe and her team can lift those heavy barbells over their heads. At least last time I was able to use the rack and the barbell. Yesterday I just didn't feel strong enough to do that.

    DH and I both know that we wouldn't enjoy going eating at a restaurant right now. I think knowing what my uncle has gone through makes it scarier for us. I also worry about the two of us getting sick because we don't have anyone here to take care of our fur babies.
    We are praying for a good rehab facility for my uncle. The doctor thinks he needs to be there now to continue his recovery process.

    Laurel, great workouts! Wow! I didn't even think you were doing Slow and Heavy Legs and Squat Rack Legs, in back to back weeks! I am dreaming of those recovery weeks now! LOL.
    Great idea to do metabolic workouts during the recovery week. Do you think we should do a recovery week after we finish this rotation?

    If my head weren't so flat in the back I would've had DH shave my hair off by now. Thanks, Dad!! I bought some colorful, soft headbands, not so much to hide the white but to tame my curly hair!
    I'm glad you're feeling comfortable with your gray. One thing that is helping me is that I have met 3 friends here who have lovely gray/white hair and they all look beautiful. Another dear friend in NC also has lovely white hair and another one is in the process of going gray.

    Tami, so good to hear from you! I'm glad you had a nice weekend too and that you got to spend time with friends!! This time is sure making all of us appreciate our friends even more. We'll have another couple over for lunch on the deck on Sunday.
    OMG, I can't believe you're going to get your hair done! Good luck! Are you going to wear a mask? I really wish I could get a haircut but DH doesn't think I should risk it just yet.

    The temps last weekend were really great. This coming weekend will be similar but maybe a little on the cloudy side. Thanks for those good wishes to my uncle! He really is doing so much better!

    Goodnight ladies!
  • lvnascarlvnascar Member Posts: 2,618 Member Member Posts: 2,618 Member
    Morning Ladies,

    This mornings workout was Fit/Split Push Only Premix. Have this feeling that I will be unable to lift my arms over my head tomorrow after that one. :D

    Erika, I love that workout also, she really does the step/boxing very well. Thanks for the offer, and I might take advantage just to try out some of the newer options. We finally are having sun today, and it was really nice to not have to wear a jacket into work. I think that a lot of people will be respectful and bring up their own supplies. We usually go up, but since the family is so big, I'm afraid of infecting anyone. We have not had a case, but since anyone can have the virus without symptoms who knows.

    Laurel, Glad that you are enjoying the heavy weight workouts. I'm sure that the down time is testing your patients, I know it would be that way for me. I would be off looking at my sewing projects or something like that. When we go see my parents it will be just DH and I, and not in with the whole family. I do hope that they have a vaccine before next year, my niece held off her wedding for a year. I don't want my parents to have to miss that. Although my Dad survived scarlet fever. :o Very nice that you in-laws have family, that is one thing to be very grateful for. My DH took my MIL to the eye doctor yesterday, and he spent a lot of time in the car waiting. He can't stand the masks, so I need to find a more comfortable one.

    Tami, How wonderful that your friend is so close! Great job on your workouts, the LITE set is so nice to be able to do when you have that don't know what to do. I do understand wanting to speak and look at different people than the family. My sister and her family came over last weekend, and it was so nice to chat for a little while. I hear you on the $$ for your hair. I have not minded not spending that money. I hope that my dd has some news that they will be open soon. I know that they have curb side pick up for their products, but the stylists have been in limbo. I know that some independent salons are opening on Sunday. The wife of my co-worker bought an antibody test kit, and we are waiting to see how this all progresses. It will be interesting to see if she had it, because she and the kids where all sick at the same time. He recorded his sons cough, and it was awful. Almost sounded lie whooping cough.

    Thelma, Great job rocking those workouts! Wonderful news on your Uncle, and I do hope that he takes the therapy seriously. That is the one thing that my FIL refused to do, so his recovery wasn't as good as it could have been. So now he is a celebrity also, I'm sure that will be an interesting thing for him to read once he is out of rehab. I will have to dig through all my fabric and find my MIL something really cute for her mask. Also something easy to put on and take off. I actually had to take my weight down this morning. I was just trying to lift a little to heavy, but next week I'm going to up the weight by about a pound. Planning on doing the Fit/Split weights for a couple of weeks.

    Have a great day!
  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Member Posts: 2,827 Member Member Posts: 2,827 Member
    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was Slow and Heavy Triceps and Biceps followed by ICE Rock’m Sock’m with the Blizzard Blast. It has been so long since I did that kickboxing workout, and I loved every minute of it today. :)

    Tami, great workouts! I am glad you stuck with workouts that spoke to you this week. Yay for wanting to do Body Beast again! I haven’t mapped the rotation out, but I think I will take a recovery week after we end this rotation, which means Body Beast would start on Sunday June 21. For the recovery weeks during the Body Beast rotation, again, I haven’t mapped it out yet. But I am hoping to do a combo of metabolic workouts during the week, including PHA. So, as an example, the week might look something like: ICE Lower Body Blast; RWH Upper Body Circuit; cardio or yoga; PHA 1; cardio or yoga; ICE Metabolic Total Body; rest (Sunday thru Saturday, one workout a day). That is just an example! But I want to still work the muscles, but just not with as much intensity. Let me know what you think. If you want to skip the recovery week and do a fourth week of each series, you can always do that. I have just found a couple of times during this rotation where my body felt like I needed a break from the heavy weights, and that is why I am putting those weeks in. Anyhow, again, let me know what you think! Glad you are getting out and able to see friends, get your hair done and have plans for a long weekend away. Sounds wonderful! My DH is headed to Alaska in a couple of weeks ( though his company still has to give the final approval for his travel due to COVID) to finish up the contract he has been working on since we got here. Right now he is scheduled to be gone seven weeks, but all of that could change a bit due to circumstances and the fact Alaska still has a 14 day quarantine for people coming into the state. So there is still quite some flux in all of it right now.

    Thelma, great workouts! Yes, I definitely want to take a week in between this current rotation and starting Body Beast. As I mentioned to Tami, I think that means starting Body Beast on June 21. Let me know what you think about the ideas for the recovery weeks during Body Beast that I shared with Tami. Nothing is etched in stone yet for sure! :D That is great news on your uncle! I am so glad he did not suffer a stroke. I really hope they can get him into a rehab center soon because it sounds like he may make a pretty quick recovery given everything. I am so happy to hear your aunt is happy with how he is doing. I am also glad the story they did on him was good. Do you have a link to the story? I am still practicing my Italian every day so I would love to see it if there is an electronic version. I may even be able to make out a few words! :)

    Laurie, great workout! Yep, that one leaves a sting in the arms for sure. I am glad you enjoyed it. I think that is very wise to just go up and see your parents alone. The less exposure, the better. I hope they get a vaccine soon as well. There is some promise on one they have developed from what I understand, though the news about it seems to waver a bit from day to day. I am most curious/concerned about how we go about getting so many people vaccinated, though. That will be quite an undertaking for certain. I kind of wonder if they won’t do it by some sort of risk category, but I am not even sure how that would look or whether it would work. I mean.....who would make those decisions?

    Erika, I forgot to plug Cathe Live to you yesterday! Shame on me. B) Anyhow, you mentioned these Live workouts she is doing alone. Honestly.....they are fantastic. I thought it would be weird working out with just Cathe, but it isn’t at all. The energy level is exactly the same. And, to be completely honest, I get the feeling Cathe is working out more to how she is feeling a workout as opposed to how her class is feeling a workout. In other words, these are not easy workouts. I have not done all of them because of this rotation we are doing, but the ones that I have done are truly top notch. And, no, she doesn’t pay me to advertise Live! :D;)

    See you tomorrow.

  • 2BLean2BLean Member, Premium Posts: 2,341 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,341 Member
    Hi Ladies ~ I had a slight delay in starting my workout last night so ended up doing a 30-min Peloton Ride. The neighbors and DH were out in the yard(s) when I arrived so we all stood there visiting for a while and their grandson has been waiting & waiting to meet Bernie. It was super sweet. He sat on the grass with him and just pet him over and over asking me all kinds of questions. So cute. At any rate, it was really nice to visit with them and we are going to share in the cost of some edging and landscaping between our two yards where they touch so DH was mapping it all out. I am headed home to do a nice workout tonight …. It’s pouring rain so I am sure nobody will be outside when I get home. :D

    Thelma: Fabulous job with your STS workout again today, along with the Low Impact and Yoga. I have thoroughly enjoyed my re-visit with STS through our rotation. Almost did another week of it this week just to keep going with it. So part of getting my hair done is it my BFF who does my hair. She is at a public salon of course but having her touching and near does not make me feel nervous at all. I will wear a mask if she asks me too due to her salon’s policy or something but I feel very safe w/out it. She has taken extra measure to remain safe since she has 3 grand kids she wants to see.

    Laurie: Awesome workout with F|S Push. I love how she created some different moves in those workouts that change it up just slight enough to feel a difference; especially in the PULL workout with the added band. Yes, I love that my friend is so close. We are planning on meeting up for walks on nice days after work or just whenever we have time. She is the one with the darling little girl who is always with us when we meet for coffee, etc. So I am sure she might join us too on her bike or something.

    Laurel: Way to go on the workout combo today. I was thinking the other day how long it has been since I have done a steady amount of KB workouts, or any actually. It is weird because I was doing forsure one a week or every other week for such a long time. Thank you for letting me join you ladies in BB. I love the idea of metabolic style workouts during the recovery weeks with Body Beast. Sounds perfect. Always enjoy those type of workouts {especially PHA} Wow, that is a long time for him to be gone. I know from the past you are very used to being without him but having him home for so long now it will be a little adjustment. Hopefully a smooth transition for both of you and I know you will keep yourself busy with workouts, reading and of course your yardwork. It will go by fast! Those "at home" workouts with Cathe sound amazing. I am sure one day I will try her online program and love it.

    Hi Erika :)

    Have a great evening ladies ~ I will talk to you tomorrow. Tami
  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Member Posts: 1,526 Member Member Posts: 1,526 Member
    Hi Ladies, my workouts today were: Up to the BEat Fit 2 mile walk,
    Beginner Gentle, Pure Barre, and Revive and Restore Yoga. Today was supposed to be my 'easy' day, but it wasn't! OMG, the Pure Barre class was a killer! The instructor killed our legs, abs, and triceps. Thankfully the class was a gentle yoga class and that was great. I did 3 back-to-back workouts today. I've been getting up earlier so that I can do 1/2 hour low impact cardio, which is my cardio speed these days.
    I have tricep DOMS from the STS workout yesterday.

    My uncle is stable and in good spirits. Today he showed my aunt how he could lift his right arm and take his hand to his mouth and his head! This is HUGE!

    I heard on the news last night that UMN is conducting a hydroxychloroquine study as a prophylactic on healthy first respondents. Doctors believe that hydroxychloroquine prevents the virus from penetrating cells, which prevents the patient from getting the virus. This could explain why rheumatologists haven't seen their patients on this med get sick.

    I have my new patient appointment on Tuesday. I had prepared myself mentally to go to my appointment, but today the clinic called to tell me it will be a telehealth appointment.
    Great idea to design a mask that is easy to take off for your MIL.
    The Fit/Split workouts are great. I like your idea of doing it for a couple of weeks.

    Laurel, great workout combo!
    I'm good with the 6/21 start date for the next rotation, and I like the idea of metabolic workouts for the recovery week. I think our bodies are going to thank us for giving them a break.

    I really think that with PT in a rehab facility my uncle will regain movement quite fast.
    I don't have a link for the article because the newspaper requires a paid subscription. I've attached a picture of the article. That's Ettore on the picture. It starts with the smaller font above the headline


    Laurie, great workout!
    My uncle is taking the therapy seriously. He's been getting PT daily since he was in the ICU. He knows PT is the only way he'll get better. He is a little bit of a celebrity there. LOL

    Tami, great job with your Peloton ride. I hope you got a good workout in tonight. How nice that your neighbors are going to split the cost with you of the edging and landscaping! I bet it will look really nice
    How sweet of the little boy wanting to meet Bernie. I bet he loved all the attention!

    I've enjoyed the STS workouts for the first time ever during this rotation because I have all the time in the world to do the workouts. You should've done the extra STS week! I'm looking forward to the BB rotation!
    I'm glad your friend cuts your hair and that she's been taking extra measures to remain safe.
    I've been tempted to ask my hairstylist to come to my house and cut my hair outside, but she bartends at a local restaurant. I should call her because she may not be working.

    Hi Erika!

    Goodnight ladies!
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  • lvnascarlvnascar Member Posts: 2,618 Member Member Posts: 2,618 Member
    Morning Ladies,

    This morning my workout was Fit/Split Pull Only Premix.

    Laurel, Love the workout combination! The BB rotation sounds really good, and I like that you are doing a week of metabolic. I know that you have wanted to do something like that for a while. I'm feeling those DOMS from yesterday's workout, and it feels great. :D I was planning on Jessica next week, and I will probably do that but insert these Push/Pull workouts. So I'm going to massage my week, just like I did with the Kelly workouts. I had heard about that vaccine also, just hope they go through all the trials and don't push it out to fast. If they do have a vaccine, they probably would do it like they did when they miscalculated the flu a few years ago. They only allowed the elderly, pregnant and infants.

    Tami, Great job on the workouts! Nice that your neighbors where out for a chat. That must have been the cutest thing on earth to witness their grandson with Bernie. Have to say that I don't like the leg work in the Pull workout this morning. The roll in's have never never been a favorite move of mine. I don't know if it is because I have long legs, but I can't do all the reps that Cathe and crew can. Otherwise these workout are great for getting a good workout in a short time frame.

    Thelma, Nice work on all those workouts! I hear you on the DOMS, it sure does feel good to have them. Interesting information on the study. I know that there is a doctor at UWM that has been doing studies on that also. He was on the radio talking about it one day, and he includes Zinc and Vitamin C & D with it also. Glad to hear that you will be able to talk to your Doctor via video. It isn't as good as in person, but at least you will be able to talk to the doctor and they can see you. Glad to hear that your Uncle is on the therapy bandwagon. Love the pic of the article, to bad I'm not fluent in the language. ;)

    Have a great day!
  • fitzfourfitzfour Member Posts: 1,255 Member Member Posts: 1,255 Member
    Hi Ladies...I'm happy to report that today is my Friday! :) Our company made tomorrow a company paid holiday due to the very few people (I'm one of them) taking vacation days since the pandemic hit. They figure we all need a forced day off for our mental sanity. I couldn't agree more!

    Tuesday was Meltdown Workout 1 and Your Best Body Workout 2. Yesterday I just enjoyed the sunshine and warm temps out on the patio after work and a nice family walk with the dogs in the evening.

    Tami, great job getting in your workouts, and even with an unplanned delay! I'm with you on the hair growing piece...mine takes FOREVER go grow, so I only need a cut if my ends are splitting and only have to re-color my hair once a year! I'd say my hair grows maybe 2-3 inches a year at best. However, my fingernails grow so fast that when I used to do gel polish, there was so much grow out in 1 week that the nail tech was shocked. I'd have to go in weekly to have them re-done due to half of the nail being grown out! :o Good call on cancelling the membership, I'm sure gyms just won't be the same going forward. We are opening more places (bars/restaurants/hair salons) on June 1st at 25-50% capacity. I'm in need of a trim, but I'm sure it will be busy for quite some time!

    Laurel, I love the return of the Cathe Live plug! I wondered if the workouts were tougher with her alone, as I feel like the clips I'm seeing look that way. I think when she has a class, she's wandering around, or looking around and probably not as focused on pushing hard as she would be solo. Great job on the workouts and the wobbly legs...I'm laughing as I see Thelma's comment about Squat Rack being part of your I thought (I should probably pay closer attention to this) that you all were doing the same workouts just coincidentally. I know you've posted rotations, but I think I may have missed the last one!

    Laurie, I know all too well the arms not being able to go over your head after that FitSplit workout! That is still one of my faves, even with the major DOMS from it! Let me know if you want me to send over my login...I'm glad to share!

    Thelma, great news again with your uncles scans and being able to move his arm for your aunt to see. Praying they find a rehab facility soon, as it sounds like it's now go time. Awesome article on your uncle too...definitely something to keep to share with family many years from now! I'm going to admit, I was reading your workouts thinking it sounded more like and easy day, until you pointed out the Pure Barre workout! That one will get you for sure!! Great idea with the low impact cardio...I really do find I enjoy those the most too!

    Not sure if I'll be on before next week or not, as vacation starts at 2pm today (my old manager told my new manager she is letting her team shut down at 2, so she should do the same for us) and I plan to spend a lot of time on the patio and hope to disconnect from electronics as much as possible considering I'm on a computer all day for work. If I don't talk to you, have a wonderful weekend!!

  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Member Posts: 2,827 Member Member Posts: 2,827 Member
    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was a tough 60 minute climb ride with Peloton, a surprisingly tough 45 minute yoga session with Kristin McGee, and a very nice walk with DH. :) I am going to miss our walks when he is gone. I will probably still try to take them, but it just isn’t the same alone.

    Tami, great workout! I was looking at the walking workouts with Peloton today and thinking I may try them when DH is gone. Is there an instructor you recommend? You definitely steered me right with your Ally Love recommendation for spin, so any insight is welcome. Yes, this is a long time for DH to be gone. If he is gone the whole time planned, it will be the longest we have been apart. But whereas the original plan going into the year was for him to be traveling back and forth every few weeks throughout the summer, now they are going to try to do everything in one trip. I feel better about that given the virus situation for sure. And I always find myself busier when DH is gone than when he is at home as I choose those times to attack projects I avoid when he is here. :) Glad you got a chance to visit with your neighbors. And glad you like the sound of the new rotation. I am looking forward to it!

    Thelma, great workouts! Don’t you just love when a ‘lighter’ day ends up kicking you in the backside? :o:D I don’t mind that too much....unless I really need the lighter day. Thank you so much for posting the article! I couldn’t understand everything, but I think I understood enough. I love how much emphasis they put on how thankful they are for those who helped him. Reading your aunt’s words about how difficult it was not to be able to be with him.... :'( . But I love the sentence where they say he demonstrated ‘una grande forza’. Yes, he did. It sounds like your uncle is a very respected man. Thank you again for sharing! And I am glad you like the sound of the new rotation. I will come up with the plan soon, but like I said, I think it will be a pretty basic Body Beast rotation.

    Laurie, great workout! Those roll-ins in that workout are brutal! I am usually like ‘whatever’ during the first couple of sets, but those roll in and tuck ones.......brutal. So it isn’t just you! Interested in joining us with Body Beast? I had forgotten that about the flu vaccine several years ago. I have never had a flu shot (something that will change this year I think), and when DH was in the military, he had to get one. So a lot of that just passed me by, but I do remember hearing about it now. I will be very curious how they work this vaccine, though, since almost everybody should get it.

    Erika, hope you enjoy your long weekend! I love that they are giving you a day off for your mental health. That speaks volumes about your company. Yep, we are finishing up week 9 of our 12 week rotation this week! You might have read about it but it has been going too long to remember back then. :D But where once I couldn’t imagine the idea of sticking to a rotation lasting a week, I have grown to love really long long as there is variety. I credit STS with that since that was the first long rotation I ever did.

    See you tomorrow.

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    Hi Ladies, my workouts today were Gina B's Country Cardio, Yoga Thigh Blast, Sculpting Fusion, and STS Plyo Legs - Disc 32. My legs are tired between today's workouts and yesterday's Pure Barre class. Good stuff! I am really enjoying the STS Plyo Legs workouts.

    My uncle is now starting to move his left hand a little bit. He continues to dream about his pasta dish! LOL. Nothing on the rehab facility yet. My aunt finally got her test results and it was negative. She goes back to work on Monday! Yaaay!

    Laurie, great workout!
    It does feel good to have DOMS!
    Interesting about that doctor adding vitamin C&D to his COVID protocol. I'd heard about Zinc. It really is great that my uncle is willing to do physical therapy.

    Erika, great job with those workouts! How wonderful that you get to have a really long weekend! Enjoy!

    Thanks for those prayers for my uncle! He really needs a rehab facility ASAP. The Pure Barre class really killed my legs yesterday! I am enjoying Gina B's workouts. She does a lot of dancing which I love.

    Laurel, fantastic combo! I hope you do continue going on your walks alone when your DH is in Alaska.

    Yesterday was some "lighter" day workout. NOT! The Barre class was a killer. I'm glad you managed to understand a few words in the article. The reporter and my cousin did a great job with the article. It was very important for my cousin to thank the medical staff. It's really been hard for my aunt. Thankfully, she is doing a lot better! Ettore really has demonstrated a 'grande forza'. He is well respected there.

    Hi Tami!
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    Morning Ladies,

    This morning was Michelle Dozois's Next Move Cardio Core. Not really motivated to workout this morning, it got really warm during the night, so I had to hunt down the fan. :) Hard to get back to sleep after that.

    Laurel, Great workouts, and nice that you could get that walk in. I of course have Rocket to take a walk with, but can understand how walking alone isn't as fun as walking with someone. Well now I'm glad that I don't need to feel like a failure because I can't make it through all those roll ins. :D It doesn't help that I don't like that move also. :D Let me see Body Beast, can't say that I remember how long those workouts where. ;) I think a lot of them where in my time frame. I will have to look over the rotation and decide after that. I'm on my 5 days a week, so don't know if I could commit to it. ;)

    Thelma, Great job on your workouts even with the legs being tired. Very good news for your Aunt and Uncle, I'm sure that she will be happy to be doing something other than looking at the walls in her home. I have noticed that there is a very large increase in traffic this last week, but have heard that a number of small business in our area are not going to be opening anymore. Feel very bad for them. I'm planning on taking Emergen-C, just to get some extra vitamins.

    Have a wonderful weekend,
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    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was LITE PHA2 Doubled premix followed by Core Max 1. I had toyed with doing a low impact cardio workout after the PHA, but the PHA was more than enough for today. Our humidity has gone up, and I was sweating buckets. :)

    Thelma, great workouts. No doubt your legs are feeling it. I am so glad you are enjoying the STS workouts. I have enjoyed those Plyo workouts this round to, but I think giving myself permission to use a lower step has rid me of my dread factor, and that helps a lot. And I still feel like I get a great workout. Great news on your uncle and his movement. I really hope he gets moved soon. And I bet your aunt is so excited to be going back to work. A ‘normal’ day for her after all she has been through will probably do her wonders.

    Laurie, great workout despite not feeling like it today. Those hamstring roll-ins have never been a favorite of mine either. I always think I like the exercises I need the most the least. B) Regarding Body Beast, I think the Build workouts are between 35 and 50 minutes long, and I think the Bulk workouts are between 30 and 45 minutes long. There are four workouts in the Build section and five in the Bulk section. I don’t plan on adding any additional strength workouts to either section at the minute. So think about it if any of that works for you, even if not the entire 12 weeks. :D

    Enjoy the long weekend!

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    Hi Ladies ~ I wanted to get on here and wish you all a fabulous weekend! Here at the office we are all looking forward to a 3-day-er forsure!! Feeling like we all need a little break. I am getting my hair done tomorrow and then we are going to a friends outdoor BBQ tomorrow (weather permitting) when I get home. We will get the trailer ready for the following weekend and of course I will get in some nice workouts too.
    Workouts: Wednesday I did LITE Lower Body Stacked and then a 45-min Peloton ride last night. Tonight will probably be a ride again. ;)

    Thelma: Great job with your workouts!! Sounds like you surprised yourself with that Barre workout. Great combo though. Then a serious leg workout too! Way to work woman. YAY for your uncle being in good spirits, I am rooting for him and praying for his continued recovery.

    Erika: OMG! I am so happy to hear there is another lady out in the world that has hair growing at a snails pace and nails that grow like weeds. Good grief it is so frustrating. So thank you for sharing in that with me. LOL I do however feel better getting my color touched up and the back always needs a little trim. That’s the even more strange part. The back grows slowly but grows, the sides are like a millimeter. How great you get an extra long weekend! Enjoy.

    Laurie: Way to go with your other Fit|Split workout! I bet that the roll-ins are harder being as tall as you are. Would really have to push down and hold that ball. Hopefully you get a better nights sleep tonight and over the weekend.

    Laurel: YAY another 60-minute fun ride on the Peloton app! Awesome workouts this week. Including today's PHA2 ... They have become my Saturday favorite. It's like a reward to do those workouts because I enjoy them so much. Weird? So Andy Speer was great for the outdoor walk, Rebecca Kennedy also. Andy has a great accent to listen to. :D I don’t know if you have done any of Robin Arzon’s rides, but she is another that I have come to really enjoy too on the bike. Isn’t it strange how we seem to stay busier if our spouse is gone? I guess it is a normal instinct to just fill in the time while you are apart.

    Have a great weekend ladies! Talk to you on Tuesday :)
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    Hi Ladies, I hope you had a great weekend. DH and I had a wonderful weekend with our friends. On Friday we actually went out to run some errands. It was the first time going somewhere other than the supermarket since 3/13 for me!
    On Saturday we visited a friend on her porch to wish her a happy birthday. We had a couple over on Sunday and another one on Monday! The weather was perfect! It was supposed to rain on during the day but it didn't which was great for us.

    My workouts on Friday were Gina B's Low Impact cardio, Restorative Yoga, and Barre. I ran out of gas and didn't get Cathe's workout in.
    On Sunday I did Gina B's HIIT Walk and BB Build Legs. Today I did Gina B's Latin Style cardio and BB Build Chest and Triceps.

    My uncle is doing well and still waiting for a rehab facility. My aunt went back to work on Monday but I didn't have a chance to speak with her.

    DH and I are going to the supermarket early tomorrow morning and I have a telehealth appointment with a nurse practitioner who will be my primary care. I've never met her but I'm glad to at least do this video call.

    Laurie, great job getting the Cardio Core workout in on Friday!

    My aunt was definitely looking forward to going back to work.
    Did your dd start work yet? I hope more traffic is good for the economy in your county. Good idea to get vitamin C!

    Laurel, awesome workouts on Friday! Cardio isn't needed after a PHA workout! The only day that felt humid (to me) around here was Saturday.
    I used two risers for my plyo workout last week, but the last time I did a plyo workout only one riser. I don't mind that kind of cardio on the step. You've always used a very high step, so I'm glad you've given yourself permission to use a lower one. You totally feel the workout and it is safer!

    I hope my aunt had a great day at work. She has really good co-workers so I'm sure they were all happy to have her back. It must've felt good to do something "normal" again!

    Tami, I hope you had a wonderful long weekend and hair appointment!
    Great workouts!!!
    The Pure Barre workout is different every time and some tiny moves are killers! It did surprise me how last week's workout killed my legs. I may do it again this week.
    Thanks so much for those prayers for my uncle. He has come a long way!

    Hi Erika!

    Have a great week ladies!
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    Morning Ladies,

    We had a nice weekend, but it was really humid. Had to turn the AC on in order to sleep though. I did Fit/Split Push Only Premix on Monday and Pull Only Premix this morning.

    My BIL was really sick a few weeks ago, and he tested negative for the virus. He didn't have any upper problems, but had a high fever and stomach issues. This lasted for 10 days. So there are many more flu bugs running around right now too. :p

    Laurel, Great job with the PHA workout. I can't even imagine what the humidity is like for your area. Ours is just sticky, so I spent a lot of time in our basement where is was nice and cool. Got a lot of sewing done just because of that. Thanks for the information on the BB rotation. I will contemplate it for sure. I'm kind of interested in trying out some of the Beachbody workouts this summer. Probably going to take the offer from Erika to try them out, and if I enjoy the workouts try my own membership.

    Tami, Nice workouts! My dd cut and colored my hair yesterday, and boy does that feel so good. Your weekend sounds really nice, and busy. We went to my brothers house, that he is renovating, they have an in ground pool. I didn't go swimming, but if we had been there yesterday I probably would have jumped in it was so humid. I slept really well with my fan running, and of course putting the ac on.

    Thelma, Awesome job on your workouts! I here you on going to someplace else instead of the grocery store. I went to touch some fabric yesterday, and spent to much money. :# It is so different to see the fabric vs. looking at it on line, just can't trust the color. Good to hear that your Uncle is doing well, and I hope that your Aunt really enjoyed going back to work. My dd has gotten a phone call about her work schedule, but they can only have two stylists working at one time. So she doesn't know when she is actually starting yet. She was cutting hair a lot this past week for my family though. :D

    Have a great day!
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    Happy Tuesday!!

    It sure was nice having an extra couple days off this weekend...I needed it! I was able to try out some of the new 10 Rounds workout from Beachbody, which was fun. Different than kickboxing with Cathe or KCM, as you don't switch and mirror the punches on your non-dominant side in each workout. Rather, in the following day's workout you do more of a non-dominant routine lead. It goes by fast, and I was sore, but it's the same move (ie, hook cross) for a minute or more, which just gets a little boring. Also, it's boxing, so no kicks.

    Laurie, sounds like you got the same humid weather there that we had here all weekend. It was a mix of sun/clouds/rain so it felt very muggy when the sun was out, but not as bad if under the clouds. I have a hard time getting motivated to workout when it's muggy (even with the air on) as I find my energy level is very low. I easily get heat exhaustion, so that may be why. I'm glad to hear your BIL tested negative, but that flu bug going around is terrible! I've had a couple clients have it and they were out of commission for 10 days at least! Great job with your push/pull workouts!!

    Laurel, you also got the humidity too, huh? I'm sure it's spreading all over the US now. Of course, it could be college roommate sent me snow pics from Colorado Springs over the weekend. :D Great Peloton ride and double PHA! I'm glad you are getting some walks in with your hubby before he leaves, those are so nice and relaxing...I try to get one in every night with someone here...even if it's just the dogs! :D

    Tami, I hope you had a nice hair appt and the weather cooperated for your BBQ this weekend! I have the same hair problem as you...grows in the back, but not the sides. For a long time, my hairstylist thought I was "cheating" on her with someone that didn't know how to cut hair right. Then, she realized my back grows and my sides don't, so when I go in for a trim with her, it appears that someone didn't cut my hair straight the last time! :D I'm trying a couple essential oils added to my shampoo/conditioner and also a hair vitamin to see if I can get my hair to grow a little bit faster...I'd like to be able to get more than a 1/4" trimmed every 3-4 months! Great job on on the Peloton and LITE workouts!

    Thelma, great to hear your uncle is getting some movement in the left arm, and that pasta dream is funny! I hope your aunt had a good first day back, I'm sure she was thrilled to be able to busy her mind with something else for a bit! I'm glad you had some nice visits with friends, and a successful run out for errands! Those Gina B workouts sounds like some good ones and of course BB and STS is always fun! I was able to enjoy my birdbath this weekend and sent a video of it running to my mom, suggesting she get one too :)

    Have a wonderful day! Talk to you all tomorrow!


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    Hi Ladies! Hope you enjoyed the long weekend. Ours was nice. The weather was very warm and very humid, which had me feeling all kinds of summer vibes, which is good. Today is gloomy again. :| We didn’t do anything too special this weekend. We did run out a bit on Saturday, but every place we were going to go either was packed or closed. :o So I had a nice ride in the car. DH did go into a wine shop to get us a bottle of wine for my birthday (55!), which was Saturday. That was very nice. Sunday I decided to give the lawn mowing a try before DH leaves. This is the first time I have mowed this lawn and used this super powerful mower my DH got. Between fighting against the mower, which pulls me along much quickly than I prefer, especially downhill, and the heat/humidity, I was completely spent when I was done. But I did it! So that is something to look forward to doing repeatedly over the next two months. :#;) Yesterday was a quieter day with some housework, a long walk with DH and a new puzzle.

    For workouts, on Saturday I did Jessica Smith’s Ballet Ball Cardio followed by 30 minutes of yoga with Kristin McGee. Sunday was the latest Cathe Live workout which was Touch Up Training Lower Body followed by a 30 minute HiiT ride with Peloton. Yesterday was Burn Sets Chest, Back and Shoulders followed by XT Tabatacise and Core 1. And today was a 60 minute Peloton ride followed by 30 minutes of yoga focusing on the hips. That was a very welcome class today after the workouts and work this weekend.

    Tami, great workouts. I love Robin Arzon from Peloton. She is so positive and and her classes are tough! Thank you for the walking instructor recommendations. I finally got myself some wireless earbuds designed to be used during workouts so I can’t wait to take them out on the road and go for a walk with Peloton. :D No substitute for DH, of course, but it is nice to have something to inspire me to get out of the house. :) Hope you enjoyed getting your hair taken care of. Bet that felt good.

    Thelma, sounds like a nice weekend! I am glad you ventured out a bit. I was really surprised how busy everything here was this weekend. I wasn’t quite ready for busy shops again, that’s for sure. I am glad you also got to see your friends. Great workouts. I am glad your uncle continues to improve, but I imagine he is very anxious to get out of the hospital. I am glad your aunt is back at work. After her last two months, that almost has to feel surreal to her given everything she has been through.

    Laurie, great workouts! Like you, our humidity really kicked in this weekend. :o Our AC came on Friday night and I think it will be on for the duration of the summer now. I can’t imagine the humidity going back down, that’s for sure. I got a text from my Ulta stylist yesterday, and they are opening next Sunday! I told her I want a few more weeks before scheduling an appointment, which she understood. The good news for me is she was hired as the manager of the salon right before they closed, and I trust her without any doubt in doing everything to keep it safe and clean. Like I mentioned before, she has some health issues that could make getting COVID not good for her, despite her young age. So I am definitely more inclined to go in now than before. The gray is staying, but a haircut is becoming a necessity for sure! Hope your DD hears soon when she can return. Yikes on your BIL. Reading how unreliable some of the tests are, unfortunately, makes me wonder about people so sick like that for so long and whether the test is capturing them. I am just glad he is better, though.

    Erika, glad you enjoyed your long weekend. Sounds like an interesting Boxing workout from Beachbody. I think that would take some getting used to mentally. I heard about the snow in Colorado Springs! My sisters didn’t have any in Denver, thankfully. They are both so ready for summer I think snow would have pushed them over the edge. :D

    See you tomorrow.

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    Hi Ladies, getting out of my daily routing threw me off today. DH and I went food shopping first thing in the morning. We disinfected our groceries and put them away. Called my aunt in El Salvador because she was worried I didn't call her on Monday. I did a couple of things and next I know it's 10 AM and my tele-health appointment was at 10:30. Someone from the clinic called me to 'check me in', then a nurse took over to go over my meds. I was told the nurse practitioner would call me soon. It was almost 11:30 before she called! Had I known that I could've gotten a workout in while I waited! I really liked the nurse practitioner. She was totally on top of things. She ordered the works which I need because I'm behind on everything after moving here. I loved the fact that she took her time going over my history and let me talk and ask questions. I have to get pneumonia and shingles vaccines. The nurse practitioner test orders have to be picked up. She doesn't want me to go to the clinic so I have to send DH to pick them up.

    I took today as my rest day and did Basic Yoga and some Gina B low impact cardio.

    My uncle is still doing well, but my aunt isn't doing so well now that she's back at work. I think now she realizes how much that place overworks the hard-working employees like her. She had to hit the ground running the moment she got to work. She called me today almost in tears about how much work she has to do. This is nothing new but after almost three months at home, going back to work to a place like that is hard. I think she is going to quit which is fine by me. She is retired but went back to work years ago. It's about time she retires for good.
    It appears that a rehab place has been found for my uncle, BUT it is a 6 hour round trip from their home. They're going to wait till the end of the week to see if his friend comes up with something closer to home.

    Laurie, great job getting those workouts in! I can't sleep when it's hot so our AC has been on for a while now.
    Thank God your BIL didn't have the virus! The flu can be really bad and I had no idea people died from it until now!

    I hear you about going to the store to feel/see the fabric. There's no way you can trust colors by viewing them online.
    I'm so glad your dd will start working soon. I wished I lived close to you so your dd could trim my hair!

    Erika, I'm so glad you enjoyed your long weekend. Good for you for trying out those new Beachbody workouts! I like how Cathe and KCM have you use both sides in one workout. So the entire workout was just about punches? I bet you got a good core workout too!

    It really is good that my uncle is starting to gain some movement on his left side. My aunt though isn't thrilled about work. I think it's more because now she doesn't have time to worry about my uncle!
    I am loving Gina B's workouts. I get a nice little cardio workout while dancing.
    Oh my gosh! You got your birdbath!!! You are too funny about sending your mom the video because she needs one! LOL. I knew you would love it! One of the couples who were here this weekend fell in love with it and they are buying one! I couldn't believe the husband loved it too! You probably need to wash it every couple of weeks or so, depending on how dirty it gets. I find that I have to add water to ours every two days.

    Laurel, happy belated birthday!! I'm glad you had a nice weekend and that you enjoyed that warm and humid weather. OMG with that lawnmower! Good job learning to handle it! I've never used one and don't intend to.

    I am not ready for busy stores at all. The nurse practitioner wants me to continue protecting myself and to always wear a mask. Of course, now that I was starting to feel more comfortable about venturing out, I have to go back to being very careful.

    My uncle must be very anxious about returning home. My aunt totally shocked me about her reaction to work. I am starting to think it's not the workload but the lack of time to worry about my uncle during the day!

    Goodnight ladies!
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    Morning Ladies,

    This morning I was going to do a TaeBo workout, but after mentioning Beachbody I decided to pull out Turbo Jam. :D I did the first workout with Learn & Burn, and actually got some useful information from doing that. She shows her top 11 moves, which she does in Turbo Fire. It was nice to get a refresher course. It then goes into a short 20 min. workout where she does all the moves and then adds in some kicks. Overall I had fun revisiting workouts that I was contemplating getting rid of.

    Erika, Interesting workout! I enjoy boxing, but wonder how doing one side would feel. What other programs are you thinking of trying out? I'm sure that you will have fun exploring your way around all those workouts. I'm seriously contemplating getting my own subscription, only because I got rid of a couple that I know I will not use anymore. Gave up on Chris Freytag's site, the workouts where getting a little repetitive. Pulling out the TJ workout felt weird, since I have not done it since I got it. I'm actually thinking of pulling out my Tony Power 90 DVD's too.
    I remember the weight work being good, but the cardio was not. You can really feel the difference with the humidity. This morning I was sweating buckets with the workout, and that probably wouldn't have happened in the middle of winter.

    Laurel, Belated Happy Birthday! Great job on all your workouts, and tackling the lawn in the heat. Sounds like an interesting lawn weapon (that's what I call them :D ). I'm sure once you get used to how it reacts, you will do fine. I'm hoping that dd gets her schedule soon, she is really wanting to get back to work. At first she was fine just hanging around, but I think she is getting tired of DH. :D DH isn't going back to work until the end of June. I know that he has been in the building, because he is in charge of getting everything set up for everyone returning. Glad to hear that you will be getting your hair cut, and that your stylist is now the manager. I'm sure she will do a fantastic job. Yep you have to wonder if it was C19 or something entirely different.

    Thelma, Great job getting in yoga with all that you had going on in the morning. Glad to hear that your NP is so nice and really making sure she knows your history. I'm wondering when my doctor is going to suggest that shingles vaccine, I'm getting to that age when they suggest those. I'm so sorry that your Aunt had to go through that, but it sounds like retirement is something that she really needs to do. Maybe she should find some volunteer work to do if she wants to get out of the house periodically. ;) Oh my on the rehab facility, I hope that they are able to find something closer. I went to JoAnn's after work yesterday, and really enjoyed my time there also. I found a couple of fabrics there also. Lot's of people getting fabric for masks.

    Have a great day!
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