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    Hi Ladies, my workouts today were Barre and ICE Boot Camp. I really felt blah today. I didn't feel like doing much but it wasn't laziness. It's as if I felt sad but I don't know why. My knee isn't happy with the step. So I'll have to find another workout to sub for Intensity. The muscle imbalance kicks in as soon as I start doing the workout. I still did it though but did a few things off the step. I massaged and stretched a lot after the workout and that helped. I have to keep massaging every day to bring things back to normal on my left thigh.

    We had a beautiful day. It was sunny and dry!

    Laurel, sorry your trip to the supermarket was so frustrating! I think a lot of people go on Saturdays. We go on Tuesday mornings.
    I really wish masks were mandatory here. Our numbers keep going up. We are at 127 now. We were just at 97 last week.

    Great workouts! OMG you did an 80 minute long workout!
    I only let DH cut my hair because he's been cutting his own hair lately. I could also see where he was cutting and I'd hold the hair and have him cut above my fingers. I told him that a lady had her husband cut the length of each of her well defined curls. He got trigger happy and started pulling my little curls so he could cut the ends but I didn't let him! LOL. If your hair one length you can totally pull the unicorn cut.

    Erika, I'm glad you had a nice weekend. Great idea to let your husband and the boys go out on the boat alone on that first trip out. I'm glad you got to enjoy it too.
    Great workouts! Is this your last STS week?

    My husband was thrilled to be able to help me cut my hair. He did cut way above my fingers though! LOL. At least I like the way it looks. My hair grows funny and when it gets long the bottoms on either side get long and stringy so it was easy to see where to cut. I do foam rolling, massage rolling pin and a hard massage ball. I'm staying off the step for now. Too bad because I was actually enjoying it!

    Laurie, I hope you and your DH are having a wonderful week!

    Hi Tami!

    Goodnight ladies!
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    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was Cathe Live Metabolic 300 and CTX Triceps, as well as a 45 minute spin with Peloton. And because the sun is shining today, I took a nice walk before it gets too warm this afternoon. It all felt good today, and sunshine even after just two foggy days gives me energy.

    Erika, I am glad you are enjoying the new boat. And I think you were probably very wise to let your DH and sons get the hang of it before going out. Some things are just better that way. :) No doubt the heat plays into how I feel my workouts. I keep my workout room at 76/77 degrees, and I sweat buckets. In the winter, when it hovers around 60, my workouts feel much easier. The only bad thing about that is my body feels better when it is warm and I hurt more when it is cold. So....I will still take warm, less pain, more sweat and more rest, :) Oh, and age isn’t helping me either. :o;)

    Thelma, great workouts. I am sorry the step is bothering you. I have to watch how much I step as well these days. I felt the same way yesterday. Just kind of tired and down. Like I said, today is a much better day. But I think the reality of our ‘new normal’ is really setting in with me. I am sorry your county is beginning to see those cases rise, especially since you don’t have the health resources of a bigger county. Our cases have gone from 300 when DH left to 2500 now, and we are getting nearly 300 cases a day. It is actually both scary and sad, made worse since nobody in the county really seems to care. And that is with 200 health care workers in quarantine. I try to stay focused on what I enjoy doing, but some days are definitely not as good as others.

    See you tomorrow.

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    Hi Ladies ~ It has been an interesting couple of days here at work. One of the ladies in our dept. (the lady I trained a couple years ago) came into work yesterday and “wasn’t feeling well” so of course was sent home immediately. It sounds like she may just have the flu but even with that WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? So they are keeping her home until she gets into the doctor. At any rate, I have been filling in for her, which hasn’t been that much added really, just my normal busy with a few extras. :) DH is gone fishing again until Friday so it is just Bernie and I at home. I took him out in the yard last night and brushed him .... he LOVED it. So cute.

    Workouts: Saturday I ended up doing Total Body Giant Sets, Sunday was S&S BootCamp and yesterday I did a 30-min Peloton ride. Our Direct TV guy came out to the house yesterday to update our system and remotes so when I got home I had no idea how to get my little DVD TV back to DVD. SO the Peloton ride was luckily there for me. DH called when he arrived back to his fishing town and guided me through what to do. LOL So today I am set for a nice Circuit workout … I am feeling a little better this week so I think it was just a needed break and let my mind un-wind. I think telling DH and even you guys how I was feeling anxious and having people relate made me feel better. Just knowing your not in it alone.

    Thelma: What a great weekend you had! That is awesome. We had a beautiful day on Saturday and Sunday was pretty nice as well, just not as sunny. We did have our friends over for a BBQ and were able to sit outside after dinner with a glass of wine. IT was very relaxing and we all commented how “normal” that felt. You are a brave woman to have your DH cut your hair. I would never have the guts to do that. It is so great he did such a good job. I am enjoying this rotation as well. A lot of variety and circuit/metabolic style workouts are always some of my favs! I am sorry to hear your knee is bothering your with the step work. Definitely many other workouts to choose from forsure.

    Laurel: Sounds like you had a pretty nice weekend minus the frustration at the grocery store. It is so weird how some people are really respectful of the distance and others are oblivious to it all. My neighbor thinks the whole thing is a hoax …… ?? WHAT!? So it is a bit challenging when he wants to visit in the driveway about it all. Way to go with the workouts … DrillMax – WOWSA! Way to go getting that one in. It has been years for me on that one as well. You are really getting in some good variety. Your walks sound perfect with the music. Very relaxing I am sure. Thank you for relating to my “feels” it really does help to know we are all feeling it forsure.

    Erika: Sounds like the new boat is getting a lot of use and you are all loving it. That is so great. Way to go with the STS workouts! Thank you for the info on Lemon Balm capsules. I have used the Kirkland brank Sleep-Aid from Costco and it works well but I don’t have any right now. I will definitely give the Lemon balm a try. It is odd to hear the river is too cold isn’t it? The town he fishes in right now is along a main river and a lot of flow with several dams in between (miles and miles apart of course but still) so the small area he is in is normally super warm right now. It is heating up and he is hoping for better results this week.

    Laurie ~ Hope you are having a fabulous week!

    Have a great evening ladies ~ talk to you tomorrow! Tami
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  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Member Posts: 1,767 Member Member Posts: 1,767 Member
    Hi Ladies, I took it easy today because my knee wasn't happy this morning. My workouts were Jessica Smith Low Impact Hiit and Yoga Basics. The yoga instructor asked what we wanted to work on and I asked her to stretch the quads which she did of a good part of the class. My thigh and my knee felt much better after that class but I still chose to baby it.

    I was definitely in a better mental place today unlike yesterday.
    I had my visual field test today and it came back normal which is always a big worry given my family history of glaucoma.
    We had another sunny and dry humidity day today. I think we were in the high 80's but it wasn't humid so it didn't feel too bad.

    Laurel, fabulous workout combo and how nice that you were able to get a walk in too!

    This new normal is scary for sure Laurel. A local restaurant announced today that they are closing their dine-in service again and they will only be open for takeout due to the virus spreading again. Wow, that's a lot of cases and a lot of healthcare workers in quarantine in your county! I'm seeing more and more people wearing masks the few times I've been out. In El Salvador things are bad. A lot of healthcare workers are dying. They really don't have PPE and they have to buy their own at times. People have to buy their own oxygen tanks if they want oxygen! The hospitals are at full capacity. If anyone wants to get treated they have to take their own mattress or towel with them to the hospital and throw it on the floor so they can lay down while they wait to be treated.
    The best thing you can do is exactly what you're doing by staying focused on things you like doing and staying healthy.

    Tami, I can't believe that lady showed up at work feeling sick! At least the added work you're doing doesn't sound as bad as it normally is when you have to help others.

    AWWW! How nice that you Bernie enjoyed his brushing so much!
    Great job with your workouts! I am so glad you're feeling better this week. Sounds like you took a big weight off your shoulders.
    Great workouts! I'm glad your husband was able to guide you on how to get your workouts going again!

    I'm glad you had a nice weekend too. The couple we have over all the time is the only couple we feel safe with. He also has an autoimmune disease so he has to protect himself as much as I have to. It does feel normal having friends over.
    I really was brave to have let DH cut my hair but it was just cutting some of the length off my sides. If this virus ever lets me get a haircut again I will go to Atlanta to get a Diva Cut. This is a hair cutting technique specific for curly hair.

    Goodnight ladies!
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    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout is another one I haven’t done in years. It was Body Max2 Bootcamp premix. Yowza that felt tough to me today! But I enjoyed it. I added in the CTX Chest work, just because, and a nice walk through the neighborhood today.

    Tami, I am with you and Thelma.....why would anybody go to work if they feel sick?!? I hope she is okay but still...... :s . Great job with the workouts. I can’t believe your neighbor thinks this virus is a hoax. I mean, the whole world is being punked and nobody has figured it out yet? I just can’t imagine believing that, to be honest. Anyhow, aren’t those technology changes frustrating at times, especially when you just want to do something simple, like get your TV to play from the DVD player! I had a similar situation recently when my sound system died and all I was trying to do was get the TV to use its own sound system. I ended up calling my DH because I was as frustrated as a human being can be, but I think that is more since something has broken almost every day since he has been gone. :# I can handle the big stuff, but the little stuff....drives me crazy. Poor guy was very understanding about my frustration.

    Thelma, I am glad you listened to your body and took it down a bit today. Great job with those workouts. Hopefully you feel even better tomorrow after the yoga session you had today. I am glad you are feeling better mentally as well. I think most people are going to have good and bad days for awhile. The great news coming out of Alabama today is the governor has issued a mandatory face mask order! I think she is probably pretty concerned about schools right now because the state education board has already been instructed to revise its procedures for the upcoming year. So, hopefully, this starts to make a difference in our numbers because they are scary. As she put it ‘the numbers are telling the truth and it isn’t good’. I was wondering how your family was doing in El Salvador and keep forgetting to ask! I am sorry. But I saw a report about what is going on in South and Central America recently, and those conditions you describe are just horrifying. I hope your family is okay and is able to stay healthy.

    Until tomorrow.

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    Hi Ladies, my workouts today were Jessica Smith Low Impact Hiit, Yoga Basics, Fit Split Boxing Bootcamp / Legs & Glutes, and Revive and Restore Yoga.

    Laurel, sounds like you did a tough workout today! Good job!
    I heard this afternoon that Alabama now has a mandatory mask order! I wish we would do it in GA too!
    Do you think children will be able to go back to school in the fall or will be remotely still? I hope the mask requirement makes a huge different in the number of cases.
    Things in Latin America are horrific. My family is Ok so far thankfully. For a while there they were in a very restricted quarantine. They could only go out 3 or 4 days a month depending on the last numbers on their personal ID card. Masks are mandatory. My family is doing OK thank goodness.
    My knee felt better this morning but as soon as I started doing the kickboxing workout I felt the imbalance. So I am wondering now if the Tae Bo caused me the imbalance the step compounded the issue. As soon as I give myself a deep massage and a good stretch I feel better.

    Goodnight ladies!
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    Hi Ladies,

    I just realized I didn't check in the last 2 days...oops! Workouts were STS Shoulders/Bis/Tris on Tuesday and a nice walk with the pups yesterday. We were out on the boat Monday evening and then it was rainy here Tuesday and yesterday was a busy work day.

    Today is supposed to be Back/Chest (last week of STS!), but when at our neighbors last night their dog (50 pound -= 1 yr old) was running to jump up to say hi at my face so I turned my back to avoid getting pummeled in the face and she came down on the back of my leg with her claw. I have a scratch from the back of my knee to my ankle that broke the skin and started bleeding right away. The bleeding stopped but it is very painful. So, my good friend (who worked in an emergency vet clinic) said I should get seen as dogs can carry all kinds of bacteria in their feet/claws. Sounds like I'll have to get a tetanus shot...which I know means very sore arm...not sure if I'll be able to push the heavy weight today or not....we'll see!

    Thelma, those down days are the worst. I find I have more of them the older I get...I blame it on hormones! I'm glad to hear your knee is feeling better after some yoga and you're playing it safe with the workouts for a bit. As I mentioned, I get the same thing...but I don't know what causes it as it seems like it's a different move each time! Glad to hear you're having some sunny weather there!

    Tami, I'm sorry you're having to pick up the extra work and I'm with you...WHY did she even show up to the office?! I keep hearing stories like this and I always just have to shake my head! Glad you had your Peloton to fall back on when the DirectTV was down and that you were able to get it figured out after talking with DH. I hope he's having some good luck fishing!

    Laurel, sounds like perfect weather there for long walks! I hear you on the warmer weather being better on the joints for working out, but also uncomfortable. I like working out in the winter due to the cool temps, but it takes my body longer to get warmed up and stretched out. Good job with your workouts, another good Cathe LIVE one it sounds like!

    Laurie, hello! How are things going in WI...still everything open or more restrictions taking place? We are scheduled to head out to WI Dells for our tourney next Friday and then out to the same area again the following Friday...curious if that will still happen or not.

    Have a great day!


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    Hi Ladies! Today was a super fun 60 minute Peloton ride, and I added on a 10 minute cool down. Then I did CTX Shoulder and Abs and 20 minutes of yoga. I had myself convinced I was going to skip my walk today because of the heat, but I went on it anyway. B) Actually, even though it is 90, the humidity isn’t too bad and it was a lovely walk. It always lifts my energy levels to get some sunshine on my skin. :)

    Thelma, great workouts. I hope your leg feels better. Maybe too much repetition of the same type of movement? I don’t know, but hopefully it heals. I am glad your family is doing okay in El Salvador. I hope that continues and the countries down there can get some international assistance to help their health systems. It is just so bad the entire world is going through this together so resources are more limited. As far as schools, I think schools in some places can probably open, but definitely not in all. My sister is a high school teacher for Denver Public Schools, and their guidance a few weeks ago was everybody was going back to the school with mandatory face masks and some scheduling changes. Yesterday, she received word that they most likely will be starting out the year with remote learning and then trying to figure out a way to get back into the building safely. And Colorado is doing much better than our states are with their cases. If I was running the world :D I would focus all my energy and resources right now at trying to get the younger students back because they are the ones who need the social development and discipline more....and they don’t seem to either get or transmit the virus as much as people do as they get older....even in their teens. But my guess is when push comes to shove, we will see few schools districts open for long where we are living. It is very sad, and I really feel for both kids and parents right now. When I saw school supplies in the grocery store the other day, I got all :'( , and I don’t even have kids! But I want children to have the best of everything, and right now is just not really the ‘best of everything’ time, unfortunately.

    Erika, great job with STS but yikes on the scratch! I am glad you are going to have it looked at because that whole germ thing :o . Hopefully you will be good to go to finish up your STS rotation soon. We are starting week 6 of our rotation Sunday if you want to join! :D I think next week is high reps workouts, which may actually feel good after Meso 3. :p Glad you are getting out and enjoying the boat. It sounds so good right now with our warm, dry weather. I always know when summer is kicking in for me because it is really the only time I want to eat ice cream. And when I was walking back into the house today after my walk, I was thinking about ice cream. :) I picked tomatoes instead, though.

    See you tomorrow.

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    Hi Ladies ..... I just realized I didn't complete my "post" from yesterday; I typed it up and didn't post it.

    Hi Ladies ~ As planned, last night I went home and did KCM Lean Body Circuits #2 + Peloton Ride. It was a great combo and I was sweating like crazy when I was done. The LBC is so good because it has: Cardio/Upper/Lower/KickBox and repeat format but new round of each exercise. My Peloton ride I ended up hitting a “PR” again (personal record) which was surprising. I was working hard and looked down and saw I was so close to beating it so I pushed it hard at the end and beat it! Pretty funny.
    We have a beautiful sunny & 85 degrees today, absolutely beautiful!
    On another not so “sunshine” moment …. The co-worker who came to work sick and has been sent home until she sees the doctor was advised to get tested by the “tele-computer doctor visit” …. They think she has the stomach flu due to her symptoms but as a precaution (pretty much expected) they had her go in this a.m. and test. Ladies, I am so hoping she just has the flu. I haven’t been around her since Friday but it is still nerve racking. Just the times we are in I know but GEEZ. What was she thinking even coming in on Monday. Our manager talked to me and others in our dept. and we will just wait to see. A few of us will probably be asked to go home if she has it because she was in contact with me/us last Friday.

    Thelma: Good job doing something that felt like your knee would not be angry with. Sounds like a nice combo, good to hear it felt better afterwards as well. I was glad DH was able to help me as well. IT was kind of a “try this” ok, “try this” and finally he was about to give up and told me to try one more thing and it worked! PHEW. I am going to try and get Bernie out again tonight for another round of brushing. We sit in the cool grass where it is shady and it has to feel amazing. Little cutie.

    Laurel: Way to go visiting another oldie and toughie on the workouts! The bonus Chest work and nice walk sounds like a great “finisher”. OMG! I am trying so hard to not just be so angry at the co-worker. But so dumb on her part. Completely mind boggling on that as well as my neighbor ….. I wished I had my sunglasses on when he was talking to me because trying to keep my face straight and not just walk away in frustration was all I could do.

    ______________________________________________________________ July 16 {today}:

    :) I ended up doing a Peloton Hit & Hills ride last night to ease my frustrations. :D The good news is that her test came back negative today. She is still really sick however so they are keeping her out and will see on Monday. Thank Goodness! I feel a lot of relief over this and still frustrated at her ignorance in coming in.

    Laurel: Great ride, which one did you do? I have been wanting to do Ally's 60-min Feel Good Ride she did not to long ago.

    I will post again tomorrow :) Have a good night ladies! Tami
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    Hi Ladies, my workouts today were Jessica Smith Power Walking and Cathe's LITE PHA2 without the step.
    I massaged my thigh after each workout today and my thigh feels normal but I know it isn't. I will continue massaging.
    We had 30% chances of showers this afternoon and we got some pretty good downpours.

    Erika, I was wondering where you were! Great job with those workouts! I'm so glad you're all enjoying the boat! How long does it take you to get to the boat from your house.

    OMG with the scratch on your leg! When are you going to go see a doctor? You probably should be on antibiotics too.

    Down days are really not fun. I really don't know if I can attribute my down day to hormones. It's more like I had a bad feeling that something bad was going to happen.
    I think the problem with my knee was caused by that foot swivel movement when you do to throw those side punches.
    We've had pretty sunny days, but when the sun hits the deck in the after you could totally get a sunburn there.

    Laurel, great workouts! Good for you for going on that walk even though it was so hot. Humidity makes a huge difference. The humidity has mostly hit us in the afternoons.

    My leg feels better. Thank you! I definitely think it's too much repetition of that foot swivel movement used for side punches. Interesting how it only affected my left thigh.
    Apparently El Salvador has gotten foreign PPE aid. Doctors are saying they're not getting it though. I know president Trump sent them ventilators. Resources are definitely limited.
    I think a lot of places are choosing to do distance learning at the beginning of the school year.
    I totally agree with you about the younger students needing to go back to school ASAP. It really is sad that kids are being kept from attending school. I read today that a lot of kids don't even log in to their online classrooms at all.
    It really is sad to see school supplies at the stores knowing that many kids won't even need them. I hope we find safe ways to have kids and teachers go back to school.

    Tami, great workouts and congrats on beating your own PR again!
    I hope your co-worker only has the flu. At least she told someone at work that she wasn't feeling well. Can you imagine if she hadn't done that? I hope she gets tested soon so you guys can figure out what your next step will be.

    Thankfully my knee is doing way better! I've had those moments with DH over the phone when he's trying to tell me how to do something. I'm glad you guys were able to figure it out! I hope you got Bernie outside for another awesome brushing session!

    Goodnight ladies!
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    Hi Ladies! I did two circuit workouts strength and one cardio. The strength one was Cathe Live Vertical Loading 2. This is where she does six exercises from the top of the body (shoulders) down to the legs, repeats them, and does three total segments (each repeated) that way. I like this method of training, even if it does go light on the lower body, since there is only one leg exercise and five upper body (shoulder, bicep, tricep, back and chest) each round. But after yesterday’s spin....I was good with that today. :) The cardio was Cathe Live Cardio Core Bootcamp. She filmed this yesterday, and it is three cardio moves—one high impact, one step, one low impact—and a core move for six rounds. When the workout started, I thought it was going to be a little too easy, but it did catch up. But, honestly, Cathe seemed exhausted in it. Finally she explained that they are rehearsing Perfect 30 now, and she was completely worn out. :D At least it wasn’t my imagination that she seemed exhausted. But even with that, I liked this workout very much.

    Tami, great workouts. The spin I did yesterday was indeed Ally’s 60 minute Feel Good Spin. I highly recommend it if you have an hour. She just makes me smile. I haven’t been doing as many Ally rides lately, and I don’t know why but I think it has to do with the types of spin she was doing during the time they were at home. Those weeks I actually was reaching back into the archives and trying a lot of new (to me) instructors. But I did her Whitney Houston spin on Sunday and that one yesterday, and it was so good to see her again. I am glad your co-worker tested negative for COVID. I hope she feels better soon, and I hope she stays home until she is 100%. If you were able to hide your frustration about her coming to work, you did way better than I would have done. :# I am finding throughout this COVID experience that when I am fed up with some of stupidity I see, it just.....spills out of me. Good thing I am mostly home alone all the time these days. B) Nobody else gets spilled on. :D

    Thelma, great workouts, and great modification for your leg. Lucky you getting some rain! We are getting pretty dry again, but that does keep the humidity pretty manageable. We had another school district (down in Mobile) decide to start the year with remote learning, and I think there will be more. Honestly, with the way our cases are going in this county, I would be stunned to see schools open....or parents willing to send their kids to school right now. One crazy thing my sister learned yesterday is that they are thinking when they go back that they can’t use the air conditioning. In fact, she said they couldn’t even use fans. I am hoping they get some clarification on that. I understand that AC can spread the virus pretty effectively unfortunately, especially if not well filtered. Such a policy isn’t going to work in Colorado in August, and it wouldn’t work here until at least October! So much uncertainty right now.

    Erika and Laurie, hope you are well.

    Enjoy the weekend!

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    Hi Ladies, I hope you had a nice weekend. DH and I had a nice and quiet weekend. We had some rain on Friday and it's been hot.

    My workouts on Friday were Jessica Smith Power Walking, Restorative Healing yoga, Sculpted-Movement Fusion, and Fit Tower Boot Camp.
    Today's workout was Lower Body Blast. I did the longest version. I kept it off the step.

    Laurel, I love the sound of the Live Vertical Loading and the Cardio Core Bootcamp (minus the step) workouts!
    I read last week on Cathe's email that they were going to start filming soon for the Perfect 30 workout! No wonder she was tired!

    No rain Saturday or Sunday. I hope we get some rain next week because it's been too hot. I'm glad your humidity has been low. I think it's been low here too.
    I don't even know what the schools in town are doing. I think you're right about a lot of schools choosing remote learning.
    OMG, I can't believe your sister's school is thinking of not using AC! Wow! I read on the news last week that a guy invented some kind of a tool that goes in the air vents I think and it heats up to 400 degrees; which kills the virus. It seems other researchers are coming up with similar filters.

    Hi Tami, Laurie and Erika!

    Have a great week ladies!
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    Hi Ladies, Happy Monday!

    Well, the doctor visit went fine. I did have to get a tetanus shot, but just got a written prescription for antibiotics incase something flared up over the weekend. No infection issues, but the side effects of the tetanus shot took me down pretty much the whole weekend. I was so achy I could hardly move, I didn't sleep and I couldn't stay awake. I spent most of the weekend in bed, which stunk. I'm finally back to better today :)

    I did get my STS workout in Thursday before the pain hit and was feeling better late yesterday so got in Plyo Legs. Last workout of STS is tomorrow!! Then, I'll probably just do a mix of workouts through the weekend, as we will be out of town in Wisconsin Dells this weekend for my DS's lacrosse tournament...if something doesn't change before then. We have a lot of businesses going into mask requirements here and several restaurants shutting down. The gym my son goes to now requires wearing a mask while working out. :o

    Thelma, darn on that leg! Are your yoga/walking workouts helping loosen up your leg at all? I am also having a similar issue in the last few days. I'm not sure what caused it, but I can't seem to get rid of it now. Maybe a week of low key workouts will get rid of it. The boat only takes a few minutes to get ready and hooked up, but the drive to the lakes are anywhere from 20-30 minutes. There aren't a lot of big lakes near us, so we have to travel a bit. Not bad, as we can get out to the lake and on the lake for a couple hours and home by dark during the week.

    Laurel, I'm glad to hear you had nice weather last week for a walk. I do enjoy walks outside, when the weather allows. We got out last night for the first time in a couple weeks, it was great! Nice work with the workouts, such great variety! I may be joining you next week...we'll see where I'm at after we return this weekend. Not sure exactly what my body is needing/wanting yet.

    Hi Tami, great job on hitting the PR on your Peloton ride!! Those are so fun to hit!! Sounds like perfect weather with 85 and sunny...I'd take that over the mid/upper 90s and humidity! We had heat indexes in the 108 area on Saturday! I'm happy to hear your co-worker tested negative...that is nerve wracking waiting on results! We've had a couple close calls here too with people we've been around at family functions or at the park having someone near them test positive, but the person we were in contact with was not...thank goodness.

    Hi Laurie!!

    Have a great day!

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    Morning Ladies,

    Just a quick one to let you know that I'm here, but super busy at work. Had a very nice vacation despite the heat.

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    Hi Ladies! I hope you enjoyed the weekend. Mine was very quiet. Did my usual grocery shopping and chores and such, but it was pretty hot this weekend so I did limit my outside activities. But, of course, I still spent every evening outside on my deck, enjoying the summer air. For workouts, on Saturday I did a Jessica Smith power walk and 30 minutes of yoga with Kristin McGee. Sunday was the Lower Body premix from Cathe’s Muscle Endurance workout followed by a 45 minute spin. Today was XTrain Disc 1/Chest, Back and Shoulders and Core 1 followed by Rockout Knockout.

    During my workout this morning, I spent some time trying to think through a next rotation. This is what I have planned....a 12 week rotation with weeks 1, 4, 7 and 10 being focused on metabolic workouts or circuit workouts; weeks 2-3 High Reps strength workouts; weeks 5-6 Trisets/Giant Sets/Supersets/etc workouts; weeks 8-9/alternating upper and lower body workouts and weeks 11-12/Heavy Split Sets workouts. On the weeks with the strength training focused work, I am going to try to do some form of strength training four days a week.

    Okay, so this is (obviously) just a framework, but I didn’t want to post a full rotation if nobody else is interested in this. If you are interested, let me know. And if you want me to show what workouts I have planned for each day of the week (which I didn’t do with our current rotation) let me know. I think it will feel very similar to what this summer’s rotation has felt, but with just a little more strength training. I still plan on every week being different workouts, though. And in some cases, different types of workouts (like total body vs split sets) so each week should feel ‘new’.

    Thelma, great workouts! I love that Lower Body Blast workout, and I actually think it is better without the step, especially the step cardio sections. I am glad you saw a little rain this weekend. We had thunder, but no moisture. It is pretty warm and dry. I think most AC units can be updated with ultraviolet lights that will kill viruses. I know my other sister (not the teacher, but one with a daughter starting her senior year) had guidelines for what schools could use their AC depending on the age of the unit and updates and such. But older, poorer districts are probably going to have some problems, at least initially. It seems that the issue with schools is evolving every day right now.

    Erika, I am so sorry that shot knocked you back like that! But I am glad you went and got one, and that you don’t seem to have developed an infection. I am also glad you let yourself take it easy over the weekend, though I can imagine it was the last way you want to spend the weekend in summer! Congratulations on finishing STS tomorrow! I always feel such a sense of accomplishment when I get through that last STS workout. Despite it being 11+ years old now, I still find it a very challenging program to get through.

    Laurie, welcome back! Glad you enjoyed your vacation!!

    See you tomorrow.

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    Hi Ladies ~ Another very busy Friday and was still filling in for my sick co-worker. She came back to work today. Feeling better but really week/tired due to not eating hardly all last week. She has made a call to her doctor (she said) so she can run some tests and see maybe if something else is going on she should be concerned about. At any rate, today is busy because it is a Monday but plugging away. Worked through my lunch break but that is my usual on Monday’s anymore. . . . and Fridays :# .

    Weekend was very quiet with no DH. Just Bernie and I. I did get my hair colored and trimmed by my BFF (can’t believe it had been 8 weeks already) and then I headed home and hung out with Bernie. Super nice weather and this week is supposed to be HOT for us. Upper 90’s tomorrow, I may drive home in the afternoon and let Bernie inside. He has been laying in a really nice cool/shady area of the yard while I am gone so that makes me feel better but I just worry about him. The rest of the week will be low 90’s. Workouts: Friday I did PHA2 when I got home, Saturday was a Peloton ride and yesterday was another Peloton Ride (45-min HiiT/Hills) + a Strength workout, it was in a Tabata format and was pretty fun actually. Tonight when I get home I am planning on XT Chest/Back/Shoulders.

    Thelma: Way to go with the workouts! Glad your knee is feeling better.

    Erika: No fun that you were in bed most of the weekend, that had to be awful. I am glad that today you are doing better forsure. Good job getting in your Plyo workout prior to that happening. Our area is still upping the numbers daily and there is a big debate of masks being mandated to wear everywhere. I guess they are deciding this week if that will happen or not. Thank you for the kudos on hitting my PR! It is fun to do forsure and just depends on what style of a ride I am doing.

    Laurel: Those circuit workouts sound like a lot of fun, I cannot even imagine seeing Cathe appear tired. I bet that was a little odd, glad she explained why. LOL Thank you for the update on that 60-min ride last week. I had a feeling that might be it. YAY, I know what you mean on Ally’s rides while she was at home. I agree 100%. I had a tendency to gravitate then to Robin and several of Kendall Toole’s older rides during that time. I love the ideas you have written out for the next rotation, sounds great to me, adding in that extra strength is perfect!

    Welcome Back Laurie! Glad to hear you had fun on your vacation. :)

    See you ladies tomorrow ~ Tami

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    Hi Ladies, my workouts today were Gina B. Latin Pop Dance Cardio, XTRAIN Tri's & Bi's, and Barre.

    I had my teeth cleaned today. I was a little nervous but everyone was wearing masks. Patients are required to wear masks and the hygienist as always was well protected. I'm so glad to have gotten that out of the way. Now I have left the shingles vaccine part II this or next week.
    I was glad to see some of the tourists wearing masks when I went to the dentist. I can't get over that some elderly people don't wear masks. My local supermarket is requiring masks as of tomorrow. We always wear masks. I can't wait to see if people will comply when I'm there tomorrow.
    So far a couple of local restaurants have announced that they're going back to takeout only.

    Erika, I'm sorry you had such reaction to the tetanus shot! I'm glad you're doing better and that there are no signs of infection.

    Congrats on your last STS workout tomorrow! You did it!!
    I hope everything goes well with your son's lacrosse tournament. It has to be hard to workout with a mask! Do you have those surgical masks? Does he have asthma? I seem to remember one of your boys has asthma.

    My leg is doing better but I've stopped doing tae-bo because I think that is what did me in. I've also have stopped using the step for cardio or leg work. I've done a lot of deep massage using a large-hard massage ball all over my thigh. I've massaged my thigh too with a rolling massage bar. It looks like a rolling pin. If you have a rolling pin use it! Lots of stretching too. You must massage and stretch right after you workout.
    I'm so glad you and your family are enjoying the boat. 20-30 minutes is not bad.

    Hi Laurie! I'm so glad you and your DH had a nice vacation!

    Laurel, I'm glad you had a good weekend too. It is hot here too! I can't get over the intensity of the sun! You could get a sunburn here in minutes I think. At least that's how the sun feels against my skin. I take meds that make sensitive and it feels like I'm on fire.

    I love the sounds of that rotation Laurel! I think my body prefers alternating different workout formats as opposed to doing a lot of heavy lifting. I would love to see what workouts you have planned for the week. I do keep my rotation plans for every week in an electronic file so now I can just go back and look for the right workout format.

    I hadn't done that Lower Body Blast workout in years but I really liked it.
    It is hot and dry here ask well. It got dark and windy this afternoon, but no rain!

    I hope all businesses and schools install those AC units get updated with ultraviolet lights! DH says that they've been told they'll work from home till the end of the year. It doesn't affect him because he works from home already. They are getting ready for the students to return to campus. I'll have to ask him about the AC systems!

    Tami, I hope that lady at work is just tired from having been sick. Did she get tested for COVID? Sorry you're so busy at work!

    I'm jealous about you getting your hair done! I'm sure Bernie is enjoying having you all to himself! We've been in the 90's here. Way too hot! I'm glad you're thinking of going home to let Bernie in. This heat isn't good for animals either.
    Great workouts!!!
    Thanks so much for the workout kudos. I am so glad my knee is better. I just know the muscle imbalance feeling and know that the remedy is to massage and stretch.

    Goodnight ladies!
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    Hi Ladies,

    I took a rest day yesterday, I was starting to feel icky again. Of course I started to panic after getting a call last night from our friends (really, the only people we've hung out with during this pandemic) that one of the husbands co-workers tested positive for COVID over the weekend. So, our friend has been trying to find somewhere to get tested, as have we. Unfortunately in MN, you have to pretty much be symptomatic to get tested...even if you have come in contact with someone who tested positive. I talked to our doctor, and they had put a referral in for a test for my oldest DS a few weeks ago after he had some of the symptoms (which turned out to be an ear infection), but she left the referral in for him in case we wanted to use it. But, she can't put referrals in for testing on the rest of us unless we have some symptoms. Seems silly to me.

    So, we are just staying home until Friday and will decide then if we are going to my DS's lacrosse tourney or not. He had already gone to practice with the team last night when we got the call, so he's already been around other people. The rest of us haven't gone anywhere aside from out on the boat or to the grocery store. I don't know how we're supposed to stop the spread if we don't know if we have it or not??

    Thelma, good idea to take a break on Tae Bo and step until your leg feels better. I do the same when mine is acting up. Surprisingly, Plyo Leg day went well, which I thought would not be the case. I did stretch a lot after and did a walk with the dogs, which also helps loosen up the leg. Glad your dental appointment went well! With the mask requirements just starting to really hit here (most places you'd find few to no guests in stores wearing masks in the past), I think people are starting to finally realize wearing a mask doesn't mean you are sick (which a lot of people here thought and it was causing tension at stores). We've all now been out with masks, and it's going well. We use the disposable ones for the most part, but I did buy some cloth ones because I'm having a hard time breathing in the disposable ones for some reason. Both my boys and DH have asthma, but so far they have been ok with masks. Granted, it's a quick (5 min or less) trip with them on, but still going good.

    Tami, sounds like a crazy busy time at work. Glad your co-worker is back, but I'm sure it will take her some time to recover and get back to normal still. Great job with the workouts and glad you had a nice weekend. We are also getting the really hot (and humid) weather back again this week starting tomorrow. If we end up going to DS's tourney, he'll be playing in high 90's and humid...won't be fun for us to watch or him to play! You mentioning your hair appointment reminds me I need to get in for a trim. It's been just about 8 weeks for me too!

    Laurel, sounds like a perfect weekend with lots of productivity...including some great workouts! I love the sound of your new rotation. I would be in on that one. I need some variety now after coming off of STS, but realized my body really does like the strength training and limited cardio (walks or something short is working well for me). I think your rotation would be perfect!

    Laurie, glad to hear you had a nice vacation. Hopefully you get back in the groove at work and things slow down soon. Nothing worse than having a nice vacation and trying to ease back into work when it's busy!

    Have a great afternoon. I'm hitting up the final STS workout this afternoon! :)


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    Hi Ladies! Thank you for the feedback on the rotation. I will work on it a bit more and try to get it out to you next week. I can’t believe how quickly this last one is going, so I hope the 12 week one feels the same. My workouts today were Butts and Guts followed by a 30 HiiT ride with Peloton. Then I got in a good walk. When I opened the door to go outside, my sunglasses fogged up immediately from the change in temperature and humidity and I wondered whether I should just close the door again. :p But once I got away from the house, it felt really nice outside, and the little bit of cloud cover really helped.

    Tami, great job with the workouts! Hopefully your heat doesn’t get too bad. Poor Bernie is probably feeling it. One of the instructors I tried for the first time during that ‘break’ in studio classes was Hannah Frankson (one of the newer instructors from the UK). I have really grown to like her. She isn’t as tough as Ally or Robin or Olivia for me because she keeps the leg speed just a little slower (my little legs just don’t move very fast), but her workouts always challenge me nicely....but not brutally. She is like a good ‘in between’ for me.

    Thelma, great workouts. I am glad you felt comfortable getting your teeth cleaned. I agree with you on the intensity of the sun. It, literally, cooks. I am glad more people are wearing face masks there. I am glad we have the mandatory face mask order, though I understand in some parts of the state people still aren’t wearing them because the order isn’t enforceable. But as more and more businesses start requiring them, I think that will help too.

    Erika, I am sorry you weren’t feeling well yesterday. That is a little concerning about your friend’s co-worker. As you say, you have no idea if you should quarantine or not because you can’t get tested. And as more and more people get it, the chances of knowing one of them increases. It is just kind of a maddening time that makes me happy I don’t really have to go much of anywhere and that, by nature, I am an introvert. But even with that there are days where I feel like I am going crazy because I just want to do something different!

    See you tomorrow.

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    Hi Ladies, my workouts today were Jessica Smith Hiit Cardio + Abs, Yoga Basics, and Cathe's XTRAIN Chest Back & Shoulders.

    I had never done that Jessica Smith workout. The high intensity parts were mostly different forms of planks and one segment had jumping jacks. It was very good. she did her planks on a chair. I did full planks on the floor. she did low impact jacks and I did full jacks.

    My yoga class included more planks and of course I did the XT Chest, Back & Shoulders which had a lot of pushups! My arms, shoulders and pecks are feeling today's workouts!

    DH and I went to the supermarket and not everyone was wearing a mask. I didn't even see a sign telling people masks were required. I asked a supervisor if masks were required. She said they were, but they weren't allowed to say anything to the customers. The same thing happened at CVS when I went in for my second shingles shot.

    Erika, I'm sorry your started to feel icky again yesterday and on top of things you're worried about you and your family having been exposed to COVID.
    I can't believe that you have to be symptomatic in order to get tested. I don't think that is the case here. Our town announces every week test locations in our area. They do tell you to call for an appointment. I don't think you have to be symptomatic here to get tested. It seems that all you can do is self quarantine at this point.
    I will be keeping you, your family and your friends in my prayers.

    I almost tried Tae Bo today but decided against it. I was able to do full jumping jacks. I felt the muscle imbalance a little. but not as bad as it felt last week. I did stretch and massaged with the massage rolling pin. I've felt fine all day. I am glad you stretched after your walk and felt the benefits of doing it.
    I hadn't thought about people thinking that mask wearers were sick!
    I'm glad you and your family are wearing masks and that your boys and husband can breathe with their masks on. I had made masks with bandanas. The first ones I made were full bandanas which were sick and I was having a hard time breathing after 1/2 hour at the supermarket. I cut the bandana in half and that was better. I did buy the disposable ones and I can breathe so much better.

    Laurel, fantastic workout! I can't believe I don't have that Butts and Guts workout!
    We actually got some rain today! The humidity was low today which was great.
    You have a mandatory mask order but it isn't enforceable? You may find the same thing I did today. Businesses requiring masks can't enforce the requirement.
    Thank you so much for working on that rotation for us!

    Goodnight ladies!
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