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  • lvnascarlvnascar Member Posts: 2,813 Member Member Posts: 2,813 Member
    Morning Ladies,

    Sure was a busy two days after getting back from vacation, but I think that I'm all caught up. This week I have decided to try out the CLX workouts, and if I really enjoy them just continue on with them. So on Monday I did 10 Minute Solutions HiiT 101 and followed that up with CLX Burn 3. Yesterday was RAW Cardio Crush 2 (Kelly did this one in her driveway, and it appears that it was very hot). This one was 8 exercises done for 45 seconds, and I loved it. This morning was Jillian's 10 Minute Body Transformation Kickbox Blast and I followed that up with CLX Burn 2. So far really enjoying the CLX workouts, even though the moves are super slow. I'm doing a short warm up before each of the CLX workouts, just want to get in some type of cardio each day and those 10 minute workouts seem to kick up that metabolism for me. I am usually sweating buckets through the whole workout.

    I will try to get all caught up with the posts, it sure seems like everyone was busy with their workouts.

    Laurel, Your next rotation really does sound interesting, and I will see how this week goes before I determine what I will be doing next. I hear you on the humidity, it sure does not make one want to go outside. I do need to get out there this weekend though, because the weeds really love this weather. :D

    Tami, Dang on your co-worker being sick, I hope she starts feeling better soon. Unfortunately there are other viruses out there right now, the one that she is experiencing sounds a lot like what my BIL had. This heat really isn't a dogs best friend is it. Rocket of course would love to spend his day outside, but I don't enjoy the heat and then when it does get nicer outside the mosquitoes tend to swarm. :/

    Thelma, Sounds like a good Jessica workout, I will have to check it out. One of the reasons why they can't ask people about the masks is because of HIPAA laws. We have to deal with that all the time here are work. Sorry to hear that you are having problems with your leg, do take care.

    Erika, Dang on that tetanus shot doing a number on your body. I had one at the beginning of the year, but didn't have a problem that I remember. Interesting that you can't get tested without having symptoms. We have them available for anyone that wants to get tested. We had one person positive here are work, and the people that he was with where home for 14 days. They didn't get sick, so I hope the same for you and your family.

    Have a great day!
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    Hi Ladies, Happy Hump Day!!

    Well, I finished up STS last night, and it felt great! Now, I'm just not sure what to do yet! :D Took the dogs for a walk last night as the boys were out on the boat again. Given we aren't sure if we've been exposed yet or not, that's about the only place we can go and not be in close contact with anyone.

    Our friends did find somewhere to get tested yesterday, but they won't get results until likely the weekend, and we'll be already at our tournament in WI. So far, no symptoms here or with them, so maybe we all lucked out. However, his office is not closing so even if they test negative, we will need to stay away from them until his co-worker is cleared of COVID. He hasn't been at work for 10 days (the co-worker) so there may be a chance our friends are in the clear as it's a very small office of only 3-4 people.

    My husband found out his co-workers daughter tested positive and now his co-worker is having symptoms. Their office has been closed since March, so no exposure there, but it's now starting to hit closer to home.

    We are likely going into a statewide mask mandate today, but I don't know how they will monitor this. There are so many high schoolers working at many of the retails stores and I can't see any of them being firm on not letting people without masks not come into the store.

    Laurie, I'm glad to hear you got caught back up, that has to feel good. I'm glad to hear you are liking the CLX workouts. They have always given me good results, I just have to be able to put up with the same warm-up every time and Chalene's outfits/comments. I've done them so many times, I already am lip syncing the phrases as they come out of her mouth! :D

    Laurel, great job on the workouts and still getting in your walk despite the fog up of the glasses! Sounds like how it's been around here. Yesterday was actually very nice (mid 80's) and today is scheduled to get to mid 70's and it's actually chilly. I'll take it though!! We are back to super hot/humid starting tomorrow. I'm excited about the rotation! I think you said we are starting in September? I was going to go back and find your post but forgot before I got on here this morning. I may squeeze in a CLX rotation, but not sure yet. I'll catch up with you after I'm done with that, if that's the case.

    Thelma, that Jessica workout sounds perfect! I can't believe how much plank work you had in your workouts...I'm sure your body was shocked by that one!! How frustrating that people aren't wearing masks despite the mandate. I always wondered who is going to monitor that, as I could see it get heated if someone doesn't want to wear one. I'm really just a rule follower...tell me the rules and I'll follow. I wish more people were like that, we'd have a lot less issues with confrontations over mask/no mask.

    Hi Tami!

    Have a great day! Talk to you all tomorrow!


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    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was XTrain Disc 2/Bi’s and Tri’s followed by XT All Out Low Impact Extreme. Good stuff.

    Thelma, great workouts! I have no doubt your arms were fried after that! Thanks for posting the Jessica workout. I love her workouts for my Saturday mornings. She does so many that really open up the body, which feels so good to me after a week of workouts. I am surprised your store can’t even ask people to wear masks. They definitely can and do here. My first trip to the store after our county mask order went in place had me following a guy in who was asked to return with a mask....and he did. What they mean by not enforceable is the police can’t stop everybody without a mask. The three school districts in our county this morning announced school is starting this year with remote learning. I am SO happy to see that right now, because our cases are out of control. Hopefully in another month....we will look better. And, by the way, Butts and Guts is worth a purchase. :D

    Laurie, welcome back! Glad you have gotten all caught up. Great job with CLX. I am glad you are enjoying it. I remember being intrigued by that program when it came out, which I think was about the same time as STS. But I could never justify the purchase. Please let me know if you think it is worth it. I agree about weeds and this weather! :o I am hoping to get all of the lawn and garden taken care of tomorrow, weather permitting. DH is back on Saturday night and I would hate for him to think he needs to go tackle weeds on Sunday!

    Okay, Ladies, I am going to post a rough draft for the next rotation. I came up with this during my workout this morning, so it may need some tweaking. I am using Cathe DVDs throughout and know not everybody owns all of these DVDs. In some places, I will try to suggest substitutes. I also know that I may swap out some of the DVDs for Live versions during the rotation but, again, this rotation is Cathe DVDs only. I have also included some of my cardio ideas for these weeks, but the rotation was formed around the weighted workouts not the cardio.

    August 9-15/Metabolic.
    My thinking on this week is to focus more on cardio based metabolic work than more strength-based circuits. I may include a one body part a day add-on, but I will decide that when we get here. This will be the lightest week of the rotation, but I figured that was good since we will be coming out of a Heavy week going in to the rotation.

    Sunday-ICE Lower Body Blast (and spin)
    Monday-RWH Upper Body Circuit
    Tuesday-Spin and Yoga
    Wednesday-ICE Metabolic Total Body
    Thursday-LIS Turbo Barre and Spin (option of XT Super Cuts instead of Barre)
    Friday-LITE Metabolic Blast

    August 16-29/High Reps
    One of the reasons I kept the first week more cardio based is I knew I wanted to do one week of high rep total body workouts during these two weeks, and I didn’t want it to feel like too much ‘total body’ work. So the first week of this two weeks of strength will be total body workouts, and the second week will be split sets, but all high rep.

    Week 1
    Monday-Muscle Endurance and short cardio
    Tuesday-Spin and Yoga
    Wednesday-Power Hour and short cardio
    Friday-High Reps and short cardio

    Substitutes for the three strength workouts would be Flex Train, Body Blast Push/Pull, Max Intensity Strength, or LITE Pyramid Pump

    Week 2
    Sunday-Spin and optional short lower body workout
    Monday-XTrain Disc 1/Chest, Back and Shoulders and cardio
    Tuesday-XTrain Legs and spin
    Wednesday-XTrain Disc 2/Biceps and Triceps and cardio
    Thursday-spin and yoga
    Friday-Flex Train and cardio

    Substitutes for XTrain.....any week from STS Meso 1.

    August 30-September 5/Circuits
    This week I am opting for more strength based circuits, but still on the ‘lighter’ side.

    Sunday-RWH LIHI Legs and spin
    Monday-LIS Athletic Training and short cardio
    Tuesday-LIS After Burn and spin
    Wednesday-Fit Tower Boot Camp and cardio
    Thursday-LIS Slide and Glide and cardio
    Friday-S&S Boot Camp and spin

    Substitute for the Fit Tower workout would be ICE Boot Camp.

    September 6-19/Sets

    These two weeks are going to be different than I originally planned. I am going for a blend of split workouts and total body the first week, and one body part a day and total body the second weeks. If you don’t like the one body part a day format, I would suggest putting in the LIS Trisets workouts that week or doing the upper body and lower body premixes from S&S Total Body Giant Sets or repeating the first week.

    Week 1
    Sunday-Body Blast Supersets and spin
    Tuesday-Fit/Split Push and Cardio
    Wednesday-Fit/Split Pull and cardio
    Thursday-spin and yoga
    Friday-S&S Total Body Giant Sets

    Week 2
    Sunday-LIS Lower Body Trisets and spin
    Monday-ICE Muscle Meltdown x4 premix Back and cardio
    Tuesday-ICE Muscle Meltdown x4 premix Chest and spin
    Wednesday-ICE Muscle Meltdown x4 premix Shoulders and Lower Body premix from 4 Day Split
    Thursday-ICE Muscle Meltdown X4 premix Biceps and spin
    Friday-ICE Muscle Meltdown x4 premix Triceps and cardio

    A substitute for the 4DS Lower Body workout would be LITE Stacked Sets Lower Body.

    I am going to continue this in another post.
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    Okay, I am back again.

    Erika, congratulations on finishing STS!! That is a huge accomplishment. I am sorry COVID is hitting so close to home. I am hoping there is good news this weekend with your friends and you are all in the clear. I am planning on starting the next rotation in two weeks (as you can see from what I have posted). Nothing is hard and fast about any of these rotations so you can jump in and out when you want. :)

    September 20-26/Circuits

    This week will be more intense circuits.
    Sunday-High Step Training and spin
    Tuesday-Intensity Series Boot Camp and spin
    Wednesday-Intensity Series Cardio and Weights
    Thursday-spin and yoga
    Friday-High Step Challenge

    Unfortunately I am a bit at a loss on what to substitute in for some of these workouts, but any boot camp workout would do or a PHA workout (though I plan on PHA being the focus during the last circuit week). Any of the workouts from the first two metabolic or circuit weeks would do as well as some other Cathe circuit workouts like Drill Max, Low Impact Circuit, Shock Cardio Circuit Blast or the circuit/boot camp premixes from 4 Day Split and Body Max 2. Cathe’s Terminator DVD also has two great circuit workouts as does her Hardcore Extreme DVD.

    September 27-October 10/Upper/Lower

    These weeks will both include two upper body workouts and two lower body workouts. I have tried to make one set each week a little lighter or shorter than the other.

    Monday-Intensity Pyramid Upper Body and cardio
    Tuesday-Intensity Pyramid Lower Body and cardio
    Wednesday-spin and yoga
    Thursday-LITE Stacked Sets Upper and cardio
    Friday-LITE Stacked Sets Lower and spin

    Week 2
    Monday-S&S Ramped Up Upper Body and cardio
    Tuesday-Body Blast Legs and Glutes and cardio
    Wednesday-spin and yoga
    Thursday-LITE Pyramid Pump Upper Body premix and cardio
    Friday-LITE Pyramid Pump Lower Body and spin

    A substitute for the Intensity Pyramid workouts would be the Monday/Tuesday combo from week two or the upper/lower body premixes from S&S Total Body Giant Sets or Body Blast Supersets.

    October 11-17/Circuits

    All PHA! What else can I say? :)

    Monday-LITE PHA 2 and cardio
    Tuesday-spin and optional Fit Tower Legs, Glutes and Core
    Wednesday-Step Boss PHA 3 and cardio
    Thursday-spin and yoga
    Friday-S&S PHA (optional...doubled premix)

    October 18-31/Heavy

    These weeks will be split sets and total body.

    Week 1
    Sunday-spin and optional short lower body workout
    Monday-Gym Style Chest and Triceps and cardio
    Tuesday-Gym Style Legs and spin
    Wednesday-Gym Style Back, Shoulders and Biceps and cardio
    Thursday-yoga and spin
    Friday-Muscle Max

    Substitute for Muscle Max is Fit Tower Total Body

    Week 2
    Sunday-spin and optional short lower body workout
    Monday-RWH LIHI Chest, Shoulders and Triceps and cardio
    Tuesday-RWH LIHI Legs and spin
    Wednesday-RWH LIHI Back, Shoulders and Biceps and cardio
    Thursday-spin and yoga
    Friday-STS Total Body and cardio

    As I was typing this, I realized that RWH LIHI Legs is my only non-substitute duplicate in the rotation. I have us doing it on August 30 as well. A substitute for it would be XT Cardio Leg Blast. A substitute for the Gym Style or LIHI workouts would be any week of STS Meso’s 2 or 3.

    Well, that is long!!!! :o I am going to go rest my fingers and brain now. I am sure there are a ton of errors here, so let me know if you have any questions. See you tomorrow!

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    Hi Ladies ~ I ended up doing a Peloton Ride last night (45-min Intervals & Arms) after I came home and vacuum sealed some fresh Sockeye Salmon that was left on my front porch; :) DH had taken some people and asked them to drop this on our front door in a cooler of course. :D Hottest day of the summer and a cooler of fish sitting there. At any rate, it was still somewhat frozen and fine, just needed to get them all taken care of and then jumped on the bike. Today: XT: Bis/Tris and not sure if I will do anything else.

    Thelma: Way to go with your workout(s) ~ it sounds like your knee is doing pretty good with some higher impact workouts!?!? That’s great. Yes, Bernie loves it when I am home or if DH is home with home. Poor guy, I do start wondering about having another dog for him. I feel like he is pretty lonely these days. ….. but this is my “human” brain thinking for him and feeling guilty. He may just feel like “oy, what did you bring him/her home for?” I was loving my life alone. Hard to know.

    Erika: Sorry to hear you weren’t feeling well again … I am sure you did start to panic a bit after hearing the news of your husband’s co-worker. I know in our area they do a “virtual” doctor appt and then advise on getting tested and where to go. That’s what happened with my co-worker anyway. Funny about the hair appt. because I remember that’s when we were chatting about our “slow boat to China hair growth” :D It did feel good to get it done forsure, plus seeing my BFF. Congrats on finishing up STS. What is your new rotation going to be?!?!

    Laurel: WOW! You put in a TON of work with this new rotation …. THANK YOU as always for that. This looks amazing! I cannot believe how fast this one is going either. CRAZY. Eventhough times seems to be standing still despite how busy I am, it is still like groundhog day since I go to work-go home- go to work-go home. It’s auto pilot in my car it feels like. I saw Hanna Frankson in one of the “All for One” classes I did with multiple instructors; I like her and love her accent forsure. We are still waiting to hear on mandatory face masks everywhere ….. most stores do ask that you please where it and the bigger chains it is a must.

    Laurie: Welcome back! I know what it feels like trying to catch up. I do it every week lately it feels like. No worries … Way to go with the CLX workouts and the others you have done as well. Funny KCM did one from her driveway. Sign of the times right now however. Thanks for the well wishes on my co-worker, she seems pretty much back to normal today; not as tired. So that is good.

    Talk to you ladies tomorrow ~ Tami
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    Hi Ladies, my workouts today were Jessica Smith Low Impact Hiit, Beginner Gentle, and Revive and Restore Yoga.

    I woke up today feeling as if I'd been ran over by a train. My knee wasn't happy. I guess it didn't like the jumping jacks or maybe I didn't massage enough yesterday. My shoulders were sore. I was dragging this morning. Things got better once I got moving though.

    Laurie, I'm glad you're all caught up with work! Great job with your workouts, especially after vacation and being so busy with work!

    I hope you like that JS workout when you give a try! I didn't even think about the HIPAA laws!

    Erika, congratulations on finishing up STS!!! YAAAY!! That is such a huge accomplishment! I hope you guys haven't been exposed to the virus.

    I'm so glad your friends found a testing place. Good idea to stay away from your neighbors. It really doesn't sound like you guys have been exposed if the COVID+ co-worker hasn't been at work for 10 days. Thank God your DH works from home so he doesn't have to worry about his co-worker!

    The only way to enforce the usage of masks is to fine people. It would mean a strong police presence. This how it's done in El Salvador. People can go out but they must wear a mask at all times and must have hand sanitizer. They even force them to wear a mask while driving!

    I had no idea Jessica's workout was going to be full of planks and mountain climbers by the time I realized it, I was half way done. It was a great challenge though. My body is definitely shocked! LOL
    We don't have a state or county wide mandate. The stores have chosen to require masks. I don't know how they can require and then not enforce them. I am all about the rules too! I really think that if we all wore masks we could stop this plague from spreading.

    Laurel, great combo today!
    My arms were still fried this morning. Thank God it was my 'rest from lifting' day! Jessica is definitely good.
    It really is strange that stores claim to have mask requirement and then won't enforce it. I understand some people have medical conditions but people could carry a letter from their doctors. This is how it's done in other countries.
    How nice of the customer to be willing to comply with the mask. I know at Walmart here some kids were insulted by customers for trying to enforce the rules.
    I think most of the country will start the school year with remote learning. I am really going to check out that Butts and Guts workout to see if I like it. Does she use the step a lot? I saw that she has those elevated and traveling lunges which I hate. I used to love traveling lunges and used to do them on the street when I'd go out for walks early in the morning. I have doing them inside the house because I screw up the turn around part.

    I forgot to tell you that I did the Fit Tower BC video last week and I ended up doing a lot of the moves the normal way. It was kind of annoying to adjust the tower for something that I could do without the tower.

    Laurel, I LOVE the sounds of this new rotation. Thank you so much for putting this together for us! Wow! You must've been brain dead after that! Thank you!

    Tami, great job with your Peloton ride and the XT workout!
    How awesome that your husband sent you some salmon with his clients!

    My knee felt pretty good yesterday but it was not happy this morning. I need to keep massaging!
    It really is hard to know if Bernie needs a another dog. How old is he now? Does he ever interact with other dogs? you would have to test to see how he reacts with other dogs.

    Goodnight ladies!
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    Morning Ladies,

    This morning I did 30MTF Plateau Buster Workout 2. I know that I would need to change up the workout with something besides Chalene, so I know that most of the interval workouts that Kelly does would be a good sub for the interval workout. The only difference is the amount of reps, it appears that Chalene does a lot of them. I still feel like I got a very good workout.

    Erika, Congrats on finishing up the STS rotation! Sorry to hear that you are having to stress over those C19 issues. I had realized that all of the warm ups in the weight workouts are exactly the same, so that is why I'm opting to put a 10-15 min. cardio workout before I start the weight work. I really do like the weight work, but for sure the warm ups are going to not be done by me. :D

    Laurel, All I can say is WOW on your rotation! I will have to look at it closer, but you have really put some thought into this for sure. Great job on your workouts! I hope that you are able to get the lawn taken care of before your DH gets home, but after being in Alaska this long he may want to do some yard work. :p We are still slowly getting our landscaping taken care of, but with this heat it slows down. Of course today is nice and cool, but it is still humid. My glasses where fogging up this morning on our walk. Probably because I was still sweating from my workout. :D

    Tami, Very nice that you where able to get some of that tasty fish all vacuum packed. I sure do love my sealer, it sure has saved a ton of Money. Great job on your workout, and I hope you could get the weight workout added. LOL about the way Bernie might be thinking about a younger dog. I had that same feeling when we introduced Rocket to the house. Cami was such a good teacher for him, and I don't think that I could have gotten him to enjoy daycare if it wasn't for her being there. He is such a chicken. :D You can tell that it was hot for Kelly's RAW workout, two of her back up crew took off on her and only came back for the cool down. :D

    Thelma, Love the workouts! Sorry to hear that your knee didn't appreciate all your hard work though. :/ Hope today is a better day for you. I'm really glad that everything here at work was a little slower, so the catching up wasn't to bad. I have to make sure that I don't take vacation at the end of the quarter, because that is when I get really bogged down with to much.

    Have a great day!
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    Hi Ladies! So today I go to start my workout....and the power goes out. Sigh. But since I knew I wanted to get the yard work done today before any storms pop up, I hopped on my spin cycle anyway and did a 45 minute HiiT and Hills ride with Peloton. The power was out throughout, which meant no fan or AC. I was sweating buckets! Of course, 10 minutes after I was done, the power came back on. Then I went and took care of the lawn, which was another sweat fest. Now I am drinking water....lots of water. :) But I am glad I got it done before DH comes home. Thank you all for your positive feedback on the rotation! I am looking forward to it.

    Tami, great workout! My DH is mailing me frozen fish he was given by one of the workers in Alaska. Like you said, hottest week of the year and I am going to get fish delivered on my porch. Oh well....I am looking forward to eating it. :D I so understand what you are saying about the Groundhog Day feeling. I was texting my sisters a couple of weeks back and they how my day was. And my response was ‘like yesterday, and the day before....but with different clothing’. And, really, that about sums it up...or so it feels many days. Yes, one of the things that drew me to Hannah Frankson is her accent. She reminds me of so many people from when we were living in the UK. It makes me smile.

    Thelma, I am sorry your weren’t feeling well yesterday morning. Great job with the workouts, though. The only moves Cathe uses the step for in Butts and Guts is elevated lunges and hamstring presses (where you are laying on your back with one foot on the step, one up at 90 degrees and raising your hips, if that makes sense). Both moves can be done without. What I like about the workout is the standing work is done with two 5# weights and a 35# barbell (for squats and deadlifts), and there are a few non-weighted moves as well. The floor work uses a ball, the step platform and ankle weights, but it can all be done without. And the core work uses 5# weights and ankle weights....but it is good without. There is one move with the firewalker band. This is one of those workouts I used to do when we were moving because I felt I could do it with virtually no equipment. The only thing I felt was not good without equipment was deadlifts, but that was easy to do with replacing the move with Superman’s. It’s a long workout, though, but also has some fantastic bonus work (like the stability ball bonus abs work) and great premixes.

    Laurie, great workout! Love how you knew you needed something different than Chalene and found something that worked for you. We really need to do some serious work on our yard some time, and I was thinking about that when I was mowing today. We have huge ruts in the yard where the rain flows through, and it just isn’t good. We need a French drain or two or something. But I think everything will wait until they finish the construction on both sides of us, which, hopefully, will be done in the next couple of months. I also kind of want to see what happens to DHs job now that he is completing the project he was hired to do. When I talked with him this morning, he has been asked to head up another project but is less than thrilled about that. So when he gets home, I will need to ask him more about that because, you know.....he likes to move sometimes. :# Actually, my only request before moving is we get a vaccine for this virus...and then we can go! :D But I think we will still be here for awhile.

    See you tomorrow.

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    Hi Ladies, I felt lazy today but I finally got myself to do High Reps! OMG! She wasn't kidding when she called this workout high reps! My knee thankfully felt better today .

    We had a beautiful sunny/low humidity day today.

    Laurie, nice job with that workout substitution! Rocket is a chicken? No way!

    I have to take it easy with this knee and massage is a must.
    I am glad work was a little slow; which made catching up an easier task. When I used to work in accounting I couldn't take vacations at month, quarter or year end.

    Laurel, great job with the Peloton and Lawn Beast workouts! Is your husband returning home next week? I seem to remember you said the end of July.

    I am looking forward to the new rotation too.

    I just realized that I was probably dragging yesterday due to the shingles part II vaccine's reaction I got the day before!
    Thanks for the feedback on the Butts and Guts workout. I always do the elevated lunges without the step. I love that she uses ankle weights! I am definitely getting it! Thank you!
    Laurel, I found the workout on eBay for $15 and it says it's brand new. I also bought a used set of 4 Day Split. Who knows what it will be like once I get it but it was $20.

    Have a great weekend ladies!
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  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Member Posts: 3,070 Member Member Posts: 3,070 Member
    Hi Ladies! Today’s workouts were Cathe Live Ramped Up Total Body and Cathe Live Cardio Core Challenge. I am feeling pretty tired today—probably all that perspiring I did yesterday—and these workouts were perfect for that. They were both challenging without any brutal factor, which is good.

    Thelma, no doubt your fatigue came from that vaccine! I have had a couple of friends on Facebook get it and remark how much that shot knocked them back. Great job with High Reps despite feeling lazy. Yay for the DVD purchases! And those are great prices. About 4DS, the best part of the series is, without question, the strength training. To this day I still think these are some of my favorite strength training routines Cathe has done. I think it is because each one includes a variety of moves and different rep counts. The all upper body premix is, for me, one of my favorite upper body workouts. And....the kickboxing routine is really fun too! I also like the bootcamp, but it is pretty high impact. The step workouts....not so much, though I do like the low intensity one on low intensity days. :) But the choreography in the high impact one still gets me confused. :D There are also a ton of premixes in this series. I hope you find something there you like! DH will be home Saturday night!! I am definitely looking forward to having him home.

    Enjoy the weekend!

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    Hi Ladies, I hope you had a great weekend. We had a nice and quiet weekend. We did get a little rain today.

    My workouts on Friday were Restorative Healing yoga, Sculpted-Movement Fusion, and Gina B. Latin Pop Dance Cardio. On Sunday I did S&S PHA Training. I actually used the step with two risers for about 1/2 the leg exercises which was good. My knee wasn't happy but I stretched and massaged really deep and my knee felt pretty good.

    Laurel, great workouts and good job listening to your body.
    I hope your DH made it home safely! You two must be so happy to be together again!

    I don't remember the first shingles vaccine making me feel tired but the second part sure did!
    I'm excited about the 4DS DVDs. I've refused to pay so much money for the new set all this time! I'm looking forward to trying the workouts out. I think that the cardio step workouts I have to try on the platform only for a while.
    If the choreography of the high impact workout gets you confused, then it will definitely get me lost!

    Have a great week ladies!
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    Morning Ladies,

    Sorry I didn't post on Friday, it was surprising a busy day. I had done 30MTF Body Design Light DB Cardio Sculpting and then followed that up with CLX Burn 1. Really do like those workouts, and I probably will try a rotation around November when it starts to get busy. I did a bunch of gardening on Saturday until it got so hot that I had to get in the house to cool off. We did go to see DH's brother and SIL on Friday, it was nice to visit since we really haven't sat down and talked with them since Christmas. Sunday was just a busy one with some sewing and grocery shopping. This morning my workout was Jillian's One Week Shred, funny how I can get such a good workout with that one just by increasing the weights.

    Laurel, Great job on your workouts! Very impressed with you getting your workout in despite the fact that you had no power, and then getting that monster out and tackling the lawn. ;) How long before the two houses are finished and you can get your lawn taken care of? Oh my on the next project and moving. I know that you are now a pro mover at this point. :D LOL about the vaccine, they have given something like it is looking good in trials to it won't be ready for at least a year.

    Thelma, Awesome job on your workouts! Dang on the knee still bothering you, I sure do know how that feels. I would really love a low humidity day, but so far it is not happening. Rocket can be just laying down, and if I move and something falls of the couch he runs away into another room. I think when he was a puppy he had something fall on him, at least that is what DH thinks by the way he reacts. I didn't realize that you didn't have the 4DS workouts, those ones are really good. I'm not a huge fan of the step workouts, just no coordination on my part to master them.

    Have a great day!
  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Member Posts: 3,070 Member Member Posts: 3,070 Member
    Hi Ladies! Hope you all had a good weekend. DH made it home on Saturday night, and it is so nice having him back. I forget how much I enjoy talking to him when he is gone! Poor guy was exhausted, though. Not only was the trip home long, but he was putting in 80+ hours a week up there and worked every weekend. I am hoping he can take a few days off here soon, though I don’t really know what we would do with it at this point. Maybe golf, which would be nice. :)

    For workouts, on Saturday I did a Jessica Smith Cardio Abs walk and 45 minutes of yoga with Kristin McGee. Yesterday was Cathe Live Plyo Legs and Core followed by a 30 minute Intervals spin with Peloton. And today was Cathe Live PHA 1 followed by Cathe Live Step On It.

    Thelma, great workouts. I am glad your knee recovered after that PHA workout. Hope you enjoy 4DS when you get a chance to try them. The upper body and lower body premixes would work well for next week’s heavy focus. :) There is an all upper body premix and an all lower body premix, but the upper body work is also split into body part, which are much shorter than the all upper body. One is something like chest/shoulders/triceps and the other back/biceps....or something like that. I am going off memory here, but I don’t think those premixes have a warm-up or stretch, but I usually just do one of the cardio warm-ups and then go to the premix. Just an idea if you were wanting to try them out and wondering when you might be able to. But of course feel free to go with your original idea for next week!

    Laurie, great workouts! I am glad you are enjoying CLX. I am glad you got a chance to visit with family this weekend. I am with you on the heat. I was showing DH some of the issues we have in our yard yesterday and pointing out what I didn’t get done when I mowed on Thursday because it just got way too hot. I think the houses will be done in the next two months (I hope). Then, hopefully, the builder will fix all the damage they caused to our yard (which is pretty substantial on one side), the builder is also supposed to move two of our trees off of the property line since, well, they had marked our property line wrong when we moved in (this is one the side that isn’t damaged). After that, hopefully we can move forward with making some improvements to our yard. But I think it may wait until spring.

    See you tomorrow.


  • 2BLean2BLean Member, Premium Posts: 2,373 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,373 Member
    Hi Ladies ~ :):) Real quick check in so you know I am alive and well! DH ended up coming home Friday after work and left yesterday early a.m. so at least I got to see him for a couple days or day and an evening. :D Work has been nuts… that record order month is all having closings/recordings happening like crazy + it is just summer busy I guess. We are setting another record this month. I also filled in for customer service on Friday so it was two jobs full on that day. :p Our weather is gorgeous but supposed to be very high 90's and 100+ on Thursday. YIKES. I will definitely get home somehow that day to let Bernie in.

    Workouts have been good ~ haven’t missed one (yay!) :)

    Thurs: Cathe High Reps Lower + Peloton Tabata Cardio, Fri: Peloton HiiT & Hills, Sat: Peloton Strength + Sweat Steady Ride, Sun: PHA3

    I will try and get online tonight and catch up with you ladies … I also need to mow the lawn again. Since DH is gone I told him I would keep up on it since he worked so hard to get the yard in such great shape for us. So either tonight or tomorrow if I can I will try and get caught up. ;)

    edited July 2020
  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Member Posts: 1,771 Member Member Posts: 1,771 Member
    Hi Ladies, today's workouts were LITE Cardio Party, Barre, and Ashtanga Yoga. The muscle imbalance kicked in during the cardio workout but I stretched and did deep massage and felt fine.

    Laurie, great workouts. I'm glad you got to visit with your DH's brother and wife. How much gardening do you have left to do?

    Now that we really don't go out anymore, I don't even pay attention to the weather forecast like I used to before this plague. I don't think it was that humid here today. We did get a little rain this afternoon.
    AWWW! Poor Rocket! It definitely sounds like he had a traumatic experience.
    I won't be doing the 4DS step workouts! They look like they have very complicated choreography.

    Laurel, I am so glad your DH is home now! He was working really hard! No wonder he was exhausted!
    Great workouts! I love Jessica's cardio Abs workouts!
    Thanks for mentioning that I can use the 4DS workout for next week's heavy focus workouts! I hope the DVDs get here soon!

    Tami, thanks for letting us know you're OK. How nice that you got to spend some time with your DH!
    I hope you guys won't be so busy at work much longer.
    Great job getting your workouts in!!

    Hi Erika

    Goodnight ladies!
  • fitzfourfitzfour Member Posts: 1,306 Member Member Posts: 1,306 Member
    Hi Ladies, I'm back!

    Whew, what a weekend! It was nice to get away, but way more excitement than I needed in a weekend! It was VERY hot and humid all weekend and unfortunately my son suffered heat exhaustion about 10 minutes into the 1st game on Saturday and started vomiting. The medic had to cover him in ice packs/cold towels to calm his body down and then he had to miss his 2nd game and go back to the hotel to rest. Sunday was just a tad cooler so he was able to play all day. We kept him full of clementines, water and chocolate milk which seemed to help.

    It was definitely quite a difference in Wisconsin with no mask requirements, and when we left MN we had a statewide mask mandate. I'd say we saw maybe a dozen people the entire weekend that were wearing masks...very different from what I see in MN.

    On a brighter note, our friends both tested negative for COVID, which we are very happy about. We found out late Saturday, which helped us all relax a bit!

    Still deciding if I'm going to Lake Geneva this weekend for my son's other tourney...might just stay home and send DH! I started Shift Shop from Beachbody yesterday, which is a 3 week program. I'm just needing something that is a mix of cardio and weights until I decide what I'm jumping to next!

    Thelma, bummer on that knee...isn't it frustrating to figure out what caused it? I'm glad to hear your energy level is back, the vaccine likely was the culprit...which is what I ran into with my vaccine too. Crazy how the body reacts to those! Glad you were able to get in some good workouts to help with the knee, and also some that were tough ones too. Sounds like a great mix!

    Tami, great job on staying on top of workouts despite crazy busy times at work. I'm guilty of tossing workouts to the wayside when I get busy with work, so keeping up with the workouts is a plus in my book! I love that your DH had some fish dropped off and that you were able to get to it in time! :D

    Laurel, yay on the hubby making it back safely...I bet he is exhausted! Long trip back and those are some crazy hours! It will be nice to have a golfing buddy! :) Good job on the workout despite no power, I think I would have thrown in the towel at that point! Plus, to follow it up with the lawn mowing is a huge kudos to you!!!

    Laurie, I'm glad you are liking CLX, and mixing in other workouts too. I may do a rotation of that around the same time as you. I have had great results from that program, but wanted to give my body a chance to recover from STS first. So, I may have asked you this you have a mask mandate in your county? I have heard that certain WI counties have it and certain ones don't. We were warned that we should be prepared with masks, in case the area requires them (or the tournament venue). We will get more info soon, I'm sure.

    Have a great day! I'm planning to load up on coffee and tackle the emails from being out 2 days. Wish me luck!

  • lvnascarlvnascar Member Posts: 2,813 Member Member Posts: 2,813 Member
    Morning Ladies,

    This morning my workout was Jillian's Kickbox FastFix Workout 1.

    Laurel, Glad to hear that your DH made it home safe, but tired. I hope that you are able to get in some golfing. Great job on your workouts! I always enjoy seeing those three instructors in your workout regime. That still is a huge mistake on the part of your builder to not have the correct property line. Just hope that the trees will be fine with the move to a different location. At least you don't need to mow as much lawn with this mistake. :D

    Tami, Awesome job on your workouts! Glad you where able to see your DH for a bit before he left. It doesn't sound like work will be slowing down all that much. Guess everyone finished up projects at home and then sold their houses. :D Hope it doesn't get to hot for Bernie, those temps are really really hot.

    Thelma, Nice workouts! I'm sure that you will get those muscles back on track. I think that I will have to take some more time off, just to enjoy a day outside not doing anything. Most of the gardening that I have to do is the weeds. Those things are loving this weather. If I remember correctly the step workouts in 4DS really where more complicated to follow than most of her workouts are. She had some complaints from what I remember.

    Erika, Great job with the workouts. I'm so sorry to hear that your DS had to go through the heat exhaustion. If he likes V8 that is another thing to drink to help with that. They always had that available for us when we where at the faire, and boy did that help revive us during those really hot days. We only have mask mandates in counties that are at or above 2% for the infection rate. I think that Walworth county has a mask mandate, so you may have a very different experience in that area. Of course that is where all the people from IL have been going this summer also. :| We are in Waukesha County which is at 1.4%, so we don't have the mandate. Of course it would be super hard to enforce it, since we have a lot of rural area around here. I would love to do the CLX rotation with you, it always helps to have someone motivate me to actually do the rotation. :D

    Have a great day!
  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Member Posts: 3,070 Member Member Posts: 3,070 Member
    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was a 60 minute Peloton ride, and I added a five minute warm up, cool down and stretch to it. Then I did Cathe’s live class from last week which was a 35 minute workout called All Core On The Floor. I really enjoyed this workout, and she did a great blend of ab moves as well as lower back moves, and while it was tough, it wasn’t at all brutal. DH and I also took a nice long walk. Good stuff.

    Tami, thanks for checking in. I am glad things are going well and you got a chance to see your DH this weekend. Sounds like a crazy time at work, but I suppose that is a good thing in many ways. Be careful in that heat!

    Thelma, great workouts. Glad to hear your leg is recovering after your workouts now.

    Erika, welcome back! I am sorry your son had such a tough start to the tournament, though. I am glad he felt better on Sunday. I wouldn’t blame you if you stayed home next week, though!

    Laurie, great workout. Yes, our yard is much more manageable to mow now that we lost half of it. :D Actually, before the change in the property line, it was kind of difficult to get it done on one tank of gas, and so that is no longer a worry, which is nice. But the whole situation still kind of irritates me. :#

    See you tomorrow.

  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Member Posts: 1,771 Member Member Posts: 1,771 Member
    Hi Ladies, my workouts today were Yoga Basics, RWH Low Impact I & II, and Cathe's LITE PHA2.
    My knee is definitely better. I did most of the PHA2 off the step but I still felt a little discomfort. I can tell I've kneaded out a lot of the muscle tightness that caused the imbalance. It is the head of the quads right at the panty line; which is exactly the same injury that happened to me over a decade ago. This is a recurring thing for me. I had been slacking on the stretching and massage I have always done but my knee is telling me I can't afford to do that.

    We had a really nice and dry morning and some rain in the afternoon; which brought the muggies back.

    So I did a thing today! I gave myself a haircut with DH's assistance in the back. It actually came out pretty good. I still had traces of my layers so that helped. Of course, the fact that I have curly hair made it easier too. I've been cutting a little bit of this hair since last week! LOL

    Erika, what a weekend! I bet you need the rest of the week to recover from that! Thank God your son is OK and was able to play all day on Sunday. What a relief about your neighbors testing negative for COVID!!
    I would be very nervous about going to a place where most people didn't wear a mask. Was there any social distancing?

    The Shift Shop workout program sounds really good. Have you done it before? I think it's good that you're giving your body a break from the heavy lifting.

    I think the knee injury was caused by doing Tae Bo and then I aggravated it by a step workout.

    Laurie, sounds like a fun kickboxing workout! Good job!
    Thankfully my thigh muscles are getting better. They just wanted to teach me a lesson!
    Between the rain the hot weather the weeds and grass grow like crazy! I don't think I'll ever do those 4DS step workout and if I do I'll just keep moving by doing my own thing. LOL. They have to be really complicated if people complained about them. She's amazing with that choreography!

    Laurel, great workout combo today! It must've felt so good to your daily walk with your DH! Is he loving the heat? Is he working from home again?

    Goodnight ladies!
  • lvnascarlvnascar Member Posts: 2,813 Member Member Posts: 2,813 Member
    Morning Ladies,

    This morning was 30 Day Shred Level 1. Feels like a good week to just have Jillian as my instructor. :D

    Laurel, Great job on your workouts! Can't beat a workout that is all on the floor, so you don't need to be going up and down all the time. I can sure understand the irritation with the builder, we would feel the same way. We now have an issue with our lawn, and our neighbor thinks it is these Japanese beetles. Apparently they are having the same problem with their lawn. We have very large areas of dead grass. DH is really upset about it, and had our lawn guy out yesterday. Hope that they are able to figure out what to do with the infestation problem.

    Thelma, Awesome job on your workouts! I'm glad that you where able to cut your own hair, not something that I would be able to do without looking like I did it myself. :D Of course I will never have to do that, unless my dd decides to move to another state. To bad that your knee was affected because of the Tae Bo workouts. :/ I think the complaining on those step workouts where because she didn't cue fast enough. :o I don't know if I could even do it if she cued as she usually does. :D

    Have a wonderful day!
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