Want to be "the hot guy." Others with vain motivations?



  • bringit30
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    Exactly!!! I don't think it is vain at all - as one person said, I just want to look good naked!
  • lgtahoe
    lgtahoe Posts: 96
    I will freely admit that my journey is all about vanity. I am within the healthy BMI range and can do everything I want to do -- except rock a bikini with confidence! I'm working on cutting fat and increasing muscle tone, all in the name of a flat stomach!
  • sportzmom23
    sportzmom23 Posts: 103 Member
    Yep, want to feel great on the beach this summer. Don't want to feel like the fat mom. Been there done that. But I want to be fit for me, and how I feel, not to impress anyone. Vain, hell yes. I want to like what I see in the mirror, as does everyone else. If Some sideways glances occur, even better :drinker:
  • Ill add ya, I think its a great goal to want to look better and more attractive. Just remember though there is nothing more attractive than confidence, no matter how you look.
  • weightloss12345678
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    i think everyone motivation is to look better, were are humans (most of us) so we can help it
  • Annette_rose
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    MILF status is a MUST

  • katerinajulia
    katerinajulia Posts: 89 Member
    to be completely honest, although i keep saying that i'm doing it to be healthy, i want to look sexy and i want people to turn their heads when they see me
    i feel that no one gets to know my personality because they too quickly decide not to talk to me because of how i look.
  • quellybelly
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    This isn't my primary reason for wanting to get fit haha but I want my boyfriend's friends (girls and guys) to be like DAMN what a lucky guyyy ! :p
  • mgpage
    mgpage Posts: 123
    I think there are a lot of people that start down this road because of some health issue. But let's face it, it is our vanity that keeps us going. I for one have never been motivated by someone saying "you look so healthy" but let someone say "OMG...you are looking gooood" and I am ready to hit the gym I just walked out of again. So yes I'm here and I'm VAIN, and have a long way to go but I will get there.
  • Freedomgurl585
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    I want to become drop dead drool-on-yourself gorgeous. Yep...no worries here. Add me!
  • Snow__White
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    yup yup I want to be Hotter :)
  • RacerX_14
    RacerX_14 Posts: 578 Member
    I want to become drop dead drool-on-yourself gorgeous. Yep...no worries here. Add me!

    I like this attitude!!
  • keeleen
    keeleen Posts: 93
    Psh, yeah, I wanna be "the hot girl" too. I'm tired of just having a "pretty face".

    Oh I hate the "pretty face" compliments! I mean, yes, thank you, you're saying I have a pretty face, while making me feel even worse about myself at the same time! LOL

    I wanna be a "damn it girl!" Rocking a bikini is my ultimate goal (sigh, maybe one of these days) but of course the health benefits are good too, but I can say it's definitely not #1 on my motivational list!
  • girlfromOklahoma
    girlfromOklahoma Posts: 129 Member
    My goal is def. to look hot in a bikini this summer... Yes, I want to be healthy and fit and all that.... but mostly just want to look hot. LOL
  • tatd_820
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    It's nice just to just have the opposite sex look at your hard work and know they're going, "NOM NOM NOM NOM...."

    haha... well, at least that's what I tell myself they're saying :P

    Love it! Nom, nom, nom! It feels good to just feel good!
  • Fit_Mama84
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    Bump for later
  • tatd_820
    tatd_820 Posts: 573 Member
    True story! Who doesn't want to look good and feel good? Nothing better than noticing someone lookin at ya! Call it shallow....but its the truth!
  • bwysocki
    bwysocki Posts: 8
    I am goin to the river this summer where I use to live. I want to see all my friends and have them say "damn, she did something right"
  • dlbarnz
    dlbarnz Posts: 13 Member
    I’m pretty sure the general consensus and motivator is to become ‘the hot one’ ; I’ll admit, I’m no exception to that reasoning….
  • REALLY badly. I want to go to university in September and WOW them all!