September Weight Loss Challenge (Open)



  • sky1967
    sky1967 Posts: 9 Member
    This is good motivation to stay on track during Labor Day weekend and my vacation.
    SW (29/8/13) : 162lbs
    GW (end of sept) : 155 lbs
    Personal challenge: walk 30 mins at lunch minimum 3xweek.
    Yay, I'm excited. Can't wait to see the 150's again.
  • heatherluuu
    heatherluuu Posts: 58 Member
    My first challenge!
    Starting weight : 163
    September goal weight : 155
    Personal challenge: Boot Camp classes 2x/week
  • MsImperfect0
    MsImperfect0 Posts: 127 Member
    Your starting weight for September : 227
    Your personal goal for September 199
    Your personal self-challenge for September- be in better shape than i am today!
  • Yes pleaseeeee

    SW: 142 (8/29)
    GW: 137
    Self goal: not to binge this month!
  • Xtinesky
    Xtinesky Posts: 127 Member
    Would love to step up to the challenge this month. :wink:

    I usually measure in kilos as I live in Australia.

    SW: 87.1 kgs (191.62 lbs)
    GW: 84 kgs (184.8 lbs)

    Personal goal: Exercise for 30 minutes (formal, not incidental) at least five times a week.
  • SW: 155
    GW: 148
    Goal: drink more water and log everyday

    Feel free to add me too(:
  • GettingMooreInShape
    GettingMooreInShape Posts: 80 Member
    CW: 130
    GW for September 30th: 122

    Personal goals: no bingeing or emotional eating. and hit the gym!
  • channy70
    channy70 Posts: 178 Member
  • beckyjeanleemaddox
    beckyjeanleemaddox Posts: 154 Member
    hi! THis is great. present weight 215Sept 1
    gw-205 Sept 3
    Challenge post every day. weigh only on Fridays
  • Heyy guys I'm also doing the Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition: MFP Style and that's broke into 90 day goals so I would love to break it down even farther so here are my goals:

    Your starting weight for September: 249.6

    Your personal goal for September: 239.0

    Your personal self-challenge for September: Weigh myself once a week on Mondays(so I can know the damage from the weekends). Also I am going to challenge myself to workout 5 times a week for 80 minutes and strength train 3 times a week!!!!
  • missan42
    missan42 Posts: 5 Member
    Hello everyone,
    I would love to join the challenge.
    Starting weight 325
    Sept goal weight 315
    Personal goal complete this challenge
  • 4men1lady79
    4men1lady79 Posts: 112 Member
    SW: 185

    GOAL for Sept: 178

    Personal self challenge: Exercise 6 days a week

    Making changes everyday so I'm READY :-)
  • Alright folks WE GOT THIS! PS Add me as a friend if you would like - lets help each other :)

    SW: 143

    Goal for Sept 30th: 135

    Personal Self Challenge - BE CONSISTANT with my nutrition - help someone out there with motivation/accountabilty everday this month. A little support from anyone makes a huge difference to everyone.

    Keep fighting to be fit! :glasses:
  • PippiNe
    PippiNe Posts: 283 Member
    I'm in too :o)

    SW: 128.0
    GW: 123.0
    Personal Challenge: Drink at least 4 large glasses of water each day and have no crazy binge days throughout the month.
  • melissaerrington3
    melissaerrington3 Posts: 56 Member
    SW : 90.9
    GW : 88.4
    Self-Challenge: Walk 100km
  • SW-164.7
    Self Challenge-Will go for walk
  • scronen
    scronen Posts: 98 Member
    SW: 235 
    Goal for September: 227 
    Self-Challenge: walk at least 3 miles a day
  • Starting weight: 149.5
    End of September goal weight: 142.5
    Self challenge: Complete the 30 day squat challenge, complete my X-trainer/bike challenge
  • donnace7
    donnace7 Posts: 147 Member
    SW: 179
    End of September Goal: 171
    Personal Challenge: STOP eating when I feel full!!!!
  • jojoboxing
    jojoboxing Posts: 118 Member
    Your starting weight for September 232lbs
    Your personal goal for September lose 10lbs

    Your personal self-challenges for September:

    1 - Start and stick to Focus T25
    2 - better logging of food and meal planning