Females only - lifting/weight training results?



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    WOW! some amazing results here. I know what my goal is, to add to this thread!! :)
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    I'm a newbie who just started lifting in December. At 61 years old and after losing 125 pounds, I really need some tone. Already it has become apparent that there is muscle in my upper arm. This is a new discovery. My husband has warned me not to become addicted, but it feels so good! :laugh:

    This thread is motivating me to take "before" pictures. Hopefully someday I'll be able to post successful comparisons.

    Thanks to all for the inspiration!
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    IN for the reminder of how life-changing lifting can be!
  • In and hopefully able to join in fab 'after ' photos soon!
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    To get help in getting started:

    There isa thread called "female weight lifting questions" you can search to find it, and there are some references there. Also, you can search for programs on YouTube. Jillian Michaels has some that feature women.
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    You ladies are the bomb!! Talk about inspiration!! I try to do heavy weights, and then I don't get results as fast as I would like to see and I end up getting back into my cardio routine again. So please enlighten me.......

    What program are you using to have such great success??

    I have about 30 lbs I would like to lose. So what type of caloric defecit should I keep??

    How many days a week can I do heavy weights?? I play hockey one day a week, so should I add any more cardio??

    For those of you using kettlebells, is that your entire workout?? Or do you do other weights in addition to that??

    Sorry for all the questions. Thanks for all your help and motivation though!!

    Bodybuilding.com has all kinds of Free lifting programs. I'm on the Jamie Eason Livefit program and loving it. Good luck to you!!
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    Wow congrats to all you ladies with amazing results can I ask though what kind of exercises your doing to gets those results, my husbands got some free weights and weight bench I can use but don't know where to start
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    Hi : )
    Your question reminded me of my trainer's sheer horror when I expressed my concern over "bulking up" too much. Her response was that the majority of women / men that exhibit CONSIDERABLE bulk (like the Hulk) rely on steroids.

    I have only been weight training since August 2013 (from 2 hours a week to my current 3 hours and I have to say that I am seeing more defined muscle tone. Lean, strong muscle is more important than bulk.

    BTW I know this sounds ridiculous but none of my skirts fit me anymore which was very DISCONCERTING at first because of the cost of tailoring. However, I don't want to stop when I have not reached my full potential, especially given my bloodwork, i.e. cholesterol, glucose, muscle enzymes levels, came back stellar!.

    Personal trainer until this upcoming August and then it will be time to leave the nest and apply everything I have learned on my own.
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    Everyone in this thread is amazing! I started lifting two months ago because of the inspiration from other women on MFP. I can't wait to share my before and after. Thanks to everyone.
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    Everyone looks amazing! Question for those lifting...Did you use a personal trainer, or do it on your own?
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    Please lift weights, it is the best thing you can do for yourself. I use to be a power lifter from ages 17-24, heavy stuff to no pansy weights. Then after the birth of my 1st son , I did more main stream bodybuilding . Now at almost 50 , I have retained a good amount of muscle, educate yourself , read everything you can. goodluck
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    Bump for inspiration!
  • bump, because I will ALWAYS come back here and remember why I'm lifting
  • bump!
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    Holy balls!! Look at all of you fine ladies!!

    I have seen threads like this before, and I keep thinking I need to start lifting too, as the results are undeniably amazing. I am intimidated though because I have NO idea where to start. After going through all 9 pages of this thread I think it is time to put the excuses to rest and take the plunge!!

    Thank you for all of the inspiration :flowerforyou: :love: :flowerforyou:
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    Bump because I'm just starting out and looking for the inspiration :)