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  • Shameka808
    Portion control
  • ChaoticMiNd
    ChaoticMiNd Posts: 247 Member
    I love this!
    when you go home...don't put on your biggest sweats. As a girl I put on my skinny jeans and watch my gut hangover.....nothing kills an urge to snack like a gut hanging over the waistline.

    stay positive. It's what you do a majority of the time that counts!
  • taternae
    Have a buddy to help keep you motivated
  • TruBrit1959
    Lean protein, lots of veggies, cut out bread and potatoes.
    Plan your meals, log everything.
  • H_Factor
    H_Factor Posts: 1,722 Member
    The most important tip for weight loss is having a mindset of "I can" and understanding how to maintain that. Its accepting that success doesn't come quickly, but it comes steadily. Its accepting that you will probably not achieve your goal in a week, a month or even six months...but that you can make progress towards your goal each day. Its understanding why you want to achieve better health, the deep down in your gut reasons, and remembering those reasons when things get tough.

    What to eat, how much to eat, and different forms of exercise can be learned and improved upon over time if your mindset is right. Without the right mindset, the motivation to eat differently and move more will likely disappear at some point.
  • rachelisrued
    rachelisrued Posts: 18 Member
    This is a GREAT tip. Thanks. :happy:
  • COliver416
    COliver416 Posts: 87 Member
    It's what you eat that matters, not as much what you do. Value Nutrition First and Foremost!
  • salembambi
    salembambi Posts: 5,585 Member
    lots & lots of water
    its okay to have very high calories indulge overeat days once in a while..don't give up because of this.. keep on going fresh the next day
    plan what you are going to eat each day with room for change of course
  • phathousecat
    phathousecat Posts: 55 Member
    WATER! :drinker:
  • nomorebingesgirl2014
  • Filmlotus
    Filmlotus Posts: 54 Member
    Find out the diet that is optimal for you. Most people can't handle too much sugar and carbs, which sends their body into fat storing overdrive. So you can start with reducing your refined, processed, chemical laden, crap, junk and high carb food and see how you feel. Some people can handle lot of carbs, for me restricting it was the secret to weight loss.

    Eat to live, not live to eat.

    Have a smaller eating window than your non-eating window. eg. 16hours not eating, 8 hours eating. It gives your body a chance to burn fat and heal.

    Be committed and honest.
  • Chadomaniac
    Chadomaniac Posts: 1,785 Member
    A CALORIE DEFICIT / Thread over
  • Anney1843
    Set a short term goal and don't set your next one until you've completed the first one. Oh and always stay positive, the more you think about how something is difficult or impossible the more likely you are to believe it.
  • misskissmck
    misskissmck Posts: 9 Member
    write down everything. every bite.
  • addokai
    addokai Posts: 68 Member
  • florentinovillaro
    florentinovillaro Posts: 342 Member
    Calories in calories out.
  • toolzz
    toolzz Posts: 163 Member
    Change your relationship with food. You can eat whatever you like but you have to change how you think about it.
  • Tufeek61
    Keep a log of your meals. That and portion size is a huge help........Proteins 4-8 oz depending upon what your calorie intake is supposed to be.
  • vivaldirules
    vivaldirules Posts: 169 Member
    The process is the goal. The goal is the process. Every single day.
  • Huffdogg
    Huffdogg Posts: 1,934 Member
    Calorie deficit

    Very first response had it.