Confessions: The "Fattest Thing" You've Ever Done



  • About a year ago, me and my brother bought like 5 boxes of popcicles, and we ate them all right outside of a Walmart, didn't even wait till we got home. It was so awesome, but I wasn't able to eat lunch or dinner after that... nowadays, I would probably be able to though. haha
  • jwp102030
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    Too tough to pick one

    McDonalds 50 pack of nuggets, large fries and of course, diet Coke to eat while watching football game.....didnt last the first half.


    Getting back from dinner out with friend and ordering and eating a large Poppa John pepperoni pizza alone while watching NCIS....... and no it didnt last the whole episode.

  • dunnodunno
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    Would eat ice cream filled to the brim in a big bowl then add either lots & lots of cereal, two or three brownies, ten or twelve cookies, or two or three pieces of cake.

    I remember one time also eating a whole carton of either Turkey Hill ice cream or Breyer's in one sitting.
  • burning2much
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    A 16" pizza just for me...that I believe is the worst I've ever done
  • sweetcurlz67
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    OMG!!! totally in for #17!!! LOVE ITTTTT!!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
  • ummlovelovesyou
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    Ummm one time I puff puff passed and before you know it I had consumed an entire pizza. :embarassed:
  • ryanwood935
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    11 plates of never ending pasta from Olive Garden.
  • breakyoface
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    ^omg you suck!
  • saanaismom
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    1) I use to always buy a family pack of pecan butter tarts even though I knew I was the only person in the house that ate them. I would gobble up all of them over the weekend so I could start working out fresh on Monday. The following weekend, repeat.

    2) Adding dollar menu items to my combo.

    3) Lots of secretive eating.

    4) Bake cake, eat said cake - but for a little piece, throw it in the garbage and pretend the majority of the cake fell on the floor. <---not sure who was falling for that but it made sense in my head.

    5) Killer brownies. #allsortsofwrong

    6) All you can eat Chinese food buffet.
  • chrisdavey
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    I do eating competitions/challenges so yeah :happy:

    835g of bananas in 2mins

    5 dry crumpets in 3m26s

    dominos's squat/deadlift pizza challenge


    1421cals 112P/138C/50F 36g fibre, 2040 potassium

    peri peri fish & spinach soft tacos & smores pop tarts with pb crave cookie dough pb


    10 McDonald's snack wraps in 11mins

    1kg burrito in 3m50s

    And probably my 10700 cals logged on the day of my bb comp a few weeks ago :laugh:

    Amongst others :smile:
  • ironsun
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    I've done something similar to #2 - say I'm going to the gym and go get breakfast instead
  • spulia1
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    In college, I made baked ziti for my girlfriend. We each had a reasonable sized serving, but I couldn't fit the rest in my fridge. We had a party to go to so I told her not to worry about it I'd handle it later. A few hours later I returned. The baked ziti was sitting on my desk, still warm (that's how much there was). I was drunk. I ate it all, probably like a pound and a half of pasta and cheese. It took an hour.
  • DannehBoyy
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    I went to Mcdonalds for breakfast, lunch and dinner when i was younger. Me and my friend thought it was a brilliant idea at the time. :sick:
  • MinnieInMaine
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    Oh so many....hell, why do you think I was obese for about 18 years?!

    It started young. I remember mindlessly eating way too many peanuts on the way to our camp and getting violently ill from it. And then there was baking pans of brownies and hiding the evidence (dirty mixing bowl, pan, utensils) under my bed if I didn't have time to clean up before Mom got home from work. She actually busted me on that which thankfully stopped it. But then I'd find other ways like riding my bike to the store and wolfing down an italian (hoagie/sub) with a big bag of Cool Ranch Doritos and Mountain Dew.

    Later in life, I'd double eat. Either stop at McD's on the way home for a burger and coke or stop at the convenience store to get some chocolate milk and candy bars or a box of snack cakes - and then have dinner with Hubs. It was shameful how much food wrapping there was under the seats of my car! And Hubs never had a clue - he even commented once about not understanding how I had a weight problem when he never saw me eat much food. But we'd drink - oh we'd drink. And not stuff like diet coke and rum. No, it was copious amounts of coffee brandy mixed with 1-2% milk. The god.

    And on days I had off for holidays he didn't get, I'd actually plan on feasting my brains out. I'd go to the grocery story and get a frozen supreme pizza (and not one of those little ones) and a pint of Ben and Jerry's and eat all of that and sometimes more. Got busted with that too unfortunately.. It was MLK Jr day and he had to work even though we were having a big snow storm. So I had my ice cream and half the pizza for breakfast then went out and shoveled the driveway off. Just as I was finishing up, I slipped on the ice and broke my leg. Spent the afternoon in the ER and when he drove me home, there was the other half of the pizza on the stove. So much shame...

    Oh and I'd do that two drinks at the drive thru thing too. That way I could justify 2 sandwiches and 2 pies.
  • jonlfischer
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    Once ate 2 foot long subs and a large 16" pizza

    And apparently converted it all into pure beast mode strength!

    Most of

    Pizza is my weakness
  • kkay3182
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    made a whole loaf of cinnamon sugar bread and ate it all in a day!! But who can resist really good homemade bread?:noway: I would probably do it again too:laugh: hence the reason I seldom bake anymore!:sad:
  • Kori_jay
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    One Friday evening (sadly not too long ago) I went to the grocer and bought 2.5lbs of king crab, 1/2 of a seedless watermelon, 2 packs of Coconut Dreams Keebler cookies (hey they were 2 for $4 with a $1 discount and they're the next best thing to Samoas!!!!) and a $4 bag of nacho cheese Doritos AND a jar of Tostitos cheese dip!!!!! By Saturday evening, IT WAS ALLLLL GONE! ALL! GONE! I was ashamed but not really. I know what triggered "The Binge" but I'm more ashamed to admit that! I just know better now and will not let that situation ever make me eat like that again! EVER! Oops I forgot about the bottle of Moscato. I only consumed 3/4 of that. WIN!
  • MysteriousMerlin
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    My husband works for a particular company, of which one of its sponsors is a gourmet donut shop. He brought home 18 Butterfinger donuts one evening after a show...let's just say 9 of those donuts did not see the morning sun.

    When I was in college and working, I would hit the Dairy Queen by school and order 4 double cheeseburgers (2 for 2$), and eat three of them on the way home. I would give whoever was home the other burger, acting like I had only eaten one.

    Cans of frosting and vanilla wafers, 1lbs packages of teriyaki beef jerky, entire packages of Chips Ahoy cookies...I'm surprised I didn't die of a massive heart attack back then.
  • _SoundWave_
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    ate a 1 Kilogram of Galaxy chocolate last Christmas , I was sick as a dog but it was delicious mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  • kshadows
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    Double bacon cheeseburger, Coke, and fries...on my way home to make dinner.