Any women 5'3 or 5'4 with before and after pics?




    These are my before and during pics as haven't reached my goal yet :)

    Aiming for about 135 ish, am 159 at the mo!
  • RunningMermaid
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    I'm about 5'3, and 156 pounds right now.
    My goal is about 125lb, simply because I have quite a bit of muscle mass. So even though i have a small/medium frame, I'm not going to aim for 105/110 like i may WANT, because with my hips/thighs and muscles it ain't gonna happen.
  • fittobe15
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    I will def do this when I hit my goal, I use to be as small a 103-147 now Im 174 due to depression. =( Very inspiring thread Bump
  • jessie0494
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    I am 5' 4" and I weighed in at 131.5 tonight. My current picture is my profile picture! Thats what I look like im aiming not reallly for a weight. I am thinking 125ish maybe 120. Whenever I look what I desire to look like. Right now im a size 7-9. I want to be back at a 4-6!
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  • flow2512
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    I am 5'4 and my goal weight on here is 135... but I think I want to lower it to 125 or 130... not sure ... see when I get there. You can look at my pic's in my profile. I started at 215. The weight in my before and current I believe is around 150.

    This is me !!!
    I'm 5 ft 5" tall, lady of 51 this year, I started out two year ago at 215 lbs, lost 65 lbs and got to 150 lbs and family and friends all said , you have lost enough, don't lose anymore etc etc., even though my target was 120 lbs, which is what I weighed 32 years ago, before I got married, I felt slim t 150 but didn't feel right. Then with stresss and worry over parents being ill, I gained 10 lbs, I am now on the mfp. To lose that 10 lbs and some more and even if I end up at 130 lbs, I will be happy.
  • geecee77
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    Wow you are all so stunning! What an inspiration! I am 5'3 and have about 50lbs to loose.
  • Roxiegirl2008
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    I am 5'1. I know a little shorter than you. I started at 211 and now I am at 131. I am right about the weight I want to be. My trainer and I have talked about the weight that would be good for my body type.
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    bump :-)
  • lemonsurprise
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    A before and during! Lost 50lbs since joining MFP, god knows how much from the first picture though. Any guesses are welcome!

    SW 225
    CW 175
    GW 130
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    Such a great thread. Ultimate proof that numbers mean nothing.
    I'm 33 years old, 5.3ft, 162lbs, down from 198, small frame.

    I used to have a goal weight in mind (127lbs) but I don't anymore. Depending on how I eat and train, I can look completely different at almost the same weight.
    I know how I want to look and the weight on the scale when that happens will be fine by me. Whatever it might be.

    Progress pictures on my profile!
  • kiwi_gros
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    I am 5'5" just started so CW 225 GW 130ish and my current bra size is 42DD. Apple shape and a "mama pouch" from hell. Doing this to bump it but hoping to put my success up here someday soon!
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    So many inspirational women on this thread! Keep up the good work, everyone!

    SW: ~200lbs, not on MFP
    CW: 143 lbs
    GW: 120-130lbs.

    My GW was 140 lbs for a LONG time, and now that I am so close, I see I have a lot more to lose.
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    5'4" started at 252 down to 151..
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