What's Your Most Recent NSV



  • toriraeh
    toriraeh Posts: 105 Member
    I ran in my first 5k race tonight! No, I didn't run the whole time, only about 2 miles, but the fact that I signed up, didn't chicken out and finished is huge! :)

  • alias1001
    alias1001 Posts: 634 Member
    Flipped my own mattress without breaking a sweat. B)
  • ebbingfat
    ebbingfat Posts: 117 Member
    I went grocery shopping today, and looking back at it now I'm both shocked and proud of myself.

    I used to make my way to the bakery department immediately every time I went shopping. Even if I didn't go to the store wanting something from the bakery, I would always still end up there, and end up buying sweets. As I started eating better, I started purposefully avoiding the bakery or any aisles with junk food, so that I wouldn't be tempted. Today I walked straight past the bakery without even wanting to look at it, and walked up and down all the junk food aisles without wanting anything.

    While I do still have a sweet tooth, all I regularly crave now are Yoplait greek whips and the occasional protein bar.

    I'm no longer having to force myself to make better choices. It's just something I do now (most of the time), and it feels great.
  • DianaLovesCoffee
    DianaLovesCoffee Posts: 398 Member
    Rode EVERY SINGLE ROLLERCOASTER at Cedar Point - because I could! Even the ones the Hubs couldn't fit in - Best Day Ever.

    I lost 2 pounds last week while on vacation (even while eating S'mores and Ice Cream cones every day!)
  • thereshegoesagain
    thereshegoesagain Posts: 1,056 Member
    Usually when I wash my face over the bathroom sink I get water all over my shirt from my massive boobs being in the way. Now that my boobs are much smaller, all the water ends up back in the sink.
  • aDivingBelle
    aDivingBelle Posts: 49 Member
    I've gone from squatting 55lbs for 15 reps to 80lbs for 15 reps in three weeks. And increased my lap pull down from 90 to 110 in the same amount of time. I can also do five full push ups now, a huge improvement for me!
  • Angelfire365
    Angelfire365 Posts: 803 Member
    Jogged for 20 minutes!!! STRAIGHT!!
  • randilast
    randilast Posts: 99 Member
    My NSV has been seeing a little more give in my waist bands. There's not much, but still some more room than there was before.
  • rhianna818
    rhianna818 Posts: 85 Member
    NSV - I clicked my steering wheel down one notch. Now I can see the fuel gauge w/o having to look "over" the wheel.
  • fitfatty88
    fitfatty88 Posts: 273 Member
    Spent time yesterday doing meal prep. Roasted a chicken, baked a fresh veggie mix, and made brown rice. Divided everything into equal portions and now have ready grab lunches for the week. It ended up being easier than I had anticipated and now I don't have to waste my money grabbing lunch every day at work.
    Also, Friday I wore a maxi skirt and crop top out to dinner and didn't feel super self conscious about it. I NEVER would have gotten a crop top last summer. Nobody glared or said anything, even my mom liked it.
  • c_leeee
    c_leeee Posts: 144 Member
    I have to remind myself to stop drinking water about an hour before I leave work so I can make it through an entire workout at the gym without stopping for the restroom. I never EVER thought I would be telling myself to stop drinking water. I guzzle it all day now! :)
  • fitfatty88
    fitfatty88 Posts: 273 Member
    Oh! Also, Saturday night I was looking for a dress to wear out. Noticed there were some dresses in bags in the back of my closet, including my prom dress from my junior year. Nearly 10 years later and it's actually too big now!
  • Karen_can_do_this
    Karen_can_do_this Posts: 1,150 Member
    After being away on vacation and not going to the gym in over 5 days, I hit the gym first thing this morning.
    I feel fantastic! I hit 45kg squats and dead lifted 60kgs!!!! Still working on getting past 15kg bench press but it's getting easier. I'm going to bump it up next week
  • AnnPT77
    AnnPT77 Posts: 31,406 Member
    I've been holding out on buying new clothes, in general, until I reach something closer to GW. Last month, I broke down & bought new jeans (my daily wardrobe staple in retirement) because the size 16 women's jeans were so bunched at the waist from the belt that the waistline dipped below belt level between the belt loops. I reported how thrilled I was to be in a size 12 (misses, not women's) for the first time in decades.

    Guess what? Decided a needed an extra pair for a trip I'm taking, and re-did the size check. Bought size 8. And I still have around 20 pounds to go!

    (BTW: They have up-sized 8 since the last time I could wear that, back in the 70s - I'm definitely bigger now, yet, than I was then. But still.)
  • 47Jacqueline
    47Jacqueline Posts: 6,993 Member
    I lost a half inch off my hips!
  • Littlepeeper
    Littlepeeper Posts: 56 Member
    I do not recognize the feel of my face in my hands. I just went to rub some tears away and was startled by my bone structure.
  • DaniYelli27
    DaniYelli27 Posts: 17 Member
    I can now go a solid 40 min on the elliptical without stopping. When I started two months ago, it was like 15 min tops.
  • IILikeToMoveItMoveIt
    IILikeToMoveItMoveIt Posts: 1,172 Member
    I realized it's been over a year since I went to a buffet... They used to be my bang for my buck. I had a system of consumption that both shamed and impressed me...lol

    All of my shorts I had gotten for the summer (brand new) are falling off of me. The thing is, I weigh the same and my measurements are the same...something has to be different somewhere in the numbers cause my whole summer wardrobe isn't lying! (I've taken up squatting, maybe that has something to do with it?)
  • thereshegoesagain
    thereshegoesagain Posts: 1,056 Member
    I got special permission to swim laps during the Senior water aerobics class and know a couple of the women in the class. I overheard one of them bragging that she's friends with "the swimmer". It made me feel pretty bitchin'
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