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    Monday Check-In: everyone is still sick and tired of being sick and tired, but at least I've discovered an addictive new game that I'm testing as part of a "help from home" volunteer opportunity that I've joined. That at least offers something to do, I guess.
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    Hi there, I've been a lurker for a little while and an intermittent MFP user for a lot longer. I'm finally jumping in to try to get involved in the community and see if that motivation can get me going. I've got a long journey ahead of me and am looking for any nice Internet people to come along! Feel free to friend me!
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    Kelley so glad that you came through the storms with no damage. That must have been a scary night.

    Karen are you getting battered by the storms as well?

    I had a good workout today and it mostly agility. So a different type of workout.
    I am getting rain again but it should stop at some point in the morning.

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    @laurie-- yes, the storms were awful all day. Freezing rain and sleet came down from early morning until about 9 pm. I didn't leave the house. Even gunner refused to go outside until he absolutely had to this afternoon. Glad you were able to get that bike ride in. It was too treacherous to drive so I didn't get to the gym, and I canceled plans to go to my sister's as well. Now I will be going to her place tomorrow afternoon. I need to take my car in for an oil change and tire rotation in the morning, so whether I make it to the gym depends upon how long that takes.

    @kailey & laura-- welcome to the thread!

    @zoe-- nice that you found something to keep you busy.

    @niki-- yes, it's the last of the Hunger Games series. I had read the first 2 years ago, but never got to the third. I finished it this afternoon since I was housebound due to the ice storms.

    @kelley-- So glad to hear you came through those storms okay. They were all over the news and I was thinking of you; happy to see your update when I popped on her earlier today. Isn't it so hard to be patient when you are healing from an injury? At least it's progressing as expected with no complications.

    Monday Check-in:
    Well, you would think that being forced to stay in all day would mean I got through a lot of my goals, but alas, it's not so. I spent the morning catching up on some DVR'd shows, and then I spent the afternoon reading the rest of Mockingjay. Never even made it out of my pajamas. The only productive thing I did all day was make an appt. for an eye exam.

    General Goals:
    1. clean fish tank DONE
    2. clean floors and vacuum DONE
    3. clear dining table
    4. wash bedding

    Grading Goals:
    3. 5/40 AP essays
    4. x/1 colleague rec letter

    Exercise Goals:
    Sun-- rest day
    Mon-- walk gunner NOT DONE
    Tues-- walk gunner + gym
    Wed-- walk gunner + gym
    Thurs-- walk gunner
    Fri-- walk gunner + gym
    Sat-- walk gunner + gym
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    Tuesday Goal ... find a cure for the common cold? OR ... stay the allergic Rhinitus that's got my nose all swollen on the inside? ... Maybe ... Light a flame under my seat so I don't lament starting 2016 with everything in the same condition as when I started 2015? No ... it's get through the day without going over on my macro and calorie goals.

    For everyone ... a little cartoon photo for you ...
    Follow-Through, Niki
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    Tuesday goal: I agree with Niki, deal with whatever's putting pressure on my chest. Now it is I who can't quit coughing up lime green goop. Not a pleasant way to end the year! :sick:
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    Hi Everyone,
    Hope all had a good holiday. As for me it was nice but different. I realized my son was the glue of the relationship with my parents. My sister and I have mended our relationship. I quit my job and no job insight but have faith God will provide. I got tired of the isolation and lack of help at my new job it drove the reason to quit. Hope all TX friends are safe. MN got snow yesterday. Happy New Years Friends.
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    Hi Folks. I've had myfitpal for a while and have recently picked it back up again. So, here it goes.

    Tuesday - goals - exercise for a minimum of 15 minutes a day. Do not eat fast food. And read. :smile:

    I hope everyone who is ill to feel better! I read some posts. @Nikion901 @zcb94

    @mnwalkingqueen. - all the best to you. You'll find something more suitable i hope (job wise)
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    Well, I did make it to the gym today but I just walked. I was not feeling 100% and did not want to overdo it. I think I am getting a cold so need to beat it before it gets the best of me. Tomorrow, I will try for a better workout. I will be climbing tomorrow night but I want to workout a little harder than that before hand.

    My trainer introduced me to the sit and rise test. Basically, it tests your ability to go from a standing position to sitting on the floor and then getting back up. There is suppose to be a link between mortality rate and this test but I am not convinced based on the study and the fact they did not track the cause of death in these people. I must say, I did not like this test and it was very hard for me to get back up without using any assistance and it was bothering my knees. You are suppose to do this by sitting Indian style. I will try working on this again but it is not my favorite activity. You can google Sit and Rise test and get the images for the test and how it works.

    Mnwalkingqueen- Good luck with your job search. Glad you nice Christmas and it is great to see you back. Happy New Year.

    Karen- Happy to hear you survived the storms in your area as well. The TV coverage showed how devastating the area was hit. Tomorrow I am hoping for a lazy day as well.

    Welcome to the new people.

    The end of year is quickly approaching so we need to start thinking about how we can we stay focused in the new year. Last year we came up with mottos for the year and many of us found that very successful and helped us to stay on track. Do we want to repeat that this year? Do we want to resume our monthly challenges?

    The journey we have undertaken is different for each one of us and we will all get their in our own time and way. However, we have one thing in common and that is a desire and determination to succeed in reaching our fitness and health goals. Together, we can share our struggles, successes, concerns and challenges in our daily lives. This thread provides a base for support that brings strangers together and allows us to develop friendships that reach across cyberspace. In the new year, I would encourage everyone to think about what we want to accomplish in the new year.

    Let us set Smart Goals that are achievable: For example
    In 9 weeks, I will be able to walk for 20 minutes or run for 2 miles.
    In 18 weeks, I will be able to walk for 40 minutes or run for 4 miles.

    These goals can be fitness or weight related.
    In 9 weeks, I will lose 5 pounds.
    In 18 weeks, I will lose 10 pounds.

    This is just an idea that I have.


    You must do the things you think you cannot do. - Eleanor Roosevelt
    You must do the things you think you cannot do.

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    @Holly It was so nice to see your post.
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    Hi everyone, it's been a long time since I posted and sorry I missed so much, still have 2 pages to get through, but wanted to let you know I'm still here, albeit have had to start over. Our team decided rather than have a traditional Christmas luncheon, everyone would take a day and bring a snack for the team. Do you hear me groaning? It wouldn't have been so bad, but instead of doing snacks, the first person brought a full meal, and it just continued that way even to today, Dec 29th. A full meal every day, including snacks and all kinds of not-low-calorie food every day for 3 weeks. 8 feet from my desk. Needless to say, I did not do well, and finally stopped logging altogether, even though I know better. I lost my 324 day streak and have now started over. I've probably gained back 10 lbs (that's what it feels like, anyway), and with no exercise either, I just feel yucky.

    Well, I know what you are all saying - get back on the horse, start over, forget the past, and move on. That's the plan, but I can't help kicking myself for falling off the wagon. I missed you all. Take care and I hope everyone has a fun New Years Eve.
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    Just thinking ahead toward the new year. This was copied in whole from the site,

    Before I paste it, I am proposing, for the New Year, that we all consider, The Ulysses Contract.

    A Ulysses pact or Ulysses contract is a freely made decision that is designed and intended to bind oneself in the future.

    Consider it for Ourselves. Read the following. See if it will inspire you to go searching Wikipedia to read the whole story, then look at your own temptations as you try to lose weight. Think about these ancient stories past down to us. Were we listening only half-heartedly? Were we really supposed to apply some of these lessons to our personal life when confronted with temptation?

    Well, it seems, the sirens call to us from all around. Our friends want to meet for coffee and the pastries call to us. We need to tie ourselves to the mast, so we can enjoy the scent of the pastry, yet keep our back bolt upright against the mast sailing straight forward to our destination.

    I'm a believer. January 1, 2016, I'm going to turn my efforts towards The Ulysses Contract I make with myself.

    Now, as promised, a brief background on this:

    In Book VII of The Odyssey by Homer, the goddess Circe gives Ulysses the option to hear the beautiful but deadly Sirens. The Sirens were dangerous creatures, aquatic seductresses who lured sailors with songs of enchantment to shipwreck off the rocky coast of their island. He (Ulysses) wanted to hear the Sirens' song but knew that doing so would render him incapable of rational thought. Ulysses wanted to hear the songs, and survive.

    To do this he had his men tie him to the ship’s mast and then put wax in their own ears so they could row but not hear. He ordered them not to change course under any circumstances and to put their swords upon him should he break free of his bonds.

    Upon hearing the Sirens' song, Ulysses was driven temporarily insane and struggled with all of his might to break free. He begged his crew to release him. With every stroke the oarsmen helped Ulysses move past temptation. The pact held. After having rowed beyond the Sirens, the crew members removed the wax and freed a grateful Ulysses.

    Ulysses rigged the game for success by knowing his limits, then creating a plan to work within them. The plan he made to row past the sirens is the same design for contracts we can make with ourselves to row past temptations.

    So, am I just impressed with this concept cuz its the first time I've come across it - I see its used everywhere - business, psychology etc.

    Its certainly personal, and would definitely be a challenge.

    To Newcomers - Last January - each of us adopted a word or phrase we wanted to think about every day and most regular has kept that up. That is another option. Like Grandma Kayes Slogan "Onward and Downward"

    So lets get the discusssion started -
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    @Newbies welcome to each and every one of you - I read so fast I missed your names but I'm so proud your on the bandwagon!

    @BohemianCoast - ALLISON - WOOT - always happy when you come around ! sorry if you've had some rough weather Oh Dear! Glad both children are doing well in school if I understood correctly ! Keep hanging out with us.

    @Laurie - great, tangible goals and good ideas for newcomers and us older, un-focused people as well. I do like it. Could be our Goals for the New Year! What does Everyone Think?

    @Bathmats - haha! After using alone for 2 days the guilt set in. I measured the drying time of the mats and it was fairly quick, but I did demote 2 towels to lay on top of them when I shower - what causes that impulse? ;)

    @GOINS - good to see you too!

    @Niki - can't imagine you having trouble in the kitchen - hope you get it figured out!

    Well Now is NEW YEARS EVE. I live uptown and there will be fireworks downtown. But if I go to the party room, if its not in use, I can sit there and watch and have a grand view.!
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    The end of another year. This time of year brings reflection to most of us. Time to look back at our goals and aspirations. Have we worked on them? What we have achieved. Plan our goals for the new year and how we may get there.

    At the end of last year I chose the word "Gratified". I would try to live my life so I would feel gratified. In many ways I have done this. In some ways not.

    There have been many changes in my life. Yet, I am still the same person. Sometimes feeling confident, other times close to panic. I do feel that I am moving toward my goals. Some are arriving more quickly than others.

    One thing I have worked on this year is to enjoy the ride. Trusting that I am where I am supposed to be. To look around and see what is going on right now instead of trying to see over the next hill. Part of feeling "Gratified".

    This was a year for the record books. I turned 55. I did two tri-athlons and two other races. I ran 5 miles for the first time in my life. I actually took some days off and stayed away from my store. I drove from Wisconsin to Denver and back - alone. I met some wonderful people and developed some incredible friendships. I celebrated 30 years of sobriety. I separated from my husband of 35 years. I sent one son to rehab.

    Beyond all I found inner strength I did not know I had. Along with a peace in knowing I have what I need and that is enough.

    My goals for the new year are in many ways the same as last years, I am adding a few refinements.

    Lose 20 pounds
    Run 10K
    Run 1/2 marathon (knees permitting)
    Olympic length triathlon (knees permitting)
    70 mile bike race

    Take a week long vacation without going to my store
    Clean/sort/organize all my closets
    Continue with my meditation/journaling

    My 2 cents on the goals for the thread. I am up for anything. I like the monthly challenges. I like the idea of the Ulysses Contract. Laurie's idea is a great one. I do think we are more successful when we have group goals, but that my be just my perception.

    One final note in a long missive. It is wonderful to see so many newlings, I am so very glad so many of you are sticking around. It is good to see some of the oldtimers checking in when they can. As always it is amazing to see such dedication from so many who post regularly. I love this group and it has been key to my success. I thank you all.

    Love to all,
    Lori <3
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    Good Morning.

    The tornado assessment continued through yesterday, with a total of 9 tornadoes hitting us on Saturday evening (that makes 74 for the year--a record we didn't need to break :fearful:); they’re tallying up the damage such that we can get federal assistance for clean-up and rebuilding. There are still 4 people unaccounted for and many pets that haven’t been reunited with their owners. In one area there are over 250 homes that are uninhabitable. :cry:

    @Holly~ Happy New Year, I’m so happy to see you post. I have thought of you often and am glad to hear that you and your sister have restored your relationship. I’m sorry the job didn’t work out, I’m confident you’ll find a job with the right fit soon.

    @Zoe~ I’m sorry for your illness over the holiday, definitely sounds like you need an antibiotic to kick that to the curb. Sending healing vibes.

    @Karen~ Did you get more snow yesterday? If so, hope you were still able to get out and do some things.

    @Niki~ There was an arrest yesterday for looters. There were pics on the news about a guy a few towns over, pacing in front of his tornado-torn house carrying a shotgun—saying he’d shoot first and ask questions later. Only in Texas! :wink:

    @Laurie~ I know about that sit & rise test, something the trainers have you do during an assessment at my gym when you first join. Very hard.

    @Tracy~ Ugh on office temptations—it’s been like a bakery around here, luckily I have decent willpower for most sugary things. How is your husband, have you been able to get some help around the house?

    @Robin~ I must have missed the bathmat discussion? :smile: I don’t have rugs in either bathroom and have a bathmat type towel that I lay on the floor when I shower—when I’m done I hang it over the tub and close the shower curtain. I’m kind of a neat-freak, can’t stand stuff on the floor. Interesting about Ulysses contract.

    AFM~This year has flown by. Where does the time go? In many ways I’ve been reflecting on 2015, which turned out to be a rough year. :anguished: That Achilles tendon injury turned out to be the bane of my existence and just benched me from the things I love to do for far too long, thus putting a damper on my weight loss success for most of the year. :confounded: I remember back in January, my slogan for the year being “don’t sweat the small stuff,” I feel like I’ve been a lot more tolerant at work and in life and really tried not to feel beat down with my injury and subsequent surgery. I’m healing well and even though I still have a few months of rehabilitation, I know that I will be able to return to my active lifestyle (except running is forever off the table). For now, I’m just taking it one day at a time.

    I do not make New Year’s Resolutions; however, I do set goals to try new things and make promises to myself.

    Goals for 2016:

    Health & Fitness Goals:
    Join the cycle club at my gym (when doc gives the ok)
    Re-join Yoga classes at my gym (when doc gives the ok)
    I’m not setting a weight loss goal. It’s doable for me to reach my goal weight by the second-half of the year but my goal is just to continue living a healthy lifestyle and making healthy choices—weight loss should occur naturally if I’m consistent.

    Personal Goals:
    Finish my grad classes and pass my certification exam in May
    Continue to search for career advancement opportunities
    Meet with financial advisor to plan retirement goals (put this off far too long)
    Take time for me

    So “me time” to end the year is I decided to take tomorrow off of work. Overtime is mandatory in January and it’s highly stressful with month-end, year-end and the annual audit—taking a mental health day tomorrow so I can have a long weekend and relaxing start to the New Year. Except for possibly meeting a friend in the afternoon for lunch/movie, not much planned to ring in the New Year—I’m not one to be out on the streets. :neutral:
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    Good morning everyone and a belated Merry Christmas to you all. I had a very nice holiday with my family. We all gathered at my moms for food presents and fun. The job is going well though at the moment I only have one client one day a week because my husband needs the truck to get to Seattle for work. Its the push time to get the boat ready to go back up to alaska on jan 10th. My food and exercise have been all over the place for well over a month now. I am reigning it back in now though still not perfect. I am going to update my weight on the site on Jan 1st and just move forward from there. I do know that I stayed within a 10 pound range this whole time so not to much damage done. I think I am going to spend some money I dont really have today. I have been having a sore back and some pretty bad headaches the last couple of weeks and I think my bed is the culprit. I cant afford a new mattress right now but i am going to pick up one of those thick memory foam toppers and see if that might help out at least for awhile. I cant believe the weather we have going on right now across the country. Thank goodness all of you have managed to stay safe through it all. Our weather has been a little off for us but nothing drastic. We are just normally a little more mild but this year we have had record rain and snow in the mountains. Let me tell you record rain in mucky Washington is a lot of rain lol. I will check back later or tomorrow and try to get some personals done then. Take care and stay safe my friends and have a great day :):)
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    Wednesday Wish ... that we all have a really grand and cheerful entry of 2016 and that the coming year will be a successful in the goals we set for ourselves.

    Holly, Tracy, and Tammy, it was good to see you popping in here.
    Laurie, Robin, Lori, and Kelley ... I'm up for a group challenge but don't really have any suggestions for the group.
    It sounds like a few of us already know what we want to work on in 2016, including myself. Thus, pretty much anything nutrition/calorie, or exercise related would be something I could incorporate into my scheme.

    Lori, your reflections have put me into that mood also, but I'll save that for Thursday Truth! :)

    @bassistcat ... you must have looked at page 1 to know that Tuesday is 'goals' reporting day! Welcome.

    Zoe ... hope you find some bright spot in your day.

    Everyone ... the one thing that really stuck with me throughout 2015 were the motto's we chose to follow throughout the year. Mine was 'follow-through' because I am such a proctastinator ... and I did follow through on some of my plans and promises. I'm going to keep a motto for 2016 also ... just need to decide if I'll keep the same one because it's still a work in progress, or if I'll change it to something like 'move it to lose it' or something else. Yes, it's more than one word ... I am very verbose (maybe I should choose the word succinct? :wink:
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    I can't believe I didn't check in yet today. I guess my Wednesday Wish this time is that this nasty congestion somehow breaks up soon so my head can quit pounding. I just took a nap, and it helped but not much. As for the unity thing, I'm okay with whatever the others want but, if I had to choose, I guess I'd cast a vote for the Ulysses Contract thingie.
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    Hi, everyone, back again. For awhile, my work computer was blocking me from accessing the community page, which is the main reason I stopped posting - it's just too darn hard to post using my cell phone and I don't get much computer time at home.
    My DH is doing ok, he was at the emergency room about 2 weeks ago with COPD Exacerbation but they just gave him a breathing treatment and sent him home with prednisone and a Z-pack. He's doing better and had a pretty good Christmas, and I expect he will still be feeling well tomorrow for New Years Eve.
    My son graduated from ACC on 12/10, it was the first graduation I've gotten to go to for him since kindergarten so I was so proud to be there and get to share it with him. He got a Associates of Applied Science in Computer Aided Design, isn't that a mouthful? Ron wasn't able to attend but he got a ringside seat because the college broadcast(?) it on the internet, actually he had a better view than I did, since we were far from the stage.
    I'm well, but gained back 5 lbs with all the ridiculousness at work and lack of exercise. I agree that a group goal would be good for all of us, and I like the Ulysses Contract idea but not sure how to put it into play in my own life. I do thing I will choose a motto for myself for 2016 - Something to do with determination, strength, and taking care of myself as well as others. I will think on it and come up with something.
    Glad to see everyone, I don't have time to do any personals but I have read back about 15 pages and am glad to see everyone seems to be doing fairly well. I am proud of those of you who have been going through such difficult times and are still persevering and staying positive. It's difficult especially during the holidays (everyone is so darn cheerful, and can't understand why you don't seem to be in the "spirit" of things). Stay strong and keep moving on..... hey! maybe I can use that for 2016? I like it!

    Tracy (TX)
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    Oh ho ... I logged in under my old profile-id to retrieve some data for my stats and couldn't help but pop back in here to the community page ... there were 50 pages between now and the last time I signed on as NK1112 back in September.

    I'm thinking I need to focus on ... oops, a senior-moment took the thought and blew it away.