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    In late April, I went shopping for a bunch of new spring/summer clothes cause I’d already lost 25 lbs and knew that my summer stuff just wasn’t going to fit and my job requires that I look put together.

    It’s now mid-July and I’ve lost another 20lbs. Most of that stuff already doesn’t fit or is starting to look sloppy. I think I’m going to have to go shopping again very soon.

    I still have another 30-35 lbs to go – This is one expensive adventure!

    I cannot stress stores like Goodwill enough. . I've gone through 3 complete wardrobes in 92 pounds.

    Amen! Thrift stores ARE your friend. I go each week, only buying clothes in the next size or two down. I'm on my 10th size down, I can't imagine how much money I'd have thrown away already if I were buying new. YIKES!

    Thanks for the suggestion! Hadn't really given it much thought, but an idea worth check out!
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