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    Barbie from NW Washington~Astoria is a FINE place for a rest stop. Today was overcast, with bits of rain now and then today. All in all a great day!
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    Annr wrote: »
    Barbie from NW Washington~Astoria is a FINE place for a rest stop. Today was overcast, with bits of rain now and then today. All in all a great day!

    :) We've been through Astoria and stayed overnight there, too. I thought you'd like to know that they chose Astoria out of all the possible places along the coast for their stopover.

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    Tracie in Green Bay – Step Back and Throw out the “Twinkies” … no protein, just a lot of empty carbs, full of calories. Since you say you are not much of a cook … try buying some fruit or raw veggies instead. Would be better for you ‘dipped in your favorite dressing’ (even a little caramel or squirt of chocolate syrup) than the “Twinkies”. Popcorn would have less calories and would fill you up more; just no butter! I like Skinny Girl popcorn in a bag. I get tempted, too, like all of us at one point or the other. First step, you’ve admitted it, so we can encourage you to try to make better choices.

    Glad that your son is getting to see his kids. Not being able to see them can be a real bummer. We only see our grown son and his wife and child 2 or 3 times a year. Really miss them; but, DOS and his family live next door so we get to see them whenever we want to. Most enjoyable when they come down here to visit. Taking to beach in a few …! Can’t wait.

    – LOL! Didn’t want to ruin their new haircuts! Funny. DDnL#2 is a cosmetologist and she fixed someone hair the other day and about the time she walked the bottom had fallen out. Whoops! No control over weather … can’t do it again without charging you again. You could have stayed inside for a few minutes. Said she looked like a ‘drowned rat’. Felt a little sorry for her but she was ‘trying to beat the rain’.
    It’s like DH painting a neighbor’s house that had very fancy trim; wife had picked out the color and he asked that it be painted while he took her to the beach. Finished the job, they drove up and she took one look at it and said, ‘I don’t like it’! Neighbor had already been told that ‘if she changed her mind’ … he would have to charge him again. He called and told him he would pay him 1 ½ again what he charged if he could do it the next week. This woman never could make up her mind about anything. She is now a widow; I wonder who makes the decisions now. Her 2 children do not live in town.
    I enjoy my exercise; but, I get out when I start hearing thunder. I don’t think I would walk in the rain, not even if I could ‘sing’.

    I think a bath 2 days in a row taught Cracker NOT to go wallowing in the dead stuff! She hasn't done so (yet) but, it rained hard yesterday evening ... maybe that helped keep her close to the house. This afternoon she went running out in the planted pines with DH. He said she ought to be pooped out. She's still asleep!

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    The baby photos are absolutely adorable <3<3<3 Thanks Heather and Mary.

    Karen: You can come paint some of my rooms anytime you want.

    Joyce: Glad Charlie is home, but I second Barbie's advice to you.

    Pip: Retirement! Yes! Bring it on! I'm ready, too, but according to my handy countdown calendar, there are another 560 days to go....arggghhhh....

    Happy Friday, Friends. Stay well. We can do this.

    Colorado Foothills, where it's dry, hot and about to thunderstorm

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    Did 1-1/4 hr CIA-2004 All Body Cardio DVD. The plan for tomorrow is to do a Cathe Friedrich After Burn DVD.

    Sue in WA - have fun with your company. whenever I go to the dentist for a filling, I never take Novocaine. Guess I have a high tolerance for pain.

    Lenora - we're in zone 7 for growing things. Did you REALLY think that the government is logical?

    Joyce - one of our cats, Clyde, makes this crying sound whenever he's carrying this light-weight ball around the house or playing with it. To be honest, the first time he did this we thought he was dying. But he's just playing

    Mary from MN - thanks so much for the links. I haven't gotten to them yet, but I will. Guess I can't do them only one day/week. Babies are gorgeous. So glad they're coming home

    Does anyone have the CVS ExtraCare where you get $5 off if you purchase 10 prescriptions? What a pain in the neck (and that's being nice) to reenroll. They have had me on the phone for over an hour. I've been transferred all over gods half acre. No one seems to be able to help me, they can't seem to understand what it is that I want to do. Just reenroll. Just because I haven't had a prescription filled in the last year they can't seem to enroll me. I just want to be renrolled in case I need to have a prescription filled. What a pain! I ALWAYS have a problem when going to reenroll with them -- always. What a crappy website!

    kabwe - egg whites, jerky, tuna, beans (that includes peas), sardines, chicken, turkey, Greek yogurt, pork

    Went to Lynette's, then the post office, then WalMart. Home to put away the groceries then went outside to cut more weeds down. Boy, did I get a lot accomplished today. I would have worked longer only it started to rain and pretty hard. I did feel a few drops when I was outside, but I thought that might be my sweat. We're having waffles for dinner tonight, made them this morning since I thought I'd be working outside longer.

    Re in TX - yea for your hubby! I do wish I could get Vince to exercise, he's waiting for them to invent a "vitamin e"

    Joyce - so glad Charlie's skin is better. I'm sure that'll help him feel better, too

    Michele in NC
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    I have these DVD's that I don't do very much any more. If you're interested in them, please PM me.

    Richard Simmons Sweatin to the Oldies #5
    AM&PM Yoga for Beginners (Element)
    Baywatch Beach Body Workout
    Gin Miller Barbell Blast
    Get Ripped in 90 Days - Supreme 90 Day System by Tom Holland
    Belly Dance for Beginners
    Kathy Smith Flex Appeal (a Belly Dance Workout)

    I also downloaded a copy of Gin Miller's Seriously Strength. I'd be willing to just give this one to anyone. I thought it was different from what I have since it's a slightly different name, but it's not. It's on a DVD+R

    Michele in NC
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    Call me crazy but I love to see other people happy and succeeding .

    Good Evening Ladies,

    Joyce, your pain sounds like heart burn or acid indigestion. Been there a few times. Glad you are better now.

    Traci, congrats on the new car. You can wear plaid flannel in any fancy car. You go, girl.

    NYKaren, we have lots of ½ time residents here that are Half Backs. They started spending their winters in Florida and summers in the North East but found Florida too hot. Then they moved ½ the way back and ended up in Myrtle Beach. Some are even permanent residents.

    Janetr, your spider lilies are beautiful!!!

    Heather, wonderful picture of you and Bea. I think she likes you. happy-love-heart-smiley-emoticon.gif I’m so happy that they found a house in a great location. How much farther is it from you than their other home?

    Joyce, I hope you get your next 10 years of quiet. I think you deserve it after this past year or two. ((((Hugs))) At least Walmart is open 24 hours for your quiet get-aways.
    Barbie, Jake’s DD’s visit was short and sweet. That was hardly worth cleaning your house for. LOLsweeping-smiley-emoticon.gif

    Lisa, the paper looks great. Congrats on the huge increase in readership.

    Mary, the babies are still so tiny and so cute!! Do you not call them your DGDs too? Glad they are home!!

    NYKaren, sage sounds like a great color for a bedroom.

    Mia, I hope the small openings in your surgical seam are normal. Glad everything else seems to be healing nicely. I haven’t lost any weight in months but still keep finding more and more loose skin. I may just have to live with it. sad-eyes-smiley-emoticon.gif

    Heather, your swim shirt and leggings sound interesting. I can’t wait to see a picture!!

    Joyce, so glad Charlie is home and his skin under his bag has healed. Now take care of you!!! That’s an order. (((Hugs)))

    CarolGA, good for you on getting so high tech!!! A lot of it is scarier than hard. :O)

    KarenVA, we are happy to have you here. I know what you mean….the news every day or two is just terrible. I sure hope things can turn around soon.

    Tracie in GreenBay, STEP BACK FROM THE TWINKIES!!! Don’t make me put my boots on, woman!!! Gee I thought you were going to say if you got bored with what you were eating, you’d fry something or whatever. But not Twinkies!!Q! In fact, why are they in your house????

    Barbie, I can’t believe those pampered poodles made you go walking all alone in the rain. Such prissy dogs we have. Pepper called for his appointment today. He’s not looking so purdy lately. petting-poodle-smiley-emoticon.gif

    MicheleNC, that is too funny about your cat making the crying sound when he plays.

    pretty-pink-welcome-smiley-emoticon.gifto any Newbies that I missed. Come often and join in the chat. This thing works!! Please sign your post with what you want to be called. It makes it easier for us to respond to you. Also a location is great, be it specific or general. We are happy to have you join us.

    I had an HOA Board of Directors meeting last evening. I’ve been active in the HOA ever since we moved here 9 years ago. The builder just turned it over to the Homeowners and this is the first elected Board. We had a homeowner build something that was not approved and have been discussing it for months. The board decided to let it stand as it is, which goes against everything the rules are for. This is a homeowner that ignores the rules and does what he wants. I hated to do it but I resigned from the Board. If we only inforce the rules for some, I don’t feel it’s fair to the others so I just can’t stay on it. It makes me very sad because I was one of the most active members of the board and willing to spend the time necessary to get things done. Today DH and I went to Costco and then I met a friend at the Moose lodge to visit while she ate lunch. Wherever I go, I take you all with me.
    Sending love and good thoughts to all of you and I hope you all have a Happy and Healthy Day! rainbow-smiley-emoticon.gif

    Words I live by:
    Savor. I have to slow down and savor every bite.
    Opportunity. Each day offers new opportunities for good health and happiness if we just look for them and choose them.
    I Love you, blow.gif
    Myrtle Beach, SC
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    179 posts. No way I'm going to wade through them. :smiley:

    No way.

    It's even hotter in Houston than it was yesterday.
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    Three HUNDRED and forty-five missed messages? GAAH that is not going to happen. My loss.
    Hi ladies!
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    DJ- thanks. No, I would get in trouble with my DH's Ex. And daughter if I called them DGD's. I don't know if you remember but DH's daughter hasn't talked to him since a year ago last March. He has been trying to mend the relationship and only just this Wednesday did she finally text him to tell him she isn't ready to talk only text. Then she sent the pictures of the girls yesterday. She has always been passive aggressive towards me. So very strange relationship...we may finally be allowed to see them in October. I will not know how to act.

    Thanks everyone for the compliments on the babies. I thought I would update since the earlier set where they were not looking too healthy. Big improvement!


    Mary from Minnesota
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    DJ (#1) - Thanks for the cudos on the flowers. I'm not much of a gardener, all these flowers were in the yard when we bought the house and they come back year after year. Lucky for me, cuz I love them. :)

    I'm so sorry that happened with your HOA. I totally agree with you tho, you cannot bend the rules for one and think you can make everyone or anyone else adhere to them. That's too bad. You did what you needed to do even tho it was hard. (((hugs)))

    Janetr OKC
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    klanders30 wrote: »
    mousemom welcome. My one and only DD is leaving the nest for college this fall. I got motivated to get healthy for keeps this time because I realized I didn't have the energy to keep up with her! Good thing I found MFP and this forum and have been on this journey for almost one year ! My MFP anniversary is at the end of July

    Congratulations, Karen! What kind of progress have you made? My heaviest weight was 164. I'm around 142 now and hoping to see 135 but it's bloody hard!!

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    Michelle – Honey, no m ’ham … never ever thought the government was ‘logical’. Apparently they haven't changed either. I just get really tired of ‘sucking up’ and watching Congress pass laws that they don’t have to abide by; but, if we did those things we be thrown under the jail. For anybody to ‘ever’ think that they should or will is like cutting off the tail of a lizard … it will only grow back. You could go in and wipe it clean (maybe I should not use that terminology) … after 1 term in office they are pretty much set for life … Cadillac insurance, their own retirement (don’t pay into Social Security), and a life time of paychecks. I’d like to run for Congress under those set of circumstances. LOL! Damn Bureaucrats! Just hoping that my Periodontist can come up with an answer so that ‘maybe’ I can recoup just a bit of the costs. They went ‘up’ on my insurance premiums and down (apparently) on what they’d pay, so that it would conform to “The Affordable Care Act”. I’d like to know who can really ‘afford it’. And, before I get ‘jumped’ for making a ‘political comment’; this is true and not just IMHO.

    I’d think that Azaleas would do fine in Zone 7 … just check with your local nursery. If they sell them, they will probably grow there.

    I have CVS Caremark for my ‘mail-in Rx’. I get all my Brand name-only Rx filled there; and, the only thing I have to do is remember to tell my MDs to write the Rx for a 90-day supply with one refill and get his office to fax it in. Don’t have to re-enroll; but, when I call for my husband’s Rx; they always want to know if ‘he knows I am calling about them’. Well, sure … insurance is in MY name. I think they sometimes take H.I.P.P.A. a little too far; but, I do know why.

    For every 5 Rx that I get filled at K-Mart I get ‘points’ which add up to $10; no problem for me; other than they have a time limit before they run out. Sometimes (and this seems to be random) I'll get 30¢ off per gallon of gas at BP. But, it is hard to remember to take them with us when we need to fill up. Since I can’t drive, I usually go buy something I ‘want’ and not something I ‘need’. Got a free pair of some really nice sunglasses last time. What I like is they’ll either call or leave a message on land line and DH’s cellphone when we have Rx to pick up. I think the only thing I hate is that I cannot pick up the list of medications for DH for taxes … he has to do it. Same with CVS Caremark … he has to get on the phone and give them permission to do so.

    So Vince wants them to invent a “Vitamin EXERCISE”? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! I’d like for Louis to stop watching TV from behind closed eyelids. He crashes when it is this hot and muggy; but, wakes up if I turn the channel (or try to take the DVD out for later). I think he got that from MY Daddy.

    Mary from Minnesota – Don’t know the circumstances of DH and his daughter and her ‘lack of a relationship’; but, all I can say is … ‘it will be those precious girls’ who will miss out on not having their granddaddy around. My DH’s daughter has not spoken, texted, left any message, NO contact with him since his Mother died in 2007. They have a daughter we have not seen since she was a year old. Go figure! It’s called ‘greed’ in our circumstances. Karma comes around and sometimes more than once. DH’s ‘ex’ has never liked me … the feeling is mutual. But, I don't cower to her; and, she does (did) not like that. I'm sure that she is quite happy that her present husband is considered "Granddaddy; Papa; or whatever she calls him." We jumped through enough hoops (more so to make sure that DH's mother got to she his daughter) than anything else. Glad that is long since passed.

    My DDnL#2 (before she married DYS) called me “Miss Lenora” (out of respect); then her daughter (my DGD#4) decided to call me “Nana” … even though she called her step-mother’s mother that. She went for quite a while not really calling me anything; after I told her that she needed to decide what she should call me now that she and her mother were married to our son. At first she was going to call me Noni; but, all the other DGDs call me “Nana”; so that is just easier. DDnL#2 will probably call me “Nana” as well, she will address me a Mom (occasionally) … but I think she is still ‘timid’ about doing so. They call DH “Papa Louie”. Other DGDs call him “Papa”. Sons call him “FatBoy” (he’s not all that big – actually shorter than everybody other than DOGD#1 (who is only 5’-nothing”; but, he has a huge hernia in his belly that the MDs say is not doing any harm. Other than he literally looks like he is 6 or 7 months pregnant and it looks like a foot poking out. I can remember when my DYS moved it was like a 4-point landing; and he'd get a foot or elbow sticking out; getting it under my ribcage as I got bigger was hard. The OB/GYN thought for a while that I was carrying twins. Back then they did not have all the fancy medical equipment that they do now. I would not have cared … but, if I had had 2 of the same kind of personalities running around … I would be ‘drinking’ about now. DYS’s attitude about things (usually) was ‘it is easier to ask for forgiveness; than to ask for permission.” Both sons are great adults; but, were good kids. DOS was quiet and I could depend on his to ‘hang on to me’; but, DYS hit the ground running! Sons call me MommaDom (don’t ask, they can’t even tell me why).

    Cracker must have learned her lesson after getting 2 baths in as many days. Now I know why I get PetSmart to have them clip and bathe her. IF she could talk; I bet she’d be ‘screaming’ like all my DGDs did when I was teaching them ‘how to swim’ … “NANA, you’re trying to drown me!!!!!” I really wasn’t; but, they did not like having their heads go under water. When they finally realized that I would never ‘drown’ them and they started swimming … they haven’t stopped. DYGD is a ‘fish’. Can’t keep her ‘out of the pool’ if someone is out there. She knew I was mad at her for getting into something that smelled like it was 'dead'. I finally told her that 'if I had to continue chasing after her, I was going to spank her when I did get hold of her; she finally laid down'. Lord, the smell ... hard to hold a 20lb dog out and away from you when you don't want to smell like they do. I came in and took a 'hot shower' with a LOT of soap and suds!

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    Barbie, I love your suggestion. I may have to employ that one. I fixed chicken tenderloin strips on my George Foreman with just a light spray of my Pam on the grill, some green beans and we had one left over baked potato from last Saturday when the kids were here. Actually it was a potato for Charlie and he didn't eat anything. They were as big as they serve at the steakhouses so I just cut it in half. He usually uses a lot of sour cream and butter but the kids ate all the sour cream and I'm not sure how good it would have been for him anyway. So that was our supper. It was quick and easy and he said it tasted real good. He loves to soak cookies in milk so I bought a box of Vanilla wafers which he usually loves. But he asked why in the world did I buy those awful vanilla wafers??? So now I need to practice what I preach here and throw the box away. My daughter's room mate eats anything so I may give it to him. He is this tiny Vietnamese guy. he is her age, divorced with 2 teen age girls. He is about 4'8" and must wiegh all of 100 pounds but he is so funny. She charges him $50/week and when she goes on vacation with us he is there to take care of the dogs and she doesn't charge him. So he has his own room but shares a bathroom and has the use of the whole house. So he knows he has a good deal. Plus he las 3 dogs and a cat to keep him company.

    I told Charlie about the pain I have when I go to bed. He asked why I didn't go to the ER. I know what they probably would have done. Take me straight to the cath lab. I can just imagine me calling him from my room and telling him where I was. But the pain is only when I am laying flat. I am already on an acid reducer. He might need to change it. I go see the nurse practitioner next week to check me out after the change in blood pressure medicine. I can't remember when I had my last stress test.

    I hope I sleep well tonight. I usually sleep with my sound machine on pretty loud. I don't know if I would hear Charlie call for help or not. I know he didn't need any help getting in and out of bed with his ileostomy surgery. I guess he could always call my cell phone. This will be the first night I don't have my land line phone at my bedside along with my cell phone.

    Nitey nite ladies, Joyce, Indiana
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    Hi Gals,

    Ok this work thing is a dozy!!!! I’ll love it, but the schedule is killer… so 200+ to read, the comments will be sparse! But remember I love you all and think of you at the darnest times!

    Allie – your DGD is truly darling! What a great pic!

    Karen NY – is painting really something you love? Could you come and paint here??? PLEASE!!!

    Miriam – I am so proud of you – my yoga teacher had us do planks – not something he usually has us do and about ½ way through (30 sec or so) my arches gave out and I landed flat – cracked the whole class up.

    Only got to page 53… gotta sleep!

    July Goals:
    2 fun things a week, Lunch with Ben, visiting with mom, Cajun food with a friend, got the job!, watched the sunrise every morning,
    Log everyday to the best I can, over if need be.
    11,000 + steps everyday – like to hit 160 miles for the month.


    Kim from N. California
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    Morning, all... Slept in this morning... 3:30! That definition keeps changing, but it gives me lots of time before the world's up and stirring. And about six hours of restful sleep, so life is good.

    We're poised to pay off the warehouse next month and then the new little trailer by December, and back to debt-free once more, which makes me VERY happy. The banker, not so much--but I did tell him when we got the loan that the interest rate didn't really matter, because we planned to pay it off early anyway. They've heard it before from others, and pooh-pooh it... but I'm deadly serious. The only way to beat the system as far as credit goes is to pay quickly. Learned that the hard way. Also found out about 50% bonus depreciation, which may well serve us up a nice chunk of change at tax time. Have to talk to my bookkeeper, and an accountant if necessary.

    I must get back to exercise. I'm not gaining weight, but am getting so soft and flabby feeling, back to sitting in a chair quite a bit of the day. It's important--and next week is three months I've been in the job, so I've had plenty of time to get into a routine. The only days I can't exercise, because I head straight into work early, willl be Tuesday and Wednesday. That leaves a lot of week left. Will start with walking, the park is only four blocks away.

    Time for 2nd cup of coffee and get the DH's lunch together - he heads out each morning at 5:30 a.m., six days a week. This morning, it's laundry at the laundromat. Not my favorite, but a washer/dryer purchase is on hold until we get everything paid off. It's not that bad, two hours and I don't have to think about laundry for the whole week. There are worse things.

    Later, my chickens,
    Love y'all!
    Lisa in West Texas
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    Hi all!
    My kettlebell has arrived! That's the good news. The bad news is that the parcel that I thought it was hasn't arrived. They said they were delivering, so, unless a neighbour has it, someone has theived it.
    It is really heavy. Going to keep going with my 11 lb dumbell first. I have some ankle weights I can strap to it

    DJ - My son's new house is nearer than the one he had in North London. That took well over 2 hrs to drive to, with horrible traffic. This takes an hour and a half the quick way, along the motorway, and an hour forty five the extremely scenic route. The quick way would not be quick in the summer because it's the coast route. We are so happy that the best route is stunningly beautiful, through the countryside of Sussex, where I spent my teenage years. The beauty spots of Devil's D-y-k-e and Chanctonbury Ring are on our route. The South Downs are lovely and have been inhabited since the Stone Age. It was a flint mining area and is full of myths and legends. My grandparents were country folk from the area and my grandmother wrote a children's book she self published, called "Three Imps and The Wise Owl". I feel very happy looking at all my memories out of the car window. (Google?)
    We used to go to North London on the train, which took a drive go the station, an hour and a half to Waterloo, then a cross London underground journey with a change at Oxford Circus, then another change to an overground train, ten minutes to their stop, then a ten minute walk. It took nearly three hours. We did that return journey of nearly six hours to see the kids for just over three hours. But it was worth it!!! By train now it would be two hours twenty minutes each way door to door because the train company is in dispute with its workers and has cancelled the most direct train along the coast. I hope that will change.
    It's also nice now that they have put a decent bed in the guest room. Sleeping there used to be a trial! All we need now is curtains that fit the windows. Bathroom facilities are not great right now, but it's not impossible. I think we will be spending more time over there than we did in London. If they can bear to have us! I said to DDIL, "You"ll be sick of the sight of us!" and she said, "Never!", but I do not want to outstay our welcome. Next weekend we are earning our keep by babysitting one evening, but I never feel I do enough. I would like to be more help than hindrance. DH, of course, is the most wonderful help as he is the children's preferred playmate. I do not want to give them more work in their already busy lives. I am very good at holding Bea!

    Love Heather , who is a bit frightened of her kettlebell. :*

    PS Had to hyphen the scenic spot above because it came out as kitten, then everything turned bold. Sorry.
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    Good morning all! Happy Saturday! Did anyone else notice the new option below the posts. Insightful is now a response option. I like it! B)
    Kabwe- I usually prep up my protein for three days at a time. One of my favorite things to do is cook up some chicken, lean beef and slice it or shred it. Really easy to put it in the crock pot and let it cook all day with some garlic and different spices. When you get home you can just pull apart (shred) it with a fork. With summer here, grilling is also a nice option. Gives everything a smoky and summery flavor. I have to keep my carbs low (almost non existent) so instead of a bun or wrap, I use lettuce or spinach as a wrap or put the meat on a salad and add a nice home made tzatziki sauce. Greek yogurt has lots of protien, as does cottage cheese, nuts and beans. I am not sure what your nutritional needs and avoidances are; because of carb restrictions, I can't do nuts and beans as protein because they are also high in carbs. Eggs, yes, great protein. The yolks count as a fat source, so I usually do a couple of whole eggs and then add egg whites for a scramble or omelette.
    Heather- your trip to see the kids sounds wonderful. Sometimes it is so relaxing to just get away and drive. It is wonderful that your DS and DDIL are happy to have you! OF course they are! I imagine with three kids, it does give them a break from being "on point" with the kids at all times. Plus, I am sure they feel your love.
    Mary- the babies are DARLING! How fun to finally have them home with family!
    Well, I got my shopping done last night, and it is a clean-air action day; so no mowing the lawn today (isn't that sad?). Plan to hop on the bike and head downtown to the library. Return a couple books, pick up a couple more and I will just park my butt in the shade on the grassy hill that overlooks the channel and spend the day reading. Have a great day/weekend!
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    Question- Are any of you following a paleo diet or doing the Banting/Noakes diet? Any input on either of those eating plans?