WOMEN ages 50+ FOR JULY 2016



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    Thank you Rori - we will!
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    :) 17,000 steps---200 minutes of dog walking---Jake is walking on the treadmill while we watch baseball on TV

    :)Annegreat photo ---congrats to your daughter and her new spouse

    <3 Barbie
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    1095.1 mi so far, got til the end of the month to go
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    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon - South Fort Collins.

    I was lucky enough to buy a lot that has a natural resource area directly behind it with a lake. Because of the conservation efforts the land that lies between the natural resource area and the mountains will not be developed in the future. So I have a wonderful lake view with Longs Peak and Meeker views that will remain unobstructed. In the evenings I get the city lights for Loveland and points East and South. Bonus - I also have an open HOA area on one side of my house, so I have only 1 house close to me.

    The Fourth of July out on the back deck is awesome. At least 9 different fireworks shows going on at the same time and that isn't counting all the backyard shows.

    I drop into Boulder from time to time. Love, love, love the Dushanbe Teahouse. It's a feast for the eyes and the taste buds. boulderteahouse.com/ourstory/

    My daughter and I are headed up to Estes Park to Rocky Mountain NP to Grand Lake on the West side of the mountains. Just a day trip to get out of the heat (95 degrees) here on the East side to a cool 75 degrees in Grand Lake. B)

    Bet I crash my calorie count tomorrow by eating out for the day. :(

    Charleen in Colorado (She'll be going around the mountain tomorrow)
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    Did 50 min Tracie Long Staying Power DVD. We have a Newcomer board meeting tomorrow a.m. so the plan is to do a Tracie Long Leaning Out DVD.

    Mary in MN - but aren't you supposed to go below 90 degrees when you do the Russian squat (or one of them)?

    Becca - I'm assuming you mean the Styrofoam barbells in the water. Yes, they do add a lot of resistance, especially if you keep them under the water. I used to have a set only I found that I never used them in my pool at home, but I use them at the Y all the time.

    KarenE - I'm game for trying most anything new. Kettlebells are something new. Only I don't have any at home but I can (and did) use the ones at the place where I take the extremepump class

    Lisa - I remember going to school board meetings when my kids were in school. Yes, they seemed to drag on for hours and hours. And not a whole lot got accomplished. Usually, when the public would speak, they'd listen out of niceness and then do what they wanted to.

    NYKaren - great looking bathroom

    Heather - you look mahvelous

    Cheri - we left PA without a contract, the house was unoccupied. But it did sell pretty fast, and for more than the asking price! something will come along for you

    pip - then just be sure that the handkerchief is big enough for you to wear.

    barbie - so glad to hear that Jake is doing so well.

    One gal is coming over tonight to play Rummikub in the spa. The pool is a cool, refreshing 91 degrees...lol The guy came to look at our dryer today, it needed a new heating coil. We were afraid it was the control panel. then went to Hamricks to return the shoes I got that I didn't want and then to Aldi to get some things, not much. they did have peaches and nectarines on sale. Biggest problem is that I don't have enough room in my refrigerator! Guess that just means that I'm going to have to eat them. Life sure is tough, huh? Still have some apples in there, some clementines and grapes that were on sale. Maybe I can freeze the grapes (if I have room in my freezer, that is) They did have shelled edamame at Aldi so I got some of that. The only other place I can get it is WalMart, and they're more expensive. I suspect that this isn't something they'll normally carry.

    Also went to Office Max and then Office Depot. they have markers on sale (plus, I have a coupon) and I really could use some for marking on the masking tape when I put something in the freezer but both stores were sold out of the markers and neither store gives rainchecks. To me, this is strange.

    I don't remember who it was, but I remember discussion about using the orange cake mix and was it adding pudding and white chips (melted) that made it like a creamsicle cake?

    Jill/mousemom - it's not considered "rude" to not use your name, just that some people have really weird handles/avatars/whatever they're called, like bjmlrqest. It many times just makes it easier and more personal to respond to someone by their name. Some people don't always sign their posts with their name so you respond to them using their MFP name. But, no, it's not considered "rude", as a matter of fact, if you prefer to be called "mousemom", then "mousemom" it'll be. So glad to hear your daughter is doing so well, and she's done so much! My daughter has done the Tough Mudder for a few years now

    Carey - did you maybe have your slow cooker on "high"? Did you have the top on (you probably did). Was there a pretty tight seal on the top? Not real sure why all the liquid burned off, tho

    Rori - it IS exhausting, let me tell you. But I think I can see the dirt pile, which means that a lot of the weeds are gone, and I expect them to stay that way planning that Vince'll use the tractor (and then I will once he has the slope leveled out) to keep the weeds cut down and not grow back

    Betty - glad to know you're around.

    Anne - you look beautiful as does your daughter

    Charleen - have a great trip.

    Well, the lady who came to play Rummikub in the spa just left. We had some of the tofu pie. It really wasn't bad at all. I used the silken tofu and one packet of the unflavored gelatin for the texture. I'll probably take some to ceramics tomorrow night. I'll just tell the gal that it's tofu when Vince isn't around....lol

    Michele in NC
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    Call me crazy but I love to see other people happy and succeeding .

    Good Evening Ladies,

    Glo, beautiful flowers!!!!!!!

    Joyce, I’m so sorry to hear Charlie is sick!!! Gosh, that man deserves a break!!!

    Allie, I also vote for you going to the cottage!!! It sounds like a lovely change. I haven’t heard more about the Doctor that you were having problems with. Is he still behaving after he was talked to? I sure hope so.

    ChrisMA, I just hate that your job is keeping you so busy!! Not only because we miss you but because I want you to have time to enjoy life. Congrats on fitting into that skirt. Do come see us when you can find the time. (((Hugs)))

    NYKaren, the bathroom looks great. I sure hope it works for your sister. She is so lucky to have all of you behind her.

    Heather, I love the picture. You look marvelous as always and your friend looks fantastic for her age. I should look so good at 69!

    Cheri, great picture. I’m glad ya’ll had the good visit and glad your DH went with you. It won’t be long before you make that HOT trip to Texas. What an adventure!!!

    CarolGA, I agree that children are for the young with all that energy. I guess if you never got out of shape, having them around all the time would certainly help keep one young.

    Renee, good going on the exercise. I’m glad the party was a success.

    Pip, your leg muscles must feel like steel!! I am just exhausted thinking about the miles you have put on that bike. Are you having to struggle to not lose weight?

    Meg, I can’t imagine going through that with a dog. They so quickly learn what’s going on and fight it every inch of the way. We had drops for our toy poodle and DH was putting it in his food. He got to where he wouldn’t eat at all. We have a syringe type thing that I can squirt it into his mouth and that has been working well. He opens his mouth to protest and I just squirt it right in. I think tomorrow is the last dose.

    Barbie, so glad to hear that Jake is doing well!!! They didn’t even ask me if I wanted/needed a walker when I had my surgery, they just ordered me one and insurance paid for it. If I ever needed one again, I would tell them that I already have one.

    VickiNE, congrats on your labs!!! Even when we don’t eat to lose weight, often we eat “right enough” to keep the labs heading in the right direction. Keep it up.

    Carey, I can’t imagine why your pork roast burned???? At least glad you got home when you did. Was it in a crock pot or one of those fancy new cookers?

    NYKaren, I’m not sure if you used up what we sent so I’m sending you more strength and peace. ((((Hugs))))

    Anne, great picture of you and your daughter. Wow, look at that body you’ve got!!!

    Charleen, have fun goin’ around the mountain and enjoy the cooler weather.

    pretty-pink-welcome-smiley-emoticon.gifto any Newbies that I missed. Come often and join in the chat. This thing works!! Please sign your post with what you want to be called. It makes it easier for us to respond to you. Also a location is great, be it specific or general. We are happy to have you join us.

    I had a great work out at line dancing today. Afterwards I went by the gym to use the Hydro Massage table. I want one at home!!!! Time for me to head to bed. Sending love and good thoughts to all of you and I hope you all have a Happy and Healthy Day! rainbow-smiley-emoticon.gif

    Words I live by:
    Savor. I have to slow down and savor every bite.
    Opportunity. Each day offers new opportunities for good health and happiness if we just look for them and choose them.
    I Love you, blow.gif
    Myrtle Beach, SC
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    Finally caught up. Thanks for the encouragement to exercise at home. I did about 30 min of different walking activities. Doing well at eating the extra calories and carbs prescribed by dietician. Have more energy now. Now, off to bed.
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    :) after 9pm over 90 degrees, no air conditioning and tomorrow is a gardening day... I need to sleep....
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    Now that I'm through the first two weeks, it looks as if I'll have to be satisfied with 1 or 2 pounds per week. Still, any movement is good! Friend adds would be great :)
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    fanncy0626 wrote: »

    Try to have legs at least shoulder width apart toes pointed outward. Maybe just try to see what doesn't cause you pain. Your kind would hurt my knees.

    My trainer has me doing goblet squats with25lb to build lower body strength for a Tough Mudder coming up in September. When that is over I may try a kettlebell routine. I'll be sure to check your link for ideas and technique.

    Awesome! I love the results I'm getting.
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    Good afternoon ladies,

    DJ: So sorry about the loss of your friend. :(

    NYKaren: Thinking of you

    Lisa: Hope you feel better real quick!

    Meg: 75 minutes of exercise - that's a fabulous start!

    Barbie: So glad that Jake is on the mend

    Kim: I'm enjoying those fun things you are doing!

    Vicki: Congrats on that NSV!

    I was walking up the sidewalk as I got home from work and smelled something that I thought was a bbq. Opened the door to this really strong burned odour. Sheesh, my attempt at slow cooking a pork roast up in smoke literally. Not sure why it burned, I added some water and had it on low for about 8 hours. There was no water left in the slow cooker and the bottom is burned black. What a waste and so much for having supper mostly cooked when I got home! Can anyone tell me what I did wrong?

    Carey - pouting in Northern Alberta

    Carey. I doubt that you did anything wrong. I have a "wonderful" new crockpot and a very basic very old crockpot. I am getting rid of the new one b/c the lowest setting is too too hot. The old pot was manufactured before the standards changed. If you have a new one that has a simple dial control you can get a rheostat. You can't use one if your pot is digital. I hate the new crockpots - they are too hot and over cook the food. Ask Re...she's the crockpot queen and may have advice...

    Karen in Virginia
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    Michele - re-squats. Yes, but If you can't go below parallel don't force it. You will eventually get past it but at my age I've learned to take my time. I had trouble going below parallel and now can go as low as a baseball catcher! There are several good GobletSquats videos on YouTube. They give suggestions on how to use your elbows to push against your knees to open up your hips. Everyone is different I have to have a wider than shoulder width foot position and I have adjusted my toe position several times when I felt a twinge of pain in my left knee. I never have any pain now. When you start out the first 5week program should be to perfect your form with a lighter weight. The next 5week program you should add weight...


    Mary from Minnesota
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    Michele - this is the GobletSquat I do. I follow StrongFirst a Pavel Tsatsouline Russian Kettlebell instructiors.


    Mary from Minnesota
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    VickiNE, congrats on those labs! When I was working on the medical surgical floor and we had a lot of CHF/COPD patients, they had to come in a lot and have their medicines streamlined. But after we got them back on track they felt so much better. I remember some of our patients since they were in so much would become quite close friends with us. My MIL and her mother both had that and they both smoked and it was tough on both of them.

    Barbie, so glad your husband is doing much better, feels more stable and confident.

    DJ, our local mall has those hydromassage tables. I can't remember how much they cost but I do know it's quite a bit.

    Had Charlie's appointment today. His temp was 102 while we were there. So tomorrow he goes for a Cat scan, chest x-ray and lab work. Got antibiotic this evening. Also I asked whether my appointment was for just the nurse or a nurse practitioner. It was just for the nurse. So I had her check mine after she did Charlie's. It was 136/92. I didn't like the 92 part but that was right after she took his temp and it has been one hard week. Doctor did offer to put him in the hospital so he could get the Cat scan this evening and get an IV started for fluids and IV antibiotic. Charlie declined. I wish he just would have said he needed to admit him. Our family doc knows I was a nurse, and Charlie was a medic then a pharmacy tech so he is very knowledgable as far as medicine. So he offers suggestions of treatments or tests and lets us have a say. Although it would have been heartbreaking to both of us, more so him, I would have felt better having him back in the hospital. Since it was a 4 PM appointment, I asked him if Charlie was his last appointment. He had one more but he asked why I asked. So I told him about the chest pain I had last week. So I will get scheduled for a stress test. We had to do another bag change tonight, last one was 3 nights ago. I am tired of that also. I am ready to get in a routine so that he can feel confident in doing this himself. Right now this limp dishrag of a husband I have doesn't feel confident in anything.

    Joyce, Indiana
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    Michele: Thank you for the suggestion the first thing I checked was the setting and it was on low(at least I think it was low) the I setting not the II setting. Why can't they just print low and high! I'll have to see if I can find the manual to verify.

    Yep DJ its an actual slow cooker. The original crockpot. It's actually fairly new maybe it has a glitch.

    Karen in Virginia: it is a manual dial crockpot. What the heck is a rheostat? I wasn't aware that new crockpots were so much hotter...here I was so happy to find an 8L size for making lots at once.
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    Joyce - (((Hugs))) hang in there it is going to get better. Before you know it Charlie will be doing everything for himself. Take care of yourself and keep an eye on your BP.

    Barbie - I am so happy that Jake is doing so well! I could picture him running on the treadmill and you happily watching him secretly rejoicing that you won't have to be a chauffeur much longer!


    Mary from Minnesota
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    Joyce... there are no words. Thinking about you, dear, and Charlie, too.

    Something I'm doing is helping, feeling much less exhausted.

    Press day. It's a 22-page paper today, longer by about four pages than usual, but should be do-able.

    Love y'all, happy Wednesday!
    Lisa in West Texas, woke up to the scent of rain, my favorite.