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    Off to bed my friends - heart-plant.gif
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    Wooooohoooooo!!!! Did not put on any weight on holiday! Maybe even shaved off a couple of ounces!
    Five hours on your feet every day burns off quite a few sherries, clearly. :DB)

    Off now to Hove. I've done a few kettlebell swings and lifted some dumbbells. I reckon the walking today will burn off the rest.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxx
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    Morning all~
    Vicki~ so very sorry for your loss,it is never easy. my mom has been gone almost 17 yrs and it never get easier.. i am hoping you have beautiful memories.. on the money issue it is never easy.. My dad doesn't have anything except the house and that has been reverse mortgaged so. will just be a headache for me when he goes..
    Chester is going in for his operation this morning.. so keep the furbaby in your thoughts...
    DFIL has a slight case of Pneumonia he also has asthma .. now with this and him not getting up and moving,is not good at all.. they did chest xray and have home on antibiotics, robitussin and tylenol, he did have a fever yesterday, checked on him last night after i got out of work,, and he was better and they did have him up and in the dining room.
    If he was not better by this morning I was going to insist he go to Hospital.
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    Annr wrote: »
    Becca (Annr) checking in! Just had a wonderful chat with one of you on the phone. (((((((Glow hugs))))))). I am fine presently, not really on the computer these days. Knowing you all miss me, makes my heart do warm fuzzy flip-flops. (((((((((((((((((((group hugs)))))))))))))))))).
    What have I been doing these days? Still attending my weekly TOPS meeting, and last month (Sept) I was 244.6 on the first meeting, and 244.6 on the last meeting. In between though I did all this drama ups and downs. Sheesh! We have new officers so we are all getting used to ladies that used to be all normal like us, then became officer-ish! Na, they are all doing wonderful! Still dealing with a husband that is all healthy, with a great appetite, and I am his partner in crime because #1 he is taking me to restaurants duh...#2 he has his appetite and that is fun to watch, and #3 we are cute together. At least that is what people say. Does it mean that I don't care about losing weight? Sometimes its easier to appreciate things that you have, than things that you want. I sometimes look at myself and think, "I wake up feeling good, put my two feet on the carpet, and eat a nice breakfast". What more is there? My husband and I engage in conversations well, laugh daily, and love each other. What more is there? The fact of the matter is that if I lose weight, I will be able to do those things longer. That is the bare bones fact. That alone will keep me mindful. I know that eating mindlessly does not respect all that I have done thus far in my life. I am worth more than putting junk food inside this ol' body of mine. I just need to not forget about you all. You are part of the process! I might not log food in daily, but I do care bout' you all.
    Thanks for the nice chat Glow!

    still in
    (and my Elk have returned!)

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    Vicki: So sorry to hear about your mom. I pray that fond memories bring you comfort.

    Joyce: I love your picture. You look so glamourous!

    Larisa: It's great to hear from you. Have fun with the dating!

    Re: Isn't it great when someone recognizes how well you are doing? Especially when it's a parent. Congrats on the weight loss - you are so consistent. thumbs-up-smiley-emoticon.gif

    Mary: Have a great holiday and enjoy those twins.

    Barbie: So glad that recuperation is going as expected. Computers can be a pain!

    DJ: You're welcome anytime! yummy.gif

    Heather: All my plants have to be very hardy too. Looks like the basil is a keeper. :)

    Woke up at 3:30 am and couldn't get back to sleep. Having problems with my eyes the last couple of days, I think I've been on electronic devices too much. The cheesy cream of cauliflower and spinach soup was delicious and only about 7 net carbs per cup. We had meatloaf for supper and it was really tasty even my son enjoyed it. Because it was low carb it had a different texture but all in all I think it was a win.

    Wishing you all a good day..

    Carey - Northern Alberta

    Goals for Oct:
    - Increase walking now that the hamstring has healed
    - Get to Tai Chi at least once a week[/quote]
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    :) I woke up at 5am and had to get up and ice my back. Jake isn't up yet so I've had to stay in semi-darkness so the dogs think it's the middle of the night and won't expect to go out til he gets up whenever that is.
    <3 Barbie
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    <3 good morning!
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    Stronglift Rest Day

    Kettlebell Swing
    Goblet squat-3X 10 X 40
    Russian kettle bell swing-16 X 10 X 40
    Week two, day two of transitioning from 7–10 reps. Using the 40 pound kettle bell.

    I will be going on vacation and not posting for that time. I will reconnect when we get back. Everyone stay safe and enjoy your journey!


    Mary from Minnesota
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    Vicki- there r no words. My heart is with you and your family
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    I have yoga today and I'm looking forward to it. The city is hosting an open house this evening to share the plans for a beautiful piece of waterfront property next to Old Town. I know the general idea is to keep the edge of the river for public uses, and sell parcels toward the cliffside for mixed uses that will hopefully bring jobs & housing to the area. I hope to attend the meeting and see the more specific plans. :flowerforyou:

    :heart: Katla
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    Darn it; laptop just flicked off ... ate my post. Oh well ... maybe because it was too long ... Aren't y'all 'really happy campers'?
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    Vicki, sos orry about your Mom. And also about your sister and the way she is treating everyone. Has she always tried to be domineering or is this just the way she is coping right now? Hope all can be taken care of in a way that the family maintains a strong emotional bond.

    Got home bout midnight last night but was to tired to post. Glad Barbie's stitched are out, sorry she had to get up in the dark and be iced and try not to let her dogs know she was up. I know how she loves her dogs and it must have been hard to do that.

    Becca, glad you are here with us. Your knowledge and insight are invaluable.

    OK, our little trip. We had a really good time. We got there around noon on Monday, didn't check into the hotel until later so that our grand daughters could provide the labor to carry the little bit of stuff we had up the one flight of stairs. This hotel is one we have stayed at every single time we go to Nicholasville. It is a nice place although it is not a star at all. I think it is officaialy listed as a 2 star. The suites are nice, 2 rooms, each with a TV, living room has a nice couch and recliner. That was what was so impoortant to me. Charlie is up watching TV and I want to go to bed. But the lobby reeks of cigarette smell, also the hallways. We do stay in a nonsmoking room but you have to go through a smoking environment to get to your nonsmoking room. So this time we get there, their new computer upgrade wouldn't let them put in my AAA card for it's discount. They tried to do that when I called to reserve the room so they just ended up and quoted me rate that they knew it would be. So i am standing in this smoky lobby while this lady is calling everyone she knows as to how to get this computer to work and for manager to OK the rate I told her was given. My daughter gives up sitting in the car and in her best business voice says it has been to long and the lady needs to leave anote so that the manager can OK a discount for me the next time we come. While I was waiting, she was working with some one on the phone and couldn't think of an answer, I got the gist of what she was talking about and gave ehr an answer. Got up in the room and the room was not what we were told. It had everything in the room we wanted but half of that living room was in the bedroom and no TV in the living room. As I was trying to find a plug in to plug in all of the stuff I have, noise machine CPAP chargers for 3 devices, I find a pill under the table mounted on a wall, was going to call for a wakeup because I was frustrated with tring to set the time and alarm on their clock. Got no dial tone, followed the cord and found that the cord was just sitting in the outlet in the wall, Half of it had been torn off so it didn't click in, just close to wall. So the next morning when I checked out I I gave them the pill and the phone cord and told them it didn't worik. So they gave a deep discount!

    I had already called and reserved our golf cart for the park but when they tried to figure out the writing of the guy who did it, he had scribbled it and they couldn't read it and gave us 2 4 person golf carts for the price of 1 4 person whch was much, much scheaper. My daughter got the park admission on groupon at 50% off and then got a special discount at an additional 20% off So the time was a lot cheaper. I will post a few pictures later. Charlie took a few pictures with his phone which he was very proud of.

    Got to get ready for Charlies cardiologist appointment.

    Joyce, Indiana
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    Sheesh, I can't take myself anywhere without getting in trouble.

    Went to the local senior expo this morning to see what services and businesses are available locally and ended up with a job offer. The county clerk (elected position) and I chatted about what county services they offer their seniors and then she offered me a job as an election judge. Gave me a job application and everything. Said they are always on the look out for 'a particular kind of personality' to fill election judge positions and I seemed like a good fit. I am probably the most non-political person you will ever meet.

    Same thing (job offers) happened as several of the local quilt stores recently. I guess I better get to the clothes consignment shop soon so I can shed the impression I must be making that I need a job/money. Maybe it's the saggy baggy clothes I have yet to replace with something that fits with my new weight.

    Would this count as a strange NSV moment?

    Charleen in Colorado (Happily retired and not looking for work!)
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    Charleen - free-laughing-smiley-emoticon.gif

    Joyce - OMG when it rains it pours! raining-hearts.gif Glad you ended up having a good time though
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    Put out Scotts ez grow grass seed in a corner of the yard that has no grass. Must water and hope it's not too late for it to start growing.

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    :)Joyce, traveling has so many opportunities for things to go wrong and other things to go right. It sounds like you and Charlie weathered the challenges and had a good time.

    :)Charleen, your attractive personality was certainly shining :)

    :) This was a big day for me....Jake wanted me to go along when he took the computer to Office Depot to get it fixed. We went to the library on the way. The young guy at Office Depot fixed the computer by hitting three keys and charged us nothing, I found the colored plastic sleeves for CD's that I couldn't find before and then we went out to lunch for Jake's birthday at our favorite Mexican place. When we got home, he planted daffodil and tulip bulbs for me and said he'd buy some more next week and plant them. Now I'm sitting with the ice pack again.

    81824br5uyrfrsr.gifBarbie from beautiful sunny NW Washington t113030.gif
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    Glo, we did have a good time and all the discounts these mistakes gave us all worth while. Plus my grandkids always. Make it worthwhile. I have decided Ellie was born with a microphone in her throat. When we have traveled as a family, she and her sister have the back seat. She is the giggle St person I know and it's not quiet. Michelle hates to travel with her for hat reason. But we generally need 2 cars anyway so mischelle and my DSiL drives in a car with Michelle and they play their rock music and have fun and I am sure hey make fun f my lack of computer knowledge. Well, anyway, Trinity took her best friend along with her so Ellie was in the middle seat with me but still interacting with her sister in the back seat. She talks as loud as her giggle. But it is always such happy talk. She is just a very happy, very smart young lady. Here she is holding the snake7x5ot2pmcx2g.jpeg

    Here is her mom, my oddest daughter having a wonderful moment with an exotic bird that she got so content the bird was purringbvd2cdxa6and.jpeg

    And here is the poor little albino kangaroo that wasn't accepted by other kangaroosvzljj7n4ooq0.jpeg

    And here is a pic of me holding the snake. Charlie was so proud to take this with his phone. I look like I am a little Leary of holding it but the handler gave us specific instructions on how to.rmluzkx2dsss.jpeg plus I was taking a picture on my iPad of the pic on his phone.

    Joyce indiana

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    barbie sounds like a great day, just remember to take it easy as well. Glad the ice is helping.