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    Sharon - Thanks, hun. I can't wait for that massage! I haven't had one in many years, not since I got rear-ended on the freeway in 2003 and started going to a chiropractor for those injuries. And yes, being cigarette free feels very good! I am quite proud of myself as I haven't slipped even once this time. I think I have finally kicked that nasty habit! I got my sense of smell back, everything tastes better, I'm breathing better, my blood pressure has gone down some and my resting pulse rate has gone down too! I'm so sorry to hear about your grandson. I feel for him. I hope a specialist can figure it out and get the boy some relief! And I'm sorry you are stuck with that cold...I feel the same way when I get the flu (I've never gotten a cold...it's always been the flu until about 8 years ago when I was diagnosed diabetic and my doc demanded I start getting flu shots. Since then I get one every year and haven't had the flu since.

    Sherry in "time for bed" Portland

    P.S. - Good night all you lovely ladies! Sweet dreams and lots of refreshing sleep for everyone!
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    Here's a link to a good article on relationships: http://tinybuddha.com/blog/partner-wont-work-relationship/
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    Morning, ladies...

    Thanks so much for all the hugs. Perhaps that's what did it--because for the last three nights in a row, I've slept like a baby, and without assistance. Honestly, on Tuesday morning, I felt like my old self--clear head, able to concentrate, easily dealt with everything that happened (and something always does). Do you know that feeling when you've had a cold or flu for days and felt miserable, and you finally get a good night's sleep? And wake up feeling like you're in the land of the living for the first time in what feels like forever? Yeah, that was me Tuesday. And Wednesday press day. And this morning. Six to seven hours straight through, three days in a row. Small blessings, but my own.

    Heather, your grands are lovely... and your love for them is so evident. It's a hug-yourself kind of feeling. Can't wait to see mine next week!

    For the rest... hugs for those who need them, these are powerful hugs from these folks!

    Love y'all,
    Lisa in West Texas
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    kim. I am making up the recipe as I go along. Here is how I made my first batch, I thought it tasted pretty good.

    Butternut/acorn squash soup

    Cut the squash in half and remove the seeds (some suggest toasting them. It I didn't)

    Roast in a high oven with a bit of water in the pan, cut side down. Remove when thickest part is fork tender

    Scoop out squash into a blender add salt, pepper, I added a little cayenne and zest of an orange.

    Blend until puréed then add coconut milk (unsweetened) to thin out the purée to the consistency you like.

    Now this batch came out a little thick but it was like velvet and quite tasty. Simple but delicious. I am going to experiment with a few other squash to see how that changes it up. Also, I used light coconut milk from a can. Don't know what coconut water would do to it, but might try that. Yummy and just screams AUTUMN!!! :p

    Have a great Thursday everyone, let's stay on course and keep up the good work we've been doing!

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    Thanks all for your comments on my grandchildren. For me they are an unexpected and, I feel, undeserved joy. I was not the greatest mother and feel I have been given a second chance. I lost a girl baby in between my two boys (full term stillbirth) so to have two granddaughters is amazing.
    I have learnt a huge amount about how to relate to small children from my DH, who is nothing short of a genius with them. He is their step granddad, but he is by far the star of the show as far as they are concerned and I am delighted for him, as he has no grandchildren of his own. His two daughters are too old now and not inclined that way. I have also learnt a lot from my DDIL. The name of my grandson is Max. He is five. The elder granddaughter is Edie. She is three. Bea was such a bonus as I thought they would stop at two children.
    My elder son is very unlikely to want children. He has two dogs. <3

    Last night I could not sleep at all with all the excitement of my new laptop arriving. So I took Barbie's suggestion and downloaded Younger Next Year for women. Really enjoying it and nice to know I am doing almost everything right. :laugh: It made me do a bit of HIIT this morning on the machines, so that's excellent. I have been drinking a bit more alcohol recently with the stress, so today is an alcohol free day. :bigsmile:

    Tonight is roasted butternut squash with pesto (homemade) and garlic, chilli king prawns. Double yum. We will have broccoli with it.

    I go to pick up my scanning today. Then I will have to face the new laptop. :sad: Help! Gloria - I have no idea about the printer, but I still have my old laptop I can print stuff from.

    Lots of love, Heather UK xxxxxxx
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    Morning Sweet Friends~
    I am sitting having my first cup of tea.. told Tom last night that I had invited our friends down the street, he is not much for having company.. and thats just to bad. going to try and work some on getting things set up for next week..
    and to pack my stuff for Florida... we will be leaving 2 weeks from Saterday..
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    Good Morning Ladies!

    I’m up and rolling early this morning…have a busy day today. Working from home and a job interview that I am praying will be successful this afternoon.

    DH shared with me last evening that he would not be eating anyone’s dishes brought to the everybody bring a dish Thanksgiving Dinner. He would only be eating what I or my Mother cooked. My mother is bring a ham (he does not eat pork) and a waldorf salad. I had only planned to cook some green beans, stuffing, and deviled eggs. My siblings and the kids were doing the rest. I thought that I would get a break! So we consulted my mother who sided with him with the end result being that nobody except mom would be bringing anything. I am (with DH’s assistance) cooking it all except the ham and waldorf salad. Their bottom line was that they weren’t too sure about the siblings and kids cooking and neither wanted to take a chance. Of course I was left with revising the invitations to everyone. Some were relieved and some still wanted to being a dish (Bless Their Hearts) but it was all ok. However, I am having some moments of feeling overwhelmed. Heather you are my inspiration for times like this and I’ve started building the menu and organizing my cooking schedule. DH goes into his Marine mode and is such a big help with cooking. He is always willing to pitch in with the dish washing, stirring, and ingredient gathering. So Thanksgiving Dinner for 20 is coming together. Y’all promise not to tell anyone but I wasn’t too sure about their cooking either. o:)

    Well I have another job interview this afternoon. Accepting all offers of prayer. I really enjoy working as a Contractor but I am looking at a $320 a month health insurance bill if I am added to DH’s plan. So I need a job that will provide this benefit at a nominal cost to me. An added plus is that I will be back to doing that which I enjoy professionally the most. The minus is I don't think I'll be able to telework.

    Barbie: Our fur babies are so precious. I am sending comforting prayers and hugs your way for you and Brandy. It’s great that you are walking again. I still miss my precious Storm (the Doberman) and it’s almost been a year since he passed away. I could not bring myself to walk after he passed as he was my faithful walking companion. But Baby Blue (the weimariner) has his first birthday on Monday. He is so high energy that walking with him is a jog but that’s ok.

    Barbara in SW Idaho: OMG! I don’t even want to contemplate the Firestick! Can you believe I am the IT Buyer for a 1,000+ employee organization!? I know software and all the parts and pieces but am at a loss for putting it together and using it for myself. SMH!
    KJLaMore: My son gave me a tattoo a few years back. I still love it. Don’t know if I would do it again, but DH wants one this summer so I may give it another go.

    Lenore: Flip Flop Wines is the brand name. There is a flip-flop (shoe) on the label. The fuzzy refers to the fact that it is a sparkling Moscato.

    Allie: Glad you are getting to go to Florida. Enjoy!

    Tere in RVA

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    Sharon: Congrats on the weight loss. I'll take it however I can get it :)

    Lisa: Getting sleep, clear headed, bright eyed and bushy tailed - It's great to hear that you feel more like yourself.

    NYKaren: Your squash soup recipe sounds easy and delicious. I used powdered coconut milk as it can be stored for an extended period of time and a lot of the recipes I have only call for half a can.

    Heather: My pet peeve with Windows 10 is that it updates whenever it wants and you can't prevent or schedule it(at least I havent' found a way to). Make sure you save often is the best advice I can give.

    Gloria: Have you tried looking for a new printer driver for your printer? It could depend upon the age of the printer but usually you can download a driver from the manufacturer that will allow the printer to work on windows 10.

    I had my ears pierced at the age of 13. Growing up we never had a lot of ready cash so my cousin pierced my ears by numbing them with ice cubes and then using a darning needle. I still can't believe I managed to sit thru that. The second time I was a lot older and had them done with the gun... I'm not sure which was worse. :)

    Wishing you all a happy and healthy day

    Carey - Northern Alberta

    Goals for Nov:
    - Increase walking by at least 100 steps per day
    - Get to Tai Chi at least once a week
    - Increase daily water intake
  • I am not new to MFP but I am new to the community and as I was looking around tonight, I was really looking for the ladies my own age! I found you!! Not sure I'm posting correctly but we will see.

    I am Chris and I am a 53 yo mother of 4, grandmother of 2 who lives in GA. I am just sick and tired of being sick and tired! I have about 80 lbs to lose and I am ready to start in this journey.

    I really need friends/support!! I would appreciate being able to become a part of your journey as well.
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    Off to play golf
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    My other observation about Windows 10 is it wants to out everything in the cloud. I finally figured out how to access my photo files. One time it reloaded 300 of my pictures so it could put them in the cloud. I already had these in files on our computer. The school district I work for also went to Windows 10 and now they have problems showing the DVDs they have.
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    Good morning all! Happy Thursday! Shout out to all of you having those wonderful NSVs! I have a scale, but haven't weighed myself since my doctors appointment two or three weeks ago. Clothes still fit the same. I am walking every day; but now that it is dark out before and after work, I am only walking 30 minutes (staying close to home). Even if I stay within my CICO numbers, I need to up my walking amount. I know what I have to do; just gotta do it.

    Ladies talking about getting ears pierced and fainting, reminded me of my younger sister. My mother let me get my ears pierced when I was 14 (Freshman in high school), my sister, who is a year younger, made such a fuss about it, my mom gave in and let her get hers done, too. (Which made me angry, because I had to wait) Anyway, vengeance was mine as I watched her tumble off the piercing chair after her first ear was pierced! Mwah-ha-ha-ha! She went through hs with one ear pierced, because she was afraid to get the other one done! She also had to be taken to the hospital for stitches incurred in a bike injury. My mom was out of town, my dad got sick at the sight of blood (a Marine, can you imagine?!), so I went with her and she fainted on the doctor's table before one stitch was even sewn!

    Sherry- glad you are recovering from the food poisoning! Sounds like you like to cook/bake? Let us know how those black bean brownies turn out!
    NYKaren- I love soups! But squash soups feel very decadent, I think because of that creamy consistency you get when they are pureed. Mmmmm...soup weather!
    Sharon - Ugh! The cold that won't go away! Isn't it odd how something so small (like a cold) can drive us crazy and make our lives so much harder?! Hope you feel better soon!

    More I wanted to respond to, but kids have arrived and it is our Stone Soup day. We will read the book Stone Soup and make our own stone soup. Each child has brought an ingredient to put in the pot, and we are making bread to go with the soup. This is my favorite day in NOvember. It even tops Thanksgiving for my daycare kids. I love the "being thankful" part of Thanksgiving, but the story of Thanksgiving and how it has been adulterated bothers me to no end. Ah well. Time to get little hands busy making things!
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    Bloody bears in a bower! My page just crashed and everything I wrote to y'all is poof.

    Welcome Chris!
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    Chris from Rocky Face ~ Hi! I live in Marietta, Lenora lives near Albany, and Dr. Katy lives in NE GA (I think). Are you in danger from the fires? We can see the smoky haze here all week.
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    Good morning!
    Well, I got a txt from my sis last night, mom is getting her operation next Tuesday and my uncle is taking her t one from which is still a ton of driving for him but about half of what I would have to do. Good/bad news. Here's the catche: mom is 80, having surgery on tue., staying overnight that night at my sis's, my bro-Dsil-and their mentally challenged 21 yr old arrive at mom's on wed to begin prep for Turkey day, Thursday. Mom will not enjoy the day I am sure. Oh, well, I feel guilty but don't know why I feel responsible for this mess. Now I don't want to go there for turkey day, but want to See my bro from PA, and visit with mom.

    Going to go walk dogs now. That always makes me feel better emotionally. IF my back doesn't react to the walking! Guess I'm a bit down today.

    Later gators!
    Rita from sunny CT
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    Kim, you can call me shimmy, Katy, Katheirne...like my mom still does. I'm good. ;)

    Tere, my DH is network security management and I do all the tech buying, programming, and remote control training around here.
    "Honey, push the enter button. It's just like the enter button on the computer. It reads enter....PUSH THE BUTTON ALREADY"

    Vermont and New Mexico....the red headed step children..

    About 10 years ago I went to culinary school and ended up being the support teacher/TA for three chefs. For about three years I worked, teaching culinary and running a personal chef and party planning business with a friend. someday soon, I have a plan to start teaching cooking here at the house. I need to get my kitchen finished first, but it's well under way to being my dream job.

    Riding the bike again today and I have to do some planning for Thanksgiving. It was in my head that I had another week!

    Katy, try not to stress because they love your company more than the food in New Mexico.
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    I'll ask DH if he knows how to stop auto updates in win 10.
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    Welcome new peel-ee's
    Morning usual peeps
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    Sharon - My nephew had similar symptoms and was tested for everything for several years. They all decided it was psychological. :* He went to therapy and pain management classes. When he was 13 they tested him again and his coeliac rating was sky high! How they missed it before I don't know. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Now he is on a strict coeliac regime and is blooming! A different boy. He is 15 now. So just because that has come up negative doesn't mean he shouldn't be tested again.

    Tere - Believe me, I would be panicking at the thought of 20 for dinner! But sometimes it is easier to do it yourself so you have control. I always get as much done ahead of time as possible. Most things can be prepared a day or two before, or a week ahead if they can be frozen. I think you are very brave. :flowerforyou: Write everything down with a timetable.

    Love Heather UK