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    Happy New Years!

    Had fun today at a Manatee SUP Paddle Social. Didn't get many miles, but had fun seeing dolphins, rays, and searching for manatees (some days they are just shy). So my friend and I went out after to get a few more minutes/miles in. Glorious day, in the high 70'sF/low 80'sF. Started windy, but calmed down as the day progressed. B)
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    "Body Beast Bulk: Back"=Done!
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    New Year's Day swim yesterday was followed by a hot tub trash talking session regarding this year's goals and upcoming races. There's no shortage of enthusiasm in January. :)

    Trainerroad workout today was: "BLACK" a 60min sub threshold ride. A high cadence, low power spin to clear the legs after weekend long runs.
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    41 in Dec and back on track. looking to shed another 30-40 lbs by beach season
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    Count me in I'm 49 looking to loose between 20/30 lbs not active due to medical reasons weight gain is from medication and I'm ready to lose it
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    Happy New Year Day #2 :)

    Strength: Chest, Triceps and Calves

    Cardio: None

    so first workout of 2017 and it was excellent! Hope that will be the pace for 2017. :)
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    Today was a gym day...ugh, so crowded! But got my weights workout done. Adding some miles, so did some on the elliptical in the gym and then some on my glider at home. Got my planks done today, so that was good.
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    "Body Beast Bulk: Arms"=Done!
  • gam3rguy
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    Hoggin' up MY stairwell! :p

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    Morning kids, cross fit done. gam3rguy, I wish I had those little guys at my gym (lol). Awesome job on the tire flips. Surprisingly yesterday and this morning I did not have to circle for 20 minutes looking for a space. I would love to hear from anyone on here that is into powerlifting. I found a few places and would like to try it atleast once a week unless I become obsessed with it. I get bored quite easily and after the same workouts, I lose interests. Have a great day kids.

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    I'm in....41 yrs old and recent lost 31 pound and within my goal weight area. But I need to tone up now and build up my strength. People how have seen me say I need to gain back some weight.
    I will be checking back in with updates of my progress. Keep up the great motivation and lets do this everyone. Not for anyone but most importantly for ourselves!!!!
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    Happy New Year cool kids!
    Did P90X chest & back and ab ripper yesterday. Am feeling it today in my upper body.
    Curling starts again tonight. Was really hoping I had one more week off.
    @gam3rguy , I wish I had one of those bad boys to flip around also. Gotta get me one of those!
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    I would love to join the group. Could someone let me know how. I am a 40 year old mom of four.
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    Late logging,
    but still,

    Strength: Back, Biceps and Abs done

    Cardio: Tomorrow hopefully

    today got the ab straps or whatever its called from Wal-Mart. it's basically used for hanging ab workouts, used it and loved it today.
    i think for back workouts i have reached my max weight, well the program has the reps dropping every week but i still wonder how i can manage even less reps eith a heavier weight, while still maintaining a good form. we shall wait and see.
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    @ Beeps - Love your goal and plan. Go Get It!

    I have a similar weight loss goal, since I NEED to get faster. :)
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    Truvanessa wrote: »
    I would love to join the group. Could someone let me know how. I am a 40 year old mom of four.

    Just post and follow along. It's not a formal group
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    "Body Beast Bulk: Shoulders"=Done!