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    Go leggings! :D

    Loving the babies. <3

    Heather UK
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    Janetr Cute Roes!

    DJ I love polka dots too. When I was 4 my favorite dress was a navy blue dress with white polka dots. I wore it in the airplane when my mom and sister and I went to Idaho to visit my cousins. My very first airplane ride.

    Karen in Virginia
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    Karen in VA thanks yours are cute too. Do they have fish on them?

    Janet#1. LOVE the polka dot dishes. I've been looming for some since returning from our trip. Even my dishes didn't survive. We don't have Belk' s here though. I'll have to look around. <3

    Janetr okc
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    I've been reading along all evening while I man the desk at the Y.
    Kim, so glad to see you back. (((Hugs)))
    Heather, I think you should do a cooking blog. I get a great deal of joy from all of your info even though I'm not a cook!
    Leigh (?), Love the Irish statue of Lady Liberty.
    Lenora, thanks for the facts about the statue. When I taught 3rd graders we did projects on the Statue. Many of my students were refugees who had seen it as they flew into NY harbor. I always enjoyed their enthusiasm about her!

    I have more I want to say but it's time to close up shop.

    Love to all

    Toni in Tennessee
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    Hello, Gabby Gals!

    I read thru to last evening, and still had 95 posts to ready, today. *whew*

    On pets and chocolate:
    I had a cat that used to steal my candy - thankfully, he was NOT able to open a drawer, so we learned to store the chocolate out of his reach.

    Loving all the leggings! And y'all have good legs, too! Color me jealous!

    Mia is a little doll! And Olivia, too! I am so glad she got to go home, at last.

    Huge hugs for Kim and Allie! I am thinking good thoughts for both of you.

    Becca - Freddies is one of the few things we desperately miss about the Northwest. We used to get EVERYTHING there... we could walk in and get a pack of gum, a box of nails and an end table. It was Awesome. I imagine it has changed a bit in 15 years - but we surely did love our Freddies. That, and Pizzacato Pizza - there is nothing nearly like it here. :/

    Today was jammie day - and I enjoyed a lovely day of working from home. DH is still sick, so it was good for me to be here to take care of him.

    He is able to eat, just a little, so it's blandish potato soup, for dinner. I will jazz mine up with some ham lunchmeat and cheese - but he wants just the very plain variety.

    I think I will go to the gym before I cook - since I just KNOW I am going to need the calorie buffer.

    I am still battling the M&M's - but, I know that this, too, shall pass... I just have to get in the exercise so it won't cause too much damage.

    *note to self* M&M's take a long time to run out when you buy a 64 oz bag.

    Thank heaven I portion them out into 1.5 oz bags! Otherwise who KNOWS how much chocolate I might have consumed over the last week. *sigh*

    Well, I am off to put on clothes... the gym looks at me funny when I go there in my jammies.

    Love you guys!

    Hugs for everybody!

    Re in TX
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    stats for the day:
    wahoo hrm not working, all applewatch-

    bike ride hm 2 gym- 12.30min, 14.1amph, 2.9mi = 97c
    TREADMILL jog- rolling hills program- 35min, 1-9incl 3.5-4.0sp 15.46ap 2.22mi = 232c
    bike ride gym 2 dome train station- 6.46min, 12.5amph, 1.4mi = 54c
    bike ride, puyallup station to sumner sta- 16.04min, 11.2amph, 3mi = 114c
    jog station 2 wk- 4.51min, 9.46min mi, .4mi = 60c
    jog wk 2 sta- 5.33min, 10.18min mi, .5mi = 71
    bike ride dome 2 hm up Mst- 20.31min, 7.3amph, 2.4mi =159c
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    Re in TX Yep, we love Freddie's. We have a weekly debit from that place, always needing sumthin!
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    :) I love the Statue of Liberty and what she stands for. I have had the great joy twice of climbing the stairs inside her to the crown. :)

    :) This has been a busy day for me. With Jake out of town, I had to come home between the end of my morning line dance class at 11:45, eat lunch, and walk the dogs for 30 minutes before leaving to teach the afternoon line dance class at 1:30, then come home from that and walk the dogs again. They still get one more walk before bedtime.

    :)Allie, I hope you'll take charge of your life and do what's best for you.

    :)Kim, I'm glad to see you posting again. I know your life is extra busy with all the work you do. The cost of health care insurance is a big concern for us, too.

    :)Sarah, The quote, "Strategy is stronger than will power" comes from "The Thin Commandments Diet".

    :)Re, as long as I have dogs, there will never be a "jammie day" for me, but the concept of being home all day in comfy clothes sounds awesome. I try to do that one day a week.

    :)Penny, going as far north as you are is something I'd like to do.

    <3 Barbie from NW Washington
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    Accountability Post
    March Goals
    Thursday's Progress (3/16)
    1. Carbs 50-75g (limit 25g/meal)
    (B23, L36, D16, BBS 5 = 87)
    ✔2. Fiber 30g
    ✔3. Track/complete entry daily
    ✔4. Vegetables - big salad daily
    5. Exercise - log 30 Fitbit minutes.
    ✔6. No eating after 9pm.
    7. In bed by midnight.
    8. Declutter: ✔Office Supplies, Electronics, Music, Craft Supplies, Cleaning Supplies, Utility Drawer, Utility Closet

    • Carbs - didn't quite make it. Split a sandwich with DM90 - a slice of Orowheat whole wheat bread has too many carbs. Didn't have much energy yesterday - yet couldn't go to sleep...

    Today was pretty good though. More energy. Getting things done around the house.

    --Ginger in Texas
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    Discovered Mission low carb wraps. Helps with making a quick lunch. Stuffed with deli turkey, cheddar, tomato, fresh spinach and a tablespoon of sour cream. 1 tortilla is 80 calories, 13g carb, 6g fiber.

    --- Ginger
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    Katla, I love the bright colorful scarves for the grandkids. I'm sure they will be well loved. Also, you have every right to feel a sense of accomplishment after today's handling of Arrow. You had a dream for years and you went for it. That's a whole lot more then many of us will ever do. Good job.

    Janetr okc
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    DJ: I love the dotted dinnerware. It is lovely & fun. :smiley:

    Janet OKC: :embarassed: You make me blush. I feel pretty lucky to have found an excellent situation. Little girl dreams have given me some big girl satisfaction. I am lucky to have found the right teacher and a generous stable owner. I like to think that I'm helping the owner by giving Arrow something to do during the week besides stand in his stall and think of mischief. He has come a long way since last summer and it is fun to be able to contribute to keeping him active and encouraging more positive behavior.

    Katla in beautiful NW Oregon

    "The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another." - William James
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    I can't remember who it was that suggested that for all you new guys for me to post pictures of my house. The reason why these pics look so different was because I finally convinced Charlie to have our bushes cut out. So now after 2 years we are finally doing some exterior work, new windows and doors, exterior painting and landscaping in the fall. I finally found these pictures on my phone so I took a picture of them with my iPad. So I hope they come out.rf8sjrfsscaw.jpeg

    Joyce indiana

    It worked, the pic doesn't show our one car garage. We will keep the color scheme the same, maroon and dark grey. That big tree in the backyard was also removed.
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    Paula Y,
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    Katla - a win/win situation for both you and Arrow :)

    Janetr OKC
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