55-65 year old women's success?



  • woodenhut
    woodenhut Posts: 12 Member
    Aww birgitkwood, that was very nice of you to say that, thank you much appreciated & your so right in what you say, I say the same thing, I say I can push myself a bit further, but I've dislocated my hip twice, & what a pain that was, so I'm limited as not as strong as I once was. But I've learnt to adjust, wow you've done extremely well loosing all that weight & now running a marathon go girl, so happy for you & that your enjoying your life, I'll look into doing more walking, set myself goals to accomplish. It might spur me on, watch this space haha. Keep up the good work lady your doing great. I like the support I've had on here it's better than going to a class. Thank you all. Xx
  • birgitkwood
    birgitkwood Posts: 486 Member
    @Hogerda - that is absolutely fabulous! And yes, once I committed to the process, I too was surprised at how quickly the weight loss happens, at least for me. Congrats

    @woodenhut - let's not go crazy here! I'm planning on running a "5k" next month (3.1 miles), NOT a "marathon" (26 miles). Geez... my legs hurt just reading that. Lol
  • bigsofty56
    bigsofty56 Posts: 15 Member
    Hi, this s my first day, am 61, type 2 diabetic and have a lot of weight to lose, can I join your group please?

  • resina
    resina Posts: 17 Member
    Brigidkwood, congratulations on your achievement of losing 114 lbs (around 50kgs) in the last 12 months. That's very impressive. Can you tell us how you did this please.
  • oldgirl235
    oldgirl235 Posts: 10 Member
    Your story brigitkwood is so inspiring,my woke up call was looking back on family photos we had done a couple of months ago i had no idea I was so big, I new I put weight on over many years but I was kidding myself that I was alright and I would look at other people when out shopping and say to myself I,m not as big as them, but in reality I was probably bigger so I have been doing mfp for 3weeks now and have lost 3kg
  • Artemis2121
    Artemis2121 Posts: 42 Member
  • woodenhut
    woodenhut Posts: 12 Member
    Griffinca2, thank you for your advice about slowly but surely I think that's the way for me, a little goes a long way yer, I love reading these stories they give me the get up & move, & to get my head thinking about my food intake to see where I need to make changes.
  • woodenhut
    woodenhut Posts: 12 Member
    Birgitkwood wow, wow, wow, you are an inspiration if your journey to do something about making changes for the better then it will inspire others like me, I will be doing this as I can only walk at the moment so like Griffinca2, & all the others on here who have told their stories or given advice it really has helped me with doing something about getting back to being healthy again so thank you all. Very much appreciated
  • woodenhut
    woodenhut Posts: 12 Member
    Bigsofty56, welcome & im a newby too, us lot on here can help each other yer : )
  • Hogerda
    Hogerda Posts: 7 Member
    edited April 2017
    @Birgitkwood, congratulations. Your story is great and such a testimony to perseverance. Imagine being able to walk only 5 minutes and now running! And me feeling sorry for myself because I could not cycle like I used to at 20. What holds us down is the feeling that you cannot regain what you lost because of age and weight, but you show us that we can! And with every pound lost, we can do more, feel better and get rid of some of the self-pity! Thanks so much for posting.
  • resina
    resina Posts: 17 Member
    Birgitkwood, thanks for sharing your story. You and all the ladies on here are very inspiring and showing us that just because we are 'older' it means we can't do and achieve things. I would love to be able to sit on the floor to play with my beautiful 2 year old grandson and be able to get myself up unassisted and without my knees groaning. One day as I now avoid this little pleasure not to embarrass myself.

    I'm going to venture out and walk this weekend and try to build this into a habit. I've done this in my head but now need to put it into practice!! Cheers to everyone.

  • Zippy62
    Zippy62 Posts: 11 Member
    So very pleased to see this thread! I'm almost 55, menopausal and really struggling to keep the weight off which I've lost, let alone lose any more. I have around 1,200 calories a day which I thought was ridiculously low but seeing what the rest of you manage on, maybe not! Looks like I'll just have to get on with it and stop complaining! I am losing about 1 pound a week and don't have much to lose but it seems so much harder than it used to.
  • retirehappy
    retirehappy Posts: 4,899 Member
    @resina - funny you should say that! My now 4yr old granddaughter visited for a week right after Easter. While she was here she and I spent a LOT of time on the floor playing with Legos. A year ago, when she was three, that did NOT happen! Now I don't even think about getting on the floor. Funny, I hadn't even noticed what a miracle that is... in only a year. Sometimes even I am surprised! So @resina, a year from now your beautiful grandson will be three. Have at it, and work on getting in that floor. You can do it!

  • bigsofty56
    bigsofty56 Posts: 15 Member
    Some of these posts made me laugh, I can't get up from the floor once I'm down there, plus my 3 year old granddaughter likes me to race her in the garden, I walk quickly but she shouts 'run grandma' thankfully nobody can see
  • mk2fit
    mk2fit Posts: 730 Member
    @Zippy62, 1200 calories does not seem like a lot, but there are so many tasty and filling ways to use them. If you haven't already, sign up for the Hello Healthy blog here at MFP. There are lots of recipes available and you can learn to sub healthier and lower calorie items for higher cal stuff. Zero fat Greek yogurt instead of sour cream is one example.

    As to the grandma thing - grandkids are the best trainers! (Mine is 4) They work us hard and don't judge :)
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