August 2017 Running Challenge



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    @Irontri7 Another vote for the Plantronics Backbeat here! Unlike a lot of others, they stayed in my ears without falling out each time I jump over a fallen tree, so maybe they are what you are looking for.
    I've got mine for about 1.5 years now, after my old headset died during a rain run.
    I have to say, I didn't like them at all when I got them, in combination with glasses + hat in winter they were really uncomfortable.Since they were pretty expensive, I kept wearing them anyway. Fortunately, it was soon too warm for hats, and without that extra bit of pressure they were better. By the time the next winter came around, the headsets and my ears had adjusted to each other. Running 3.5 hours in apocalyptic rain didn't kill them, neither did 4 hours of sweat during long summer runs, and the battery life is long enough that even I can finish a marathon without them dying.

    @skippygirlsmom (belated) Happy birthday! :star::star: "Run your age" with Skip sounds like an awesome way to start the day.

    @RunnersLament Welcome! And great job on pacing that 30min 5k. :smile:

    @zdyb23456 Awesome half marathon, congratulations!!

    @WandaVaughn I don't think there's any harm in switching those two days in your training plan. You'll have a better run after a good night's sleep.

    @RespectTheKitty Sorry you are sick. Get well soon!

    @kristinegift Sounds like a fun running evening. Cheers :smiley:

    So, the kr30dc finally moved on to new exercises! I like the new ones, although the SL straight leg deadlift are different enough from the way I usually do them that I was really wobbling a lot :tongue:
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    Didn't sleep much at all last night. Alarm went off at 5:10am. I could barely move to turn it off. I've zombie-walked through today. According to my plan I was supposed to do run 3 miles today, rest tomorrow, and run 7 miles on Saturday. Will it hurt my training schedule to switch my run day with my rest day?

    I'm in week 4 of 12, by the way.

    I've done this a couple times, too, although I've found that having a day of rest before my long run helps. I can do two or three shorter (3-4 miles) runs in a row but I can't yet do a longer run back-to-back. I think it's ok to adjust the schedule, though. Life happens.
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    Ke22yB wrote: »
    Thru the 10th 47.33/100 almost half way there in 1/3 of the month I am feeling good about this goal even though it is a lot more than my longest month to date which was about 85 miles one month I will go over 50 this afternoon and over 60 thru the weekend.
    I must admit this is the only place I can discuss this without comment ( why the h*** are you doing this at your age again) I am hoping to run my first half next year at age 70 without injuring myself in the process.
    I rotate 3 pair of shoes 2 Asics, GT2000s and Gel Nimbus and one pair of Saucony ISO

    @Ke22yB - yep I get this too. Usually qualified with a 'you look great, but...' and 'aren't you worried about your knees or damage to your bones or body at your age?' I have all kinds of answers I would love to respond but normally I just laugh it off and say no. Don't ramp up your weekly/monthly distance too fast and you will make it to that HM with no problem.

    @juliet3455 - I never thought about the impact to electronics!
    @Andy504 - definitely sounds like shin splints. Rubbing ice into the area will help with the pain and inflammation but you need to rest and stretch your calves. I also agree that you need to check your shoes and make sure they are not worn out and fit you properly.

    @Elise4270 and @skippygirlsmom - love the memes!
    @elise427 - glad you got your shot and the doc has cleared you to run!

    My daughter flew in last night and we stayed up too late talking. I am still hoping to get out for a run but it is heating up outside!
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    Andy504 wrote: »
    Hey guys! I have a question, I started running about 2 weeks ago and have been loving it! But today I got intense pain around the front of my legs and my shins. I could only run half a mile because it was hurting more and more the longer I went. I'm home now and I can still feel it. Any advice to stop the discomfort?

    Build very slowly. When I started running a couple of months ago, I limited myself to 2 times a week max and only stayed out for 25-30 minutes (regardless of how far I actually ran/walked). As I got more experience, got stronger, and felt my body was ready (that is, I felt fresh the day after a run) then I gradually started adding runs per week and mileage to each of those runs.

    Also, get fitted for good shoes and stretch your calves a lot. In the meantime, give your legs a rest until the pain goes away.
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    Wow am I fat! LOL! Talking to the guy, a good target for me would be 20-25% BF on the dexa. And I NEED to go to the gym.

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    @WandaVaughn you absolutely CAN do this!!!

    @NikolaosKey I haven't been a smoker, but like @shrcpr I have had struggles with alcohol, in that, for me, it is something I cannot moderate in my everyday life, and that is the reason I no longer drink. It was having such a negative impact on my health/life. I wish you all the best luck in quitting again, YOU CAN DO IT!!!

    Also, @shrcpr you're my shoe twin with the Brooks Glycerins! I have sooo much trouble finding shoe that work for me and don't make my feet go numb. Only others I have found so far are the Altra Lone Peak trail shoes, which are the other pair of shoes I have. I really need to get to the running store, especially after all this talk of shoe rotation, I really want to try out Altra road shoes.

    @Andy504 as the others have said, it sounds like a case of too much, maybe too fast, too soon, leading to shin splints, or the start of shin splints. Make sure you take rest days, ice, stretch your calves, focusing on your stride in terms of not over striding (making sure you're feet are landing under you and not out ahead of you), and working on increasing your cadence b/c it tends to naturally prevent you from over striding. I've also read that compression gear (sleeves or socks) can help.