What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



  • warrenlightyear
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    I got bloodwork at the doctor surgery at the end of October and I want to shut up the diabetes nurse who said it was impossible to lose weight and that I'd be classed diabetic 'forever'

    well I got news for you lady...

    Seriously? A health care worker actually said that to a patient? Unbelievable!!!

    Good for you for your reaction!

    I completely agree. It's awesome that you're making this progress. They should be chearing you on just like us.
  • warrenlightyear
    warrenlightyear Posts: 18 Member
    kmshover wrote: »
    In May of next year my nephew is getting married in NC. While I don't plan on rocking a bikini on the beach I would like to comfortably fit into a swim suit to enjoy the pool and also be more comfortable to do a lot of sight seeing the week we are there. Also June of next year my baby sister is getting married and I am the matron of honor and well....I don't plan to be at goal by then, but under 300 would be pleasant. I am 25lbs down from where I started so I feel like I can make something happen by then :smiley:

    Keep it up. You may not be at your final goal but you'll be on your way.
  • lsbishop47
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    My mini goals are to be under 200 and to loose 10% of my weight. I started at 215 and am down 7 so far. I'm starting to believe that this will work. I haven't come up with a reward yet.
  • rosebarnalice
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    I've got to lose the 7 lbs I gained over the summer to get back into a theater costume!
  • I am at 131 right now and I need to get to 115 so I can join the military. I am thinking about cutting meat all the way out. I dropped 4 from cutting it out !
  • Bluetail6
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    To lose 5 lbs before conference and vacation next month.
  • Bealey2011
    Bealey2011 Posts: 29 Member
    To lose 4lbs for a party on 14th of oct :)
  • Smaya29
    Smaya29 Posts: 99 Member
    150 lbs by September 30th. At 152.6 today. Lost 7.4 pounds this month