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    Just hopping on to say hi to everyone. My migraine is gone. I got into the chiropractor yesterday afternoon and I had a compacted neck -- he actually said "Wow Tracy! you only have about 75% function. I can't believe you're not in pain." As soon as he adjusted me, instance relief!! YAY! I go back on Tuesday to make sure it stays fixed. :) Headed to church tonight to chaperone the youth lockin and then I do a marathon christmas baking with my sisters tomorrow (bad planning on my part when I volunteered to do the lockin). Oh well. We'll make it, right?!?!

    Work has been a beast and I'm 2 minutes from the end of my week. Glad it's over!! Everyone have a good weekend...not sure I'll get to the thread, but I will be logging in.
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    @ niki-- I don't drink the fraps every day, and when I do, I get the light version which = 130 calories for a grande. In my opinion, that's not much for how delicious they are, but yes, the regular version can be several hundred calories depending upon the flavor. I can see how your sis gained if she was drinking those everyday.

    @ana-- I already LOVE green tea. I brew my own at home to drink iced with no sweetener--I despise sugar in any of my teas. Since I drink it at home all the time, I rarely buy it at starbucks. I just couldn't afford the calories for a frap or latte--even the light or non-fat version.

    @tracy-- glad you got your neck adjusted.

    @ckozl81 -- welcome to the thread!
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    Well although i have been fight with food has been very positive this week.

    On Saturday i went over my calories a bit and ate at maintenance level as it was our work christmas party. I managed to skip dessert even though there was free cheesecake! I also skipped the dinner rolls, mashed potatoes and pasta dishes.
    Splurged on stuffing...i am not going to lie! :p But chased it down with some roast turkey, baked salmon, brussel sprouts and a beet root salad. So had a really nice splurge dinner that was realtively good for me LOL. ;)

    from monday to friday i have managed to eat at or below my calorie goals. But rather than stress eat this week...i stress starved on 2 of the days. I had such bad news at work...i ate below calorie recommendation. My tummy was in knots and i just wanted to go to bed :/

    Last night i went to favourite restaurant - vietnamese. But scored on bringing half my dinner home with me. That is a personal i never have a 'doggie bag' left.

    This next week i am going to strive for more normalcy...not too high...and not too low!

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    The woman I have called mom for the last 20 years has shed this mortal coil. She gave me her daughter, laughed, cried and argued fruitlessly with me. She loved me as I am and loved me more because I love her baby, hopelessly... She would smile when I told her that, she knew it but loved a whisper of it in her ear. She was a wonderful grandmother and gave her grandchildren a perspective on the world beautifully uncluttered by normalcy. None of us will ever see a dragonfly again without a happy memory of her enjoyment in all of Gods creations, especially those dragonfly’s. She is home now. She is without pain. She left a beautiful piece of herself in all who knew her.
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    @pneschich what a beautiful tribute to what sounds like a special woman. I can tell she will be missed. My condolences to you and your family.
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    @pneschich ... sounds like you are one lucky man, and your MIL one lucky woman. May she rest lightly in the palms of her God's hands, and may her children know the comfort of her memories which will keep her with them for as long as they remember her.
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    My deepest condolences, @pneschich - to you and your family. Your MIL sounds like a lovely woman, and she deserves every tear shed.
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    Hey, everyone! I have about 200 pounds to lose, after the 80 pounds I've lost already. It's a slow journey, but I'm here to take my life back. Happy to join you all.
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    @pneschich My deepest condolences to you and your family. Your MIL sounds like she was a very special person. May you find peace and comfort in happy memories.
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    Not ignoring you @weightywonder84.....welcome to this thread. You've already made an impressive start on your journey. You can do this!
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    All, thank you. It’s been a long week. I’ve had a mother in law longer than a mother. It’s not as big of a hole, it’s a hole none the less. It’s heartbreaking to watch those you love more than life struggle with the loss of a mother and grandmother. I have had a hard time with everything and am trying to find normal. Food is still a comfort and I hate that. How can you live when something necessary for life is the enemy? I am terrified. I haven’t struggled like this in two years, I thought I beat it, I didn’t! It’s still there. I am grieving and I am afraid. I will get my feet back under me and keep moving. I am in charge of me. I am unbelievably sad, it will be better every tomorrow I know, better for everyone. Please keep me and mine in your prayers, we need them and appreciate them.
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    @pneschich --so sorry for your family's loss. It's so hard to see those we love suffer--with the pain of illness, as you did with your MIL, and with the loss your wife and children and you are experiencing right now. It's so hard not to slip back into old habits when we face new struggles, but you are strong and will get back on track. It will take time for all of you to find your new normal. You are all in my thoughts.
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    @pneschich sorry about your loss. Its hard when someone we love passes away. I believe we keep them with us through cherishing with what they brought to our lives ... the funny traditions, the yummy recipes, the bad jokes and even the hard moments ... because we learnt from those and made us who we are. You need time to grieve, to miss her, so don't be too hard on yourself ... soon you will be back to good habits and continuing your weight loss journey.

    @weightywonder84 welcome to the community!! WTG with your weight loss!! And you are right its a slow process and there might be hard days, but the key to success is not to give up and keep trying!

    Whats up with me lately? Not much actually ... been trying to exercise a bit, but my body is still on lazy mode. Food has not been that bad, but definitively could be better (specially the gelato I had yesterday .... did I need it? not really >:) ). I continue with my experiments with whatever I find in the fridge ... I hardly have anything left by now. Yesterday was the turn to use the asparagus, artichokes and shrimp ... did a stir fry with all and some spices, not bad at all ... I was actually surprised :D

    I had mentioned some posts ago about the dailyburn app ... well did my first video and it was so fun! It was an African dance class ... OMG, I am so uncoordinated!! you would think because I am from LATAM I would have some rhythm in my veins ... well not!! I looked like a sack of potatoes moving my arms and legs ... my husband was just looking at me and laughing (he tried to video me, but I think my face stopped him in his tracks :D )

    This week will be a busy one; I might have mentioned I work freelance conducting interviews and I got already 6 scheduled for this week. Plus, need to get the house ready for my MIL that arriving next week for like a month. We are going to spend Christmas here, but then we are taking her to Rome ... which will be interesting since she doesn't walk much and Italian cities are not all leveled and easy to walk.

    Cant recall someone asking about my husband's TV interview ... it was for a tech program ... so most likely just IT nerds where watching it (and myself) ;)

    OK, time to get going!! Have a great Tuesday everyone!!
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    @pneschich Ditto what @happygirlxxx said. Everyone grieves in their own way and time. You not only suffered a loss for you, but the pain in seeing your wife and children suffer that loss makes it all the more difficult. Give yourself the time you need. You've come far so you will be back to you when the time is right, for you. I understand food being a comfort. The fact that you even recognize that is a huge HUGE thing, so don't be afraid. You will get back to normal, as will your family. It just takes time. Food won't take away the sorrow though, but I do get that it helps heal the soul sometimes. I think as life settles down and the pain subsides more and more, you will be back where you need to be in your choices. You haven't gone down that slippery slope again. This is just temporary and as we know, "this too shall pass". Check in here when you can and maybe that will help too. Take care of you and your wonderful family.

    @happygirlxxx I was the one who wondered about your husband's interview. Hey, I'd be right there with you, watching. :) Ah, Rome. Loved it there but you are right, not a place for those who can't walk a lot. I'm in that boat. My knees and back just won't let me. When I was there, as a surprise my husband hired a private tour guy and he took us everywhere, got us right to the front of lines and places. He was amazing and now I can say I've seen and been to all of Rome. Love it there.

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    Holiday Exercise Challenge/Goal/Plan

    Name: Nikion901 (Niki)
    Goal: 30 minutes workouts 3 times a week

    November 22 - 110 minutes, but in 2 sessions
    November 29 - 180 minutes, in 2 sessions again
    December 6 - 225 minutes, in 3 sessions
    December 13 - 120 minutes, in 3 sessions
    December 20
    December 27
    January 3
    January 10

    Continuing with Weight reporting Wednesday ...
    11/22/17 = 227.4
    11/29/17 = 226.8
    12/6/17 = 227.4
    12/13/17 = 227.6
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    Holiday Exercise Plan!

    Name: Ana
    Goal: Exercise 3 x week for 45 minutes.

    Nov 22: 3x10+K steps + 1x45’ spinning :)
    Nov 29: 1x60’ + 1x30’ spinning + 1x45’ Pilates :)
    Dec 06: none! Back was hurting :/
    Dec 13: 1x30’ dancing + 1x30’ spinning + 3x10K steps :)
    Dec 20:
    Dec 27:
    Jan 03:
    Jan 10:

    Weight lost this week: Have not weigh-in myself this week
    Weight lost so far: ? (Mystery for next week!)
    Current Weight: ?

    So yesterday decided to cook lentils ... never had done them before and most likely it’s been years since I had them last ... did my research on how to make them and they came up good; served them with a ragú and baked cod ... all this for my husband to tell me that he doesn’t like lentils :neutral: 15 years together and I had no idea.

    Oh well ... now you know what my lunches for the next days will be ... lentils with everything else I still find in my fridge :wink:
  • Looks like it’s been somewhat quiet around here. Hope it’s because everyone is having a wonderful holiday season and is busy getting their exercise!

    I’m not good with all the personals. Actually, I really suck at it. But here it goes ...

    Welcome to all the new folks!

    @Nikion901 love your photo of all the snow! Looks like you got a good workout clearing the sidewalk and driveway.

    @NewCaddy Migraines are awful. Glad you are getting some relief from the chiropractor.

    @cellosmiles Yay for the positive week!

    @pneschich So sorry for your loss. Prayers your way.

    @happygirlxxx I have never done the dailyburn app. I love exercising using dancing videos on YouTube.
    I don’t even wanna know what I look like. I can only imagine. But I really enjoy it!
  • Holiday Exercise Challenge

    Name: Lydia

    Goal: Minimum of 150 minutes of activity per week. My activity will include walking, gym, workout videos, and anything else I can do without injuring myself.

    November 22: 180 minutes of exercise, pilates 4x, over 10,000 steps 6 of 7 days
    November 29: 100 minutes of exercise, run 1x, pilates 2x, 10,000 steps 4 of 7 days
    December 6: 165 minutes of exercise, run 2x, pilates 1x, 10,000 steps 6 of 7 days
    December 13: 370 minutes of exercise, run 2x, Zumba 2x, 10,000 steps 7 of 7 days
    December 20:
    December 27:
    January 3:
    January 10:

    I’ve had a challenging week. One of my sons has been sick for the past 4 months. We had another fun day at the hospital getting tests done and still no answers. And on top of that, my dog, who turned 15 yrs old today, has had 2 strokes this past week.

    On the bright side, I walked every day this past week. I’m doing Fitbit challenges and I’m finally not in the bottom half! My diet could definitely improve but I’m doing okay staying around my daily calories.

    Another week down!
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    @BarneyRubbleMD congratulations!! Its an amazing milestone and truly inspiring for all of us!!! Well done!!!!

    @lydiapassthedonuts sorry about your son; must be so stressful not knowing exactly what is going on with him. I hope soon you can get an answer and he gets well. I got an older dog too, he is turning 15 in a month and before we moved he had an stroke as well, but even though he is not back 100% to his normal self, he has improved tons so don't give up on him/her; they can recover! and WTG with the 370 minutes of exercise!!!

    @b_lisieux that is what we should get when in Rome (and even in Milan) a guided tour that takes us door to door so she doesn't have to walk much. I am trying to get her as well a wheelchair so at least we can push her around if needed.

    Thursday Truth!

    I shared with you that my MIL is coming to visit in a week. What I didn’t share before is that I have not spent with her more than 2 hours together in the last 8+ years and within this period I think I have only seen her once for lunch … and now she will be staying with us for 3 weeks!!! Just to clarify, the reason why this happened is not because we cant get along, but because we were living in SEA and that trip would have been way too much for her … from Argentina it takes about 30+ flying hours to get to there. And, I personally didn’t have the need to go back since my parents travel quite often and were able to come visit.

    So, I just wonder how these 3 weeks will be … she is someone that is almost a stranger to me, but that is expected from me to consider family. Someone that I think I don’t have much in common either. Definitively weird; but having the chance to provide her the opportunity to see her son I think trumps all the awkwardness of the situation, right? (at least I hope so!).

    Anyway, so that is my weekly truth (besides the fact, that I ate dulce de leche last night that is a caloric bomb .. not helping my diet at all :# ).

    Hope everyone is having a good week! Ciao!! :)