February 2018 Running Challenge



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    I have a couple of random questions. I am training for a HM in May. So far my longest run has been 9.5 miles and it took me 1 hour 58 minutes. I know if I plan to fuel during the HM I need to practice that in advance. At what point do I need to refuel? Or do I even need that for an HM?

    You may or may not need fuel. Everyone is different. Some people only drink the Gatorade at the hydration stations are fine. Some do not stop at all. Some fuel every 30 mins like clockwork.

    You really need to practice this and try it in training. The GU Gels, for example, suggest 15 mins before start, then every 30-45 mins throughout the race. @7lenny7 suggestions are along those lines.

    Here is the thing - your gut rules all. What can you eat while you run that will not cause you GI distress? How much can you eat? Everything any of us suggests is really just a rule of thumb, and you will need to experiment so that you have no surprises come race morning.
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    Well thanks for reminding me to charge - I was down to 3%.

    I just read that it is better for lithium-ion batteries life span to do "shallow charges", letting it get down to no more than about 50% and not charge it up to the full 100% - or at least not to leave it plugged in after it reaches 100%. I tend to charge mine less often. Mostly try to keep it charged before my long runs and races, and that is about all I need to do in a typical week. So probably getting down to 20% or so each time I charge.
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    @HRKinchen W00T! Congrats! Might not have been as fast as you wanted, but you still did it! :)
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    February goal: 88 miles

    2/1 - 4.0 miles
    2/4 - 9.2 miles
    2/7 - 4.4 miles
    2/8 - 4.3 miles
    2/9 - 4 miles
    2/11 - 8.2 miles
    2/12 - 4 miles
    2/14 - 4.2 miles (intervals)
    2/15 - 5 miles
    2/18 - 9.7 miles

    57/88 miles completed

    I had a great run today. I am still amazed at how good i feel after I run. I ran 9.7 miles. And I am tired, but not exhausted. I guess some of it is the endorphins but I just feel really happy. If you had told me a few years ago that I would love running and would feel awesome after running 9 miles I would have thought you were nuts.

    Thanks so much everyone for the advice about fueling. I did take a some gels with me and I had one at about 5 miles or about one hour. It was ok. I don't know that I will need fuel during the HM, but I want to know that if I do need it I will be able to tolerate it. So I will continue practicing with it some. Usually my long runs are not completely fasted, but mostly I just have a couple of cups of coffee with cream and sugar and maybe a yougurt or a banana or peanut butter crackers. Sometimes just the coffee. And I have never felt like I needed fuel yet, but I think it will be good to be prepared if I do need it.

    Also thanks for the advise on charging. So far I just charge my Garmin once a week when it is about 20%.


    I just noticed that I forgot to add today's mileage to my list, so I had to fix it. I mentioned it and I added it to my total, just didn't list it.
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    Feb 1 - 4.95 miles - Interval, Core, followed with Sarasota Beach run (virtual)
    Feb 3 - 5.44 miles - Interval, Back & Core, followed with Destin Beach (Florida) run (v)
    Feb 4 - 4.35 miles - Floor Core, Interval & Biceps, followed with Liguria (Italy) run (v)
    Feb 5 - 3.1 miles - Caveman special, Interval, Legz & Core
    Feb 6 - 5.14 miles - 4 mile ÞJÓÐVEGUR run (virtual, followed with Interval, Abs & Lower Back
    Feb 7 - 5.15 miles - Interval & Chest, followed with Maria Aurora, Central Luzon (not to be mistaken with Luton :) ))
    Feb 8 - Triple R day
    Feb 9 - 4.1 miles - 3 mile TM run, followed with Interval & Core
    Feb 10 - 4.5 miles - Caveman special - Interval, Arms Superset & Core - unintentional 1.75mile Japan run
    Feb 11 - 2.1 miles - Caveman special - Interval, Shoulders & Core - should have been rest day
    Feb 12 - 4.4 miles - 3.1 mile Aosta, France run, followed with 1.3 mile Interval & Core
    Feb 13 - 3 miles - Caveman special - Interval, Back & Biceps
    Feb 14 - 3.1 miles - short run (Phnom Penh, Cambodia today), followed with Interval & Core
    Feb 15 - 4.5 miles - Interval, Legzzzzz & Core, followed with lunchtime short foot-pod calibration run
    Feb 16 - 3.2 miles - Interval, Chest & Core
    Feb 17 - 4.1 miles - Increased pace Miami Beach (virtual) run, followed with Interval & Core
    Feb 18 - Triple R
    Feb 19 - 4.9 miles - 3.1 mile Sloth run, followed with Interval, Triceps & Core


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    Great work everyone and congrats to those of you who raced this weekend!
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    Been gone a few days and too many posts to catch up on. I'll pist an update in my running later todsy, including the race I am adding to thr schedule
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    February 3 – 13.1 miles
    February 4 – 6 miles
    February 5 – 5 miles
    February 7 – 5 miles
    February 9 – 7 miles
    February 10 – 14 miles
    February 11 – 3.8 miles
    February 12 – 5 miles (treadmill)
    February 14 – 5 miles
    February 17 – 12 miles
    February 18 – 9 miles
    February 19 – 4.6 miles (track)

    Today made third day in a row running so my legs were tired. Looking forward to heading to the Florida sunshine this weekend!


    Upcoming Races:
    February 24-25 – Gasparilla Amber Challenge (15K & 5K on Saturday; Half Marathon on Sunday)
    May 6 – Pittsburgh Half Marathon