June 2018 Running Challenge



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    @5BeautifulDays YES! You did awesome! Not only did it not kill you, you'll totally go do it again soon!
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    Question: Now that I'm more or less in "HM shape" all of the time, what do I do between races that are three months apart? Starting over on a a 12 week Hal Higdon program seems weird since I don't really want to back down my long runs. Is there a "HM base" program somewhere and then kick it into gear closer to 6 weeks to the race?

    I have been meaning to give you my thoughts on this. I try to stay in "half marathon shape" year round as well. For me this means being able to run a half marathon whenever the opportunity arises. As such, I don't really ever follow any kind of HM training plan. I try to keep my base mileage around 30-35 miles per week (this probably varies greatly from person to person). I have one day per week when I will do some sort of speed work to keep me honest and one longer run. My long run varies anywhere from 8-14 miles and really depends on where I am running, what I have going on that weekend and how many miles I ran the rest of the week. The other runs can be anything: tempo, slow and easy, trail, etc. It's very, very structured, as you can see. I also try to use this time to work on my strength training. All that said, I am usually marathon training 32 weeks of the year (for one in the spring and one in the fall). This is what I am doing the other 20 weeks.

    That is a great guideline. Hubby and I are meeting with a powerlifting coach/trainer and I'd like to get more serious about lifting 3x per week and running 3x per week with at least the long run being on trail, if not one of the other runs (I can bake this in a lot easier during the summer and when my son is actively having soccer practices w/ his team because the practice field is right next to a series of great trails). That would put my mileage closer to 25 miles per week if I was consistently pulling long runs at 12 miles. Hmmm. I'll have to play with that a bit.
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    So everyone trying @elise4270's one leg balance test... just to add another dimension of difficulty. With eyes open - on one leg hop up to a step 8-12 inches high, landing on the same foot and balance there... step down and repeat. It is great for improving your stability.
    We also do step ups to a single leg balance using a high step - about 3 ft for me. It is getting easier but was really difficult for me initially - the top of the step is past my hips. It is really a glute workout!

    Ima hafta find a step. :wink: sounds like a good way to strengthen that buuuttttt!

    Dh is insane. He said he wanted to sign up for a 5k this/next weekend. Knock it out, but im not ready. So he signs us up for a championship dualathon next month. Gah! I'm going to be last, last last of lasts. Farts. Come on!

    What do i need to know? I dont have a tri bike. I dont have the typical attire or knowledge. I dont look the part.

    They're all gonna be "who the xxx is this lame ssss person?" Not the iron Nun!

    Its a rather manageable distance. 3k run, 22k bike, 3k run and hilly. But I am not ready for competition. Not not not not not...


    I am not sure that I am ready for that either, but I would love to do this!!!

    Ooooh, come do it! Come do it, come do it!!!! Hahaha!

    Its Draper Lake duathlon if you decided to come up! @BEERRUNNER, DH and i met up hwre and did the POOP run last dec.

    https://triokc.club/draper-du :smiley: Norman OK

    I was going to look up last years times to make myself feel better about it. But havent yet. Still a little intimidated. And i need to buy some duathlon shorts i think... Or change?

    ok @elise4270 I'm talking to hubby tonight. I won't be fast, but I should be able to get this done. I'm in as long as he is good with it! I'll let you know tonight.

    Nice! Tell him I'll buy you lunch/dinner, give you gas money or beg myself!! :smiley:
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    @ariceroni love the photos! You look like a strong runner! I'm glad to know im not the only one that gets a bit queasy on the run. Congratulations on the AG and PR!!
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    @ariceroni I would imagine I would totally barf trying to do a 5k that fast!
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    @ariceroni I think you are officially twice as fast as me...and you ROCK! Congratulations!
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    @ariceroni Great race photos! 21:59 is fantastic!!
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    @ariceroni Congrats on the PR! I love the photos!

    @5BeautifulDays Congrats on the 5 miles and good luck on your race! You will kill it! I can't wait to read the race report.

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    Congratulations @ariceroni! Amazing time!
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    @ariceroni that is killing it! I would have lost it and it would have been a worse race photo. LOL. Inspirational, I tell you!

    @Elise4270 I'm in. He was easy. I will register tonight.
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    Slowed down a bit on my run, but did 3.2miles as I wasn't as tired. 53.1 miles to go.
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    @ariceroni -Congrats on the 5K PR and overall great race! I loved your pictures, even the one where you are about to hurl!
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    @ariceroni -Tremendous 5K PR, AG, and overall finisher! Pictures are great. I even like the finish....it shows you left EVERYTHING out there on the course! :o
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    @ariceroni - I think you win, your worst race photo beats the one at the water station! But what a race, wow!
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    @ariceroni - Congratulations!! WOW! That is a fast 5k and I agree that the photos show that you left nothing out there! Fantastic placing 3rd female OA!! I do love the photo of you under the 'Solidarity Drive'!

    @katharmonic - That is a super cute race photo!

    I think it was Runner's World that just had an article about how to take better race photos... Don't look at the camera or at your watch it can make you break your form; Do speed up (then you don't look like you are shuffling or walking); Don't smile - not sure the rational on this one. There were others but I think these were the main ones.

    @elise4270 - so cool that you are going to have @seanevan10 as a Duo buddy!
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    Congratulations @ariceroni! Your performance was amazing!!! I've hurled doing much less awesome running stuff. Fortunately, no one was around to take a picture. ;)