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    Macka - my niece runs a PCA service in Mn. My sister is a PCA for a little girl and my mom. They bring their own food and drink. They are professional (or should be) caregivers and have an agenda to perform while at your house. You need to talk to the PCA service to see what the plan for your husband is and that will dictate how many hours they work and what they will be doing each day. Her are the guidelines for Mn


    You can google other sites for more information. I suggest talking to the agency that will be caring for your husband with any questions.


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    Good day! It has been a restful and relaxing one. I worked in flower bed for an hour. Spent day running errands with husband, dinner out, ice cream, then visiting with some good friends. Didn't get steps in. But relaxing was more important!
    Welcome to new ladies!
    Keep sharing pictures. I love them!
    Love clean slate!
    Kylia who is sleepy in Ohio
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    Did the Body by Bethany DVD. The plan for tomorrow is to do some hula hoop, hold my plank, then take the extremepump class.

    Kylia – I’m like you, I’d prefer the heat to the cold. As long as it isn’t humid. When we’re in Florida, even tho it is humid, I can sort-of stand it because I’m usually out by the pool. Your pics are great, what a transormation! How tall are you?

    Katla – have a great trip!

    Where is Joyce?

    Lisa – have fun with your company. Glad they can spend the night

    Rachel – welcome! Jump right in. We’re glad to have ya. We used to live in Kennett Square! One of my daughters, Jess, went to the vo-tech there >Coatsville> (can’t think of the name of it right now)

    Lanette – my ancestors ate lots of high fats, too. And they never had a weight problem. A good part is the fact that they worked hard, had little time to sit. Today we do more sitting

    Barbie – lol Shasha

    Cut the grass today and used the weedwacker, then you can guess where I went…lol Tonight I’m going to go to the movies. There is a place around here that runs movies for like $3 so I’m going to go. I really really wanted to see “I feel Pretty” but that ended Friday. So I’m thinking I’ll see “Life of the Party”

    Jazzy – welcome back

    Mizlily – welcome. Adorable cat

    Snowflake – adorable girls!

    Went to the movies tonight. Unfortunately, the one movie I really wanted to see finished Friday (I don’t know why I got an email saying that it started Friday), so I was going to see another movie only we found out that the theater where it was showing didn’t have a/c so we opted to see “Book Club”

    Michele in NC
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    Katla49 wrote: »
    We’re having a great day today. This is our first trip in the RV & we’re in a wonderful location with NO FIREWORKS! 😎❤️👍🏻

    I'm so thrilled for you. I love taking trips in the motor home. I leave all my troubles and concerns behind and just relax and enjoy my surroundings. I'm sure the fur baby will be grateful.


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    Karen in VA - Phoenix is a doll boy!! They just grow too quickly!!! Thanks for sharing <3

    Janetr OKC
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    Katla So happy for you and your husband - does it feel like you've set sail? Are you a wee bit giddy? <3

    Karen in Virginia