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    Wendy sorry about your daughter.

    Allie I agree take deep breaths as you take your test. You can do this!
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    Thanks to all who weighed in on the low carb question. I think I’ll find a way to do it without being so extreme. I probably need a good Keto cookbook and experiment with some things that taste like carbs but aren’t. I have the Trim Healthy Mama cookbook and it has some, I printed out a Keto cauliflower and cheese recipe that looks delicious that I saw on (gasp!) Facebook! Lol.

    I just don’t know if I can get past the calories with all that cheese. It is definitely a paradigm shift in my thinking.
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    Lanette so glad to hear your test results are moving in the good direction! :)
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    stats for the day:

    bike ride hm 2 gym- 7.19min, 134mhr, 13amph. 1.5mi= 72c
    apple watch- forgot to turn on
    TREADMILL walk- 17.16min, 3.5sp, 10incl 1st 1/2mi, then 15.0incl 2nd 1/2mi, 118ahr, 135mhr, 1mi= 138c
    apple watch- 162c
    ARMDIP and CHINUP assist machine- 9.35min, 3set of 10ea then bounce single leg toe touches and ceiling to fl single leg touches, repeat 3 times, 132mhr= 81c
    apple watch- 79c
    bike ride gym 2 sumn sta- 51.15min, 130ahr, 149mhr, 13.9amph, 11.9mi= 502c
    apple watch- 454c
    jog sta 2 wk- 4.35min, 152mhr, 142ahr, 8.58min mi, .5mi= 66c
    apple watch- didn't turn on
    jog wk 2 sumn sta- 4.23min, 9.29min mi, 124ahr, 152mhr, .4mi= 67c
    apple watch- not showing
    bike ride dome 2 hm- 18min, 8.6amph, 124ahr, 142mhr, 2.5mi= 177c
    apple watch- not showing

    total cal 1103
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    England lost. I'm sorry for all those lovely people who invested so much of themselves in the result. :'( So many crushed hopes.
    DH is sad, but philosophical.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxx

    I actually watched the majority of the game. I've never followed what we call "soccer" so did not understand all of what was going on, but still it was riveting. I was sorry they lost too. 😕

    Janetr OKC
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