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    Thanks for telling about the star at the top of the page! I couldn’t find this group again! I have been under my calorie allotment for 18 days but have not weighed yet. Started out at 180 from docs scale. Just can’t give up my 2 wines even tho I count them. I don’t think I have lost very much but look better! What is BBC code?
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    stats for the day:

    spin- 50min, 91aw, 91ar, 122ahr, 155mhr, 11.7mi= 389c
    apple watch- 415c
    walking outside- 22.42min, 16.26min mi, 127mhr, 1.3mi= 106mi
    Apple Watch- 119c

    total cal 495

    did some outside work, didn't count those cal.
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    As perfect as eating perfect can be!
    Yeah me!
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    After my first 'fast-food' hamburger; that I cut up in small bite-size pieces; did not eat but 1/2 of the bun, about 3 onion rings, 1/4th of a small French fries, and a small Dr. Pepper - I Am MISERABLE! Won't do that again. No matter what Louis says; I will just drink another one of my shakes and let him eat the junk food. UGH!

    My Mother was 'allergic' to the sun; if she got out in it for any length of time, she'd break out in hives. We discovered this when we were on vacation when I was little, got deathly ill and all she had done was get sunburned although she was sitting under a shelter (the owners of the place had built it especially for Mother; they were good friends of my parents). That helped; but, she still wore a LOT of sunscreen and did not sit out there from 10:00am to 2:00pm. I'm not sure I understand the concept of a mask. Mask of thick sunscreen or clear mask like sometimes you see an athlete wearing during a game (basketball) as protection from getting someone's finger jabbed in their eyes..

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    I'm not sure I understand the concept of a mask. Mask of thick sunscreen or clear mask like sometimes you see an athlete wearing during a game (basketball) as protection from getting someone's finger jabbed in their eyes..


    Mask ... like what Asian women or doctors wear.

    Or pollution masks ... like what cyclists in cities where smog is a problem wear.

    To filter out the thick smoke all over BC and Alberta.

    These are the pollution masks MEC sells:

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    Did Debbie Sieber’s Keep it Up DVD. The plan for tomorrow is to do a 10 Minute Solution pilates DVD.

    katie – looks like you’re well on your way

    I find these before and after pictures so interesting. Wish I had some of me. I seem to be at the same weight (give or take a few pounds) since I started on here.

    Vince applied for medicare. He’s really not looking forward to it. I apply next year. At least he’s going thru it first

    Kim – I bet with all that digging, I’m sure you get thirsty so the amount of water you drink (especially in the summer hot weather) is probably a lot.

    Kathleen from Cantonment – welcome! I’ve never heard of Cantonment. Where is it in FL? On the West coast (I’m not as familiar with that part of FL)

    Katla – WLS = Weight Loss Surgery. Have fun with your company!

    Rye – loved the raft and your other pictures

    Have a question for those people who do landscaping. How do you get rid of tree stumps short of digging around them and sawing them down below ground level? Is there some way that they will dissolve?

    NYKaren – happy birthday to your daughter. That’s so neat about the elephants

    I just got an email from the president of Newcomers. Boy, I can’t help but wonder if she’s drunk. Basically, she’s suggesting that the webmaster enters new members into the website, then he tells me that he has done it so that I can send them the new member information. Previously, I did everything and the webmaster really didn’t get involved unless there was a problem with my privileges. I am suggesting that he reinstate my privileges so that I can do everything. My fear is that my privileges were custom code which he can’t fix. Now she wants to give him another job? I tell you, he’s getting frustrated, and I can completely understand where he's coming from. He’s really not going to like it when I resign from membership. Wouldn’t surprise me if come the new fiscal year we are looking for a new webmaster.

    Lenora – I’m the same way when it comes to fast food. I quite literally get a sick stomach. It’s what you get used to over time. I’m just so used to not having fast food that even the smell of it turns me off.

    Michele in NC
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    Had a nice day yesterday, son came for a meal, his wife was away for the weekend. I did a roast dinner which we both enjoyed. Had a good chat, he lives quite near me but they both work so don't see them as much as I'd like.

    Loving all pics

    Weight still bobbing up and down, need to buckle down and lose a couple of pounds before my Spanish trip got to allow for paella and beers. Hoping it's not too hot for my long walks along the promenade.

    Kate UK <3
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    morning ladies~
    the heat and humidity has been wicked over here ..last night I was asleep before 7 pm and woke up at 4 am, tried going back to sleep, buy my mind wouldnt let me...
    going to feed DFIL , and then either back here to clean or to my dads to start boxing up stuff..
    I have to get this show on the road..
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    My goal for August is to start my nutrition plan, stick with it and be active for at least 30 minutes a day. My step goal is set at 8k right now. I hope to achieve that consistently and then gradually up the goal to 10k again.
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    So aside from creating my card collage, we went to Big W, where I got the magnetic board for the collage, and I also picked up some more running gear.

    I'm not entirely impressed with the tights, but they're the best of a poor selection. It seems like all the running tights now are short ... they come to about 2 inches above my ankle. And it seems like that's the fashion ... even the displays show the tights coming to about 2 inches above the ankle. Weird. I much prefer my tights, pants, etc. to be right down to the ground. But nevertheless, the tights were only $10, and were the longest ones there, so I got them. Prior to today, I only had one pair of long tights, and all the rest of my running tights were just past the knee. Those short ones are just a bit cold, so this second pair of long ones are better than nothing.

    I've also been attempting some cleaning and organising this weekend. I got my homework project done early, and had a little bit of time. But it's all back to uni and work tomorrow!

    We also got on our trainers (with Zwift) ... my husband did half this amount ...

    Distance: 18.61km
    Elevation: 157m
    Moving Time: 44:19
    Elapsed Time: 44:19

    ............................. Avg ................ Max
    Speed .................... 25.2km/h ........ 59.4km/h
    Heart Rate .............. 143bpm .......... 173bpm
    Cadence ................. 77 .................. 115
    Power ..................... 98W ............... 236W

    Machka in Oz
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    klanders30 wrote: »
    Thought machka and all bikers at <3 would like the pics This sculpture is on Rachel’s campus.

    Today we headed to port Alfred where we hung out at a most beautiful beach. It was barely occupied as it is winter here, but was warm enough to hang out. The sun was out and the sky was so blue I could hardly believe it, climbed a very steep sand dune (yes!) and then ate chicken curry pie on the beach. What a day.

    Where are you that it is winter?

    I ask because it's winter down here in Australia ... and NZ. :)

    M in Oz