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    Thank you Barbie for starting us off again this month! I am so glad you are making some small amount of progress. My prayers continue for your continued progress.

    On the surface it looks like I had a great August. I did close all the rings on my watch each day and I did earn my special September badge on my watch. However, I lost .2 lbs which put me at a new low, which is too low.

    My goals for September are the same, close all the rings on my watch every day, earn my special watch badge again this month and gain a couple of pounds.

    Okie in the TX Hill Country

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    Hi everyone, Happy September!
    Thank you for your inspiration and insights shared throughout the month.
    August was a bit challenging but filled with fun. Did okay on my goals - sleep averaged 4h 20min, water 72oz, steps 7600, declutter 3 drop offs but not going to paint...maybe in Nov.

    Taking on a job change, stressed out, letting myself slip into poor choices. On an up note - for my interview fit into slacks that didn't fit in June. So # on the scale aside there is a good shift going on with my body.

    Sept goals -
    Daily 6hrs sleep,10k steps, 96oz H2O
    Keep up Decluttering.
    Mind the shopping cart
    Log every bite.
    Be present in each moment.

    5k walk coming up Sunday 9/9 for Alzheimer's assoc in Vancouver WA

    7/1 187lb - 8/1 183.2 - 9/1 @ 181.4

    Have a good day
    ~ jazzypdx/Portland OR
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    SueBDew hope you can feel the caring and healing vibes we all are sending even tho reading is out for now.
    thanks for the update, keeping both in prayer.
    Barbie knitting such great love gifts... while lying flat on your back in pain? Inspiring!
    Ginger ((hugs))
    Kylia "grateful that we didn't kill someone" HAH! Ain't it da truth?
    Heather "vest and knickers that I wear in bed" hmm having a little trouble with that image...;)
    Jazzypdx con VERY gratulations on the NSV interview slacks! Couragia, or as Rori says, you can do this!
    Suanough no BP meds and down to a third of former insulin? What great NSVs! You'll kick butt at cardio rehab.

    Welcome Kiowa fm TX!

    Milk :sick: Mama made me drink a glass with every meal. Often it came right back up. No one knew from lactase deficiency back in the day. Never had that problem with the frozen stuff, but had to be within steps of the bathroom afterwards... :)

    Time to pack, ttyl.

    Lighter, lovelies!
    f8qt1s098sxm.gifBarbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD.
    60 g protein 5/5, vits 4/5, meditate 3/5, walk one more step 5/5, knee exercises 3/5, core 1/5, walk Tumble 1/4 times, SWSY 0/2, hang up or purge art 2!, AF 4/5.
  • Ladies - Please pray for Louis, he is having a colonoscopy today at Noon-thirty. Both sons have said they are worried about them finding something. I hope that doesn't happen.

    My son, Trey, has started Zoloft and isn't nearly as 'angry' as he has been for several years. His wife, Jenn, has been put on a 'mood' stabilizing med; hopefully she will continue taking it. The PA has called her twice to check on her. Apparently, she voiced her up and down moods. I hope she does not go off it; but, I never asked for her to be a friend on Facebook; but, I was told that she has posted 'negative' things about me and that hasn't changed. Will, Tami, and Mallory have all be 'stressed' by Wills failure to talk to Tami about whatever is 'stressing' him. He's never had a mortgage; he's always been provided with a trailer to live in; he makes good money; but, has gotten tired of his bosses 'thinking' he should be there 24/7. Sometimes he stays with Tami, other times she stays at his place. But, that means she 'has' to drive into town. She and her 'ex' has been a 'dick-head' about child support and paying it 'late' and sometimes 'only' if she has demanded that he pay it [because she and Will want to go out to eat]. I am not sure if part of what is troubling Will might be his job; of it he is irritated with Tami because her 2-bedroom, 1-bath home is 'not big enough when he is out there' Normally, when she has only 2 days with Mallory, she stays in town. They have split custody (each have her 1/2 of the year. It is bad because he wants it to be kept the same unless it is more convenient for him. Tami has allowed Mallory to stay with him for a week because they usually go to the beach right before school starts. They have only been here once since they married in 2015; and, that time she said that he could not have her because she was taking her to Georgia because they have family here. He does not like Will; and vice versa. But, they do speak to one another 'if' they have to.

    Will was in a really bad mood when we went out there the week his birthday falls in; but, now we have decided that it would be best if we moved it earlier in August. We also have asked if it would be convenient with them to come back in approximately 6 months. Seeing him only once a year just doesn't cut it. He said we could come any time we wanted to. He got more irritated when Louis said something about Jenn and told him they will never come back to Georgia because of her jealousy of Tami and how she treats her. Trey has now taken the position that he doesn't understand why we just cannot get along. I was happy that he 'finally' put me 'outside of any argument' she starts. If she is 'ugly' to me; and, we are outside - I will just walk back into the house. If we are in our house I might react or say something about it. I've never said anything 'negative' to her in her home. But, after she supposedly 'smoothed things over' with Will and Tami, she wrote me an email dredging up old 'hurts' and that 'we did not think she was good enough for Trey. I've never said that - I 'love' her because she is the woman Trey fell in love with; but, she isn't very 'likeable' and I did not respond to the email. But, she still compares herself to Tami, and whenever we go out there, or sometimes right before we go - she'll make some kind of random snarky remark. This last time, at Emilee's pool party for her birthday; she got in the pool and said, "I know I don't look as good as Tami would look in a bathing suit. Louis and I were 'surprised' and I guess we did not respond because 'it was petty'. She posted on Facebook after Will and Tami had come here, that 'she wished she could know out the knees of every thin/skinny person. While I have 'deactivated' my FB account - mostly because of my sister's constant remarks about 'how stupid who only watch Fox News must be stupid'.

    No more about them. I just hope that Will and Tami will talk about what is troubling Will. He voiced his opinion about being called while he was in 'church'; but, left because one of his bosses had gotten stuck. Another time one of them cut out the back strap and left the deer right there in the woods. He was 'livid' and said all he had to do was bring it to the cooler and he would have gutted it and put the meat in the freezer to take to a processor if he did not want it. The boss finally apologized to Will about 5 days later. When they come down, Will cleans their house and trailers and makes sure the carts and washed and fills them up. I think he is beginning to think all they now see is 'him being the hired help'. He did not want to talk about anything and you'd have to be able to clean shell-fish to get him to talk.

    The robo-calls have started again. Dangme, it I hate them. Last night we binged watched the last 1/2 of "Yellowstone" with Kevin Costner as the main character. I hope it is renewed next season. I need to delete some of the movies and shows I have saved to make more room for others I want to save.

    Thank you ladies for listening to me

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    Allie- It must be such a relief to be meeting with an agent to have the house listed today! That will be such a burden lifted from your shoulders when it sells.

    Barbie - I don't know how you are managing with all of this "lie down" time, I have trouble sitting through a 2 hour movie!

    Heather & Machka - Hope you both feel better soon

    I don't have much to say myself, just wanted to chime in for a minute.

    Have a great day everyone!
    Tracey in Edmonton
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    That was a pic of pile before he started.. 👍
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    barbiecat wrote: »

    I read somewhere that "September is the new January". This is based on school starting in many parts of the world in September. Even if this isn't true for you, this is one more good time to make a fresh start on your goals and resolutions for your life.

    How did you do with your goals and resolutions for August?

    What goals and resolutions do you have for September?

    My journey to health and fitness has been successful in large part to the support I've gotten from the women on the "Women Ages 50+" thread. Thank you to all of you who have supported and encouraged me and welcome to all who are joining us for the first time.

    Don't forget to bookmark this page so you can find it again.

    My word for 2018 is "tenacity".

    Resolutions for August (with end of the month comments)
    *Do what's necessary to deal with back pain that came on suddenly (yes)
    *Act the way I want to feel (yes)

    Resolutions for September
    *keep following the doctor's directions
    *log food and water daily

    k40015.gifBarbie from beautiful NW Washington

    Thanks Barbara. I posted for the first time. I think I'm ready to share the fact that I started again. Thanks for the post it made a impression on me.
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    Hi Sisters, went to the young man's funeral yesterday. I had to stand at the back as all the seats were taken in a huge room. Two hours standing in small heels gave me a sore back. So sad to hear what a good man he'd been, how loved by his school sweetheart, his only girlfriend since he was 16, and they had just bought a house together and planning a family. His employers stood up to say how they can't even imagine running the business without him (engineering) and how he had become a valued part of their family, camping and boating with them. A driver towing a trailer went out of control coming down a hill and swerved into his car killing him. Our roads here are what I call "death highways". There is no divider between the two lanes, nothing to stop head on accidents from happening at high speed.

    Husband woke up in a bad mood, looking for a fight so he finally provoked me enough that I gave him one! Man period, I guess.

    Barbie, I am envious of people who are good at knitting! I have knitted two hats but I am very slow and make mistakes, lol. The only reason I learned was because I accidently learned how to spin wool and then I had all this wool that needed to be knitted up. LOL. I really didn't think I could learn how to spin because I am so uncoordinated with getting my hands and feet to all work at the same time, but I went to a craft day and an old woman spinner that I was watching and admiring, insisted that I sit at the wheel and give it a try. She worked the foot pedal while I tried the hand side of things. Then after I could keep the hand part going, she made me work the foot pedal while she did the hand stuff. Then, she got me to put the two things together. I'm sure it was a miracle or osmosis or something but when I left that craft day, I could spin. I have two spinning wheels now but I haven't used them in years. It is a soothing, meditation to spin the wheel. Addictive. If I was a better knitter, I would spin more, and maybe one day I will have the time to do it. Not now. Gotta fly, <3 Wendy