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    I do not have Mission tortillas, those are my wasa crispbread ! I reuse plastic bags!
    Being thrifty💓
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    No gym workout. Off work today. Almost done painting the deck. Kirby is going to sprinkle some sand mixed in on the walkway part so it’s not so slippery during the winter. Then continue loading Bette with the gear, etc

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    Looking good PIP! :) Would love to have my porch made pretty again. :'(
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    Hey all! Just turned 50 this past June! Not sure how I feel about it yet:) What I want to know is how do you ladies keep yourself looking great?

    I have lost 25 lbs since March, another 10 to go. The only thing I notice now though is it seems that wrinkles on my forehead have become more pronounced:(

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    :)Tracey, Lying down all day is not something that comes naturally or easily. I am so scared about the prospect of not being able to walk and dance that I'm willing to do anything to recover. I have an arsenal of things to entertain me and strong motivation. I knit, read, listen to audio books and podcasts.

    :)kds, I don't know if I look good or not, but my attitude about life continues to improve as I age and build good habits.

    :)Gee, we all remember how if felt to start on this journey. I am so grateful to the women on this thread who have encouraged me along the way.

    :)Wendy, I learned to knit when I was a child and learned a lot more from friends when I went to college. It has been fun for me. I admire people who can spin but it looked too confusing for me. If we lived close to each other we could work together.

    :) Time to lie down again. Been at the computer too long.

    <3 Barbie from beautiful NW Washington
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    Heather- Edie is ADORABLE! She looks so happy to be heading to school! <3:*o:)