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    Okay, I have a question for anyone who chooses to answer. I have a friend who clearly thinks Keto is a bit weird and wrong even though she sees what it has done for me. I have mentioned her before - she tells me every time we go out to eat that she is glad her husband prefers her “fluffy.” I don’t eat Keto for Carl, I do it for myself. Anyway, whenever we go out to eat, she feels she has to point out on the menu what I CAN eat. I’m pretty sure I can see what IS KETO friendly on a menu and I really CAN EAT anything I care to. I’m finding what she does a bit annoying. Does anyone know why she would feel compelled to do this? Am I wrong to be irritated? On a 2 week cruise it can get old. Sorry for this mini-rant.

    @quiltingjaine Not a rant at all. Very valid questions and observation about your choices producing results and your friend's, well... not so much. We can speculate until the cows come home, but the only way to resolve the issue is to have a sit down with her to discuss why she feels compelled to point out Keto choices. She may not be aware how edgy her comments come across.

    I've had that conversation with friends before and they didn't realize how often or how pointed their comments were. Only one friend said she was feeling a bit jealous and needed to work on her situation instead of poking at mine. I feel this is most likely the case when someone behaves in such a manner.

    You are an inspiration for all who choose to see your this way. Hugs!
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    @FarmerCarla keep at it! You inspire me by saying you want to run again :sweat_smile: