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What Was Your Work Out Today?



  • FL_HikerFL_Hiker Member Posts: 919 Member Member Posts: 919 Member
    Ran 14 miles yesterday so today was my easy day! A little bit of roller blading 😊
  • jlklemjlklem Member Posts: 257 Member Member Posts: 257 Member
    I road my bike on the trainer for 3 hours in 10 minutes. Did 2 virtual group ride/’s a gaming platform called Zwift. Burned 2500 calories, time to eat well
  • CentaurusSoterCentaurusSoter Member Posts: 433 Member Member Posts: 433 Member
    15 miles / 46:27 / 485 calories
    Had to take it slow after my knee issue last night.
  • anglilacsanglilacs Member Posts: 165 Member Member Posts: 165 Member
    Zumba and shoveling the driveway.
  • martaindalemartaindale Member Posts: 844 Member Member Posts: 844 Member
    Sunday is usually a rest day for me. But today it was lovely outside so I went for a quick run (1.5 miles) just to get outside.
  • JeromeBarry1JeromeBarry1 Member Posts: 10,183 Member Member Posts: 10,183 Member
    Nada. I'm taking a rare day of rest.
  • firef1y72firef1y72 Member Posts: 1,578 Member Member Posts: 1,578 Member
    3mile run to keep my streak going. Was hanging and it was only supposed to be a mile but it felt so good to sweat the rest of the alcohol out
  • werewolf1388werewolf1388 Member Posts: 10 Member Member Posts: 10 Member
    Going up & down the stairs, haha.
  • tirowow12385tirowow12385 Member Posts: 699 Member Member Posts: 699 Member
    Lower body day and ab work.
  • MsBaz2018MsBaz2018 Member Posts: 364 Member Member Posts: 364 Member
    3.3 miles walk @ moderate pace. I thought I was killing it pace wise but nope: fast walk for me is still moderate pace only. Sigh
  • aokoyeaokoye Member Posts: 3,494 Member Member Posts: 3,494 Member
    6x 8:00/2:00r steady state 18-22 rate with the last minute of each interval full pressure with no rate cap.

    I got down to 1:36 for a very short period of time during the last minute of the first interval which is the lowest my split has ever been. I mainly just wanted to see if I could do it once I noticed I was in the low 1:40s. During the last interval experimented with how engaged my arms are during the drive after observing various people in front of me who I know are good rowers. That seemed to make a noticable difference.

    Wednesday is 4x500m @ 1:45.2 (my last 1k pace), or so I'm told. If we're allowed to try to shave seconds off I might try to go down a second.
    edited December 2018
  • lax75lax75 Member Posts: 118 Member Member Posts: 118 Member
    erged 14,133m. Mixed up the pace and SR, but overall (including warm up and cool down) averaged my 5k pace plus 6 or 7 secs.
  • CentaurusSoterCentaurusSoter Member Posts: 433 Member Member Posts: 433 Member
    Ended at 13.3 miles after feeling something wrong in my leg underside where the leg and butt meet. I tried shifting positions and lowering from 25, but it kept feeling wrong, so I stopped. I’d rather end 1.7 miles early than risk a muscle tear, cramp, or whatever this was.

    13.3 miles / 38:59 / 457 calories
  • pierinifitnesspierinifitness Member, Premium Posts: 2,231 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,231 Member
    Kettlebell complex 4 rounds using 24kg KB lasting 11 minutes. Run 2 miles. Both outdoors at park.
  • gradchica27gradchica27 Member Posts: 775 Member Member Posts: 775 Member
    Early am mobility work (GMB Elements, wk2/d1). Morning 20 min arc trainer, 20 min ab circuit, 20 min arc trainer. Afternoon ~45 min indoor rock climbing with my sons.
  • JaxxieKatJaxxieKat Member Posts: 427 Member Member Posts: 427 Member
    10 minutes briskly walking on the treadmill.
    4 sets of 10 reps each of the following exercises:

    Bench press
    Lat pull down
    Bicep curls
    Shoulder press

    I normally do more than that, but I'm still really sore from a Buti Yoga class I took a few days ago.
  • competeagain4xcompeteagain4x Member Posts: 167 Member Member Posts: 167 Member
    Jiujitsu until I injured my knee :(
  • firef1y72firef1y72 Member Posts: 1,578 Member Member Posts: 1,578 Member
    30 min PT using red
    3.3mile run
    Shoulders and arms
    30min tabata
    45min barbell (Last time I'm going heavy in leg tracks until after my marathons in April)
  • lizziequeklizziequek Member Posts: 1,373 Member Member Posts: 1,373 Member
    about 1 hour 10 minutes of brisk walking & 1 hour 50 minutes of pilates ( took 2 classes)
  • lcatalan93lcatalan93 Member Posts: 45 Member Member Posts: 45 Member
    I go to boot camp type of gym where they yell at you to put in that work lol xD Today's board is coredio please pray for me as I barely survive!
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