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    @StefanieBerger88 Hit the “search” at the top of this page and enter Just Give Me 10 Days and round 65 should pop up. Click on it and click on the star above the page numbers and that will mark it as your favorite. So the next time you click on Community to get here, you can click on your favorites there and it will be easy to find every time. I hope this helps!
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    01/03 286.4 and 8.0pounds down since I started. Hoping to find Fitbit charger so I can accurately check my calories burned daily.

    01/04 285.2 I normally weigh in every morning after I get up and pee so this is a nice way to be able to log everything. *Update on my day although not weight related* Found out my father in law has cancer in the hips and lungs today, feeling so down and bad for my MIL. They are such good people and she lost her dad last January so this is really a blow to her.

    01/05 284.9: 9.1 lbs down. Maybe tomorrow I’ll hit 10. 🤞🏾🤞🏾

    01/06 286.2: and frustrated. Didn’t lose but gained and was really hoping to hit my 10 lb loss today. I drank some wine last night but was still in my calorie allotment so I’m feeling like it was the pad thai and all those carbs. Anyhow, here’s to a new day. I got a new Fitbit yesterday as well so hoping that will help motivate me with steps and everything. I’ve also had a killer headache since last night and today will probably be a lazy day.

    01/07 287.4 and really annoyed now. How the hell did I gain 3 pounds this weekend? I stayed below my calorie limit even though it was a little higher than the last few days. It has to be the carbs. I did read that a Norma daily fluctuation can be 3-5 pounds but it sucks to see any higher number when I’m working so hard to lose. Anyhow, today will be a good day. I have an interview for a healthcare job that I’ve wanted for a while. Luck and prayers are being accepted!

    01/08 286.2 Going back down again, thank goodness! I should hear back about the job either today or tomorrow and my stomach is just in knots. I do have another interview today at 1030 but it’s for a job that I don’t really want. School starts again Monday and I’m so ready to get this semester on the road! Hoping to see the scale go down again tomorrow. Here’s to hoping!

    01/09 284.6 I got the job! And I’m so close to hitting my 10 lb goal! My father in law had his biopsies done yesterday and we should hear back in a few weeks and find out a treatment plan for him. Binge watching my 600 pound life really motivates me to not want to be on that show. I can’t believe I was almost halfway there before I started to get my *kitten* together. I have really enjoyed this page and the accountability it’s held me to knowing that I will have to post my weight every day. 3 days left, let’s see where we’re at!

    01/10 284.0, yay! I mean I’m not happy that I weigh that much but I’m 10 pounds down. I even woke up this morning and did some very light yoga 🧘‍♀️ and it felt so good. It’s made my body feel better, it put me in a lighter mood, I just feel good. Going to make some black beans in my instant pot tonight. I’m so in love with it.

    01/11 283.0, another day another pound. Had to take a drug test this morning for my job and then have spent the morning freezing meals and making beans in my instant pot since I didn’t do it last night. Turned out really good and I got so much. 11 pounds down total, and tbh don’t know how I lost a pound yesterday. I ate bad so I’m wondering if I’m going to wake up heavier tomorrow...guess we will see.

    01/12 284.6 I hate seeing my weight fluctuate so much but I know it’s normal. I thought I’d be downa bit more this week and feel like I just need to be more strict with my diet and more motivated to incorporate exercise. I got the boflex weight set yesterday so I can start lifting weights and I’m also going to take my measurements to I can have accurate results since I may be gaining muscle.

    Total down 9.1
    Down this week 1.8

    Where will we find the next thread for this?

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    @SarahG626 Welcome! I think you'll be glad you found us. It's easier with encouragement and support. The riding sounds like fun, but not the 125 mile drive! I have a friend with rescue horses only a couple of miles away when I need to ride. I hope you can find activities to keep you off the couch when you're at home. There are a variety of workouts on YouTube. I like DVD workouts. You can start with one that's a little challenging (a kids workout, Billy Blanks "Tae Bo Kicks," got me started), and progress to more challenging workouts. See you in Round 65!

    @quiltingjaine Did your eye mask have the bubble eyes so you can blink? I like to sleep in total darkness, but I don't like the flat masks. I use an eye mask every time I go to sleep, even on road trips. My husband rarely snores, and only quietly if he does, so I only use ear plugs if I'm traveling with women who snore. I've found that wax plugs work best for me. I have sleep apnea, my tongue slips back and blocks my air passage, and I snored even when I was young. I had a deviated septum corrected, which helped my breathing, but not my snoring. I had a balloon sinuplasty procedure, which I regret. It gave me the ability to snore through my nose when my mouth is closed! My husband saw the "Pure Sleep" adjustable mouth device advertised on TV. I tried other devices that didn't work, and I was skeptical. Anyway, to please him, I gave it a try. It worked! Now, he gets a quiet rest every night. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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    SarahG626 wrote: »
    Since today is the end of Round 64, I thought I would start here. I am brand new to the group but not a newcomer to MFP. I have read through some of the posts in this thread and think it might be something that I would enjoy trying. I'm "trying again" for probably the hundredth time. I don't want to spend $$ on a gym or WW right now so I'm getting back to MFP and exercising on my own.

    SWF, 41 y/o, Central Ohio, GW 170
    1/12 - Weight 205.4 - Saturday is usually my day to travel 125 miles East to ride horses. I have been riding reining horses for the last 6 years and am a member of the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA). I am leasing a horse and he's in training way on the other side of the state, but Saturday is the only day that all of us non-pro's go ride and get lessons from our trainer. We're getting snow today, so I decided to stay home. Being at home means FOOD and no structure. I'm better when I have a routine. Get up, grab a coffee and Tim Horton's bagel, then drive 125 miles, ride 1 or 2 horses for 60 minutes of exercise and a ton of fellowship with my barn-mates, grab Wendy's for the drive home, and then I'm lucky to stay awake the rest of the night when I get home. Easy, right? Left to no plan or structure on a Saturday or a Sunday, I tend to feed my face and be a couch potato ALL DAY. Trying HARD to break that habit......TODAY!

    I look forward to checking out this challenge and plan to join up in Round 65 as well. Looking for fun, active (on MFP), inspirational, motivating people.

    Hi Sarah! You can always make the couch work with some seated exercises so you don't feel guilty ~ you'd be surprised how many reps you can get in 😃 I call it the best of binging, lol ~ good luck and welcome to the group 💪
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    iLadyT wrote: »
    Hello everyone! I am excited to finally reach my goals in 2019 (claiming it!!) I’ve been at about a 6month plateau stuck in the 190s...a viscous cycle of lose gain lose gain. I am going to pay more attention to my nutrition, drink more water, and increase intensity of my workouts . Let’s do this!

    01/12: 194.4 well I am happy I finished this round and I finished lower than what I started. I need to be patient while my body changes. I keep forgetting that while strength training the numbers on the scale move soooo much slower. Really can’t wait to never type 19* lbs however! On to round 2

    Hey Lady T! Do you measure yourself too? Sometimes you'll see the loss with the tape and not just on the scale ~ especially when you're weight training. We know you got this!! See you next round 🙂