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    Hello.... looking for a support group to lose weight, but more important to stay alcohol free. I'm on day 20 after about a two year bender. I have lost 14 pounds so far, but I know that will slow drastically going forward, now that all the bloating is gone. I have around 150 pounds to lose! I just have to stay on track ... eat better and avoid alcohol all together. Thanks!

    Welcome! <3
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    Good Morning All!

    @lorrainequiche59 congrats - home stretch to a year! That's amazing! What app do you use? I'd love to track my $$$ saved!
    @donimfp - I'm sorry you are feeling low - 53 days is amazing. I also hope that as time goes on it get's easier.
    @yellowstone1983 - I'm sorry you are also feeling low and that you are getting bad news. Try not to be discouraged - it will come. Day 68 is amazing!
    @RubyRed427 - I'm happy to hear you are finding peace. Congrats on your daughters graduation! Wishing you a wonderful happy party and first night in your new place.

    I was off the grid yesterday having woken up with a stomach ache. I immediately had a moment where I thought I drank. On some of my heaviest drinking nights I would most certainly overeat and on occasion wake up in the middle of the night with terrible indigestion (you know, along side the terrible panic and anxiety). I always chalked it up to the alcohol - but I didn't drink Sunday night. What I did do is have some of a particular food - and now that I look back my worst stomach ache nights all included this food. I didn't even eat that much of it Sunday night but I guess it was enough! So I guess with out the alcohol I'm starting to be able to recognize when it's other things beyond booze that are effecting how I feel. I took it pretty easy yesterday - and am feeling better today - and I guess I should probably not eat that food anymore.

    What's great so far about not drinking is that I don't feel like a dumpster fire every day. I am concentrating better at work. I have more energy. My joint pain is also significantly decreased in a very short period of time - I'm sure as my body in general becomes less inflamed. I'm not consuming 1000 extra wine calories AND going on late night carb binges along side that before passing out. Do I feel perfect? No. Do I feel enlightened? No. Am I starting to feel more in control? Yes. Is not drinking making the healthy eating and fitness part easier? Yes. Also it's weird - but I'm finding I'm not as hungry now even on my highest activity days as I was on my lowest activity days with booze. I guess the alcohol just makes me want to pig out and sit on my butt.

    My early morning start times are getting easier and I'm feeling brighter (except for the allergies). My weight is also consistently going down - I'm actually down almost 10lbs in under 3 weeks. I think it's important to note that I'm doing more in that department then just not drinking and I have a significant amount of weight - over 100lbs - to lose - 60 of which I've gained rapidly in the past 2 years. I'm doing well tracking with a Fitbit. I know it's not going to be 100% accurate but so far it seems to be close enough. I'm pretty active so an average off-season weekday for me with work is about 10,000 steps and an average weekend day is well over 20,000 . I also work at least half my day standing, walk a lot and do home workouts most mornings that include both cardio and strength training. I had not been doing most of these things for the past 2 years while at the height of my drinking and personal stress but I'm finding I'm easily falling back into my fitness routines. In general I like being active and having energy - I really missed it. Food wise - nothing is off limits as long as I measure and count it but in general we mostly cook and eat at home and don't really eat junk or fast food. Portion control for me is the biggest issue. Anyway - I'm eating an average of about 2000 calories a day and that still leaves me with about a 1000 calorie deficit every day with my activity level. With nothing truly 'restricted' (including last weeks donut) I'm not feeling deprived or hungry or that I'm missing out - just going about life watching the calories in vs calories out and staying deficit range and off the bottle.

    So anyway - sorry I'm pretty long winded today, must be all of that extra energy I'm finding these days.

    Wishing everyone a fantastic AF day

    AF - Day 16
    AE - Day 7