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  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Posts: 1,013Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,013Member, Premium Member
    @trooworld That's good you got the meal prep started. Having healthy available food makes the journey so much easier.

    @teresaw1020 It's great that we are all finding the programs that work the best for us.

    @its_cleo That's great that you are under calories. All of us just keep tweaking our numbers til we find the right ones for us. Awful about the shooting. Scary.

    @Trishastime Yes, I think you are lucky to live over there. I think though I'd have to get used to some of the food. Hey, maybe I'd lose weight. lol I read a book once about an American who went to Europe on a student exchange program and lost weight because the food was so different and she didn't have access to alot of the processed foods she was used to. Portion sizes too are so much bigger in US. No wonder so many fat people here. I think out of those 10 things I liked the Chicken Parmigiana and the meat pies. Oh, the bonus mention too.

    Well, my little maintenance experiment on vacation hasn't seemed to work. I'm still doing my emotional eating workbook in my journal and working right now on times I've hit a wall and what I did about it. So I'm going to include what I've learned over this vacation to make sure next year I don't repeat it. I said the same thing and was doing well for two weeks til we had to take the road trip. But next year there shouldn't be any road trip like that.
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    @TeresaW1020 Yeah, it's a bummer about my dog. :( The insulin is about $70 a month. Not too bad but it's a hit. Thanks for the name of Dr Lustig. I'll check him out on YouTube. The Fathead Pizza crust is one of my faves...we have it nearly every week! :D I know some people that do keto keep their carbs under 20, but I did a calculator for keto ( ) that said if I stuck with 25g of net carbs, I'd lose weight and that's what I've been doing. I guess I'll lower it to 20 if I need to. Have fun being photographer, that sounds like a blast!

    @its_cleo That sounds tiring lol. But great! :) Louie is definitely feeling better, he's back to barking at people lol. That's terrible about the shooting. So many shootings going on nowadays. Too many. There was a shooting in my town yesterday too, at a Costco.

    @TrishasTime Brrrrr! Time for hot cocoa! Student loan payment does go up with wage increases and since I get an increase every year, so goes up the loan. :( I owe an ungodly amount, too.

    @theslightedgeforever Yes, it does. So much easier. I'm sorry your experiment didn't work out.

  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Posts: 1,013Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,013Member, Premium Member
    @trooworld Goodness about Costco. Just stick with the 25g of carbs and see how you do. Can you lose on higher?

    I bought me a new workout outfit today.
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    Hi everyone

    Late entry - I have been busy all day.

    @trooworld - how do you find all the sites? You are a wealth of information. Maybe if I bothered I could find them but after being on computers all day - being on the net is the last thing I want, so I am super happy that you find links and more importantly share them - thankyou

    @theslightedgeforever - I am glad you have bought yourself a new outfit. Your experiment may have failed but you have come a long way since I joined this group - well done

    Catch you all tomorrow
  • trooworldtrooworld Posts: 974Member, Premium Member Posts: 974Member, Premium Member
    @theslightedgeforever I don't know. Maybe? I'll try on 25g. What's your new workout outfit look like? That's great!

    @TrishasTime I found that calculator on the keto Reddit, but it's not on there anymore, they put a more basic one on the "getting started" page now: I do spend a lot of time on the net. I love the net! ;)

    We put the new entertainment center together last night, this one is the one I picked out to replace the cheapo one that my DH picked out. All the parts were intact and labeled correctly and it was easy to put together. ;) Today, I go to the dentist for a filling. I'm not happy about it because one area of my gums are irritated and I've been taking good care of my teeth lately so of course right before I go to the dentist, my gums act up so it looks like I haven't taken care of my teeth.

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    Hello! :)

    @its_cleo, you are welcome to for the information. I always love talking about my current obsessions! Yeah, my job is awesome and when it stresses me out, I always try to stop and remind myself of that fact. So sorry to hear there was a shooting in your area! Wow to be in the area so soon before it occurred. That is scary!! :#

    @theslightedgeforever, I know that you were hoping that you would be able to stay in maintenance during your trip but I am so impressed with how you have continued to journal and learn along the way. I don’t know if I would have been so disciplined. Yayyyy on getting a new workout outfit! :D

    @trooworld, I am with you on not wanting to go under 20 grams of carbs if you don’t have to. I have my Carb Manager set to 45 net carbs and if I can stay somewhere in the range of 20 to 50 grams and continue to lose weight then yayyy!! Just like with my fasting, I think it’s important to switch it up every day. So maybe once day I eat 45 or more net carbs and then the next, I only eat 19 net carbs. That keeps the body guessing and for me, that is when I have my best success. :)

    Well, I am happy to report that I lost 1.2 lbs this week! :) I really think my body is liking my new way of eating. I just pray it keeps going down!! I just ordered a new bathroom scale that is supposed to measure body fat and bone density. It's not 100% accurate by any means but it has an app and I do love me a good app! <3 Yesterday, I compared pics of me in my workout clothes to those I took when I first joined WW and WOW what a difference. I was HUGE!!! :'( I started to cry and apologized to my sweet husband who has never once made me feel less than perfect. I want to lose this weight for me, but I also really want to lose it for him. He deserves a smokin' hot wife! B)
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    Here's the thing I don't get about the low carb thing- fruits, veggies, beans are all carbs and I just can't think of them as bad. Like I get white rice, white pasta, isn't great. But the rest? I mean I'm not trying to change anyone's approach, I guess I just don't get macro split right now is fat/protein/carb = 30%/30%/40%. So 40% of my calories is carbs which according to the low carb diet would be too high. But most of it comes from fruit, vegetables, and whole grains.

    So that's been my approach, of course I haven;t lost any weight lol, but I think that is because my calorie intake.

    @theslightedgeforever vacations are really tough, I think you;re doing well to just be monitoring and trying to learn from it. I can't even manage dinners out half the time. It's definitely a slow learning process. Are you back at home now?

    @trooworld glad your little dog is feeling better. I know it's an expense. I have two cats, they're thirteen and I love them but they'll be my last pets. They both need special food. My little Monkey- for a couple of years I had to take her to the vet once a month for an allergy shot, it was $100. She would itch and scratch so much her whole belly was bald if she didn;t get her shot. I used to call her my bald eagle :D Finally I think I found food that is okay, her fur is growing back and I haven't had to go for a few months. It's hard, they're part of our little family but it's tough when the cost goes up. Anyway glad he is feeling better.

    I'm glad you got your new entertainment unit set up!. Is your condo unpacked now, or are you still setting things up?

    @teresaw2010 congrats on the weight loss! And your husband has a smokin hot wife now! :) I'm sure he feels very lucky. Those scales that measure fat and bone density- they;re neat. There's one at my gym, but I don't use it all the time. It's not really accessible I have to get my trainer to let me in the room. I did it about 6 months ago and I haven;t since then. Maybe I should do it again.

    So I'm still under cals. Saw trainer yesterday, but it was boring leg exercises lol. I went for a run today and did better than before. I'm running/walking about 5 km, I think that's about 3 miles, but that;s in 50 minutes so I'm pretty slow as I said. Still I am doing better than I have in a long time so I feel pretty good about it.

    Tomorrow I see trainer again and it's arm day.
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    GM everyone

    @trooworld - Perhaps the silver lining pertaining to your gums is that the dentist can see your gums and advise you. There may be an underlining problem if it has flared up. Hope all goes well

    @TeresaW1020 - How magical to see how far you have progressed. You should keep a shot of both by you to remind yourself how far you have come when you feel you are getting no where. Do you enter food into your carb manager, MFP as well as WW??

    I am seriously thinking of going to the GP and ask for a referral for a foot specialist - I do not believe the pains should still be waking me up. It is seriously affecting my (little or no exercise without foot pain) (little or no exercise without foot pain) , but I do not want to seem as a whimp or a whinger as every 4 weeks I am back at the GP complaining. But seriously guys it has been 14 weeks

    Take care

  • TrishasTimeTrishasTime Posts: 539Member, Premium Member Posts: 539Member, Premium Member
    @its_cleo - Glad you are doing better than you have in a long time. I am with you with thinking about carbs as "bad. I think that they are part of eating, if you eat healthy foods in the correct portions, then it should be okay.
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    Hi all...I had a whole thing typed, & scrolled back & lost it, & don't feel like redoing it, lol. We went & got the gkids from OK over the weekend, so I probably won't be on here much for about 10 days or so. Hope you all keep doing great while I am MIA.
  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Posts: 1,013Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,013Member, Premium Member
    @trishastime I'm glad that you have recognized progress in me. I tend to only look at the negative it seems and forget the positive things I've done this year. I say ask for a referral. No one should have to live with pain. I wonder if some alternative medicine like acupuncture could help.

    @trooworld My new outfit is yellow and gray tank with a pair of matching shorts. I haven't worn shorts in years.

    @teresaw1020 Woohoo on more weight loss. A little each week adds up to big numbers by the end of the month. I'm sure your hubby loves you no matter what but I know what you mean. They are lucky to have us.

    @its_cleo My own thoughts on the low carb thing is that it works for some and doesn't work for us. By that I mean long term. I could never do it because I won't stick to it long term so while I can get some fast weight loss by doing it, it will come back eventually. But that's just me. I know people who have done very well on that style of eating. Just not me. I lose weight consistently on about 48/35/17. (carb/fat/protein) I guess it's good there are so many plans out there since our bodies all react differently. Finding the one that works for us is our focus. Now I need to figure out this vacation thing. I was doing so well the first part and then I had to take that cross country trip. I'll be back home next Wednesday or Thursday. That's the plan anyway. I found this 6 week training plan just using my bodyweight that I want to try once I get back home and settled.

    @RetiredAndLovingIt I hate when I lose a post. Enjoy your time with the family.
  • trooworldtrooworld Posts: 974Member, Premium Member Posts: 974Member, Premium Member
    @TeresaW1020 That sounds like a good plan! Congrats on your loss! What's the name of your new scale? You are doing so great, keep it up!!!

    @its_cleo They ARE part of our families, aren't they? We treat them with all the care that we can. It's just rough on the pocketbook! But we'll manage. Thanks, I'm glad he's feeling better, too! We are still setting things up, unfortunately, and will be for a while since we only have time to do it on the weekends, and we only have a little time on the weekends.

    @TrishasTime Well, luckily there was an emergency with one of the techs and they needed to reschedule. ;) So, I have until July 17th to heal my gums on my own or they will look at them. You are right, but they are going to accuse me of not taking care of my gums. They are partially right: I have been doing it, but not doing what they asked. I have an implant in the area that is bothering me, and although I brush my teeth twice a day, and I use a Waterpik, I don't use this pokey thing that pokes into the implant. It's just too fussy and takes too much time. I guess I'll have to start using it, too. But my mouth routine alone takes 15 minutes, I'm tired, I don't want to add another 5 minutes to it but I guess I will! I'm sorry you are still in so much pain. :( I think you should go to a specialist, it wouldn't hurt?

    @RetiredAndLovingIt That stinks. That's why I type my responses in Notepad and then copy and paste it into the comment box, that way I don't lose my response. Have fun!

    @theslightedgeforever You have definitely become more consistent with journaling, I think? Your new outfit sounds cute. :) I haven't worn shorts in years either, congrats on that.

    Hello all. Today is my husband's birthday. We are going out for drinks with his sister tonight, and then tomorrow, just him and I are going for lunch somewhere. Saturday, we are celebrating his birthday with his family. I'm off tomorrow yay! Have a great day, everyone!

  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Posts: 1,013Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,013Member, Premium Member
    @trooworld I missed the news about your teeth I guess. I need two implants but have put off getting them because of the cost. But now that last child is done with med school and will be getting a job more money for me. lol Well my legs don't look any better than they did years ago so while the shorts are cute, the legs won't be. But no one will see me but my hubby and my mil. My skin is thinning around my upper thighs I guess. I suddenly have fat pouches that didn't exist before. Or I'm turning into a guy. ;) So that's one of my goals. Get rid of those. Yes, I'm much more consistent on my journaling. Happy Birthday to your hubby.

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    @its_cleo, I think there are carbs and then there are carbs. For a strict Keto diet, you must keep your carbs under 20 grams, which means no fruits, beans, and a limited amount of veggies. But you don’t have to go as low as 20 grams if you just are looking to do a low-carb diet. From my research, a low-carb diet is eating under 100 net carbs a day. That more than allows for some beans, fruits, and maybe even a potato occasionally! My goal is to stay between 50 and 75 grams but I’m not married to it. *see my comments below 😉

    @TrishasTime, Thanks, lady! <3 I have a whole folder of pictures that I’ve taken during the different stages of my weight loss. I take them wearing my gym clothes and when I’m dressed up so that I can see the difference in both. I also have this pink T-shirt that was super tight when I started, and I take a picture of me in it for every 10 lbs I lose. I enter all my foods into Carb Manager and have my settings set to track my net carbs. I also track on my WW app mostly out of curiosity to see where my points land now that I’m eating so much more fat and because I want to rack up my Wellness Win points so I can get some free stuff. I pay them enough money, so I want my freebies!! :D

    Yes, you should go see a specialist!! Your GP only knows so much and a foot specialist might have pain management ideas or even find something wrong that can be fixed. Don’t suffer if you don’t have to. ((hugs))

    @RetiredAndLovingIt, isn’t that so frustrating!! I’ve done it before and now what I do is type my responses to you all using a Word doc. I minimize it on my screen so I can type and see the post I’m replying to at the same time. :)

    @trooworld, my scale is the RENPHO Smart Scale. I asked a very large group I belong to on FB and that one was the overwhelmingly favorite. It only cost less than $30. I did have to watch a YouTube video when it wouldn’t sync correctly but once I knew what to do it was super easy and it’s fun to see all those numbers. My bone mass weighs 9 lbs. :D Have fun celebrating hubby’s birthday!! B)

    So, yesterday I ate Mexican and I'm NOT sorry for it!! :D The staff and I had a really long meeting and then we were all working on the vacation Bible school decorations and other stuff and I hadn't brought any food with me thinking it would help me fast longer. Well, by 12:30 I was starving so when pastor motioned for me to come to lunch with them I didn't even bat an eye and jumped in his truck. I had the lunch portion steak fajitas and about 6 chips with cheese dip. And two Diet Cokes!!! Luckily my weight was actually down this morning, which I contribute to my 21 hour fast. I like low carb eating but I'm not going to live a life where there are no Mexican lunches! B)
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    Morning gals,
    I apologize I have not been on here like I should be. I have the cast put on my wrist yesterday and yesterday was really painful after was put on. My bones haven't shifted...You're still not where they're supposed to be exactlyBut I'm okay with It.I still believe God putting them in correct alignment and my wrist will be fine.

    @trooworld I'm sorry you're having gum issuesYes we need take care of our guns and yesI'm too tired to wash my face most the time so I totally understandI hope you're happy and you have a good birthday dinner.
    @TeresaW1020 Glad you enjoyed the Mexican food. Congratulations on your continued weight lossThank you for clarifying low-carb It helps me understand a little betterI still yet have to figure out what the carb manager is. Mail caster stop by my house yesterday I had found some things in the office is closed Of his personally. It was good to see him. So I'm glad you took time to enjoy lunch with your pastor and your staff friends

    @TrishasTime I think you should see a specialistWhen I broke my knee I had Excruciating pain that never stopped. the doctor kept telling me was either in my head there was nothing wrong. I got to second opinion and there was something wrongI had what was diagnosed as RSD. You're not a wimp go get it checked.

    @its_cleo LOL I laughed when you said it was boring lay exercises. Personally I think exercises boring. That's why I used to try to read a book while on my treadmill or pray or sing something to keep my mind occupied. But it sounds like you love to run. CongratulationsKeep up the good work!

  • its_cleoits_cleo Posts: 136Member Member Posts: 136Member Member
    @retiredandlovingit enjoy your time with the grandkids! I really like your avatar by the way.

    @theslightedgeforever your experience with carbs is the same as mine. That’s great you found a worout plan and bodyweight exercises can be great. I looked at Week 1 Monday- couple of comments: #2 pushups- pushups are very hard to do properly, it’s one of those pinnacle type exercises. I would try it from the knees first. I know other modifications as well. #5 hip extensions. It’s hard for people to do this exercise properly bc the key to it is keeping your hips level, but you can’t actually see in that position. A lot of people will end up opening on one side. A different exercise which is easier to do properly and hits the same muscles is just a standard bridge.

    I could look at the rest if you want, or when you start. I’ve learned a ton about different exercises, doing them properly, etc from working with trainers for yrs. Or you can disregard my comments lol, no worries.

    @trooworld have a great time with your husband!

    @TeresaW1020 thanks- that info on carbs is really helpful. So I checked mine are high, around 150-180 g but that is on a 1800 cal diet, which is a lot of calories. I’ll keep an eye on it, maybe I can lower it to 125. Just experiment. I’m trying small steps so I think under 100 would be too much at once for me.
    Lol about the Mexican lunches, sounds great!

    @cbabie, I hope the cast helps, it still sounds painful. Yeah exercise can be boring for sure lol. And I hate stretching. One of the reasons I like running is outside, so at least I can look at the houses, gardens, etc.

    Well, yesterday I was over calories by about 200, but I think I can make up for it today. Yesterday I also did the stairs again and it was arm day with trainer. We did some shoulder presses and assisted pullups and rows. Shoulder presses I had trouble with for a long time, bc my back and core were weak, but it is much improved.

    Speaking of pets my other cat Griffen has me at my wits end. He is 13. He throws up every night, and now the last two nights he has pooped a bit on the floor in my living room. I wouldn’t mind so much but I have carpet unfortunately so it’s hard to clean. I don’t know what to do, I’m just tired of having to wash the carpet every day, and tbh it’s pretty much ruined in spots. There is nothing physically wrong with him, I don’t think. He just eats too fast, so that causes the throwing up. The pooping- I don’t know.

    I was thinking of taking him to the vet but it is such a hassle. I have to sedate him first (the vet gave me a sedative) bc he goes ballistic if I try to get him in a carrier, and he’s pretty big so I cant do it unless he is sedated. Then he usually poops/pees in the carrier bc he’s scared. It’s awful, it’s such an ordeal.

    So I just feel kind of worn out with him sometimes, and then I feel guilty about it. Anyway not sure what to do. If he poops on the floor again tonight I guess I will bite the bullet and take him in to the vet.

    @TrishasTime you should totally ask about your foot. Chronic pain is pretty serious- not only does it not feel bad, but it affects other things in your body bc there is a constant pain signal going to your brain and other parts of your body and that has affects. Someone told me about it when I had chronic back pain but I can't remember anymore! Good luck with it.
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    @theslightedgeforever I had the implant done about 2 years ago, it's just irritated right now. It's getting better. They are expensive. I say wear the shorts and fooey on anyone else! :)

    @TeresaW1020 Good to know about the scale. I have a Fitbit Aria right now, and I'm going to use it until it dies but once it dies, maybe I'll get a RENPHO. Thanks, we will be going to lunch today! I love Mexican food. Steak fajitas...yum!

    @cbabie I'm sorry you were/are in pain, I hope that goes away. Thanks re: my gums...they are starting to feel better. It's my hubby's bday, and we went for drinks and appetizers last night with his sister and that was a lot of fun! :)

    @its_cleo Thanks! Going over cals by 200 isn't too's not like you went over by 1,000. You might have made up for it with exercise. Oh no, Griffen! It does sound like an ordeal to take him to the vet...I can relate. It's an ordeal to take Louie to the vet: it takes two people. I wish you luck with Griffen, I hope it's nothing serious.

    Hi all! Hubby and I went for appetizers and drinks with my sister-in-law to a lovely bar on a balcony last night. It was nice weather, a little chilly, but it was a nice time. I ate a moderate amount, didn't stuff myself. Today, I go to the doctor for a physical and then we are going to a place called Stacked. It has burgers, pizza, and salads. I haven't decided if I'm going to eat on the lighter side or indulge. I guess I'll decide once I get there and look at the menu.

  • its_cleoits_cleo Posts: 136Member Member Posts: 136Member Member
    Sorry if my post grossed anyone out, I shouldn't have went into all that. Was frustrated this morning.
  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Posts: 1,013Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,013Member, Premium Member
    @teresaw1020 The good thing I think about your plan is that you aim for balance. You restrict when you want and splurge when you want. As long as it gives you the results you want, then it's the perfect plan for you.

    @cbabie I'm glad you got your cast on.

    @its_cleo I always have to do knee pushups. I've never even when younger and thinner and stronger been able to do full pushups. I've never had upper body strength. Thanks for the bridge links. I really need to do my hip stretches. I have such stiffness in my hips. My hamstrings are way too tight. At this point I'm just moving my body. I used to lift weights years ago but got out of the habit. This is me easing my way back in. I know all too well about cleaning up cat puke and trying to get it into the carrier. That's why I don't have cats anymore. I'm done cleaning up after others. It's ME time...….

    @trooworld I have a WW scale that shows the water, bone mass, etc. Sitting on a balcony outside sounds nice. It's rainy and yucky here.

    I'm headed to see Toy Story 4 with my kids. Yes they are 25 and 28. It's a tradition since #1.
  • TrishasTimeTrishasTime Posts: 539Member, Premium Member Posts: 539Member, Premium Member
    GM everyone

    @its_cleo - At 13 you cat is getting to be a senior and it might be something else. The other thing is you may need to house in the laundry at night if it turns out to be nothing

    @theslightedgeforever - Acupuncture is a no no for me - I am not allowed due to the false hip and infections I had. I love the thought of you going to toy story with your kids.

    @cbabie - I feel for you - I really do. I hope indeed that the bones align together and that your pain eases soon

    @trooworld - I am glad you enjoyed yourself at the bar. Whatever decision you make - I hope you enjoy your lunch as well

    @teresaw1020 - Life happens around us and we need to adapt on a daily basis. I am glad you enjoyed your lunch :)

    I have decided to see if a physiotherapist can help will make an appointment next week

    Catch you all

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