Things people say when you lose weight



  • SoHowLongIsThisGonnaTake
    Roza42 wrote: »
    I moved and basically have only talked to a couple of people who knew me 100 lbs ago, so I don't really get the comments except for the ex who always manages to tell me how great I look.

    Do you ever let them know you were heavier, or do you just have a type of new identity?
  • MySlimGoals
    MySlimGoals Posts: 753 Member
    I look dramatically different, and usually am not recognized or told "you've lost a lot of weight!"

    I saw someone I hadn't seen in years and she said, "you haven't changed a bit. You always had a pretty face."

    Had no idea what she meant by that. But it sounded passive aggressive to me.

    Wait... when she knew you back years ago were you fat then? I agree with it being a passive aggressive comment unless 'years' was pre-weight gain.
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