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Things people say when you lose weight



  • bear2303bear2303 Member Posts: 250 Member Member Posts: 250 Member

    Agree with both of you ladies, which is no surprise as I usually do! :D

    I know right? I feel like I’m always liking and agreeing with both of your posts all the time too 🤣
  • IAmTheGlueIAmTheGlue Member Posts: 357 Member Member Posts: 357 Member
    Introduced myself to a neighbor’s new girlfriend at a party Saturday night. She looked me up and down, light dawned, and she blurted out in her finest Southern social accent, “Ooooo-hhhh! You’re the one who used to be so fay-at! Everyone’s told me about yew. We talk about yew alll the tiiiime, honey! Everyone says yew are just like a mere-a-cul!”


    Wow. 😮
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