What was the last meal you cooked?



  • gentlygently
    gentlygently Posts: 752 Member
    veggie lasagne - including aubergine, sweet potato, carrot and red kidney beams and with my cheat bechemel sauce - seasoned large pot of yoghurt with an egg mixed in.
  • aokoye
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    Farro with mushrooms from the NY Times. I used fresh chanterelles and hedgehog mushrooms from one of my favorite vendors at farmers market and didn't add the parm. I love parmesan, but I don't typically like it in risotto or risotto like dishes. That said, some shaved on top would have been nice. This would also probably be good with a gremolata or zhug stirred in right before eating it.
  • corinasue1143
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    Pork pot roast. Yum.
  • nknkE
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    Quick oats for breakfast this morning and blueberries with yogurt for dessert last night. However the last real cooking I did was yesterday when i made homemade black bean and sweet potato burgers. They turned out good and were fairly easy to make.

    Wow, all of that sounds delicious especially the black bean and swee potato burgers!
  • weatherking2019
    weatherking2019 Posts: 943 Member
    Coconut soup! ( made it vegetarian for the Party I went last night) Nappa cabbage, Carrots, Mushrooms, Green onions, Lemon grass, Ginger, Thai chili paste- Yum, yum!!
  • acpgee
    acpgee Posts: 7,581 Member
    Vietnamese minced pork with aubergine, tomato lalab, cucumber salad with goma dressing. I make the salad dressings in batches to kept in squeeze bottles in the fridge. If you have these on hand this a dinner that can be put together within the 20 minutes it takes to boil the rice.
  • biggiwig4483
    biggiwig4483 Posts: 90 Member
    Oatmeal, every day!
  • shunggie
    shunggie Posts: 1,036 Member
    Homemade chicken pot pie. It was delicious!!!!!!!!!

  • BarbaraHelen2013
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    Griddled Balsamic Portabello Mushrooms, Brown Rice with a mushroom blue cheese sauce and salad. Super filling for very few calories!
  • fitom80
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  • acpgee
    acpgee Posts: 7,581 Member
    I'm cooking with a girlfriend tonight at her place. Doing steamed artichokes with hollandaise followed penne alla vodka. Because hollandaise sauce generates leftover egg whites and tomato vodka sauce generates leftover double cream we are going to do pavlova for dessert.
  • Dootzy1
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    Barbeque sauced thin pork chops and baked sweet potatoes.
  • Safari_Gal_
    Safari_Gal_ Posts: 1,461 Member
    Roast duck last night..

    Leftovers in omelette today!
  • acpgee
    acpgee Posts: 7,581 Member
    We had a big late lunch so didn't need much by way of dinner. Salad of canary melon, feta, mint, pomegranate molasses.
  • gentlygently
    gentlygently Posts: 752 Member
    Baked fish in breadcrumbs, potato and parsnip mash, and some cauliflower, carrots and peas.

    Left over Pineapple slices that I had poached with star anise and muscavado sugar. (With a dollop of icecream).

  • dechowj
    dechowj Posts: 148 Member
    loaded baked potato and cauliflower soup
  • weatherking2019
    weatherking2019 Posts: 943 Member
    Skirt Steak, Basmati Rice with Sweet peas