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What was the last meal you cooked?



  • mjbnj0001mjbnj0001 Member Posts: 933 Member Member Posts: 933 Member
    Saturday dinner appetizer: Slowcooker Split Pea Soup (to go with last of leftover Stroganoff-like slowcooker Creamy Chicken from the other evening). Pretty good. Macros: 213 cal, 16g protein, 29g carb, 4g fat, but a bit of a hit, prob from the ham, of 501mg sodium per serving. Overloaded vs. the recipe with carrots and celery per our preference. Rather than buzzing it with an immersion blender for a thicker result, I left it "natural" this time.

    1. prepared and commencing cook cycle.
    2. served.



  • alteredsteve175alteredsteve175 Member Posts: 2,185 Member Member Posts: 2,185 Member
    Shrimp ceviche. The first time I have made that at home - it will not be the last!
  • mjbnj0001mjbnj0001 Member Posts: 933 Member Member Posts: 933 Member
    Proof that it is the simple things in life that matter.

    Probably not obvious to folks reviewing my postings since midsummer is that fact that nothing was baked. Outdoor grill and stovetop only (including pressure cooking and slow cooker), as our ancient (30+ yrs) oven gave up the ghost. We got along without it, due to summer, activities and travel, but with the cold season onset, we just got a new oven delivered Friday.

    Sunday evening, first full meal with it to commission the new unit: simple baked chicken with baked sweet potatoes, roasted brussels sprouts and side salad. Really hit the spot.

    MFP computes this plate as 696cal, 63g protein, 20g fat, 63g carb (17g fiber).

    1. the whole spread just out of the new oven.
    2. served.


  • GreenValliGreenValli Member Posts: 999 Member Member Posts: 999 Member
    Arroz con pollo (Mexican Chicken and rice) with a salad. My husband's request.
  • acpgeeacpgee Member Posts: 5,339 Member Member Posts: 5,339 Member
    I don't normally cook during the work week because I have the corporate job and hubby is a freelancer. However, I accidentally defrosted chicken thighs on Sunday when we were actually planning to use up leftovers. Dinner was pimped up leftover Thai pomelo salad, slightly disappointing air fryer salt and pepper chicken, rice.
  • alisaanderson3572alisaanderson3572 Member Posts: 7 Member Member Posts: 7 Member
    Chicken madras and rice. Poppadoms and chutney.
  • MikePfirrmanMikePfirrman Member Posts: 1,958 Member Member Posts: 1,958 Member
    This is pretty common of how we eat. Made a Copycat recipe of the Carrabba's Sausage and Lentil Soup. If you've ever been to Carrabba's, you know which one I mean.

    Made it with two lbs of Chicken Sweet Italian Sausage (from Sprouts) -- browned and set aside and chopped up when cooled.

    4 TBS EVOO
    Two Large White Sweet Onions
    Six stalks Celery
    Four large carrots
    Four cans of diced tomatoes
    Red Pepper -- chopped
    1 lb Portobellos
    One Lb Frozen Spinach
    Two boxes Organic Chicken Broth (ended up adding a bit of Vegetable Broth too).
    One bunch of fresh garlic
    1 lb of Green Lentils
    Red Pepper flakes
    Black Pepper
    Salt to taste

    Pretty simple to make. Just brown the sausage in EVOO, leave the drippings. Add in the onions, celery and carrots and cook for around five minutes. Add the rest of the ingredients except the salt (lentils don't cook well with salt). Cook around 30 minutes on simmer. Add back in your sausage. You can also add frozen spinach right at the end to cool the soup down. Salt to taste when done. Add Parm or Pecorino to garnish.

    This would also be so easy in a Instant Pot but this is a double recipe and wouldn't likely fit. If you use an Instant Pot, half the ingredients.
    edited December 2019
  • weatherking2019weatherking2019 Member Posts: 856 Member Member Posts: 856 Member
    Cauliflower Arugula soup and Cheese melt (Havarti and Rye)

    I also made a batch of Arugula pesto (Arugula, garlic, hazelnut, evoo, lemon juice and pink salt) which turned out very good!
  • 1948Peachy1948Peachy Member Posts: 1,511 Member Member Posts: 1,511 Member
    just_Tomek: How many meals do you cook a day? LOL
  • weatherking2019weatherking2019 Member Posts: 856 Member Member Posts: 856 Member
    steak, redskin potatoes with arugula pesto, broccollini and radish, cucumber salad.
  • petitchatnoir41petitchatnoir41 Member Posts: 56 Member Member Posts: 56 Member
    Vegetarian Sriracha Pasta with sauted veggies <3
  • hesn92hesn92 Member Posts: 5,852 Member Member Posts: 5,852 Member
    I forgot to put dinner in the crock pot yesterday so instead, for dinner I made a little egg scramble with bacon, onion and peppers. And brioche toast w/ butter.
  • mjbnj0001mjbnj0001 Member Posts: 933 Member Member Posts: 933 Member
    (Thursday evening dinner): roasted split chicken breast, roasted asparagus, rice medley, side salad. MFP says about 686cal, 71g protein, 20g fat, 57g carb (10g fiber). Approximate: I didn't weigh the leftover chicken bones to net out the actual chicken meat, just estimated from the total package weight on two split halves (I think there's about 7oz meat on this plate).

  • snowflake954snowflake954 Member Posts: 5,305 Member Member Posts: 5,305 Member
    Pasta and Funghi---Pasta with mushrooms, white no tomato sauce.
  • LyndaBSSLyndaBSS Member, Premium Posts: 6,988 Member Member, Premium Posts: 6,988 Member
    NY strip steak with a side of baby potatoes and carrots. Melt in your mouth goodness!
  • acpgeeacpgee Member Posts: 5,339 Member Member Posts: 5,339 Member
    I didn't cook tonight but am planning to tomorrow. We get our first delivery of Xmas season goose parts tomorrow. This is the only time of year you can actually buy goose in the UK. Will finish a confit goose leg to serve with roast celeriac and some pureed roast squash I've got in the freezer. Will do a starter of grilled romaine salad. Will probably make some goose breast prosciutto tomorrow as well. It's a great thing to have in the fridge to feed halal/kosher eating guests recipes that normally call for bacon or other charcuterie.
  • epangiliepangili Member Posts: 818 Member Member Posts: 818 Member
    mjbnj0001 wrote: »
    Not really a meal, but a couple of components. My personal contribution to my wife's department's potluck holiday dinner this evening: two loaves of home-baked bread, just out of the oven and cooling. (L) caraway seed rye, (R) sesame seed artisanal white.


    I miss real carbs...
  • mjbnj0001mjbnj0001 Member Posts: 933 Member Member Posts: 933 Member
    epangili wrote: »
    mjbnj0001 wrote: »
    Not really a meal, but a couple of components ...

    I miss real carbs...

    Oh, I hear ya.

    When I started going to a nutritionist, he asked what foods i would find hard to part with. I said bread and cheese. So, if I'm going to include them, I budget them, and make sure I am getting a better food quality of them. I try to bake most of my own bread-type products.

    1. these two loaves are for a dinner party.
    2. my homemade bread starts with a real food base of only four ingredients: flour, water, yeast and a bit of salt. no commercial-bread dough conditioners, preservatives, sweeteners, and what-have -you.
    3. these loaves are more "satisfying" per slice than commercial breads, so we actually eat less of it per day than other bread, and we incorporate it into our lower-cal, moderate-glycemic, lower-salt lifestyle. i don't have the other computer with me with the GI/GL spreadsheet I worked up for glycemic computations, but these loaves are a bit lower glycemic index and lower glycemic load than my comparative benchmark commercial breads.
    4. MFP recipe builder on the rye loaf approximates, per slice: 72cal, 1g fat, 13g carb, 2g protein. For the white: 77cal, 16g carb, 3g protein. "Approximate" since these are manually sliced. Based on an average of 3 loaves portion yield.
    5. the "white" bread, by the way, uses unbleached white bread flour. i use one of the "no knead" methods discussed at length on the internet/youtube. about 3hrs from start to out-of-the-oven with no mechanical tools/etc. and about 10 min of real, but easy, effort during that time.

    i have tinkered around the recipe to get lower carb/higher protein bread using more varied ingredients (whey powder, for instance, as well as whole wheat and other grains' flours). i typically keep to my daily budget on carbs, and especially avoid simple processed carbs.

    good luck on your path.

  • snowflake954snowflake954 Member Posts: 5,305 Member Member Posts: 5,305 Member
    Today's lunch was mushroom and zucchini risotto for the family.
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