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January 2020 Monthly Running Challenge



  • AvidkeoAvidkeo Posts: 1,456Member Member Posts: 1,456Member Member
    @Avidkeo I love Parkrun. Now that my leg is doing better I’m hoping to go back starting this weekend. I hadn’t really considered it a race but I suppose it is. Our group goes out for coffee each week while the volunteers post the results,

    Ours do the same. I love the fact they have Parkrun all over and you can just hop into one. Like this coming Saturday I'm visiting family, so gonna do the one in this town.
  • marisap2010marisap2010 Posts: 386Member Member Posts: 386Member Member
    No run yesterday. I ended up working several hours late, and then I got a call about some health issues with the girl I mentor, so there was no time to do much of anything until close to 9:00pm. I knew I’d I ran then, I wouldn’t sleep.

    There are a few races I have done multiple times because they are local or have a nice course. However, I do try new races if they seem interesting.
  • kimlight2kimlight2 Posts: 451Member Member Posts: 451Member Member
    My goals for 2020 are to stay injury free and healthy. I am also possibly going to try again for my first half marathon.

    January goal is to run 50 miles.

    1/2 - Scheduled for 2 miles today but GPS said 2.47 miles.
    1/4 - First 4 miler in over 2 years. Only 5 hours of sleep last night due to a late hockey game and an early game today. Wasn't a pretty one but got it done.
    1/6 - Got in 3 miles on the treadmill at work this morning. Coming down with a cold so it was a struggle. Left work early and slept for 4 hours. We will see how I feel tomorrow, I am scheduled for another 3 miles.
    1/8 - I did 3 miles at the ice arena while J got dressed for 5:30AM hockey practice.
    1/9 - 2 miles on the treadmill.
    1/10 - My "long run" was an easy 4 miles in the park. It was cool and rainy so now I have a runny nose but it was worth it! Best run I've had in a while.
    1/13 - 3 miles Treadmill run
    1/14 - 3 miles on the path by work.
    1/16 - 4 miles on the path by work after another late night of hockey with J and 5 hours of sleep.
    1/20 - 2.6 miles this morning in the park
    1/22 - 3 miles on the streets of Parma, Ohio.

    Monthly total - 34.07 miles

    Got in an easy 3 miles this morning while J was at morning hockey practice. Felt good and relaxed for once. Had 2 deer pop out of the woods so close I could have touched them.

    March 14:
    St. Malachi 2 mile and 5 mile
    May 16:
    Cleveland Marathon Half and 5k
    June 13 - 14:
    Run and Ride Cedar Point 5k and Quarter Marathon
    September 20:
    Cleveland Hero's Run 5 miler
    December 5:
    Santa Hustle Cedar Point 5k
  • PastorVincentPastorVincent Posts: 5,859Member Member Posts: 5,859Member Member
    LoveyChar wrote: »
    Take pictures if you can, would love to see them. I love western PA hills. Good luck on the PR; I'm sure you'll achieve it! If not this year, then... maybe it's kind of like a fighter who takes their last, worst match, most difficult opponent and finally wins it, then retires... happy and proud. I'm kidding, it probably won't take you that long. It's nice that your wife runs with you too!

    Thanks. I run about 50% faster than my wife I will see her at the start and then not again till after I finish. I usually try to slip back into the race after I finish, find her and run-in with her to finish a second time.
  • TheMrWobblyTheMrWobbly Posts: 1,844Member Member Posts: 1,844Member Member
    I went to Asics outlet and bought two pairs exactly the same and I swap them each Sunday so they are both being worn in. Now I have a concern that they will each have done around 450 miles before the marathon comes up. Will I have worn them out and do I need to plan for another pair?

    Any thoughts on this?


  • Teresa502Teresa502 Posts: 562Member Member Posts: 562Member Member
    Speaking of putting off registering for races, I need WI and MI still and was thinking about doing the "Earn Your Mittens" challenge (Wisconsin Marathon on 5/2 and Kalamazoo Marathon on 5/3). A part of me really wants to, but the other part knows that there is no way I'll get 5/1 off from work and I will get zero sleep before because I'll have to travel to WI overnight for the race. Maybe I'll do that another year. :(

    Have you considered the Marquette Marathon for MI? I ran it in 2015 and highly recommend it. I think it's on Labor Day weekend. The weather was unseasonably hot the year that I ran it but the first part is on a nice shady trail. Very well organized event.
  • autumnblade75autumnblade75 Posts: 1,425Member Member Posts: 1,425Member Member
    I've actually heard/read several times now that "breaking in" running shoes is overrated or even possibly a myth. I don't know about that, but I do prefer to have actually worn them on a long run before running an important, long race in them.

    I find that breaking in shoes isn't necessary, but it's a good idea to get a good test-run, in case of defects.
  • hamsterwheel6hamsterwheel6 Posts: 211Member Member Posts: 211Member Member
    Teresa502 wrote: »
    Now that first one sounds like my kind of race. One of the reasons I want to do the Myrtle Beach one in SC. This one is also very big so something to consider as well. Thanks for your input!

    My first marathon was the Myrtle Beach marathon. I picked it because I figured it would be flat and it was but it got a little boring after a while with no hills to run. The ocean views are limited also and it was cloudy and very windy the day that I ran it.

    I've also run the Myrtle Beach mini-marathon which is basically a half marathon. I think it is held in October. I enjoyed it and got the coolest medal which was in the shape of a surfboard but could be used as a bottle opener.

    Nice to hear from someone who has done them! I did consider the mini cause that is all I want to do..So I might still pencil that one in.

    @katharmonic I would love to do the Niagara Falls one! I'm Canadian at heart (dual citizen here) and that would certainly be a highlight for me. I've looked at some in Toronto as well.. Its' for sure on my bucket list.
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