February 2020 Monthly Running Challenge



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    bearly63 wrote: »
    Yes....just started going 7 miles on Sundays in the past couple of weeks - could be that although hip didn't hurt until this week.

    Actually have had orthotics for 10 years (big pronator)- these ones for 3 and podiatrist checked them and my shoes recently. He's a marathoner. And have been running with this set up for 2 years so not sure I can blame them. Thinks its probably new strength routine and added mileage my gut tells me, coupled with "aging sucks" lol. I will keep icing, resting, stretching, rolling along.....

    Ahhhh fair enough! Apologies and yes definitely go with what the experts say. Pronation SUX! Good luck, hope something relaxes soon
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    no apologies needed - and I am sorry to hear about your bruising. Ouch! But great that you kept going! My regular doc suggested airrosti or PT first. I will see how I feel then maybe go this route. Have a great weekend!