February 2020 Monthly Running Challenge



  • PastorVincent
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    So, following @PastorVincent’s lead, I’ve recruited a running coach. I’m hoping for big things (a full set of new PBs, to be precise).

    Heh, good luck! :)
  • TheMrWobbly
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    Confused from Eastbourne!!!

    So I am definitely wanting to do HR Zone training and include tempo runs (they have always been in my training programme and I have ignored them). All of my training has been about working up to being able to run distances and not concerned at all about pace. Everything that I have been told is that to reach 26.2 miles I need to do HR zone runs including tempo runs as the lactate will build as the race goes on and I need to get my body used to it.

    The problem I have is that everything is at one pace. 5k just over 30 minutes, my last 3x 10k were within 4 seconds of each other at 1:01+change, HM pace around 2:15. I haven't run any race to my limit as the goal is always distance and try not to get injured. All the advice is "run tempos at xx seconds slower than 5k pace" which is no use at all. How do I run a tempo run?

    Any advice appreciated.

  • LoveyChar
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    Jumping in on increasing pace, only with my meager experience and not with scientific research. However, I agree that time on feet will improve pace. It may be sheer adrenaline/ excitement but I have never been faster on runs than I have in these last two weeks. I can only speculate that it's training, several hours put into readiness and improvement toward running a Marathon.

    Secondly, the fuel debate for longer runs: Last Sunday, I ran 8.5 miles on an 18 hour fast with only water and coffee. I never felt better on a run; I was light and happy and fast and high as a kite on endorphins or whatever naturally occured to make me giddy. Then I came home and fasted an additional 8 hours. I am NOT advising to fast. My body is accustomed to fasting, but it's not for everyone. Point that I am reiterating is what @PastorVincent already wrote, that our bodies will learn or be trained to properly use fuel stores already in the body on longer runs. I could have continued but I did not. Progressively I started at 3 miles...and raised it, but I always carried fuel in case I felt any adverse effects while on the run. In terms of what I like, I like GU gels. I've only ever tried Sports Beans and jelly beans and Clif Shot energy gels, though.

    I'm focusing on carb loading this week. I've read research on it and I got some great advice from Marathoners. You typically don't have to carb load for a 5k...to a half because you're body should already have what it needs for a shorter race. I'm trying to avoid starting a carb loading debate where there doesn't need to be one. I just want to maximize my time and efforts and run my best and strongest.

    My father-in-law has run hundreds of Marathons to include the Boston Marathon. He's been running all of my husband's life, and he still trains even in his 60's. It's his son that I'll be running this Marathon with. Discipline did not seep off the family tree because brother-in-law hasn't properly trained, although this will be his fourth. I would love to run on sheer confidence one day, just not happening for me. Husband said I'll probably leave brother-in-law behind, which is reassuring considering hubby is the one person who knows how hard I've worked for this. Goal is to finish! Six hours would be great; five and a half would be amazing!!! Regardless, I'm setting a standard to beat for next year because I'm already planning to run it then, too.

  • janejellyroll
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    @LoveyChar I love running fasted, but I can never continue the fast after a run!

    It's that time of year when I feel like we've got completely different weather every few days. It was 5 degrees on Saturday, it was almost 30 degrees for my run this morning. I completely enjoyed it.

    Anyone here with experience running in the Chicago area? I'll be there for a week in April for work and am interested in checking out any cool running spots.

    2/1: 6m
    2/2: 4.25m
    2/3: 2.25m
    2/4: 3.25m
    2/5: 6m
    2/7: 4m
    2/8: 5.75m
    2/9: 3m
    2/10: 2.5m
    2/12: 7m

  • Avidkeo
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    So, following @PastorVincent’s lead, I’ve recruited a running coach. I’m hoping for big things (a full set of new PBs, to be precise).

    Woooo that's exciting! BTW I'm up your way on Tuesday, in town for Elton John! Staying in Newmarket.
  • Avidkeo
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    @TheMrWobbly what are these jelly belly you speak of?

    Today was a gentle 4k followed by a strength session. I had a little niggle in my ankle tendon at the beginning of my run that cleared up by the end. Different shoes. Will see how the day goes and the next two runs, but I think I'll be retiring those shoes. I was having niggles at work too. Granted was on my feet all day yesterday but I shouldn't be getting niggles.

    Planning on a long run tomorrow. Looking forward to it, and a 3 day weekend!!

    Feb - goal 150k
    Feb 1 - 7.2k
    Feb 2 - 5k
    Feb 3 - 7k
    Feb 4 - 4k
    Feb 5 - 5.4k
    Feb 6 - 9k
    Feb 7 - 3k
    Feb 8 - 7k
    Feb 9 - 4.2k
    Feb 10 - 8k
    Feb 11 - 4k
    Feb 12 - 6.2k
    Feb 13 - 4k

    Total: 74k
    Run streak - 55 days
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    @hamsterwheel6 & @Avidkeo I saw Elton John play up in Dallas in March 2014, funny because I even posted a picture either this month or last here of me messing around while waiting for the concert to start (by the BIG letters)! Anyway, there was no opening band and he played for almost 3 hours! It was a great concert! My husband likes Elton John but not as much as I do and there was this older heavy set lady in a purple sweatsuit getting all freaky on the balcony. My husband was laughing much of the concert and I'm sure if the lady wasn't contributing to the entertainment, she'd have been asked to sit down. Harmlessly in her own little world... Anyway, at the end there was one song I said to my hubby, "I can't believe he didn't play..." Then he said he had one more for us and there it was. Everyone stood up and started dancing, especially "Barney" as my husband called her. It was a fun, fun time. Elton John is awesome...you will have a blast!