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5'6 - 5'7 before and after pics please!



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    dsboohead wrote: »
    jrulo16 wrote: »
    I have another update. Spent 2017 trying to build muscle mass. Gained 10lbs and dropped 2 dress sizes. 160 - 118 - 128


    So you gained 10lbs but with muscle! What is up with that tiny waist?!!!!

    @dsboohead I hit the genetic lottery (25in Incase you are curious). I don’t do any special workouts or use corsets.

    You look smaller than that! Your shape is literally mesmerizing.
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    Bump! You got this!
    18ishunter wrote: »



    SW: 245
    CW: 214.8
    GW: 145

    Hight: 5'6"

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    Bump because this is my favorite motivation thread! You all look amazing!!!
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