Things people say when you lose weight



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    Apparently people have been asking my GF if I have cancer because not only have I lost visually a lot of weight, I’m also blessed to be bald.

    Not cancer, just running (a lot)and tracking food.
    Currently (November 2019)
    January 2019

    Did you do the Dopey challenge??? Not sure I would have the stamina to do that!

    I've only had one comment on this recent start to my weight loss. One of my running friends, who I hadn't seen in a couple months, said I was looking skinnier. Of course I was wearing running gear, which is much more tight fitting them my normal clothes- which are starting to get loose!

    @angf0679 I did Goofy 2019 when i was 75 pounds heavier, and this year I did the marathon for the 4th time