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  • lynn_glenmontlynn_glenmont Member Posts: 9,153 Member Member Posts: 9,153 Member
    whmscll wrote: »
    Did anyone who watched Trump’s address tonite from the Oval Office on coronavirus think he seemed a little wheezy? He was with people a day or two ago that have tested positive for the virus.

    Well, he's a habitual wheezer and sniffer. I didn't notice anything different from his usual breathing/speaking.
  • Chef_BarbellChef_Barbell Member Posts: 6,279 Member Member Posts: 6,279 Member
    NYC St. Patrick's Day parade officially postponed. And all state and NYC colleges are moving to online classes. Now NBA suspending the season. Crazy times.
  • estherdragonbatestherdragonbat Member Posts: 5,285 Member Member Posts: 5,285 Member
    There was a minor Jewish holiday yesterday and part and parcel of the celebrations involve a festive meal. My synagogue has one every year (Hubby and I go to a friend's). This year, it was cancelled amid Coronavirus fears.

    The day of, my rabbi sent an email blast inviting people to drop in at his house for refreshments, promising two types of alcohol would be present in abundance: wine and hand sanitizer.

    (Should probably point out that, at present, there are a total of two confirmed cases in my city, neither of which are in the community.)

    Also, after services last Saturday, instead of the refreshments being self-serve, volunteers donned gloves and served out.
  • tinkerbellang83tinkerbellang83 Member Posts: 8,916 Member Member Posts: 8,916 Member
    lx1x wrote: »
    Travel ban to US from Europe for 30 days.. 😬

    But not the UK surprisingly

    Well it is actually only the Schengen area that travel has been banned from, there are a number of European countries that are not in the Schengen agreement including the UK, Ireland, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria and Cyprus. BREXIT has nothing to do with it, we were never part of the Schengen area.
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  • tinkerbellang83tinkerbellang83 Member Posts: 8,916 Member Member Posts: 8,916 Member
    Ireland's governement just annouced closure of all schools, colleges, childcare facilities & cultural institutions from 6pm this evening and people recommended to work from home until 29th March if possible. Shops & Public Transport will operate as normal. Indoor gatherings over 100 people & outdoor gatherings over 500 people banned.
  • DecadeDuchessDecadeDuchess Member Posts: 315 Member Member Posts: 315 Member
    My initial belief was that this virus, was gonna be like other viruses & not hit, close to me since I, reside & otherwise stay within the suburbs, which's approximately 100 miles south of New York City.

    My only insecurity currently's knowing that I just've 6 soup cans, whereas normally I've 12 for a potential hurricane and/or tornado but even that isn't enough, for a potential quarantine. I did purchase other nonperishable items to replace them but it's an uncomfortable choice. It makes me uneasy, to go online & see that much, of what I'd purchase's outta stock.

    Meanwhile, things here're otherwise normal.
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  • lx1xlx1x Member Posts: 36,979 Member Member Posts: 36,979 Member
    Just got email (work) asking if we traveled recently etc. Or plan to travel between now to April. 😳
  • missysippy930missysippy930 Member Posts: 2,497 Member Member Posts: 2,497 Member
    Carnival just canceled all their cruises for 60 days.

    They’ll all probably be canceling all cruises. Floating Petri dishes.
    Still have full shelves here. Rural area, small town, but my daughter who lives in St. Paul, about 40 miles north of us, says there are a lot of empty shelves.
  • lx1xlx1x Member Posts: 36,979 Member Member Posts: 36,979 Member
    Got weird vm from MD senator last night.. having a online townhall q&a tonight. 😣

    Like there isn't enough q&a going on all over..
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