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    Thanks Ladies!!!!

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    Holly, yes I do have that mattress. And I don't have the right mattress cover; I'm sure it contributes. Thank you for reminding me--I had completely forgotten I was going to buy a different mattress cover. Maybe that is something I can get despite the Covid situation.
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    Second downpour since 9:30 this evening and I am rethinking my shopping later this morning. We have areas of local flooding and I am really not in the mood to have an adventure. Cannot sleep and rethinking menu for week. Luckily I have some canned soup. I am getting a little tired of having to be so flexible - third world problem at the moment.
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    Good morning,

    Home bound (see last post) rained all night long. My little car would have issues, so better to be safe.

    Knitting and maybe a walk.

    Wave to all who follow.
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    Good morning to all. I'm just up after a long but broken night of sleep. The puppy is bored b/c her big brother is gone and she barks every hour or so from about 5:30 am on. I fell back asleep easily most times, and got about 9 hours of sleep altogether. Boy, I needed it.

    Sunny and 38 here. Planning a mid-day walk of maybe 1-2 miles, and an evening stroll of another 1-2. The 6 miles on Friday have left me a bit sore and with tired muscles even today after a day off. So I'm backing off a bit on the big ones until I build up better stamina. I'm not jogging b/c of my knee but hope to start back gently soon. I miss it.

    How long has everyone been staying home? I'm into my 4th week--as of 3/13, basically, the last day I worked. I haven't grocery shopped since then, although my daughter--who lives off junk food -- has been at least 1x/week. I need to impress upon her that the stuff she buys will last and she can buy more than 1 week of food at a time. My personal rule was no more than 2 of anything, so I have good variety. Except for beans--I only buy certain kinds, but I had a stash already b/c I buy lots when they are on sale.

    Sara, stay dry and safe.

    I hope you all have a good day.
    Cheers, Maureen
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    Went out to car and knitted then remembered how much rain we are getting with wind makes the trees weak - as I was walking back to home- smaller branch came down - it is now pouring again - they say we got and inch of rain, but in such short spurts that I decided to not shop.

    In for day will try and find a good movie.
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    Hi ladies! Is this conversation just for WE peeps? I’m a low carber serial starter and am looking for 1 group who seems engaged and connected like y’all. It’s inspiring!!

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    Hi y’all!!

    I’ve been home pretty strictly since about 3/18. Most places I go to closed up between the 13th and 17th. I was asked to be a driver for a nonprofit to bring food to folks twice a week who are higher risk and/or do not have easy access to transportation. Therefore, I decided to adhere to a stricter quarantine early on as a precautionary measure.

    I thought I was going to go to the store for the first time last week since all this started. However, a friend was bringing me over a tablet to borrow during this quarantine and had also emptied her kitchen of a bunch of food since she was changing her regular diet due to autoimmune disorders. Without knowing what I wanted or needed, she brought me everything on my grocery list, plus some.

    I did get gas two weeks ago, but I was sure to grab the paper towels and use them to put the gas nozzle into my tank and select the fuel grade.

    The hardest thing is staying sane and trying to keep any type of schedule. Yesterday I finally fell asleep at 8 AM and got up and moving at about 5 PM. It’s gotten bad quick! I don’t have pets or plants (no green thumb here at all), so I’m struggling with severe boughts of depression and trying not to gain too much weight during this time.

    I’ve sort of caught up on the last two weeks and y’all are really inspiring!!

    Stay safe!!
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    Good morning,

    Jacki - you are welcome to stop by and post when you can!!

    Back to "idiot land" - or work as most of you call it. I am taking a 3M mask and a scarf shield to see which one I need. Not many people and I want to save my 3M for grocery shopping as we may be in this longer than anyone thought.

    Keep seeing Americans not observing the cautions. Arent we a fun culture?

    Not sure if I can lurk from work - boss is only one around and she wants to make sure I am as miserable as possible. Her Karma not mine.

    Wave to all who follow. Make it your best day.
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    Good morning, all.

    Sara, I'm stopping by on my "way" to work--before I click open my school email, haha. We go "live" with students this week, to reconnect and check in (which I've been doing all along, but ok). Academics start next week. I feel for ya, though. I had a hostile supervisor once and it was unpleasant, but not as bad as your situation. Wishing you good spirits to irritate the heck out of her.

    @jackinorrie, good group here. I'm not sure what WE is? I jumped in at the start of March and find the core participation here is really helpful.

    @RunaMarti, how lovely of you to volunteer and take strict precautions. I'm back and work and that limits my ability to volunteer, even working from home. Taking care of my students and their families is my job, but I try to go beyond bc they need it. I hope I am making a difference and thank you for your contribution.

    I slept through the night last night; first time in ages. I need to slow down my evening exercise, I guess. I did a gentle mile with my daughter and Skye. I have a mid-day break scheduled in (I can flex my work time and only need a few extra minutes) so I will try to do the more vigorous work out then, at least until it gets too hot. Not a problem here, yet.

    Thank you all for the support as I have been struggling with sleep. No fun. I just love the way everyone had good questions and ideas. It is really helping me sort through possible solutions. One good night makes a big difference, but I know that doesn't mean my challenge is sorted. I'll just keep working on it.

    Have a lovely day,

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    Good morning Ladies~~

    I must go back and read several days of posts. Just "peeping" in for the moment.

    Workmen are coming to this apartment at 8AM, and I need to be showered and dressed.....


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    Beginning Week 4 working from home. Most likely will not go back to the office until May. Difficulty to overcome today--California requires "wet signature" bonds. The bonds are coming from our producer today. They will be received at the plant (who are working.) but no one is in the office to sign them and ship them back out. My service team needs to travel today. Dilemma.

    On the food front, anything goes right now. I made homemade rolls for four days in a row to use up some buttermilk I did not want to ruin. Had pizza a couple of days in a row. Tortillas with some chorizo fajita mix (our own concoction) last night. Not controlling my portions or anything else right now. I am a stress eater. Experimenting with recipes calms me.

    I am starting to feel the effects of improper eating. Aside from gaining almost 15 lbs in 3 weeks, I am in pain. My joints hurt, constant headache, and gastrointestinal distress. I know only I can change what I eat, but am currently incapable of making the decision to do so.

    Life will get better.

    A friend on Facebook posted, "We stay apart so that when we all come together again, no one will be missing."

    I'm glad we can all be "together" here. Stay healthy.
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    Hey Lana were the workmen worth looking at?

    I fed dog after work and went grocery shopping - spaghetti, ground beef/turkey/ tortillas/ cheese. I was so hungry I threw a frozen dinner in microwave. Got frozen dinners for lunch - only dessert was tapioca and banana/chocolate chip muffins. Still no ice cream or cake in the house.

    Long day - Supervisor wanted to know where my production was from 2 weeks ago - I told her I was not working - DING DONG time. I had a nice giggle at that one later. I asked another co worker whose husband works at a nearby health insurance company about referral bonuses - found out the company is consolidating to a location that nobody wants to go to - seriously bad traffic/ 3 highways merge etc. Her husband wants out as well. I gave her a workers comp company here in the area that is decent.

    Rained on taking groceries to car but took cart to store employee - water is just water - but I am still wet.... feel a little like wet dog. Entered dog's picture in a contest - it is here on board - christmas theme in background with a caption - If I just sit still, I will be done.

    Time to go walk dog and find a way to get warm.

    Hang in there - stay warm/safe and find good/kind people when you can they are out there.......
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    Sara, can we vote on your pup's picture? That was one seriously cute photo. I'd be happy to vote for your baby.

    Lana, at least we know you are live. Drive by visits are better than none.

    Tracey, I feel for you. It's hard to feel like you have so little control over so much, and then to know that the one thing that helps--eating--isn't really helping in the long run. Good luck.
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    TUESDAY April 7th




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    Hello all!
    Runa! Hello! Nice to hear from you again! Isolation is difficult - post on here to "talk". Glad to see you are doing well.
    Sara - I was going to quote your one post about wearing 1/2 of a padded bra. I have seen on facebook all sorts - including Kotex pads. Funny. Not sure if they are really true. I did get a cloth mask from a friend. I am at work, will wear it when I cannot stay 6 ft away from someone. In our rural community it is not widespread yet. Hoping not ever.
    Lana - here are some guidance we have given people who have to transport medical appts and such - for you in the airport. Use a mask of course. Gloves if you need them, but more important - they carry germs also, so sanitize like crazy. Clothes - have at least one other set along. So if you are bum against bum with people, as soon as you break away take off your clothes, change and bag the germy ones. hope that helps with your travels.
    Maureen - maybe try yoga before bed? There are a number of calming yoga routines. Night sweats are the worst. I have them...will likely for a bit yet. makes it hard to sleep with someone including my dog.
    Tracey - I too have found too many things go into my mouth, likely stress as well. Take care of yourself!
    Waves to Holly, Jacki(welcome), Dawn, Suzu, Tracey, and anyone else who pops in!
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    Tracey, I think, Don't get too hung up on your stress eating. I'm not going to tell you what to eat. We all know what to do. That's why we're serial starters. Anyway use a smaller plate of don't eat standing up. Most of all don't stress over what you already ate. One day at a time. Sometimes one hour at a time. Just live your life as best you can. We overeaters get you and have your back. 😊
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    Hi all,
    I'm back again, going to be starting weighin's again from tomorrow....sigh
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    Good morning. I finally remembered to stand up and get breakfast after 2.5 hours of working. Man, I was hungry. Cottage cheese and fruit cocktail. I love it. I am also making a special effort to "protein load" as early in the day as I can b/c it is consistently the one thing I do poorly on. I try not to eat meat. So cottage cheese, TVP and even tuna --which I like but try not to eat (I was an ovo-lacto vegetarian for 24 years, still lean that way). But I may just have to add turkey and chicken back into my diet. I get a bit bored with the stuff I eat most and I really miss a good sandwich--although I make tuna fish sandwiches a lot. Still craving a salad but at the store last time I was thinking I would be too lazy and/or too busy to cut up stuff. How sad is that? :)

    I had an exercise stress test and had very mixed results. On the Echo, they thought they saw "something." But I did an awesome job on the stress test, reaching 11 METS when they anticipated 6. And the EKG during the treadmill portion was "equivocal." So I'm going to have at least 1 more test. The good news is that women apparently have a higher rate of false positives than men. Maybe our boobs get in the way of a good look at the heart on ultrasound. And my older sister had a false positive. Hoping that is all it is and not sweating it at all unless there is a definitive reason to be concerned.

    And I slept so well again last night--2 nights in a row. Feeling almost human again.

    I'm hoping all of you are doing well. Do what you can, ladies; these are *not* normal times. We don't plan for things like this in our daily lives. I was just thinking how you could have knocked me over with a feather when schools started to close down. That thought just never crossed my mind. And we will get back to normal, and be better prepared if/when we experience this again--although 1x/century sounds like a decent schedule to me. I hope someone is telling the viruses that.

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    Good evening,

    I am sorry I was late waking up and hit the ground running.

    Maureen glad your sleep is improving.

    Lana thank you for peeping in.

    Lynn, never thought about clothing- but airports get a little "cozy" and rude at times.

    Still no cake or ice cream in my house - tapioca/chocolate and muffins - just saying.

    Eating stress like many people had 8k walking and 6k walking today so I am trying to walk off some of this angst.

    Wave to all who follow. Wishing all a good night.