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    :) Home from my delightful walk with my friend and the dogs. Hoping to spend an hour this morning dancing.

    :)Heather, great news about your refunds. You are learning a lot about patience with this experience.

    :) I just listened to a podcast interview with James Clear who wrote "Atomic Habits". He reminded me about the difference between goals and process. We all have great goals (lose weight, get stronger) but what matters is the process (walk for an hour, drink x ounces of water, eliminate sugar or carbs or snacking or fat or whatever). The daily process is what will get me to my goal.

    <3 Barbie from NW WA
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    Starting to think this is a man made virus a long time ago. Wuhan has a bio lab that specializes in diseases. Not they say a mans seed carries the disease ..I’ve never known that to happen with other types of Coronavirus’s.

    Amber Tx

    Cooking y behind today
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    Hello everyone.

    This is probably going to be looooong. I will spoil where I can. My last post was on Sunday and we have been chatting for almost 20 pages. I feel like I am a month behind.

    Heather – I wish I could get a hair appointment! It sounds like your area of the world will be opening up this Monday. I am in the epicenter in South Florida (Broward County) so things are moving more slowly here. Love the grand pictures and the cake – oh, beautiful! Happy MeetaVersary! I am glad you had a wonderful celebration.

    Sharon – Barbie’s recipe will work fine with shrimp. Yum!!

    Rita – Beautiful tomatoes! The season is ending here in Southern Florida. We are now on to mangoes and other hot, hot weather fruits and vegetables.

    Machka – I would love the single-seated working space. Would possibly enjoy going in to the office which will be difficult for me to do once things start loosening up here. I do miss the people but am loving the commute time savings. I also think it is a darn shame WHO has to produce a flyer on when people should be washing their hands…..isn’t this something we learned as children? LOL…..

    Tracey – It seems like your workplace is doing everything possible to keep people safe and healthy.

    General Commentary on Stores being Open – Every single State in the US is making its own rules and in some instances it is based upon the county/town. In Florida any store carrying food can be open. And, living in a more newly developed area the big box stores such as Walmart, Target, Big Lots, etc. now all have full food stores in them (at least in my area). Florida has not required these stores to rope off non-essential products. There was talk of that, but stores pushed back because it would require additional personnel to insure people were not shopping those isles and how do the employees police it. There have been numerous issues with people fighting and/or shooting store employees attempting to stop people from entering the stores here without a mask.

    Father Daughter Relationship – Lisa, like you I sometimes wonder what would have happened if I had a better male influence in my life. But also realized I would be a much different person and I am happy with myself. When I think of my dad and how he handled things while mom and he were together I know he did what he knew and how he was trained. Each generation either continues on the same path as what was learned at an early age or grows and becomes better. Not everyone can look deep inside and see where they may be the issue or their minds close up to the unpleasantness they experienced so they cannot begin to know where their behavior stems. Oh, the mind is a wonderful and scary place!

    Kylia – Thinking of you and your family. Sending positive thoughts and prayers.

    Tonya – You have a very nice looking family. Glad to hear the lump was nothing to be concerned about. I have my first medical appointment tomorrow – dental cleaning. The periodontist’s practice is very clean and they schedule appointments so no one is waiting in the waiting room. He has always done this so I feel comfortable going. And, I have no underlying health conditions and live alone so I will not be bringing anything home.

    Barbara – I know I am delay – sorry to hear about your dance instructor.

    Landline – I kept mine up until a month after my dad passed. For some reason both mom and dad never remembered to call my cell (both were in their 70s when they passed and had all of their faculties) so I kept the landline. Nice not to have the expense.

    Terri – Love the view on your walk.

    People being People – Or as Forest Gump says, “Stupid is what stupid does.” –
    Spoiled because a slight rant.
    So I have been venturing out a little more than I had at the beginning of shelter in place orders. I have found most people are coping and being considerate. But, I really cannot understand how silly people are and how they feel they are “protected”. Example: I am in Walmartians last week. I am masked and have hand sanitizer so I am as safe as I am going to be. While in the vegetable area I am watching a guy talking on his cellphone, touching and putting back vegetables with his gloved hands and at the same time talking on the phone but is also switching the hand he is using for the phone. He has a mask on, put while talking on the phone he is rubbing his eyes. So I just watch this because I am amazed. In the early days I would inform a person, but as time wears many are now picking fights with those who are trying to help so I keep my mouth shut. I see this at least 5 times any time I am out. And, what is more troublesome they get in their cars with the same gloves on and continue on their way. No washing them, no sanitizing them, etc. I am sure those same disposable gloves are being used in the house to put things away. I really do not get where people feel they are doing anyone a favor by these types of practices. It just reinforces all of the reasons why we need to be vigilant, wipe all products down, and practice all of the things we know we should be practicing.

    Karen – The pics of you and Lilliana are adorable! Glad you had a great day!

    Tracey – Lovely laundry fairy!

    Rebecca – The spaghetti and Athena pictures are sweet. Such a happy little one there!

    Margaret – Nice to see a picture of your son and the walking tour.

    Rita – Nice Mother’s Day present!

    Dr. Katie – Nice mask!

    Lisa – Thank you! Mine is the opposite – poker straight. I have taken to combing it back and letting it dry. At least it does not hang in my eyes too much. Good luck with the grants! It has got to be really tough these days. Kuddos to you for keeping a good attitude about it! But, who knows one may come through because they feel they have donated enough to covid-related funds.

    AZ Teri – Wow, 104. I thought it was bad here at 94!! We did get a cool front so the temps are enjoyable today.

    Carol – I am thinking about going “natural”. I do like the blond highlights but now realizing it may be best just to go natural. Easy and less fuss.

    Well, I have got to fly. Hugs to all!
    SuziQ - SFL
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    Marianne > Well done @ walking a mile everyday! Congratulations on the 20lbs, that is fantastic :) Sounds like you are doing very well x I have seen Machka around x

    Katla > Okay, I am not much help to you on the romance front..lol Don't read alot of them but I will admit I did read all the Twilight Books by Stephenie Meyer and did really enjoy them :)

    Good luck with your doctors appointment (both of you). Have never had a colonoscopy done but does not sound pleasent but if it is necessary, your health first :)

    Michele NC > Yeah that is what I was thinking, I also measure out nuts (almonds /pumkin seeds & brazil nuts) and there is load of fibre there as well.. I tell you my butt does not agree with not being regular when i actually can go.. lol

    I have never cleaned the skin on a kiwi before? lol I always peel the skin off and eat the middle. I didn't even know you could eat the skin on a kiwi.. shows how much I know :)

    SuziQ > Thank you very much, good luck with your dental appointment x

    Tonya x

    Photo taken in a random field when we were vacationing in Devon

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    There was some talk of glitter cases. Palm Beach is north of me and Dade is south of me. We are the epicenter in Florida and our schedule of getting to the new normal is delayed until cases slow. I can search by zip codes and it seems new cases are coming from the areas where multiple generations typically live together and/or areas where there are large retirement communities.

    And, this is only my opinion and not to dispute any others because I see all sides, I am thankful for the shelter in place decisions. It certainly has helped not having the hospitals overloaded to a point of bursting like in NY City. As things open up I am sure there will be additional cases, but hopefully at a pace where the healthcare providers can keep up (and supplies).



    I just hope and pray people do not become too relaxed over time as us humans have a tendency to do. If we can slow the spread to a crawl it will give all of those researchers time to find treatments and hopefully a vaccine.

    Hugs to all of you.
    SuziQ - SFL
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    SuziQ: We’re not fully open in Oregon, either. Grocery stores and hardware stores are open, and so are the liquor stores. Beauty shops and other service businesses are not open. I worry about how they will be able to last long enough to reopen their doors. :ohwell:

    Regarding hair color, I found shades of blonde hair online. I’m currently somewhere between ash and ice, depending on the lighting. My color is what genetics gave me. I haven’t colored my hair in decades. As I aged it got darker blonde and then gradually got lighter. My mom was blonde and so was one of her sisters.

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon
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    SuziQ - There is tentative talk of gradually opening up a few orders. The media is jumping the gun. There won't be anything dramatic. Scotland, Wales etc want to go more slowly. I hope it is slow, but it's got to happen eventually. But we are still old people. :|

    The whole grilled mackerel was very tasty, but I found myself a little impatient with the bones. Haven't eaten much fresh mackerel for years. We love smoked mackerel for lunch with horseradish sauce, in a granary sandwich.

    Yes, a lot of people say Max looks like his dad, but I think his eyes have his mother's shape. I can see it around the mouth etc.
    Another pic of yesterday.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Penny - that bread looks SOOOO GOOOOD. I have a recipe for "Cuban Bread" which is baked in a bowl that I haven't tried yet, I'm not sure I have any bowls I'd trust in the oven. I might try it with a casserole dish one of these days though.

    Lanette - I only let the dough rise in the baskets; I don't bake the bread in them. Once the loaves have risen, I tip them out onto a baking sheet and pop them into the oven straight away. The baskets have to be pretty well floured so the dough doesn't stick. The loose flour is what creates the patterns.

    I'm way behind, on page 22. Catching up, though...

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    Barbie: Thank you for sharing he daily process as compared to goals. Goals are valuable, but the daily process is what gets you there. Brilliant! :star:

    BeUncommon: The original Twilight was filmed in the town where I live. So was the original Halloween Town. We now celebrate a month-long Halloween Town in October. It is wonderful for local merchants. Many are locked out of their businesses at this point. I hope we’ll be able to open in time for Halloween Town this year. Keeping my fingers crossed that local businesses get to open up by then. This quarantine is making things very difficult for many good business owners. Filling the town with tourists would help many locals, provided it is safe by then. :star:

    Heather: Your son and grandson have a clear resemblance to one another--two good looking guys. Eye shape is hard to tell, considering the sunglasses your son is wearing for the photo. The smiles look much alike. :flowerforyou:

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon

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    SuzieQ agree about not saying anything when out. I liken it to driving a car you drive the best you can and watch out for the other guy.

    Barbie I am currently reading Atomic Habits. I think he makes interesting points. These are the notes I have taken so far...

    Good Habits
    1. Make it obvious
    2. Make it attractive
    3. Make it easy
    4. Make it satisfying

    Break Bad Habits
    1. Make it invisible
    2. Make it unattractive
    3. Make it difficult
    4. Make it unsatisfying

    Tie it too what you want to become

    Make unconscious conscious. Observe yourself without judgement. Then go over list of your actions and decide what actions serve you, are neutral, and need improvement. This is a technique that can be used if you are trying to become more mindful in the course of your day. Also used in meditation.


    I thought his take on Cues interesting. Some Cues are so ingrained that even years later when you think you have kicked the habit given the right environment and cues the habit might return.

    He tied this into self control in the sense those who seem to have better self control have be diligent in removing the cues and managing their environment through self awareness to create a better outcome for themselves.

    I liken it to catching a problem early before it gets out of hand.
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    I’ve just started reading a book that I checked out from Library to Go. This one is set in ranch country in central Oregon. I’ve liked several other books she’s written. Her name is Catherine Anderson. 🍒
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    Hope everyone is doing great and staying healthy!
    see all of your posts, but don’t know where to start responding.
    Everyone have a great day.
    Glenda, Las Vegas
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    Day still going got nothing important done tho. Maybe tomorrow.

    Did eat good tho. Exercising was just outside with JR chasing playing soccer ⚽️. Cooked a lot y light cleaning.

    Netflix A show about history in medical times. Just figured why not. Doubt it’s factual but fun still to watch.

    Amber Tx
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    DD's best friend lost her brother this morning to cancer. I feel bad for Heather but even worse for her mother. It has to be so hard to lose a child. We all expect our children to outlive us. We have a gorgeous day here. Got some mowing done and some trimming. Goats and horses are out in the pastures enjoying the grass and nice weather. I sat out on the gazebo for a while and the barn cat came to sit on my lap.

    Barbara - The songs we did for this Sunday were " I Have Decided to Follow Jesus" and "It is the Cry of My Heart". It will be interesting to see once Cyndil gets it put together.

    SuzieQ - Looking good.

    Heather - Looks like Max had a lovely birthday.

    Everyone take care, Sue in WA