July 2020 Monthly Running Challenge



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    01/07 7km
    03/07 7km
    05/07 10km
    07/07 9km
    09/07 7km

    Total 40km of 85km for July

    It's that time of the month again (month-end, and I'm an accountant), so I'm still working at half-eight in the evening. I therefore got my run earlier. It was damp, cold and drizzly, but I very much enjoyed it. It's good to get away from the desk in the middle of the day. I felt like I was playing hooky, even though I was trading an hour then for two now.

    @katharmonic: have a wonderful time hiking this weekend. I confess to being slightly jealous - there's not that kind of scenery in London! I very much look forward to seeing more pics of glorious nature!

    @Shortgirlrunning: Wow! Congratulations! I'm still chasing that time myself - well done to you for smashing it!

    @rheddmobile: I'm so sorry your knee isn't any better.

    Welcome @jntollaware !

    Goals for the year:
    1. Get back down to a decent running weight (currently set at 160lb)
    2. Run a sub-60 minute 10K
    3. Run a race this year, hopefully.

    Current races planned:
    14/06 Lincoln 10K - Postponed. Running for fun instead
    17/10 Autumn Richmond Riverside Run (10K)
    01/11 Lincoln 10K - new date. Here's hoping
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    Teresa502 wrote: »
    @katharmonic – There are some great hikes in the Smokies. If you’re ever down this way, give me a shout. Maybe we can convince @quilteryoyo to join us for one. Hope you have a great get-away to the Adirondacks. You know we need pictures!
    I would love to join you. That sounds like fun.

    @bearly63 I guess I just thought it was hot here! That's brutal. Take care in that heat.

    @AlphaHowls Congratulations on your 5 year MyFitnessPal-aversary. Love the meme.

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    Oh wow @bearly63 as if the daytime highs weren't bad enough only cooling down to 79 overnight... ugh!
    @AlphaHowls - congratulations on your 5 year MFP Anniversary! Dew Claws Up!!
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    @AlphaHowls - congrats on your MFP 5 anniversary! You have run many lifetimes in those 5 years 😱
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    @AlphaHowls Woohoo! Congrats on your 800 days on the run and your MFP anniversary!

    @PastorVincent I was so surprised at how large the bald eagles were when we visited Alaska. One came swooping down by our boat while we were out fishing and scared the crap out of me because it was so big!
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    Congratulations @AlphaHowls! That's amazing!

    @bearly63 Our forecast looks the same. It's really is brutal.
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    Welcome @lightenup2016 !
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    Welcome @lightenup2016!
    @noblsheep - amazing what cooler weather and a good nights sleep can do for you!
    @HonuNui - Love the pictures always, especially the honu ❤️
    Happy Anniversary! Hope you had a wonderful day! You have a great memory - it is 43 for us!
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    Welcome @lightenup2016!
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    Welcome @lightenup2016.

    @HanuNui Love your snorkeling pictures. I've never snorkeled, but would love to learn. I'd once thought I would like to scuba dive, but I think my mild claustrophobia would prevent me from doing that. Happy Anniversary!!!
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    7-1 7k slow
    7-2 7k slow
    7-3 7k between slow and easy
    7-4 7k ditto
    7-5 7k closer to easy
    7-6 rest
    7-7 7k slow
    7-8 7k easy
    7-9 7k slow
    7-10 7k slow

    July Total: 63k
    July Goal: 170k

    January Total: 161k
    February Total: 167k
    March Total: 181k
    April Total: 191k
    May Total: 200k
    June Total: 156k

    2020 Total through June: 1056k

    Sunny, mid 70s F, with humidity and a fitful breeze from the east. Back felt better, but I ran under control instead of all crazy. Saw two rabbits and a fox squirrel.

    @AlphaHowls Happy anniversary. After you've run around the Earth, you can work on going from the Earth to the moon.
    @HanuNui Happy anniversary to you!!!

    When you pop in here claiming your December 2020 mileage, what accomplishments will you have made?

    Return to a good running weight of 175 lbs
    Run at least 4 5k races
    Get a 5k PR
    Average at least 138k per month, to meet my Run the Year pledge of 1,020 miles
    Stretch goal: If I can average 169k per month, I can run 2020k in 2020

    Run the Year Team: Pavement Pounders

    2020 races:

    9-19 Race for the Parks 5k, Hudson, OH
    10-11 Haunted Hustle 5k, Aurora, OH
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    HonuNui wrote: »
    7/9 4.4 for my 44th anniversary ( @shanaber do I recall correctly that it's your 43rd?)

    Congrats both of you!!

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    AlphaHowls wrote: »
    7/9 13.5 miles, <3 5 years on MyFitnessPal <3

    Happ anniversary!
  • PastorVincent
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    @Shortgirlrunning Congratulations on the PR! I agree with you, it can be harder to stay motivated in the summer.

    Totally! But I would rather run in the heat than the cold, and with heat indexes of over 100F here I still hold to that.

    Though the 55F temp with low humidity is about the best temp, and the farther you get from that in either direction stinks more and more.

    During the summer you can run in the morning to mitigate that a bit at least! That trick does not work in the winter.
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    @PastorVincent I love bald eagles! I hope you have another spotting.

    I agree -- if I HAD to choose one over the other, I would choose summer running over winter running. I did a February marathon in New Orleans a couple of years ago, but I was training in Minnesota and I don't know if I would do that again. I run through the winter, but doing the long runs marathon training calls for was very difficult.

    55 degrees is like the perfect running day which is why spring and fall are objectively the best seasons! :D

    7/1: 6m
    7/2: 3m
    7/3: 3.25m
    7/4: 13.25m
    7/5: 6m
    7/6: 2.5m, 2m
    7/7: 1.5m
    7/8: 5.5m
    7/9: 3.25m
    7/10: 2.25m