November 2020 Monthly Running Challenge



  • Scott6255
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    @Camaramandy648 3rd in AG without even trying....gotta love it!
    @katharmonic beautiful pics, but looks really cold. I'm a wimp.
  • quilteryoyo
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    @Camaramandy648 Big news on my front is that the surgery got postponed due to the increase in CoVID patients. They won't reschedule until the numbers go down. Glad you are doing good. I was asking about you a couple of days ago and someone said you were posting on Instagram and were out there running crazy amounts of miles.

    Welcome @April_M_2015 . You'll love this group. Very supportive and friendly and inspiring and.....
  • shanaber
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    @shanaber those fun runs aren’t really all that fun lol are they. Those pushes and sprints! Kidding aside yes I do enjoy them. Who is your favorite instructor so far? Mine is Matty M he cracks me up. His Halloween tread run Is hysterical. Of course I like Becs, Andy, Robin, Matt, Olivia lol. They all have their own ways.
    Be careful with glutes and as they love to say on Peloton, you do you.
    @hamsterwheel6 - I don't have a treadmill so until I get back into a gym I won't get to enjoy those workouts but I do love Matty M too. My other favorite is Robin Arzon. I knew her before from her book (Shut Up and Run) and was really excited that she was an instructor on Peloton.They are all pretty fun and motivating. Sometimes I just look to see if I like their music choices.
  • April_M_2015
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    Hi @quilteryoyo - thank you for your kind words and welcome. I am definitely looking forward to the group. I'm sorry to hear about the postponement of your surgery - let's hope those numbers go down soon.
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    Thank you @shanaber and @polskagirl01!
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    Tramboman wrote: »
    I haven't had a trick-or-treater in 28 years, but I always get candy for them and make sure it's edible prior to Halloween.
    One must always be prepared!!
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    @Camaramandy648 The glass is always half full, but never half empty.
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    @rheddmobile Sounds (and looks) like a really nice run! The "trail" looks so inviting to run on.

    @brittanystebbins95 Glad you're back and cleared to run. Fingers crossed that you can find a baby sitter. Also glad to see that you are both working - Wasn't there something right before the baby about your DH being laid off?