5'6 - 5'7 before and after pics please!



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    You look amazing! How tall are you?
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    NatalieBkk wrote: »
    I’m down just 1kg more but can feel a big difference. SW: 114kg CW: 73kg GW: 62kg


    You look amazing!!! I am roughly the same weight as your SW. What helped you?
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    Thanks @persimmonfig! This post has been a good motivator for me as well. Glad to see so many people on the same journey cheering on each other. 🤗

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    Beka, you look fab - I bet people who know you from before could pass you in the street and not recognise you. Congrats on all your hard work !
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    Great job.
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    Fantastic job, @Beka3695 :):)